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What Is the Difference Between Xbox 360 Models?

Updated on April 13, 2016

So, you've decided to buy an Xbox 360. Good for you. There are some great games on there: Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, Bioshock, Madden, and the list goes on. What you might not know is that there's more than one version of the same console and some of them have some very significant differences. Hopefully, this article will set things straight and help you avoid making what might be an expensive mistake.

What Every Xbox Can Do

The first thing to know is what any of the 360 consoles can do regardless of its SKU.

  • All 360s can play Xbox 360 games. This is true even of Xbox One. When it was first released in 2013, Xbox One could not play games designed for 360. In 2015 Microsoft announced that it had modified Xbox One to be compatible with older Xbox games.
  • Every single one of them can play DVDs and CDs as well.
  • If you have it hooked up to your network, you can include your 360 in your Microsoft Windows network, allowing you to share media between your PC and the 360.

Types of Xbox 360

• Pro or Premium

• Elite

• Slim

• Arcade

Xbox 360 Premium or Pro

  • The original 360 model, this console includes a 20 or 60 GB hard drive which allows you to download games, movies, music, demos, and downloadable content for titles like Rock Band.
  • Current Pro/Premium models for sale new are usually refurbished. These are old (read: used) Premium models that have had their innards replaced with less failure-prone hardware. This is a good compromise if you want to pay Xbox Arcade prices for Elite performances.
  • The 20 GB hard drive is relatively small, but for most purposes it is adequate. However it is possible that the smaller drive will delete some demos or titles you've already purchased. Don't worry, though. If you've paid for a game, you can re-download it at no cost.
  • In my experience, 60 GB of space is enough for all but the most prolific packrat. However, if you're like me and can't stop buying new songs for Rock Band and hate to delete even the worst demo, you might still be filling that up as well.

Note: Even among original Pro or Premium systems, there are divisions. The 360 Pro edition is split between three different hardware models. Know what you are buying to avoid machines with faulty motherboards.

Hardware Models: Avoiding the "Red Ring of Death"

  • Original 30 Pros: These models include all of the original Xbox 360 hardware, which should make you wary. Why? Four words: Red Ring of Death. For those not in the know, this is an error caused by a number of internal problems, including overheating. 360 owners using the old hardware will suffer a failure rate of close to 50% while using these older models. Microsoft is well aware of the problem and will replace a failed Xbox 360 free of charge, but you will be without a game console for a few weeks.
  • 20 GB Hard Drive: 360 models built after 2007 contain the Falcon motherboard and chipset, a significant improvement over the more failure-prone machines. If you buy used from Ebay or a retail outlet, be careful of the older models. It is difficult to tell when they were made, but there are a few tricks you can use. The first is to open up your Xbox and take a look, but that's a whole article in itself. The second is to look at the original box. Find the SKU info under all of the product descriptions. If you have a 360 that came from lot 0734 or higher, you're in the clear. If it is lower, then you have the older, less reliable, motherboard.
  • 60 GB Hard Drive: Other than more space, there are no significant differences between recent 20 GB and 60 GB models.

Elite and Slim

The Xbox 360 Elite (Slim)
The Xbox 360 Elite (Slim) | Source

The Xbox 360 Elite comes packed with a 120 GB hard drive. Your 360 can fill up fast, and with this roomy bad boy, you'll never have to delete anything ever again. At $299 dollars, it is the most pricey of the available models, but still a great value. Costing only one hundred dollars more than little brother Premium, the Elite comes with a $150 hard drive, making this a $50 savings.

New Slim Xbox 360 (AKA: The 250GB elite)

Slim Xbox 360 replaced the Elite line. Here are the differences between the two:

  • The Slim 360 features built-in WiFi (no cables for using the Internet!) while the Elite and the Arcade have no WiFi.
  • The Slim Xbox 360 features a 250 Gig hard drive. The Elite generally has a 120 Gig while the Arcade has no hard drive.
  • The Xbox 360 Slim is several inches smaller and thinner than either the Elite 360 or the Arcade.
  • 360 Slim features larger venting areas along the sides. This is to prevent the infamous overheating/Red Ring of Death problems.
  • The 360 Slim has one large fan instead of two small ones. This makes it more quiet than the loud Elite and Arcade models.

Xbox One: The Newest Xbox

This article focuses on the 360 consoles, so I won't be going into detail about Xbox One. That said, the newest Xbox features better graphics, faster processing, more storage, and more advanced controllers than the Xbox 360.


Microsoft Kinect is a motion sensor Xbox system that came out in November 2010.

  • I put together a more detailed article about Kinect, but a general comparison would be to say that Kinect is more of a toy than a classic gaming device. The hardcore gamer is likely to stick with the regular Xbox 360 hardware.
  • The Xbox 360 Slim has a special USB port that makes it easier to use with Kinect, although all 360 systems are able to use this device.
  • The Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle is a budget version of the 360. Like the Arcade, it is priced lower but comes included with a small hard drive. For Kinect buyers who don't already own a 360, this is one of the most popular options.


These guys might be dancing on the box, but they'll be pretty sad when they know they bought trash.
These guys might be dancing on the box, but they'll be pretty sad when they know they bought trash.

I can say one thing for the Xbox 360 Arcade: It is cheap. At $199 when it came out, it cost about the same as the famously affordable Nintendo Wii. (Now you can get it for about $40). But it comes as no surprise that you get what you pay for.

