Why Sega Should Bring the "Streets of Rage" Franchise Back

Updated on October 9, 2017
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The Streets of Rage was one of Segas most popular titles.

Sega Needs to Bring Back a Hit Franchise

The nineties were a beautiful time for the video game community, there was an abundance of new franchises and technology hitting the market every year changing the way that we saw video games. Sega was the first pioneer in actually trying to bring the video game market to a more adult audience, and the Genesis was their first foray to appealing to a larger more mature audience.

The Sega Genesis ignited the 16-bit war, effectively taking the challenge straight to Nintendo against their Nintendo Entertainment System and then the Super Nintendo. The Sega Genesis was everything that the SNES was not, and one of the most powerful points of the genesis was the unique arcade ports and titles that Sega was able to bring to the market.

One of the most memorable titles on the Sega Genesis was the Streets of Rage Franchise originally released in 1991. The series centered around three former police officers who take on an evil criminal mastermind known as Mr. X. The series was one of the most memorable and best selling franchises of the nineteen nineties, and with good reason. It combined exciting button mashing gameplay, with crisp arcade like graphics and a stellar soundtrack that was the epiphany of arcade beat ‘em up games.

The Streets of Rage Franchise has three distinct titles, and after that there were no more titles ever released in the series. There were talks of Sega bringing the title to the Saturn but these plans were scrapped after the console was a sales flop. Sega also made a Streets of Rage 4 title for the Dreamcast, but this project was also scrapped when the console was killed off in 2002 due to a lackluster fight against the Sony PlayStation 2.

I think that the Streets of Rage Franchise should be brought back to a new generation of consoles, and with the technology and online gameplay of this decade the Streets of Rage franchise would be more epic than ever.

Streets of Rage with Online Gameplay:

The first most impressive thing about bringing the Streets of Rage franchise to the current video game market would be the advent of online gameplay. The original Streets of Rage was a two player title, and the ability to play a game with a story line as a team was actually quite awesome. If Sega were to release a new Streets of Rage title it would more likely than not feature online gameplay functionality.

This would introduce the Streets of Rage to a whole new world of players, who could fight together and enjoy different aspects of gameplay that online functionality would bring. As we know back in the heyday of the Genesis the console only supported two players, so there was no real way for a wider audience to enjoy this game at any given time.

If the title had been ported to the Dreamcast there would have been an online gameplay function, so definitely a modern rendition of the title would encompass some type of online gameplay. Because Sega is a software developer now the Streets of Rage franchise could be ported to any console from the Nintendo Switch to the 2DS to even mobile platforms such as android.

Sega has already ported a few renditions of their most popular titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Crazy Taxi to the android platform. I believe that the Streets of Rage would be franchise would be hugely popular, especially on the android platform of devices with online play.

There is No Other Titles Like it:

Streets of Rage were a unique title, and the popular style beat down titles of the nineties were some of the most entertaining games to play. Nowadays there are no titles like these were unless you explore the home brew community and check out a remake such as the Beats of Rage. I think with the advent of the new technology, and the huge online user base that Xbox Live has the Streets of Rage would build a new following. I believe that there is a huge market for this game to take off, either as a console port or as a smartphone game.

The Streets of Rage is a unique title, one that really defined the Sega Genesis console. There is still a market for these Beat em’ Up style games, and the game would add a new level of gameplay to the current generation of consoles. Nowadays the current cycle of games are pretty repetitive, they rely heavily on the current online technology and multiplayer gameplay to be interesting. The Streets of Rage would add a new aspect of gameplay back into the video game market, and rejuvenate the current stale batch of games in my opinion.

What if Sega Revived this Title?

One of the smartest business decisions for Sega would be to revive the Streets of Rage Franchise, because these games were very unique and they added a whole new element of game play to the old school Beat em’ Up style franchises. I think if Sega revived this title and added it to either Xbox 360 or Android they would have a huge hit on their hands. There is a market for retro games, and there is an even bigger market for retro remakes.

The Streets of Rage was the pinnacle of the Sega Genesis in my opinion, and one of the most memorable titles to hit the console. I don’t there is anyone who has not enjoyed this title at least once, and this title deserves another chance to live again.

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