"Temtem" Beginner's Guide

Updated on February 3, 2020
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"Temtem" Beginner's Guide: Tips and tricks
"Temtem" Beginner's Guide: Tips and tricks

Choose Your Starter Temtem

Temtem is available on the Steam platform and the game was founded as a Kickstarter project.

Crema Games is the development studio of Temtem, a game that bets on Pokémon-like gameplay combined with the characteristics of an MMO with PvP and the amazing feature of being a fully co-op game. This means you will be able to complete the main story with a friend, but you can do it solo if you want to. The story takes place in the Airborne Archipelago, Humble Bundle. The development studio Crema Games have introduced us to the three starter Temtem creatures, we will have to choose the one that will accompany us from the beginning of our crusade: we have to defeat the evil Clan Belsoto and, for that, we will have to surround ourselves with the right team. Here's the starting three Temtem for our Airborne adventure:

Crystle: Defensive Temtem
Crystle: Defensive Temtem


Crystles are described as "adorable but resilient" creatures. Its main statistics are the Defense and health points, while being effective against the Temtem of Electric and Mental type. "Head to the Queztal mines to find wild Crystles, to get a chance to catch the rare Luma version." Think of Crystle as your starter tank Temtem.

Type: Crystal

Strong Against: Electric and Mental

Weak Against: Fire and Earth

Where to Capture: Mines of Quetzal on Tucma Island

Evolve to: Sherald at Level 30

Smazee: Melee Damage Dealer Temtem
Smazee: Melee Damage Dealer Temtem


Smazee can be fluffy and furry but he is a great damage dealer, with attack power and speed being his two best attributes. They are more effective against Earth and Crystal type Temtem, and they are known as "elegant battle machines" throughout the archipelago.

Type: Melee

Strong Against: Earth and Crystal

Weak Against: Mental, Melee, Digital

Where to Capture: Arbury Island

Evolve to: Baboong at Level 29

Houchic: Mental Damage Dealer Temtem
Houchic: Mental Damage Dealer Temtem


Houchic is the initial Mental-type Temtem, and Crema Games notes that he is "ideal for novice trainers." His strong mental power allows his special attack statistics and speed to be high. Houchic is especially effective against Neutral and Melee type Temtem.

Type: Mental

Strong Against: Neutral and Melee

Weak Against: Crystal, Electrical, Digital

Where to Capture: Arbury Island

Evolve to: Tental at Level 29

What Is the Best Starter Temtem?

The truth is there is no right or wrong answer to this question, every starter Temtem has its strengths and weaknesses and the game is designed so you won't be punished by your decision. In other words, your decision should depend on your playstyle, if you want a strong damage dealer Temtem, Houchic is no doubt your better bet, if your playstyle is more defensive, you should go for Crystle, and for a more balanced Temtem, Smazee is the best choice.

Know Your Temtem's Strengths and Weaknesses

Just like Pokémon, every Temtem has its strengths and weaknesses, learning every type will definitely require some time and effort, but there is a hint in the battle that can help you know what is the right or wrong attack, after you select your technique, the color of the marker below your target will anticipate the kind of damage you will do, keep in mind that this only works for Temtems you already captured, so collecting all the temtems you can, will improve your temtempedia and show these useful markers in real time battle.

Red Marker: Low damage ( 1/2, 1/4)

White Marker: Normal damage (sometimes up to x2)

Green Marker: High damage (x2, x4)

If your marker is red, try another type of technique or switch your Temtem.

The red marker below your target means you will inflict low damage with that technique.
The red marker below your target means you will inflict low damage with that technique.

Temtem Types: Strengths and Weaknesses

Temtem Types Strengths and Weaknesses Table
Temtem Types Strengths and Weaknesses Table

Capture a Ganki

Ganki is a wind/electric type Temtem who will help you defeat the first dojo leader (Lucia) pretty easily. So capture a Ganki as soon as you can and level him/her up to at least to level 20 before you fight Lucia.

Capture and level up a Ganki to defeat Lucia.
Capture and level up a Ganki to defeat Lucia.


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