  • The package comes with a measly 256 MB hard drive, capable of holding very little data. If you own a 360 Arcade, you will not be able to download most game demos and certainly not any movies. At best, you will be able to download some of the smaller Xbox Live Arcade titles, but even some of those are coming in too big for the Arcade to handle now.
  • A truly inferior product, the Arcade lacks the mutability of 360. What makes Microsoft's product so distinct is the vast number of downloads, small independent games, wide array of demos, and other content. Losing this makes the 360 a significantly less attractive console. Even the multi-player experience will suffer.
  • While you can still play online with the Arcade, you will not be able to download any patches or new content, leaving you behind your peers. As a consolation prize, the Arcade comes with a few pack-in arcade-style games, but they're definitely not worth what you lose. Only buy the Xbox Live Arcade if you never, ever, ever, ever plan on going online with your system in all the years that you will own an Xbox.
  • Worse still, Arcade split the 360 market, making developers strip their games of features to be able to include content that people using the Arcade can still participate in. It takes an especially bad console to punish even the people who didn't buy it.

Crap, I already bought an Arcade. What should I do?

  • If you already bought an Arcade model and I just made you feel bad, I apologize. You can always trade in your Arcade and buy one of the better models. Microsoft does offer an external Xbox 360 Hard Drive if you want to bring your gaming machine into the twenty-first century. Be warned though: It is expensive. Costing a pricey $150, you get an extra 120 GB of space. It might be worth picking up if you were planning to go from the Arcade to the Elite model, but if you just want to be able to play the new Halo 3 maps, you're better off trading in for a Premium.

Other Xbox Models

There are a few other models available, although they aren't currently on the shelves or are specialty kits.

  • Xbox 360 Core: Part of the original launch, this was replaced by the Arcade. Like the Arcade, this is junk. In fact, it is even worse: It was shipped with no hard drive at all. If you're buying used, avoid it at all costs
  • Halo 3 Special Edition: No longer available, this was a special offer during the release of 2009's hit Halo 3. Coming in a distinctive green finish, this console is otherwise similar to the Premium system still on sale.
  • An Elite style system was announced in 2009 to be released with Modern Warfare 2. This was the first Xbox 360 with 250 Gigs of memory. It also comes with a wireless headset and two wireless controllers.
  • The Halo Reach bundle is the first true Xbox 360 Slim bundle available. It is also one of the hottest selling.

Do I Even Want an Xbox 360?

Well, I don't know, do you?

  • They are great systems, but they have only limited backward compatibility to original Xbox games. The PS3 has improved greatly since it was originally released and is now a solid competitor for the 360.
  • Prices have dropped, especially since the release of the Xbox One, and 360s are very affordable. If you're looking to take up an affordable gaming system with a great library of titles to enjoy, I would say make this your choice.
  • Finally, this is only a quick and dirty overview. There are some more specific differences between editions that cover very hard-core nuts and bolts aspects of the system. If you have any questions not answered, leave a comment!


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    • sherlynavia 8 years ago from United States

      Very interesting hub!

    • fred 8 years ago

      im thinking of buying an xbox premium. my only concern is, will it run on reuglar tv or do i have to buy an hd tv in order for the system to run? please respond and thanks..

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Hi Fred

      All XBox 360 models will run on Standard Def (SD) or High Def (HD) televisions. Naturally you will get more bang for your buck out of the HD TV, but it still looks great on SD. The only thing other than slightly reduced image fidelity I have noticed is that the writing/text displays smaller and grainer than you'd like on SD, but it depends on the game.

    • fred 8 years ago

      the only games that i`ll probably buy or play on it is nba 2k9 and madden..or other sport games..and rpg also. you think i`ll still enjoy playing them with the use of an sdtv? coz right now i really don`t have enough money to buy an hdtv..which i really would love to have. thanks again.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I have done about 80% of my gaming on an SD TV, and I enjoyed it just fine. If your SD TV is under 24 inches, you might be having some problems with the text being too small, like I said (check reviews, it varies), but sports and racing games have always been pretty good when I played them.

    • Diego A. Acosta 8 years ago

      Will the xbox standard be able to play star wars the force unleashed?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY


      Yes, I have played the demo for Force Unleashed on a standard, and it ran just fine.

    • Tee~Hee 8 years ago

      i just wanna play the game i don't care about the Xbox Live but im still not sure which to buy

    • Junkster profile image

      Junkster 8 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      There's way too many variations of each console these days, I know plenty of clueless parents who have no idea which console to buy their kids. I have a PS3 and it was a big enough pain having to choose which one to get then, at least they have been cutting back on the models. I remember the days when a console came as one type and nothing else. I know there's the cost argument but when you have to spend more on extras and addons it sort of defeats the object. Plus I think the idea of selling a cut down version of a console is a bad idea in general.

      Thanks for this hub though, cleared a lot of confusion up for me :)

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I definitely agree. Pretty much all of the major consoles have screwed the pooch in one way or another. The PS3, if it is possible, is even more confusing to buy than a 360. I counted and I think there are seven different types of PS3s, all with varying degrees of backward compatibility.

    • Jay 8 years ago

      What about the xbox 360 (60 GB version)? What would be a better get a 20GB PRO with an extra controller and a game like the force unleashed for around $350 or to get the 60GB standard system for $300? Are the 20GB and the 60GB the same except for hdd size?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Yeah, that needs to be updated. The 60 Gigs were just being released when I started to write that, so I hadn't had any tech specs or experiences with them yet. They are, as far as I have seen, a complete replacement of the 20 Gig Premium/Pro model, so everything said there would be applicable to the 60 GB. MS lowered the price of the 20GB model, but it also looks like they will no longer be produced.

      As to what you should buy, The bigger hard drive is definitely worth the money, but only if you plan to use it. If you only want to play casually and aren't downloading many games or demos, the 20 GIG is fine, but if you're a heavy user the 60 GB is probably the better buy.

