Why Minesweeper Collector Is a Great Mobile Game

Updated on February 21, 2018
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Eric loves mobile games, and his favorite genres are match 3 and word games. Eric loves to find new mobile games he enjoys playing.

Minesweeper is the classic game of finding mines and marking numbers. I am going to focus on Minesweeper Collector. I will explain my thoughts on the game and why I like it. You can find Minesweeper Collector on the App Store and Google Play.

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What Is Minesweeper?

You play Minesweeper on a tile-based grid. Most Minesweeper games have an easy mode with ten mines. The more mines, the harder the current round will be. Most Minesweeper games have a hard mode with 99 mines. Very tricky! It is easy to make a mistake and it most cases all it takes is one to end the game

The Goal of Minesweeper

You win Minesweeper games by finding and opening the empty spaces. Finding all possible locations where mines win the game. Some variants of Minesweeper need you to mark all mines, even if you found all the empty spaces. Minesweeper Collector lets you win by finding all the empty space. Either way, the goal of the game is to find all the mines in the playing area.

The game play area.
The game play area. | Source

The Numbers Mean Things

You start out by clicking a tile. Don't worry! I have yet to see a game in which you can lose with your first click. After that, some numbers and blank space will reveal itself. You then use the information provided by the numbers to start marking mines. Each number tells you how many mines that number touches. If you see a two that means it touches two mines in some way.

The game is actually pretty simple when you learn it. As an experienced player, the above screenshot already tells me a lot. I can see eight mines that I can mark. Do you see them? It takes some practice. After playing for a while, you start to sense patterns and learn tricks to mark even more mines.

A Quiz About Numbers

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I have marked some mines using the numbers shown. Did you see these as mines in the previous picture?
I have marked some mines using the numbers shown. Did you see these as mines in the previous picture? | Source

How the Game Looks

Minesweeper Collector has a nice retro pixel art style. I like this simplistic style when done right. I know for some people this type of graphics is unappealing, but for me it is nice. The animations are smooth, and I have had no issues. When playing collector mode, each section shows off the various items you discover as you beat levels.

Game Modes

Minesweeper Collector has the classic version, which most people would recognize. In this version of the game, you have only one life and need to find all the mines.

The main game variant is Collector mode. You play episodes that have collections in them. The goal is to get each item in the collection to unlock them. For example, in Episode one there is a gems collection. Each level is shaped like a gem and beating it unlocks that gem.

Each item has different difficulty levels. To unlock items, it doesn't matter what difficulty you play. You can go back and play each item to beat all the difficulty levels it has. Once you complete a collection, you get a key and you use keys to unlock future episodes.

The gems collection.
The gems collection. | Source

What Pets and Items Are

You can use items and pets to make the game easier. You unlock pets by beating specific sets of levels and spending some coins. The pets then have an option to show up when you play. Pets offer you certain options to make the current round easier.

The game has several items. Items can do things like mark a few mines or open up blank spaces. You use coins to buy new items. You have a chance of getting some items for free each round though. There are also chances for coins and chests to appear with goodies inside them.

Online Mode

Everything in online mode is completely separate from the main game. In this mode, you work together with other people to mark mines on massive sized maps. You can not make mistakes as the game corrects them and damages you. If you run out of health points, the game kicks you out of the map until you have one health point again.

The goal is to mark many mines and have a better online ranking than everyone else. Mark more mines and upgrade your gems and you rank higher on the leaderboards. You earn coins by marking mines and doing well on the leaderboards. You can use these coins to upgrade skills or the gems you have.

The online mode leader board.
The online mode leader board. | Source

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My Final Thoughts

Minesweeper Collector is a great mobile game. The developers have put in a good amount of effort to stand out from other simple Minesweeper Clones. Anybody who looks for games on the App Store knows about the low effort clones and copycat mobile applications. I applaud developers who put in the effort to be unique and original.

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