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Jurassic Park Builder Guide: How to Earn Money Quickly and Easily

Ever since childhood, I have been an avid PC gamer. So, it is no wonder I write topics about PC gaming and building PCs for gaming.

Money is not only important in the real world, but also in Jurassic Park Builder. All of the buildings, dinosaurs, food, and decorations require money in order for you to buy those things. Thus, with no or little money, it will really be hard for you to progress in the game.

They say patience is the key to earning money in Jurassic Park Builder, but I don't think so. You see, there are definitely a lot of ways players even beginners can make easy money in Jurassic Park Builder. Well, here is how!

Automated Money Harvesting Farms

This is only recommended for low-level players, but this can still help high-level players through some changes.

You have most likely ignored the potential of a Sabertooth Diner, right? Yes, one would definitely ignore this building because one cannot earn much from it if a player only logs in the game for a couple of minutes then one checks the game later. Well, it is because it earns 50 monies in 5 minutes. If you check your account for every couple of hours, then you will only be able to earn 50 money every time you check it. However, have you ever thought of its potential if you do harvest its gold every 5 minutes?

Truly, there is huge potential in earning money through these Sabertooth Diners. Just try to imagine yourself having 20 Sabertooth Diners. Of course, you will be able to earn 1,000 monies every 5 minutes. And if you do harvest gold for every 5 minutes in an hour, then you will be able to earn 12,000 monies. Well, imagine if you do it straight for 8 hours then you will be able to earn 96,000 monies. And that's only if you have only 20 Sabertooth Diners. Having more than 20 definitely means more money. But the question is could you do it? Of course, no human would be able to stand such repetitive work for a couple of hours. Thus, I'll be teaching you a sweet method on how to automate it for you. You'll just have your computer to do it for you. Well, here is how:

There are three things you are gonna need. These are the following:

  • PC
  • Bluestacks (Android Emulator for PC)
  • Mouse Recording Software
  1. Since we are gonna be using software that can only be run by a PC, then we are gonna need a PC for that. I am not sure if there is an alternative for the software that we are gonna need in this method. Thus, I definitely recommend using this method only in the PC.
  2. Since this will be used in the PC, we need to download an Android Emulator to play Jurassic Park Builder in the PC. Although you can play Jurassic Park Builder through Facebook, I don't recommend using it since JPB in Facebook is pretty unstable and lag. Thus, we will have to download and install Bluestacks. You can download Bluestacks through this link.
  3. After you downloaded and installed the Bluestacks player. You'll have to install Jurassic Park Builder through the search button within Bluestacks player.
  4. This is the most important tool we are gonna need. You'll have to grab yourself a mouse recording software. There is only one that I recommend. I definitely would suggest you to download the mouse recording software from Robot-Soft. Here are the links:
  5. Well, you might still be wondering why we are gonna need all of this. Rather than us clicking each of the buildings or dinosaur in order to harvest money, we are gonna record all of our mouse clicks and replay it for 8 hours. Thus, the computer will be the one to harvest money from all of our buildings and dinosaurs. Why 8 hours? It is obviously the average hours of sleep that humans need. Therefore, I suggest you do this automation overnight so that you'll have to do all the important things in the morning while you do the harvesting at night. And this is also why I recommend that you use the pro version of the mouse recording software since the trial version has limits. The pro version will allow you to replay your records without any limits.
  6. Once you have all the things that we need, then we are definitely ready for the method.
  7. Open Bluestacks
  8. Open Jurassic Park Builder in Bluestacks
  9. Run the Mouse Recording Software
  10. In an area, buy and build a number of Sabertooth Diners. 20 should be enough but if you want to maximize the amount that you can earn money then you should fill the whole area with Sabertooth Diners. By the way, it is very important, that you don't try to move the screen. Thus, you will have to build Sabertooth Diners in an area encompassed by the whole screen of the Bluestacks player. Moving around using the mouse recording software will only change the location of your clicks. Thus, it is important that you only build in an area where you don't have to move around.
  11. Next, we are now going to record all of our mouse clicks. Run the mouse recording software and press ALT + F1 to start recording. Upon recording, click all of the Sabertooth Diners you can reach in an area. It is important that the screen in JPB remains static meaning you don't try to move the screen or else your clicks will no longer be accurate. Once you have finished recording it, then press ALT + F3 to start replaying all of your clicks. Also, you can alter the number of repetitions or the number of hours the mouse recording software will replay your recorded mouse clicks so be sure to set it already before you try to record and replay your clicks.
  12. Enjoy and earn money!
  13. If you still don't get it, then try to see this video of mine.

Here is a Video Tutorial for the Automated Money Harvesting Farms Method

Buy a Lot of Decorations

Decorations are pretty helpful actually. You can only see the benefits of using them once you have gained enough level to unlock good decorations. In higher levels, you will be able to buy decorations having huge boosts and huge reaches. You'll just have to stack good decorations near your huge earning dinosaurs. Boost them by huge percentages, then you'll earn easy money for sure. Anyway, here are good decorations you should consider buying in each area:

  • Jurassic Park: You should consider buying the Active Volcano and Sundial decorations if you want to buy it through money only. If you do have green dollar bills, then buying meteor crater would definitely way better than those two because of the small area that it requires and because of its huge coverage area and huge boost bonus.
  • Aquatic Park: Volcano & Hydrothermal Vent is also what I suggest. Buying Crashed Aircraft would be a better one but it would cost you green dollar bills so you choose according to your resources.
  • Glacier Park: Buying Snowy Mountains and Big Fossil is definitely recommended in Glacier Park. However, if you want a better one, then consider the Stone Forest if and only if you have green dollar bills to buy it.

Jurassic Park Builder continues to update the game so there might be better decorations in the near future. We'll just have to check the market regularly so that we could be updated.

These are only some of the easiest money-making methods I know in Jurassic Park Builder. There are still things that I need to find out. If I do find some, then I'll surely share it with you. Just check out this post regularly. And if you do have some to share, then leave it in the comments below.


Stephen sanchez on July 15, 2017:

Hey ludia!! Great game you got here but I need some help with money so could you please help me ludia?

Patrick on May 18, 2017:

What is the point of playing this game if i cant get money