      Thanks for the question, it reminded me I have to keep up with the news some more.

    • Chris 8 years ago

      Does the arcade xbox run all of the 360 games at the same level that the others do? What I mean is graphics and sound quality of course.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Chris- The short answer is yes, with a BUT

      the Xbox 360 Arcade will play all games with the same quality as other games out of the box. However, if a game requires a patch or has an update, you may not be able to take advantage of the graphical update or bug fixes. due to the lack of hard drive space.

      But in general the quality should be the same as the other 360 models.

    • Robert 8 years ago

      i'm a reader in Hong Kong looking to buy an Xbox for X'mas, there has been a nice deal they have been promoting across the city for Arcade version running at about $1700 HKD (USD$217 net. there is no tax on anything). After reading your review im confident not to get the arcade version. But the 20GB version runs at USD$358 which is way overpriced comparing to the price you can get it in the US. I think there is a high chance that it will drop in the next few months to at least the US value or less since the economy is so bad now... hopefully... ! I would like to say thanks for your review and it has been VERY helpful!

    • abhinav 8 years ago

      i have bought a xbox 360 60gb version but i am scared of the rrod,s(red ring of death)after how many hours of playing should i take a break

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Abinhav, the 60 Gig is going to be (relatively) less likely to have a Red Ring. If you are really concerned, I would sugesst anyone turn off any console after 3 or 4 hours, especially if it is not placed in a well ventilated area.

      However, I have left my newer model 360 on over night with no ill effects, so I would not stress out over it. Besides, even if you get a Red Ring, you're only out of a console for three weeks because MS will repair it ship it, and transfer the hard drive for free.

    • abhinav 8 years ago

      thanks len cannon. should the xbox be in a vertical position and should i put on the air conditioner while playing. and what are the necessary accessories for the fifa 09 released on xbox360 in india.

    • abhinav 8 years ago

      len conan if a red ring comes for one time will it come in the second time that is after repairing.and when do you come online on this hub in indian time

    • abhinav 8 years ago

      is fifa 09 and fifa soccer 09 the same

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Abhinav, I believe that a vertical Xbox usually has a slightly smaller chance of overheating than one placed on its side. However, if you do put it on its side, it will usually be fine as long as you do not cover it with lots of things are put some type of cloth over it.

      I am not sure when Fifa 09 comes out in India, but I do know that it should probably come out the same time in India as it does in Europe, so you can look for that.

    • micky g 8 years ago

      The thing about 360 Arcade being a load of junk is a load of crap.

      NO you don't need a hard drive to play online, patches DO NOT take up external memory space, and for the love of god the only things your missing out on is the hard drive (which can be bought cheap seperately anyway) and the HD lead (if you don't use HDMI by now then tbh your living in the past, upgrade your TV ;)). Map packs, depending on the game, should have no problem storing on the memory unit either, such as the flashback map pack for gears of war 2, it all depends on how much more money you really want to waste by downloading expensive crap from the marketplace.

      This comparison was fail, end of.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Well, Mickey obviously both myself AND Microsoft disagree with you. Right now, they're offering ways of expanding the hard drive capacity for below market value for unfortunate 360 owners. Developers hate it, the users suffer from decreased options, and will likely be phased out due to the way it has split the user base. Burnout: Paradise features a free DLC that doubles the play time of the game that is completely unavailable to Arcade users, and that is just the start of the Arcade disaster.

      If you're happy with your Arcade, more power to you. But you will be hard pressed to find anyone involevd either the tech media or software development who is happy about what Microsoft has done with the Arcade.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I think the standard is a good buy for the money. If you really want the extra space, the bigger hard drive on the elite is nice, but that is a judgement call.

    • Mike Z 8 years ago


      Does the Halo 3 edition XBOX 360 have the same RROD problems and such as the original XBOX 360's or were they released with the fixes like the newer Pro's also what is the size of their HD's


    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY


      I am not 100% sure, but I do remember reading that the Halo 3 edition was actually one of the first batches to ship with the new hardware. So it should red ring less than older models

    • MIKE JONES 8 years ago

      THANKS, I've been looking to buy for bout a whole month already! i don't know what to buy. im going to be playin madden and halo3 mostly, maybe some other sport games also online. im leaning to get the 60g model at a retail store like best buy or toys "r" us! im i making the right choice or will i be ok with regular 256mb model? thanks again sorry so long

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Well, I think it is a good buy. You know best, just think about how much you plan to use it.

    • bested profile image

      bested 8 years ago from Huntington Beach

      I'll have to remember to check up on this guide when I'm buying my next xbox 360... My little brother totally dominates the playtime for the last one I bought ~_~

    • Micky G 8 years ago

      Sorry if my last post seemed a little coarse, was slightly annoyed at your arguments against it.

      The Arcade is indeed a bad base pack, but considering buying the peripherals (hard drive etc) seperately is somewhat cheaper than buying the premium pack, it seems like a better choice. The only thing you arent getting is the chrome finish to the disc tray, and that has no effect on the performance of the machine.

    • Micky G 8 years ago

      Forgot to mention you can get a hard drive for $20 off the xbox website in anticipation of the new xbox experience :)

    • ELBEE 8 years ago

      Hey, This site has helped me out a lot, but Im still not sure. I need to buy an xbox 360. Im almost certain that we are only playing Rock Band 2, downloading songs for RB2, and getting some other store bought regular games. Is an xbox 360 premium with 60GB ok for this type of simple gaming?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      The premium is perfect for that type of gaming. I would only sugesst the elite for people who plan to download movies/etc. as well as DLC. My friend is a rock band fiend and only after having it for a year did he fill up his 20 GB with new tracks, so you should be in good shape. Thanks for the question.

