PC Game Review: Kingdom Wars 2 Undead Rising

Updated on October 3, 2018

Kingdom Wars 2 Undead Rising

Although Kingdom Wars might not be as visually appealing as the Total War games, it's still a whole lot of fun to play, the game is fairly addictive and entertainment pleasing, that can keep you busy playing for hours.


The gameplay is pretty much the same concept as other strategy games, with whatever race you are playing you must control food stocks, construct walls, expand in a section for better protection and overall build a mighty base, control large military forces and conquer the enemy.

Each race is unique and has its own gameplay style, enough of a difference to refer to the game tutorial a few times, it is not particularly hard to play with any race, though in the campaign, switching between the races at first does get confusing if you do not follow every word on the screen.


The gameplay is pretty much straight forward, in the same classic fashion of Age of Empires, collect wood, stone, gold from mines as well as make sure your people do not starve by collecting food from a wide range of food sources like the barn and a few different animals to your typical berries by using workers you can task which group does what work.

Construct homes for your soldiers, add another section to your walls and improve them from wood to stone, do your research to improve the every aspect of the game or in this case to at least survive.

The research menu is not as deep as I would have liked it to be however it is good enough, as any other game researching will improve military performance as well as workers, walls and allow you to build better units, like the dragon slayer at the tavern.


The gameplay for Orcs is slightly different, while you still have workers to mine gold and stone as well as cut down trees for wood, you need Orc archers to hunt for food, this will include wild deer or hogs that continuously multiply over time.

These same archers are used as the military archer and can be placed on walls for distant defense, creating other military units is deeper here, from your main building workers will spawn as living space allows, then you need to send them to a different building where they seem to be trained into another unit, slightly better, from there you can send them to another and so forth, only a few selected military building will provide directly produced units, like trolls.

Research is the same concept as the human race, research armor for trolls and other units or improves tools to gather resource more efficiently.


Besides from research, everything else entirely new gameplay, instead of buildings you need to grow large trees and construct your buildings on it, instead of hunting and mining you will need these trees for the right building to produce wood, stone, gold and even food.

You can also use different animals to produce goods like unicorns and spirits.

For whatever reason, it feels extremely slow to get started with this race, first need trees that generate goods slowly before you can even think of building a good army to lead to battle.

System requirements

Windows 7
2.4 GHz Dual Core
2.4 GHz Quad Core
3 GB
5 GB
NVIDIA GeForce GT 530 / ATI Radeon HD 6570
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti / Radeon HD 6790
Version 9.0
Version 9.0
5 GB
5 GB


As so far the campaign is fun to play, it is not particularly hard, though still provide somewhat of a challenge, the story as well is also on the good side, besides from the narrator it's OK to follow along.

As of difficulty it all depends on you as the player and what you will do first, even on easy setting there comes time in the game where something suddenly happens that you did not prepare for, this can be defeating the mother dragon, that turned out fairly easy just to be greeted by another vengeful dragon much stronger wiping out nearly all military forces.

If that is not enough preparing war against the orcs and a large wave of zombies decide to attack your base, leaving your walls destroyed, with undead trolls dominating over your workers and the remaining forces within your walls, too many deaths? You better send out workers to loot the bodies and decapitate them or one of your dead soldiers might just pop back up.

Overall the difficulty is just right and these events of prepared or not is what makes the campaign so much more fun, each level can take you hours to complete, where some can be done rather fast, the further you progress into the campaign the longer it seems to take as the game tries to surprise you with extra missions and quests to do before the level ends.

As for multiplayer, I do not think we have to cover that as its the same as any other strategy game with the same gameplay as mentioned in the article. Build your base, upgrade walls, collect resources and overwhelm your friend with a mighty army and that is pretty much it for multiplayer.

Kingdom Wars 2 Battles Trailer


This is the last mode this game features, its pretty much straight forward, you need to survive as long as possible, with undead soldiers attacking you in waves, this mode is much more challenging, with only a short time giving you must prepare for the first wave after that you will definitely need to train more units, research and repair your walls, the time in between waves is simply too short.

You do not really have time to save up on resources for good research or good units, you will be lucky if your walls even last past the first wave, especially with those giant trolls bashing through your gates.

None the less this mode provides challenging gameplay as you survive wave after wave and challenging are exactly what some of us are looking for.

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4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Kingdom Wars 2: Undead Rising


Beside the large kingdom you can build or the large armies you can lead to victory, there are a few flaws.

  • On the very lowest settings, the game looks rubbish still very playable though I recommend playing on medium settings.
  • Some animations can be choppy, for instance with the dragon
  • With a common bug here and there like the game not returning to the menu after you lose a battle, it doesn't always happen but it does from time to time, you will need to exit entirely and then re-enter the game
  • Loading time can take a while
  • Sound, setting it up feels pointless either too soft or too loud and when you think you have the right setting the music is too soft or the voice is too loud, the best way is to turn down the volume from your operating system.

Besides from all the above flaws the game is very enjoyable, despite it not looking so good on low-medium settings, however, if you can play it on max setting then it doesn't look too bad.


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