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Top 11 Giga Chips in "Mega Man Battle Network"

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Giga Chips throughout "Battle Network"

Giga Chips throughout "Battle Network"

Giga Chips in Battle Network

In the Battle Network games, MegaMan fights viruses using a variety of Battle Chips. His Chip folder can have any amount of standard chips, five Mega Chips, and only a single red Giga Chip (two if you install the GigFolder1 customizer program), showcasing their power.

Most Battle Network games have two variants (similar to Pokémon), each with a unique set of five possible Giga Chips. Ranking them is difficult since they all have their own benefits—some with better range, others weaker yet multi-hitting—which reign supreme? These are the 11 best Giga Chips throughout Mega Man Battle Network!

Bass Giga Chip

Bass Giga Chip

11. Bass

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 3: White Version
Power: 90

Bass has many Giga Chips throughout the series; this one unleashes a powerful barrage of shots that each deal 90 damage to random rows. Since it's a multi-hit attack, it benefits greatly from Atk+ and Navi+ modifying chips.

In BN3, you need an active dark hole to use Bass; later versions of him don't have this requirement, but his buster damage is cut to 60.

ColForce Giga Chip

ColForce Giga Chip

10. ColForce

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar
Power: 30

ColForce summons a soldier in every unoccupied panel in MegaMan's zone, each firing three shots. Position Mega on a different row from your enemies to maximize damage; each soldier will deal 90, and three of them means 270 per row at base.

But you can drastically increase damage with either attack modifiers or the Area Grab Chip (which temporarily steals enemy panels), letting you summon extra soldiers for heaps of damage.

ChaosLrd Giga Chip

ChaosLrd Giga Chip

9. ChaosLrd

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 5: Double Soul
Power: 500

This one's great for players who don't want to bother with attack-boosters or Area Grab setups. ChaosLrd summons Nebula Grey, who transforms into Bass, unleashing a 500-damage attack in the enemy's entire 3x3 area.

Again, while it's only a single attack and less compatible with modifiers, it's a hefty amount of damage, doesn't need aiming, pierces guards, and breaks panels (or cracks them if occupied), leaving grounded foes nowhere to run until the panels regenerate.

Serenade Giga Chip

Serenade Giga Chip

8. Serenade

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 3: White Version
Power: 100

Serenade's chip functions similarly to Bass's, firing many random shots down all rows. Again, you need a dark hole active, but this time, the damage is upped to 100 per shot, and like Bass, it works fantastically alongside Atk+ and Navi+chips.

7. DethPhnx

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtoMan
Power: 150

DethPhnx unleashes snake-like bursts of dark energy that hit all enemy panels except the middle back column for 150. Plus, the move hits some of your own panels (helpful against for who invade your area), and some enemy positions are hit multiple times (like their front middle panel).

But the video cuts out Death Phoenix's next effect, which activates prior Giga Chips Navi Recycle (from BN3 Blue), reusing the last Navi chip you played. Most Navis are Mega Chips (right under Gigas in power); that's brutal on top of 150-300 damage, especially since the effect reapplies any modifiers you used with the original Navi.

6. DeltaRay

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon
Power: 260

Sometimes DeltaRay only deals 220 per hit, but its strongest renditions inflict 260. Using it summons ProtoMan, who unleashes a Wide Sword-ranged swipe (hitting the nearest enemy plus the panels directly above and below them).

From there, if you correctly time two A button presses, ProtoMan hits them (and adjacent enemies) twice more, potentially inflicting 780 damage! Just note the enemy can't be in the back column for the bonus hits (ProtoMan needs to warp behind them).

AlphArmΣ Giga Chip

AlphArmΣ Giga Chip

5. AlphArmΣ

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 3: White Version
Power: 50

Alpha's Sigma Giga Chip (Blue version has omega) shoots nine blasts down each row, hitting all enemies in each. That's 450 damage by default, and much more with modifiers. Plus, unlike Alpha's omega chip, you don't need to aim the attack.

That said, if you manage to use the chip when an enemy is in the bottom panel of your second column (many bosses warp close to attack), they get hit 18 times by the attack, suffering 900 damage at base!

BassGS Giga Chip

4. BassGS

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 3 (both versions, only attainable via event)
Power: 700

Here's another great chip for players who don't want to mess around with multi-hit modifiers or Area Grab. Bass fires his Vanishing World attack down the row, also hitting the enemy's back two columns.

Since this covers almost the entire enemy area, it's hard to miss, and the burst inflicts a whopping 700 damage. Affected panels also have a chance to break, adding insult to injury.

Duo Giga Chip

3. Duo

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 4 (both versions, only attainable via event)
Power: 200

In its later appearance as "MetrKnuk" (Meteor Knuckle), this Chip's power was nerfed to 100, showcasing just how strong the original form is. Duo launches many punches at random panels, dealing a massive amount of damage with each.

Again, remember to use Area Grab to focus the barrage on occupied enemy squares, possibly boosting damage over 800 even without modifiers. Duo's attack doesn't break panels, but MetrKnuk does, meaning it's not a complete downgrade despite its power loss.


2. BeastMnV5

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 3 (both versions)
Power: 80

Most Navi Mega Chips in BN3 are available as Giga Chips in their final forms. But many of them fall short in power compared to the other Giga Chips. At first, BeastMnV5 seems to follow this trend, only dealing three hits of 80 damage (with variable range) for a meager 240.

However, a secret technique not mentioned in-game can drastically increase damage. During the attack, alternating A and B buttons will score extra hits; with frame-perfect timing, you can amass 14 blows! 14 times 80 is an amazing 1120—and you'll get over 2000 damage when used with an Atk+30 and Navi+40. You can also use this trick with BeastMan's weaker mega chips, as seen in the above video.

FoldrBak Giga Chip

FoldrBak Giga Chip

1. FoldrBak

Game: Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue Version
Power: N/A

Often underestimated at first, this chip simply refills your entire folder (other than itself), potentially recycling 29 other Battle Chips. Sure, there's no damage, but you've got access to your entire library again, including Mega Chips, program advances, and your other Giga if you have GigFolder1 installed.

As a bonus, MegaMan's custom gauge immediately refills when you use FoldrBak, meaning you can immediately access your new chips without the usual delay. And unlike most Giga Chips, which have unusual letters that make them hard to combine with other chips during the turn, FoldrBak's asterisk (*) symbol means you can use it alongside anything else.

Using Giga Chips in Battle Network

Between the five or six Giga Chips, you'll have available in each game, choose one based on whether you employ power-boosting Atk+ and Navi+ programs, in which case you'll want a multi-hit Giga. Also, consider the chip's alphabetic letter and whether you're preparing to fight computer opponents or actual players in PvP.

Also remember the GigFolder1 upgrade doubles your Giga capacity, allowing two per folder. But for now, as we await MegaMan's next adventure, vote for your favorite Giga Chip and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

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