    • john 8 years ago

      im planning to buy an x box and im just going to play games like sport games not much online though whick xbox is more for me

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      If you're only going to play games like Madden or NBA Live, you could probably get away with just using the arcade. I do know they offer regular roster updates to match up with mid-season trades, but I don't think they take up much HD space.

    • jay 8 years ago

      so your saying len that the xbox 360 arcade

      will have the same graphics as the xbox 360 premiuin or elite

      and i wont have pay more for it

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I am saying many things, but I believe that is one of them

    • sunforged profile image

      sunforged 8 years ago from

      360 hd can be purchased new for very affordable prices via ebay.

      120gb hd, can be found for under 100.00 regularly.

      20 gb for around 30.00

      What is the process fro replacing ring of death 360's? I can pick them up for around 40.00$ MS will fix them? Or do they need to have proof of warranty and receipt?

    • Santajohn 8 years ago


      I there a great difference between the X Box 360 and Playstation3.I'm torn apart. i don't really which of them get.

    • Jay 8 years ago

      Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the detailed info. I came across your site searching for info on the MANY different versions of XBOX 360 and what they offer. You were able to answer all of my questions, and for that, I am appreciative.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Sunforged- When you replace a RROD'd xbox, they will ship you an empty box free of charge with pre-paid postage on it. You will then place your 360 inside of it and ship it off. They will then send you a refurbished Xbox fre of charge.

      Santajohn - Well, the PS3 has a Bluray player and the 360 doesn't, and they both have different online networks (Live vs PSN) with different content. And they do have different exclusive games. It is a pretty big topic.

    • AShaf777 8 years ago

      hello. i found your hub very informational and helpful!

      But i do have one question. are there certain cables and stuff i am going to need in order to hook up a regular premium xbox to an HDtv that i would otherwise get with an elite? i don't have a clue about that kind of stuff. please help! :)

    • AnnieMills profile image

      AnnieMills 8 years ago from Poland

      Is XBox on Ebay good? Is there other interesting places to buy XBOX online?

    • jdh351 profile image

      jdh351 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      If the price on xbox drops again I think I'll break down and buy one. Your article was helpful.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Good hub, Len. Very glad I came across it. I am planning to get an Xbox 360 in the very near future, mainly for the purpose of playing Mass Effect. That's probably the only thing I'll be doing on it. Which one do you recommend?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Ashaff- The Arcade comes with a comosite cable (aka the cable with the red, white, and yellow plugs) and the others now come with that and a componet cable which is used for HD tv. You can buy these in any electronic stores as well.

      AnnieMills- Ebay is usualy safe,a lthough it is difficult to see when they were made, which does make a difference

      Constant Walker - I would probably go with the premium. Mass Effect has a fair amount of DLC, and I wouldn't want to risk missing out.

    • IanDaniel 8 years ago

      Cool! Check out my hubs too

    • recessmonitor 8 years ago

      Thank you for all the info; we are looking to upgrade from regular Xbox to a 360? for christmas. How and which version would you recommend for a new family room? We have a 37" flat screen, and a few speakers and we are hoping for fewer devices and cables for our music and movies. Can one of these versions do that?

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 8 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Thanks, Len. Will do.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Recessmonitor -

      All of them should look good on a flatscreen, and all of the controllers are wireless now. Older models did have wired controllers, but I believe that all available off-the-shelf systems have wireless controllers.

      Outside of that, I would probably just get the Premium models as it comes with the HD cord you need, which is a little less space consuming then SD. But you would want to go HD anyways with your nice big screen.

      As for speakers, whatever is hooked up to your TV normally should work with the XBOX, you shouldn't need anything extra.

      All Xboxes can play DVD movies as well as stream Netflix films, so you do not need to hook up a DVD player if you buy an XBOX.

    • recessmonitor 8 years ago

      Thanks Len, great site, very helpful:)

    • moinseo profile image

      Moinoddin MD 8 years ago from Hyderabad AP India

      what a fantastic Hub

    • chris 8 years ago

      if I am buying the Xbox 360 and looking to play online, do I need the wireless router, if my house is already configured with a linksys wireless router. Will the xbox pick this up, or do I need the router to pick up that network.


    • steph 8 years ago

      Chris, you will need to configure your xbox to your router if you have it secured, but it will pick up the network from the router, thats how I have my sons hooked up, my puter and router are downstairs, his xbox is upstairs.

    • PreteenMOM 8 years ago

      Len, My boys are 7 and 10 and been playing on a regular Xbox for the last year. I would like to upgrade to a 360 so we can get them some new games to play. So my question is 2 part. First If we go to a 360 can they still play their old Xbox games and I do not want them to play live so would an Xbox Arcade be good enough for them? They love their Xbox but we just cannot get the games anymore.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Haha, well, I guess steph took care of that one :)

      Here is a list of all the backward compatible Xbox games. If the game is on the list, it will run 100% fine on the 360. If it isn't, it might run poorly or not at all.

      If you never plan to use live, I suppose an arcade would be okay. If you do not want them to play online with other players(which is reasonable for children under 13, I think) you could simply use the Live Silver service which would allow them to still buy games online but not play multiplayer.

      The Silver membership is free, doesn't havea ny multiplayer games (so no online halo or anything like that). You can purchase budget games or old games. So if you DO want to take advantage of that, I would not suggest the arcade.

      But if you are set on never using Live, then the Arcade sounds like a good purchase for your family.

