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What Makes a Great "Roblox" Tycoon?

For Roblox tycoon developers, it can be hard to make your games stand out. Here are some observations I've had about some of the most popular tycoons in Roblox and what attracts players to them.


A History of Video Game Cheats

This article discusses the history of cheating in video games, why cheat mechanics were first implemented and why developers stopped implementing cheats in video games, and how cheats have changed over the years.


Are Cinematic Games Good for the Industry?

Cinematic games are a popular trend in the gaming industry, but is it a good one?

Sometimes, we have silly terms to genres that may or may not matter in the long run.

The Silly Concept of Serious Gaming

This article discusses the false narrative of "Serious Gaming" and how by its very naming is an impossibility to those that play Video Games.

A quick photo of a modern favorite, now with a Nintendo Switch version available

"Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition" and "FOMO"

This article explains how we as game enthusiasts should show caution as a new title reaches their release date, and not be discouraged of "FOMO."


Video Game Industry Secrets: Terminology You Need to Know Before Purchasing Games

A collection of evolving terminology the video game industry bigwigs would rather you didn't know and understand the definitions for. Staying knowledgeable keeps the gaming industry, and the world as a whole safe from profit-hungry monsters.


Is There a Audience for Non-Violent Video Games?

If you enjoy non-violent video games, you might feel like you are in the minority...and, you would be correct. But, are there at least enough gamers out there to warrant an entire non-violent gaming community? Let's find out...


A Depressed Person Reviews: "Depression Quest"

A review of "Depression Quest," an infamous, controversial text-based game, from the perspective of someone struggling with depression themselves.


Nintendo Switch Games for Quarantine

This article includes a list of recommended Nintendo Switch titles to play while in quarantine.


E3 Is Dead, Long Live E3

While public health concerns were certainly the final straw in the matter, E3 had been in a downward spiral for months, if not years. In a world where publishers can communicate directly to their consumers around the world, year-round, big-ticket trade shows like E3 may become a relic of the past.

Counting your Dollars and your Cents can go a long way

Buying Video Games on a Tight Budget

This article outlines the importance of buying games wisely when money is tight.


Video Game Industry Secrets: Encouraging Child Gambling

Are you active in your child's life as it concerns how they spend their free time? I'm here to tell you about the predatory nature being adopted by many game developers such as those behind the instant-classic, "Fortnite".


The Rise and Fall of a Community in "Pokémon GO"

"Pokémon GO" can be a great source for building community. Believe me, I have seen it in my own life. But "Pokémon GO" can, like many other things, create some toxic and despicable behavior as well. Here is my recent experience.


50 Fun Questions About Video Games to Ask Your Friends

Do you know someone who loves video games? Here are some fun questions to ask them to get to know them better and start fun conversations!


Video Games and Violent Behavior

Video games are more realistic than ever, and many parents question whether the games their children play are negatively affecting their children and causing violent behavior.


Is the ESRB Effective Anymore?

The Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB, is an American self-regulatory organization that rates video games, assigning a recommended age group for the kind of content in a video game.


The Many Social Benefits of Playing Video Games

Can playing video games provide social benefits? Video games may help children learn valuable social skills. Multiplayer and co-op video games can be particularly useful in helping individuals on the autism spectrum develop social skills.


The Educational Benefits of Video Games

Video games can hold many benefits, and teach multiple life lessons. There is evidence that they may be as beneficial as learning how to read was to societies in the past.


12 Ways to Beat Gamer Burnout

Do you feel like you're wasting time, money and your life playing games? Maybe it's a case of gamer burnout.


Badass Gamertags: 63 Cool Gamer Names

Need a kickass gamertag to intimidate the opposition in "Call of Duty" or "Halo"? Check out this list of over 60 cool gamer names for guys, girls, and badasses!


How to Choose a Good Gamertag for Gaming

Do you think choosing the perfect gamertag for gaming is hard? It doesn't have to be—just follow the steps in this article.