8 Old Games That Need a Nintendo Switch Remake

Updated on June 29, 2019
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Poppy lives near Tokyo and likes to read novels and play video games, especially fantasy RPGs.

Nintendo's latest games console, the Switch, was released in 2017 and has sold millions of units worldwide, surpassing the Nintendo 64's lifetime sales. Though not a perfect console, it has brought hours of fun to players with releases such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


The Nintendo Switch is undeniably great, yet there is something missing from the Nintendo Store: remakes of old games! The Wii U touched on this, but there are several Nintendo 64 and GameCube games that should definitely be released in glorious HD on the newest console so that older gamers and newcomers alike can enjoy them.

Here are eight old fantastic games that we hope are remade on the Switch!

1. “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”

Arguably the best Legend of Zelda game of all time, Twilight Princess burned itself into the minds and hearts of millions of players all over the world when it was released on the GameCube and Wii in 2006.

Slightly darker than previous titles and with breathtaking mechanics and story, Twilight Princess definitely deserves a remake on the Switch. Thankfully, players can still enjoy it on the Wii U.


2. “Yoshi's Story”

Yoshi's Story for Nintendo 64 was an instant classic and catapulted the lovable dinosaur into Nintendo stardom. This side-scrolling platform game involved finding and eating fruits; eating enough would help Yoshi finish the level, and finding all the melons would yield a bonus.

This strangely addictive game would be gorgeous on the Switch, and perfect for handheld mode.


3. “Banjo-Kazooie”

I've been hoping and praying to play Banjo-Kazooie again for years without having to buy a new Nintendo 64. This much-loved game is probably one of the best for the old console and needs a Switch remake, like, yesterday!

This highly interactive world with collectible items and side-tickling sarcasm would be gorgeous in HD. Who knows? Maybe with the recent release of Banjo and Kazooie as Smash Ultimate characters, it's a hint for what's coming in the future.


4. “Banjo-Tooie”

Just as good as its predecessor, Banjo-Tooie also needs to be re-released on the Switch. With more challenges and a darker storyline, Tooie blew fans away when it was released in 2000.

Oh, the '90s/early 2000s. We just didn't know how good we had it.


5. “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker”

This game is very close to my heart, and I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it was released on the Switch. Even replaying it on Wii U couldn't satisfy me. We need it!

The cartoony style of Wind Waker, its enormous open world packed with quests, cute characters, and gorgeous music need to be shown to the younger generations. Fans demand it.


6. “Pokémon Snap”

Anyone else remember gliding through different lands taking hilarious photos? Pokémon Snap was unlike any other Pokémon game in existence, and it was great.

A remake of this would be fun, or a Snap 2—after all, there are many, many more Pokémon now than there were when this was released on Nintendo 64 in 1999.


7. “Paper Mario”

Another side-scrolling platform game like Yoshi's Story, Paper Mario delivered hours and hours of fun puzzles and more. It would be a neat addition to the Nintendo Switch's online store.


8. “Skies of Arcadia”

Despite being nearly twenty years old, this fantastic game of battles and exploring the world on flying ships has seared itself into the hearts of many players and would look gorgeous in HD. Now, this isn't actually a Nintendo game—it was released on the Dreamcast by Sega initially—but it just had to be added to this list.


Honorable mentions include Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but all of these were remade on the Nintendo 3DS.

Though some may argue that it's a cheap move to re-release old games for the purpose of nostalgia instead of developing new ones, I'm sure many people would agree that Nintendo would make millions by releasing these old classics on the Switch. Which game do you want to see re-released in HD?

If You Could Choose One, Which Game Would You Choose To Be Released On The Switch?

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© 2019 Poppy


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    • poppyr profile imageAUTHOR


      7 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Thank you for your comment, Melissa! Pokémon Snap was such a fun game. After finishing it, my brother and I made it our mission to take as many silly photos as we could. I think it's time for an updated version with more Pokémon!

    • Lissa Clason profile image

      Melissa Clason 

      7 months ago from Fayetteville, NC

      I used to love playing Pokémon Snap, and so did my mom. Sometimes I’d wake up in the middle of the night and find her playing it! I’d also like to see a remake of some of the older Fire Emblem games that never made it to the US, like Genealogy of the Holy War.

    • poppyr profile imageAUTHOR


      9 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      I really hope they see this article and remake Banjo-Kazooie, at least!

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      9 months ago from UK

      You make a good point in your article. Nintendo would do well to take your advice.


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