    • yi 8 years ago

      So my regular x box got the red rings so i took the hard drive out and bought an arcade is it now the same if i put my old hard drive in?

    • KH 8 years ago

      where can i find a standard x box for cheap?

    • seth 8 years ago

      I plan on buying an xbox 360. All i will ever play is Madden and guitar hero. I won't play any live though and I don't plan on downloading all these demoes and stuff. I think I will buy the Arcade because I wont need the extra space, and headset, etc. Am i making the right choice? Is the gameplay quality the same?

    • someperson 8 years ago

      If i bought an arcade and a hard drive would it be just the same as a pro or premium?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Wow, a lot of traffic while I was away for the holiday :)

      I'll work backwards.

      Someperson, if you bought a hard drive for your arcade, it would generally be the same as a premium. The arcade would still come with a few less toys but nothing major. If that is your plan, though, I would probably just pick up the premium as it will cost less over all.

      Pylos: An xbox is a video game console. I hope this helped you buy a thing you have never heard of.

      Seth: If you only want casual gameplay, an Arcade will probably be all right. I have mentioned before to be careful the games you want don't have any major DLC you want, though.

      Bana: The XBox does not play PS3 games. There is a lot of overlap (Madden, Steet Fighter, Rock Band, etc.) but games like Metal Gear Solid 4 will only be on the PS3. Anyways, any of the xboxes with a hard drive will be equal to PS3s. Otherwise just choose based on which has the games you want.

    • marcus 8 years ago

      I only want to play gears of war and halo 3. Will the xbox 360 arcadew be sufficient for this . Don't want to go online . I aint good enough

    • matthew 8 years ago

      im planning on gettin an xbox for x as and i am planning on using xbox live what is the best console for this ive read all the other comments ands still cant decide:???

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I would prpobably pick up a premium if that's what you're into.

    • Zuri  8 years ago

      Ok so I read your article and it was very informative. Now We already purchased a 360 arcade and we don't plan to play online or anything like that. Its for my husband and I would like to know if you can watch movies in it and if it upgrades your movies to hd and if you need to buy the hd cables to connect it to your hd tv. Or what ??that is all I care about. so please answer my question as soon as possible.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Zuri, all the Xboxes can play in HD, but if you do not have the proper cables it won't be able to show as HD on your TV. That is because of the data transfer rate on the cables. It won't "upgrade" your films to HD (they would have to be a version that plays in HD to begin with).

    • salwan1002 profile image

      salwan1002 8 years ago

      In XBOX 360 can I turn off the controller without turning off the console its self, Thanks?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      When you hit th epower button, on the control, the dashboard should ask you if you want to turn off the controller or the console.

    • christwagon 8 years ago

      I'm returning my 360 pro (20Gb), because the disk drive doesn't read my games.

      I've had it for about 19 months. Xbox would fix it for $99. Luckily my BestBuy Warranty hasn't expired. Best Buy will even exchange my 20Gb 360 for the new 60Gb 360. I feel that I have hit the jackpot! I get a better machine than the previous 360 and a lot more hard drive space.

      Here's the problem. Best Buy will only let me take the 60Gb if I give up my 20Gb on the spot. This prevents me from transferring my 20Gb (game saves, Downloaded Content, map packs, etc.) to the 60Gb. Of course, Geek Squad will transfer it for $50, not sure if they use official Microsoft transfer cable, which is free as long as you give your old serial number from the old Xbox 360 and the new serial number from the new Xbox 360.

      All I really care about is the Flashback Map Pack which is exclusive to new copies of Gears of War 2 obtained threw a one time only code which is included with new copy of the game. I REALLY do not want to buy a second new copy of Gears of War 2.

      Finally the question, can I use my friend's memory card and copy my game saves, and this map pack? Then bring the new 60Gb Xbox home load up my gametag and dump the memory card content on this new hard drive?

      Please respond soon, because it'll happen in a couple of hours. If you can't then I'll update this comment so everyone can see what happened.


    • christwagon  8 years ago

      Well it was almost a disaster!

      Best Buy was awesome! I highly recommend getting the additional warranty threw Best Buy! I originally bought the old 360 pro (20Gb) for $400, paid additional $60 for the best buy warranty. The new 360 pro (60Gb) is $300 which comes with kung fu panda and indiana jones with a bunch of Xbox Live Arcade games already on it. They also gave me the difference in store credit $100! The new warranty is $40 because the new 360 pro (60Gb) is under $300 ($299). This warranty is good for 2 years.

      Now the backup problem. I backed up my gamertag profile on a memory card which I borrowed from a friend. I also backed up all of my game saves, and the Flashback map pack for Gears of War 2.

      I just got the new 360 plugged in and wanted to recover my gametag threw xbox live. I FORGOT MY EMAIL AND PASSWORD! It has been almost 20 months since I created a junk email just to use the live and made up some kind of password. This is really important stuff to remember. I called Xbox support and they can't give out your email and password so I had to guess and she'd say yes or no. After 12 tries she said she can't help me and let me go.

      I crossed my fingers and plugged in my memory card and transferred my profile to the new hard drive and BAM! It's all good! Transferred my Map Pack, still works fine. Everything is all good. Now I just have to redownload all the stuff I purchased from Xbox Live Arcade. I noticed in system settings that I can enable background downloads. This basically will keep downloading everything in my active download list even if I quit playing and shut off the power. Once everything is downloaded it will disconnect from the network and fully shut off the power.

      Thanks to my extended warranty I really hit the jackpot!

