Top 5 Best Xbox One Games for Kids

Updated on February 27, 2019
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Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack

Just when we thought we won’t be seeing any of this anytime real soon, we get slammed in the face with yet another Skylanders Edition called the superchargers, oh this is cool and fun it’s just that extra price that comes with the games to collect each model, we actually tested this over a period of two weekends at my local game store, the first weekend 41 models were sold and 10 was ordered that the store didn’t have that’s a total of 51, we tested the second weekend at the beginning of this month to ensure everyone got their pockets full and the store sold a total of 120 where 12 of them was a starter pack this includes orders as well, we rounded models to $10 even if it’s more for some and starter packs to $50, so over a period of two weekends that’s a total of $2000 plus that was really shocking to us but we couldn’t expect much more of this, I like to collect action figurines from famous games and movies like resident evil, silent hill but I guess kids and some teens, maybe even adults will rather collect these toys to go and play at home.

Superchargers will be released this year September.


Graphics 6/10 no real changes were made the new characters and vehicles is really all you get.

Fun 8/10 it is really fun game play that was simply made better with the new models.

This game is for any kid, kids normally get bored fast, in this case from what I have seen this can last forever if you can buy them new models every now and then, this game can also be enjoyed by the entire family which I believe will be the best experience you can get from the Skylanders game

Game play

It’s pretty much the same as any of the other Skylanders Editions, however in superchargers you can now at adding a range of vehicles for your game and hefty priced collection of toys, these vehicles are used to drive on land, sea, and sky and I must admit that this is actually really fun, it’s still like any other Skylanders game with quests, combat, mini-games, and puzzles.

There is a total of 20 to collect characters and the new vehicles, each vehicle with its own stats and abilities matching it up with the corresponding pilot will make it even better, first thing to ask when a new Sky landers come out is, will my older models work, yes older models do work with this Edition as the game isn’t limited to piloting it’s really just an extra, you still have the basic combating on land that require no vehicle.

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Worms Battlegrounds

The Worms titles come back a long way, this game is fun and addictive only if you have the time to play multiplayer with your kids or have friends to play with them up to 4 players can join in on the carnage, if your kids wants a little more action but isn’t ready yet for the older restrictions then I believe this will do just fine.

This game includes pretty much we all enjoyed about the others, including clan wars, you can still create your own clan, it also has a wide variety of customization, change the look or play around with the voice of your worm, if you can support the online features then this is where it's best.


Graphics 4/10 I think a lot more could have been but clearly it isn’t

Fun 5/10 I rated this 5 because it will only last as long as the story playing alone from there isn’t much fun at all you can bump this up to 6 if you know there will be friends and family playing as well.

This is the perfect game to entertain kids that want a little more action, yet if they don’t like turn based games then stay clear of this one.

Game play

Like said its only mass fun when playing with friends or other family members, on single the story mode really doesn’t last that long, its only 25 levels that go by extremely fast this doesn’t include the 10 spec ops missions, story mode or playing alone can get slightly boring as waiting for your enemy to decide.

The main factor of this game is carnage, blowing stuff up and just having fun, the levels are detailed, yet nothing close to a next generation port, so expect to have mid-range graphics and visuals that aren't as impressive as many other platform games.

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Disney Fantasia Music Evolved

This musical game is mind blowing for all kids well, even for me, simply because it did so much more than any other musical game that I have seen up until now, the game relies entirely on the Kinect so this is needed to play no controls just the Kinect this game is fun and entertaining as well as active as you need to do a bunch of different motions and this can be enjoyed with friends, daughters, and mothers will most likely like this much more than son and father but give it a try I am sure this game will surprise you as much as it did me.

Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved - Xbox One
Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved - Xbox One

Xbox Kinect is required to play this game, its well worth it if you own the hardware.



Graphics 8/10 for this type of game it looks stunning especially when you do everything perfectly as shown.

Fun 8/10 fun game play on the Kinect with motion that really works well beside this there is also a bunch of mini games.

Best musical game that i have played in a long time unlike Sing Star this time you make the music.

Game play

Each level has its own song and you will be doing making the music with motions, though there is no way to fail this, the entire game is to hit goal or perfect this makes it nice to younger aged kids or to someone that just wants to do the music, you might lose your streak and the music will go soft but that’s about it.

The best experience wasn’t just playing alone, but also with a friend where both do the motion in a competitive manner to see who got the highest score.

You can also make your own gestures, these gestures can be combined with any song on the game, and this feels like mixing, each gesture makes a new sound making the game much more fun and interesting when you’re done with the 30 songs that are included you can always download additional content or get the expansion that mixes all the 30 songs on the game disc, this expansion just add the mixes to the songs that were provided on disc, not the ones you can download additionally.

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Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes

Yet another collectible game, Disney infinite gives you a wide range of Disney character that you can buy just like Skylanders and then play with them, each character with its own strengths and weakness, in this case, Marvel Super heroes.


Graphics 7/10 it looks better than most hero games I play

Fun 8/10 having a fun game that’s great to see your favorite Disney characters come together is just a big bonus


The game overall is a lot more fun than the older spiderman games or The Hulk, besides from that this feels much more worthy of collecting then Skylanders after all this is Marvel, the game is action packed just like any other comic game, enjoying this with a friend is, even more, fun as you will never know what he brings to play with you can make unique teams with a bunch of different characters.

This is a lot of fun playing alone or with friends, it’s a one of a kind experience, Disney infinite isn’t limited to just Marvel you can pretty much buy any Character you like making it fun for both boys and girls.

Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack - Xbox One
Disney INFINITY: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) Video Game Starter Pack - Xbox One

Very fun game even for adults, especially if you were going to play with your kids.

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Project Spark

We have mine craft and a bunch of games like mine craft that focus on crafting and you might think this is close to the same if that’s the case then you are wrong.

The adventures you can have this game have close to no limit its one of the best games I have played in a very long time.


Graphics 9/10 it’s very impressive for a game that relies on crafting as the main feature.

Fun 9/10 the fun is as much as your imagination, it’s just a matter of time that you run out of cool ideas.

If you want to be creative wile being entertained then this is for you.

Game play

Playing this game is truly creative while keeping it fun in really any way you play it, have an obstacle in the way, then build a solution, build pretty much anything you want, build and create your very own story and let a friend play it, then the other way around over all this game can be a load of other games in one tiny box that can be enjoyed by anyone in the household

From the above

Which game will you consider to buy for your kid?

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If you didn't see your favorite game here then it is most likely already included on another list we try and give different top best lists to cover a wider spread of content.

Many won't agree with the above and that's well understood, if you want to add your favorite kids game please do so in the comment section below.

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