PC Game Review: Slime Rancher

Updated on September 7, 2016


Slime Rancher as the game title suggests, is a Ranch, playing as the rancher you need to collect Slimes, that comes in various shapes and sizes, you will also need to take care of them by feeding them since each has their own diet between fruits, veggies or meat.

These Slimes after fed will produce Plorts that you sell for gold coins, each slime monster will produce a different Plort and combined Slimes will produce two Plorts, pink Slime with blue will produce blue and pink Plorts each.

You can then use these coins to build farms to grow fruits or veggies, fountains for water, Chicken coops, there are various chickens and you will need to collect them in the same way you collect Slimes, you will also need to collect a rooster in order for them to reproduce the rooster is much harder to find than the rest, where chickens spawn there are also slimes that eat them so finding a rooster is kind of rare.

You will also be able to build Corals, these are like cages for Slimes, you will also need to upgrade them to your Slimes needs and to keep them captive, otherwise they can escape and possibly turn into Tar slimes that will reproduce by eating the rest of your Slimes as well as attack you on sight, the fastest way to lose your ranch.

You can combine Slimes together by feeding them another Slimes Plort, feed it two different Plorts and it will turn into Tar slime that cannot be kept, feeding it only one different Plort from another Slime will combine them and your slime will become bigger but it will also produce both Plorts of the two slimes at once after fed.

Collecting slimes are easy, you suck them up with your vacuum gun and shoot them back out into their Corals, some Slimes jump higher than others and require the Coral to be upgraded with higher walls, other Slimes can fly so you can also upgrade your Coral with a net, there is also a bunch of other buildings.

When venturing out to collect Slimes or chickens there are two dangers to the rancher, Tar Slimes, and Feral Slimes, Tar Slime is a mutation of two different Plorts, they multiply very fast by eating Slimes surrounding it, you can use water on them to damage them and eventually kill them, or you can suck them up and shoot them away like in the ocean, there is also Feral Slimes they will attack you as well, you can shoot them away as well, neither Tar or Feral slimes can be sucked up they just stick to your vacuum gun until you shoot them away.

Coral With Slimes
Coral With Slimes

Slime Rancher

3.4 out of 5 stars from 24 ratings of Slime Rancher


The game is very addictive and fun, collecting keys and doing missions like collecting Plorts, Vegies,Fruits different meat, the cartoon style look good, more content will probably be added as time goes by, but as is, this game is very fun already and I will recommend anyone to go and check it out.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows XP(SP3)+
OSX 10+
2.2GHz Dual Core
2.2GHz Dual Core
512 MB dedicated VRAM
OpenGL 2.0 compatible, 512 MB dedicated VRAM
Version 9.0c
1GB available space
1GB available space

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