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5 Reasons Why Xbox Series X Is the Best Console Ever Made

I am a video game enthusiast with years of experience in the gaming world.

1. Xbox Series X Is Very Quiet – And I Love It

The first time I used an Xbox Series X console, I was shocked by how quiet it was. I have heard and read about how silent the new Xbox console is, but such things do not properly sink in until you get an opportunity to experience them yourself. I must say that it has so far been an extremely pleasurable experience to own an Xbox Series X because it barely makes any noise.

You will, of course, hear the console from time to time, like when you're inserting a disc or downloading a game. But besides that, this console is so quiet that I have forgotten it was on a few times. On these occasions, I was sitting in front of my computer, placed less than a meter from the Xbox console itself.

You may say that this does not define a good console, but for me it does. I am starting to feel tired of my loud computer. It works perfectly, but when I game, it can get way too loud for my taste, and that's a bit of a shame. A part of the comfort is to have quiet devices that allow you to feel relaxed and focused on the important stuff. That's why I think Xbox Series X rightfully deserves to be praised for its quiet hardware.

2. Very Short Loading Times + Quick Resume

The loading times are much shorter than they were on previous consoles. And to be completely honest, it's one of the biggest game-changers I have noticed on the new Xbox. The time you save is massive, especially if you are gaming often.

On my old PlayStation 4, the loading process can be quite long – especially when talking about big AAA titles. However, on Xbox Series X, the loading times are almost instant.

A fast console is a great deal. It does not frustrate you, and you get more time for gaming which, after all, is what you want, don't you?

3. The Design of the Console Is Simple Yet Great

The Xbox Series X looks brilliant to me. It may not look as good in photos, but when you get it home and finally get a real, proper chance to embrace its simplistic yet very fresh-looking design, I am pretty sure you will love it straight off.

It has a simple shape that almost looks like an old radio or a speaker, but it looks great. It's a retro style combined with modern hardware, and in my opinion, it looks fantastic.

Of course, I need to say a thing or two about the cooling system itself. The solution is smartly implemented in the console, and it functions properly. You can either place your Xbox Series X horizontally or vertically. I prefer the horizontal standing, as I was a little bit worried that too much dust would find a way in if placed vertically.

Another reason why I decided to place the console horizontally is that I was a little bit anxious that I, by accident, could have dropped something in the ventilation opening at the top of the console (if placed vertically) that would, in the worst-case scenario, get stuck inside. The ventilation openings are wide, which involves a bit of risk for such unfortunate accidents.

If placed vertically, the ventilation will face upwards.

If placed vertically, the ventilation will face upwards.

4. Xbox Series X Fully Focus on Gaming

It may seem like an absolute no-brainer. Because in the end, consoles mainly exist to satisfy gamers' needs, right? Well, I have played on a lot of consoles in my days, but the Xbox Series X feels one-hundred percent focused and purely oriented on gaming, and that is what I love about it.

The key feature of that is the implementation of Game Pass, a subscription service that instantly gives you access to a massive library of titles that you can download and start playing directly.

The user interface screams games, games to play right here, right now. You can instantly access the Store and the Game Pass from the console's dashboard. I also appreciate that you see tips and recent offers on your dashboard – for instance, which games were recently released, et cetera. It's a banal feature, but I still enjoy it.

5. The Gamepad Is Better Than I Thought

I know, Dual Sense for PlayStation 5 came with revolutionized haptic feedback. But even though the Xbox Series controller does not yet fully offer such an experience, it still rocks. It is a very pleasurable experience to play with the official gamepad you'll get when ordering an Xbox Series X. It fits my hands perfectly, and I feel like having complete control over the handling.

However, I highly recommend you buy a USB-C cable so that you don't need to worry about battery life and can focus on the fun instead. To me, it was a perfect and cheap solution.

Of course, I cannot answer how good or bad the durability of the controller is, as my Series X controller is still very new. However, this is something that I will update you about as time goes on. So far, I have not seen any wear issues whatsoever, and neither have I heard or read about any problems occurring, so in other words, I feel pretty calm at the moment.

This controller is just great. Easy to use and fits perfectly!

This controller is just great. Easy to use and fits perfectly!

Summary of the Xbox Series X

I love this console. I think the Xbox Series X has come as near perfection as you can probably get regarding a gaming console, and thus I declare it to be the best console ever made so far.

Of course, everything has its flaws. I could write a list of things that are not that great. However, I also feel it would be unfair because the very most key features have been delivered exceptionally well, and that's enough for me.

It needs to be said that Microsoft did a great job with the new Xbox Series X. They focused on the core aspects of gaming and managed to create a console that will enhance your gaming life for many years to come.

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