      Oh and the new Xbox (lot # 0828) is really quiet. Now I can copy my whole Gears of War 2 game to the hard drive so the disk drive doesn't have to run, except for the beginning to verify you have the game.

      Good Luck and keep this story in mind when thinking of getting extended warranty.

    • Devin Wilson 8 years ago

      If i get the arcade can i plug a hard drive into it??????

    • 8 years ago

      The Arcade with Rockband two is around $200 at Dell, and you can find a 5% coupon and get 4% cash back from ebates. So, 9% off, might save you a bit or a lot depending on if you get taxed.

      Circuit City has a refurb 20 gig drive and WIRELESS controller for $39.99.

      So, you get a hard drive, two wireless controllers, and Rockband two (in my case) for $228ish.

      That system to me has the meat for the 360 experience at a nice cost savings. Heck, Target wants $50 for the controller alone, so you save $10 and get a free hard drive.

      (I posted here first, but I'll cross to my blog..)

    • shanel profile image

      shanel 8 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks for the Hub Len! I don't have idea of how getting Xbox live points.. Can you help me?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Thanks shanel!

      There are two ways to get XBL points: you can go on the internet and get your credit card assosciated with your Xbox account or you can go into a place like best buy (or even grocery stores) and pick up a points card and enter the code using the directions on the box to get credit for points.

    • K4thy 8 years ago

      Hi - this has all been really useful reading. I have an issue trying to identify which 360 Pro version I have - it is boxed and unused (won in a prize draw, lucky me!) - and the packaging and manuals are hopeless at giving spec details. The unit is to be sold on Ebay or given as a gift, so cannot be fired up for test. By deduction, and with the help of wikipedia I have ascertained that it is a 360 Pro (white chassis, chrome disk drive), and I also know that it is Lot 0750. Can I therefore assume that it is a 20GB HD variant rather than 60GB? If so, is it possible to swap out the 20GB disk drive for a bigger one? If not, is the only disadvantage to the new user that the 20GB capacity will not allow for multiple downloads? Finally - any clue on a fair market value for it (GB £ if poss) - thanks!

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      If your XBOX is still in the box it should tell you what the features are in it. I don't know what batch Lot 0750 is, but I can guarantee you it is one of the ones running on the newer hardware with less breakdowns.

      For the best price, I would sugesst just going on ebay and seeing what the top 360s are selling for. It's almost Christmas so it should be a little higher than usual.

    • Emma May 8 years ago

      My question is, theres a game I want thats only on xbox, do i get an xbox, or an xbox 360? and if I only want to play games of disks, is the arcade better for me? and how does chiping affect these?

      From Emma May

    • Andrew 8 years ago

      Len Canon, Does the new jasper models could increase the 360's performance usually frame rates etc. ect.?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      It shouldn't. I have seen some reports of increased internal memory and less malfunctions. Still very new though and I have not played with one.

    • Dan 8 years ago

      Do the xbox 360 premium (60gb) all have a more successful chance of not getting the red ring of death compared to the arcade pack.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Normally, I would say "No", but as I understand it the latest hardware upgrade hasn't been included in the arcades yet. It probably will in the coming months, however.

    • John Lennon 8 years ago

      I just bought xbox 360 60 gb manufactured august. It says Go pro.. what's the difference with the premnium. They say this model is less prone to RROD, because of the minor changes to the mounted memory. Sorry for the question im just a 14 year old boy paranoid of RROD.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      John (loved your solo work, by the way), first of all don't be too scared of the Red Ring. It can be sent away and fixed super-fast. The pro and the premium are the exact same it is just a different name.

    • salwan1002 profile image

      salwan1002 8 years ago

      If i only have a XBOX 360 controller and i want to turn it off without using the console or anything,can i do that?

      thanks Len for your great work

    • Mark 8 years ago

      Having already got a 20gb hard-drive, if i bought an arcade, would i be able to fit it and have the xbox being exactly the same as my broken old premium?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Salwan, I'm not sure I understand the question but if you press the Xbox button in the middle of it for about five seconds it will turn off.

      Mark - short answer is: maybe. I have done some minor work inside my xbox, but I have never physically removed a HD and replaced it in another machine. I am about 75% sure you can do this as I have put a third party HD into an XBOX back in the day.

      I can guarantee you, though, that this will break your 360s warenty. If your 360 is broken you are probably better of either getting MS to fix it or finding somone else to.

      Also I know Best Buy offers services that willl transfer the contents of your HD to a new machine.

    • danny 8 years ago

      how come on games like halo 3 it says live on top would that still play on a xbox 360 pro 20gb or will that on ly play if u buy da live card

    • jmichaels59 profile image

      jmichaels59 8 years ago from Hinesville/Savannah, Ga

      The ONE and ONLY thing I hate about the 360 is, I am about to send in my THIRD one. Are they working on the heat issue or are we going to continue to have to send them back and pay, pay, pay.

      Is PS3 better or worse? Does it get hot as well and burn out?


    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      To play any games online, you need the XBox Live service.

      PERSONALLY I perfer the 360 becuase I like the games and Live servive on it better than the games and PSN on the PS3. But the PS3 does not have any of the hardware failure problems of the 360. it does, however, have abominable backwards compatibility so it is kind of a wash.

    • danny 8 years ago

      does all of the games work for the xbox 360 pro 20 gb

    • bob 8 years ago

      what is a patch online???

    • roguepb15 8 years ago

      Ok I have an xbox 360 arcade that I purchased back in May of 08. Unfortunatly that was all I could afford at the moment and I wanted one badly. Anyway I have a 60gb hardrive put into my xbox just recently along with a headset that the hardrive came with. So i'm pretty sure it's not an arcade anymore. OK what I want to know is... Is the arcade able to take an HDMI cable or an AV HD cable like the PRO and Elite already come with?? Please respond, thanks.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      It is (minus possibly hardware differences effecting reliability) just as functional as any other XBOX.

