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Playing the Last PlayStation 2 Game

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"Pro Evolution Soccer 2014" Cover

"Pro Evolution Soccer 2014" Cover

The Final Hurrah on the PS2

The PlayStation 2 was one of the most revolutionary consoles to hit the video game industry during its time, and the system was highly anticipated after the original PlayStation console set the mold for entertainment and value. The PlayStation 2 was the reason for Sega’s exit from the video game industry after blowing the Dreamcast out of the water, and the console was a stepping stone into the next generation of game consoles in terms of online gaming and home entertainment.

Surprisingly, the PlayStation 2 console was so popular that games were still being released for it well into the lifespan of the PS3 console, and I found out that the last game for the console was actually released on the date of the Sony PlayStation 4 console release. I took the time to sit down with the last PlayStation 2 game ever released, and I was pleasantly surprised by the console's final goodbye.

Title Screen

Title Screen

The Last Game: PES 2014

Playing the last game released for the PlayStation 2 was a stellar experience, and it felt kind of nostalgic to be able to purchase a sealed PS2 game that had just been released. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is an officially licensed release, complete with the most current rosters and players for 2014. Konami spared no expense in developing this game, and the quality can be seen in every inch of the gameplay. I am not traditionally a fan of soccer games, but I was actually very impressed with the quality and overall fit and finish of this game. Although the homebrew community for the PS2 remains large, this is the last actual confirmed release for the aging console, which lived well past its intended lifespan.

"PES 14" Gameplay

"PES 14" Gameplay

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What’s the Gameplay Like?

The thing about PES 2014 is that it captures the beauty of current soccer games, but still harnesses the power of the PS2. It seems like technology has advanced far enough to develop even higher quality games for the console at the end of its life cycle, and this shows in the beauty that is PES 2014. The first thing that I noticed about the game was the stellar graphics, they were crisp and color with detail in the players and the fields. The PlayStation 2 always had beautiful graphics but it seems like they have gotten better with age, which was not the case with the original PlayStation console.

The gameplay is very addictive, with the full rosters on every team current for the year 2014. The game has several sequences of gameplay where the player’s full characters are shown, with tremendous detail both in the facial expressions and the field. The gameplay modes are equally as fun, with an exhibition mode and a tournament mode as well. There is also a two-player mode as well, which is equally extensive to play with friends as well. Switching between players is a breeze, and at times the gameplay is very fast-paced. I would say that the multiplayer mode is the most entertaining part of this game, and if you have friends to play with that is definitely the preferred method of play.


How Does It Compare to FIFA 14?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is a stellar game when compared to FIFA 14, the graphics are actually as sharp as the graphics of FIFA 14, but the PlayStation 2 is a decade-old console. The sound is also crystal clear, and very detailed. The PS2 doesn’t have the advantage of an HDMI connection so it is pretty impressive to still see composite video connection display such a nice game picture. PES 2014 is a stellar example of just what the PlayStation 2 console is capable of. Playing PES 2014 was one of the most rewarding soccer experiences that I have enjoyed on a game system as of yet, and the icing on the cake was that it was for the PlayStation 2.


How Was the Last PlayStation 2 Game Ever Made?

I was pretty excited to have a chance to play PES 2014 for the PlayStation 2 console, not because I like soccer, but because I have been in love with the PlayStation 2 console since its release in 2000 when I owned both it and the Dreamcast. The PlayStation 2 was a groundbreaking console that changed the way that people see entertainment and video games, as it was the first console to also feature a built-in DVD player. The PlayStation 2 changed the game in more ways than one, and this game is the perfect final hurrah for a great console.

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