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"Watch Dogs 2": Is it Worth Playing?

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Watch Dogs 2, an action-adventure third-person shooting game developed by Ubisoft, is on its way to us. Usually, people don't recommend Ubisoft games cause of the bugs and slow servers, but honestly when it comes to Watch Dogs 2 I'm more than hyped for the game.


Some people who have played Watch Dogs have enjoyed it, 5-starred it, and have recommended it to their friends. Watch Dogs was first released in 2014 with an amazing story, a high level of graphics, and an awesome arsenal of options, but the multiplayer aspect somehow fell short of expectations. In Watch Dogs, you can't shoot with your character while using a vehicle, there weren't many combat moves, and it took place in a much smaller city than its successor. Watch Dogs followed Aiden Pierce as he sought vengeance for his niece.

Now Marcus Holloway, a teenager, is framed for a crime he didn't commit through the upgraded ctOS connecting his personal information to the crime. He begins to realize that the system is harming innocent people of the city. He is a hacker who joins DeadSec to take down the surveillance system. Marcus is more acrobatic than Aiden, has better parkour skills than Aiden and uses a billiard ball attached to a bungee cord called a "thunderbolt", rather than a police stick. The game takes place in San Francisco. The game's setting is huge—much larger than its predecessor and includes twice the playing-space. Marcus has a remote-controlled car, a quadcopter, which can be used for remote hacking and scouting, and a RC Jumper at his disposal. Players can now shoot directly when riding a vehicle.


Bottom line: I recommend buying Watch Dogs 2. It hosts a higher level of graphics, an outstanding story, much better multiplayer functions because it's cooperative, and it features more options that help the player through the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Official Trailer

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normanas on March 14, 2017:

nice game