    • zane 8 years ago

      my friends recently purchaced an arcade xbox. He wants to play games like call of duty world at war. halo 3 and gears of war, but from what i can understand there wont be enuff memory on his HDD to do this and be able to save games and dl maps, patches etc. my question is would he be able to use a normal computer external HHD via the usb? would it work exactly the same as a certified xbox HDD

    • jennifer v. 8 years ago

      great hub, but my xbox 360 recently suffered from THE RED RING OF DEATH! :[

    • jade1 8 years ago

      Hi Len,

      You're doing a great job and know so much about this!

      My sons would love to have a console. So My husband and I decided to check it out only to find out that you need to have a Phd in different consoles in order to make your child happy.

      Our quest started three months ago and I think my sons might wonder if they'll ever see it happen.

      After surfing the net for weeks I stumbled onto your hubpage lots of information indeed. Could you also tell me the following?

      -What is the difference between an x-box360 Console and x-box360 Arcade (except the obvious which is a price difference of around 150 Euros.)

      -How many different ways of playing are there?( I thought you just had to buy the games in the shop and that's that)

      -If we would limit the playing of games to the ones we buy in the shop which console do we need?

      -If we would like to make it a fun family game day or something would you also recommend xbox or would you say wii?

      -What is the difference there?


      Ooh well I guess enough questions, so I'll let you go. Hope to see the answers and advice soon!

      thanx and Greetings


    • Peggy95 8 years ago

      What would you say is better? an xbox 360 or a ps3?

    • raptor 1337 8 years ago

      k i want to get a x box 360 but i don't no which 1 to get cuz most of the games that im usaley gonna play is left 4 dead live and grand theft auto 4

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY


      The "Console" should be the same or similar to the Xbox 360 Pro/Premium described above. Just regional naming differences.

      XBox also features a service called Xbox Live Arcade where players can download small original games or oldschool titles over the internet (no CDs required). This required a credit card to use.

      Most family's perfer the wii but I would just ask your kids what games they like best and get the console that works there.


      I normally just sugesst the Premium, but it is up to you. GTA4 does have some hardcore DLC coming out so a good hard drive is nice. I would generally sugesst Left 4 Dead for the PC over the 360 version though :)

    • DavidHXC 8 years ago

      I was just wondering exactly what the differences are between the 360 premium and elite? Other than the difference in hard drive size I noticed you said something about the elite package being for those who want to use xbox live? What exactly do you mean, can't the premium 360 use xbox live also? Thanks.

    • kevin 8 years ago

      I know you've probably heard the same questions over and over again but my friend says that the elite has a better processer and upgraded fan and disc drive. Are these things true or is he making that stuff up?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      David: The elite is only for those who are interested in Xbox live because of the hard drive capcity. The extra features (especially downloading demos, new games, and movies) require the extra space. Check out Netflix Streaming, though, it doesn't take up much of anything.

      Kevin: I can't tell you 100%, but that may be true in that they get the upgraded hardware earlier than the other systems. However, the Xbox elite and premium will eventually contain the same upgraded motherboard componets. I would have to check the individual batch numbers to see what gets which parts when.

    • confused Mom 7 years ago

      Len, first of all -thanks for your site, My son and I were trying to research which xbox 360 to buy-he is buying it with his money and your site has been very helpful with our education.

      Here are some questions that we still have? What is the difference between the gold and silver memberships for the xbox live? What does it mean to download the games? Is the play and charge kit and cooling system worth the extra money? Some of the stores bundle it together but I am trying to figure out if you need them and how much they are worth? If you buy a console without them, should you buy them separately?

      After reading all your comments, I think we are pretty sure to be buying the xbox 360 premium with the 60g drive? He is 13, loves to play all the games and definitely will be using all the online features.


    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      The gold and silver memberships deterime whether you can play online. Only the (for pay) gold memberships can play games online using the dedicatd servers MS provides. For instance, Gold would be the only way to play Call of Duty online. Gold also recieves many game demos a week or so earlier than silver members.

      Downloading games is buying games off of the XBOX LIVE Arcade to play on your Xbox.

      The cooling units are (suppoesdly) supposed to help with preventing the Red Ring of Death, but to be honest, it seems like it is just playing on people's fears for some extra cash. If the recharge unit is what I think it is, than it is used to recharge reusable batteries for the wireless controler. This is actually nice, but not required.

    • joe 7 years ago

      Hey I was wondering is the elite a safer buy over the premium in terms of the ring of death?

    • obey 7 years ago

      whatever version of the 360 you buy, definently get the biggest warrenty you can get

    • michael  7 years ago

      I have a ps2 now and i was wandering if buying a xbox 360 elite is really worth the money.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Well, it is if you plan to use that type of space. Otherwise, the premium is just fine.

    • D M MacGregor 7 years ago

      If I get the arcade version, couldn't I just use my computers HDD to store the demos and patches instead? I mean, they are on a network together I don't see what that wouldn't work, but I could be entirely wrong! Any tips?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Short answer: no, because Microsoft wants you to spend money on their products and THEIR hard drives. You can send info one way but not the other on your xbox network.

      Long answer: you can, but it is complicated and would potentially break the warranty.

    • Scott 7 years ago

      If you have an xbox 360 already, have the 120GB drive and the console broke down without the RROD, you should get the arcade version to replace it (unless you want to pay MS to replace yours with a refurb). There is no clear difference between any newly manufactured xbox 360 model aside from the accessories that come with it.

