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The Wytch Reviews: Wytch Snippets – PlayStation VR Review 2020 Edition

We will be reviewing games both old and new to provide people with useful information and opinions to help people find their perfect game.

PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

Wytch Snippets Overview

Virtual Reality hardware, such as the PlayStation VR, have intrigued me for a long time. The concept of virtual reality video games brings a sense of futuristic technology to the present day. Having watched popular anime Sword Art Online myself, I have always wanted to be able to play VR myself.

I finally decided to take the plunge and buy myself the Playstation VR. The reason for buying the PlayStation version instead of say, the HTC Vive or one of the Oculus modes, is mainly the more budget-friendly price.

The version of the PS VR I bought was the megapack, which came with download codes for five games and everything needed to get started. The slight issue I had with this pack is I feel it should come with the motion controllers as well.

The setup was fairly straight forward and calibrating the hardware with your PS4 and the PlayStation camera was also easy and straight forward.

The first game I tried was Astro Bot Rescue Mission. I had heard lots glowing reviews for this game so I was excited for it to be my first experience in VR. What an experience this turned out to be. Astro Bot is a magical experience with an amazing little main character. This game shows you the power of VR from the off, I instantly had a smile on my face thanks to the charms of the game it was a wonderful experience.

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I bought some motion controllers for the PS VR as they help with the immersive gameplay that VR can provide. One game that makes the most use of these types of controllers is Beat Saber. This musical rhythm-based game shows the motion controls at their best. There is no other way to experience this game, these are a must.

One of the biggest gains of the hardware's motion controls happens to cause one of the biggest flaws I have found with the PS VR and that is the PlayStation camera's inability to track the motion controllers consistently. This really causes issues in a game like Beat Saber as it can affect the game-play as your sabers can often be found slowly moving around when they shouldn't be until the Playstation camera tracks the movement again.

In summary, I find that the positives with the PS VR far outweigh the negatives. The affordability of the PS VR is a huge bonus, the hardware itself for the price is superb and the immersive game-play it provides is outstanding. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in VR to try this as their first dive into what appears to be a growing market.

"Astro Bot Rescue Mission" Screenshot

"Astro Bot Rescue Mission" Screenshot


  • One of the cheaper VR systems
  • Large library of games available
  • Ready to play out of box
  • Motion controllers available to provide extra VR immersion
  • Easy setup for new users


  • Motion controller availability is extremely poor
  • Tracking on the motion controllers can be a bit vague and lacking sharpness
  • No wireless setup can cause wire in headset to tangle and become an annoyance

Wytch Snippets Final Score

8.9/10: A brilliant VR system for first-time users, but the availability of the motion controls lets it down and the tracking can be lacking, better VR systems are available but this is perfect for a budget-friendly option and provides exactly what you'd expect for the price.

© 2020 Rowan Wytchwood Wright

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