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The Sega Dreamcast Is Still Alive

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The Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast

A Classic Console With a Huge Cult Following

There are moments in technology history where a product is just so great that it will not die, and in the video game world, there are quite a few products that hold this distinction. Video game consoles have the power to not only build a cult following, but they also can influence many generations of players thanks to the used video game market. When one such console hit the market on 09/09/1999, it changed the way that we played video games forever. The Sega Dreamcast still has a huge cult following after all of this time, and the Sega Dreamcast was the console that introduced us to the world of online gaming. After all of this time, the console not only has a huge following, but also a dedicated online community of players that still hold tournaments and more online every day.

What Makes the Dreamcast Great?

When you first look at the Sega Dreamcast you can tell that there is something special about it. The unit is only about the size of a mouse pad but it doesn’t look like any console that you have ever seen. With its signature orange arrow power light, and a small distinct footprint, the Dreamcast packs a punch. When Sega introduced the Dreamcast in 1999 it looked to revolutionize the gaming industry, and it did this with Sega Net. This online service was basically the Xbox Live before there was an Xbox Live, and it helped players all over the world to connect and play each other. The Dreamcast also came with interesting features like a keyboard and a mouse, in addition to a Modem so you could surf the internet with ease.

The Games Made the Console

Back when the Dreamcast was launched, there was the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation, both of which were good consoles in their own respect. But the Dreamcast single handily blew them away in terms of Graphics and gaming technology, the Dreamcast was the console for the next generation of gamers. The Dreamcast had awesome titles that took it to the next level such as Quake 3 Arena, Soul Caliber, Sonic Adventure, Sega GT, and the Phantasy Star Online franchise. The Sega Dreamcast also introduced the hugely popular 2k franchise of sports games, which allowed players to enjoy beautiful 3D graphics otherwise never before seen on a sports game.

The Dreamcast also introduced hit arcade titles to the general public such as the Crazy Taxi and Power Stone franchises as well. There was nothing more fun than spending a Saturday night on Sega Net playing people from all around the world—testing your skills far beyond your friends and family. This new level of gameplay only supplemented how great the game quality was, and the games still hold true to their intense value to this day. I just recently was able to enjoy Sonic Adventure 2 again, and the game is just one of many that is far beyond its time.

The Market for Accessories Is Blazing

Because the Dreamcast has such a large following the market for accessories is blazing. Just the other day I was trying to obtain a Dreamcast Broadband Adapter to play online with and the item is trending for well over one hundred dollars, and you cannot find one for less. The other accessories such as the Visual Memory Units also still hold their value to this day, and the consoles are not cheap by any means either still retailing well over fifty bucks at the cheapest. There were also other interesting Dreamcast accessories as well, such as the AV to HDMI conversion kit that was released by Old Skool. This just goes to show that the market for the Dreamcast is still hot, so much so that players want to keep the console updated with their new technology.

New Games Continue to Be Released

Because of the consoles' ease of programming and Windows CE based internals, there continue to be games released for this console. The homebrew community is thriving, and there are plenty of different games that keep the console interesting such as Gunlord, which a 16-bit type is shooting game that was released for the console. There are also emulators available for the console which can play retro SNES, NES, Genesis, and even Game Boy games right on the console. These great games and homebrew software downloads keep the console interesting and fresh, and make it a great console to enjoy as a brand new player or as someone who just has grown attached to it like me.

The Dreamcast Will Remain Immortal as Long as It Has Dedicated Players

What makes the Dreamcast immortal and much more desirable than any other console is just how dedicated its community is. No other console in the world has such a cult following of loyal players, who not only develop for the console but just keep it alive in general. Sure we could get an Xbox One and play online, but something is just satisfying about playing the console that you have been in love with for years against players all around the world. In the long run, the Dreamcast remains a wonderfully in-depth console to enjoy, with a fun library of games and a huge homebrew community that makes the console more interesting every day.


Angel Guzman from Joliet, Illinois on June 06, 2019:

Long live the Dreamcast! I have 40 games :)