      Recommending that people don't get the Arcade version if they want to go online is rediculous - my nephew has an arcade version and goes online with it all the time. Sure, he doesn't have space for all the Halo maps but he can still go online and play and at his income level (basically nothing) its a wonderful solution.

      Its also a wonderful replacement console for when your own console breaks down - just move all your accessories over to the new box and you are back in business with no loss of functionality. Just make sure you get one newly manufactured (check the SKU number) so you are getting the latest chip-set and board.

    • Mick 7 years ago

      Agree with Scott above ^

    • Alicia Victoria Hellawell 7 years ago

      Can you change the memory on xbox's ?

    • Xbox Wireless Wiz profile image

      Xbox Wireless Wiz 7 years ago

      I made the mistake of buying the Arcade version of the Xbox 360. I thought it was called "Arcade" because it came with an arcade game pack. Nope. No wireless adapter, no ethernet cable, and not hard drive! The thing even skips the crove disc tray cover!

      I took it back and bought the Premium version which has worked well for me.

    • kevon 7 years ago

      if i get the arcade can i add a 20gb or a 60gb hardrive to it or is that not possible.

    • Seth 7 years ago

      Good summary, thanks

    • XBox Enthusiast 7 years ago

      I don't know the technical differences but I think the 360 is much better than the original.

    • Mick 7 years ago


      I made the mistake of buying the Arcade version of the Xbox 360. I thought it was called "Arcade" because it came with an arcade game pack. Nope. No wireless adapter, no ethernet cable, and not hard drive! The thing even skips the crove disc tray cover!

      I took it back and bought the Premium version which has worked well for me."

      Actually, no xbox contains a wireless adapter, every home will have an ethernet lead and the ones supplied are usually too short anyways, and you pay extra for the hard drive in every sense.

      Arcade is the best choice unless you absolutely need the 120gb HDD and the smooth black look. You can easily by a 60gb HDD with 3 months xbl and an ethernet cable for £40, which adds up to the same as a premium, minus the 3 month xbox live code. Also most Arcade deals include a free chart game, so your argument is invalid :)

    • salwan1002 profile image

      salwan1002 7 years ago

      Whenever I adjust the clock in my x box 360 it's changed when I turn the console off, is there a way to fix this problem

    • iMindMap 7 years ago

      I never a gamer myself. Good hub. Come to handy when I buy my first xbox.

    • cam 7 years ago

      Is a x box premium 60 gig used for 250 with three games a good deal?

    • iCyPorE360Z 7 years ago

      len..what is ive sent my 360 to ms now..are they gonna repair it..? or give me a new one...a newer model?

    • Guy 7 years ago

      I think they still need to get more upgrades because errors are still common.

    • icefire43 7 years ago

      if you had a halo 3 xbox 360 and it burn out..

      should i the elite or the arcade???

    • icefire43 7 years ago

      i made a account

      if you had a halo 3 xbox 360 and it burn out..

      should i the elite or the arcade??

    • Buried 7 years ago

      Definantly going to get an XBox, mainly for Halo3. Is the 20gb more than enough for the game and it's associated updates or should I grab the 60gb? The Elite seems like a little much. Just wanted to know an opinion of someone who has had experience with all three.

    • kiddee 7 years ago

      Thanks so much. your article make me know what model I will buy.

    • Junkster profile image

      Junkster 7 years ago from Liverpool, UK

      The only thing with the 360 is that it will eventually break down, even newer models have been burning out with two different well known erros now doing the rounds. It's cheaper and more reliable to get a PS3, just one model now, has everything required in the box, no paying extra for hard drives and other things like WiFi.

    • Pete 7 years ago

      This is a very informative, concise article and has been extremely useful to me in my purchase as I know next to nothing about consoles and gaming. Many thanks for taking the time to depart your wisdom to laymen such as myself.

    • lyncam4 7 years ago

      I have a Halo 3 X-box special edition that has the RROD how do I get ahold of microsoft to get a box sent to me, Will I get the same X- box back fixed for free?

    • Free Online Exams 7 years ago

      Definantly going to get an XBox, mainly for Halo3. Is the 20gb more than enough for the game and it's associated updates or should I grab the 60gb? The Elite seems like a little much. Just wanted to know an opinion of someone who has had experience with all three.

    • habsfan11 7 years ago

      Hey when i went to the store i saw a little keypad for messenger for the Xbox 360. i wanted to know how u connect messenger to the Xbox 360. And thx a lot for the help on this. i couldn't find it anywhere else. And is the new limited edition resident evil 5 Xbox 360 worth the money

    • bob 7 years ago

      ok i got $92 and i do not know what to get the 360 or elite or arcade it to confusingand i need more money help..........please

    • edag 7 years ago

      if u buy an xbox 360 from the usa can it be used in ghana which is in west africa. can i use it without encountering any power problems lets say like an adapter blowing up due to high voltage and if there is how do i solve the problem since i want to buy one badly

    • Cary 7 years ago

      Well I bought an older model of the 360 from a co-worker of mine and after a year it got the "One blinking red light." I remembered the error code of the RROD from a year ago prior because a friend of mine got the RROD with the E74 message and I had the same error code. I called Microsoft and got zero help because since the error was the GPU and not the CPU, there was no three year warranty. I stored my 360 for a year, and then went online to see if there was a logical fix to the problem. I found that replacing the X-clamps with nuts and screws and using the Artic Silver thermal compound worked flawlessly. I've worked on computers all my life and still to this day can't understand why Microsoft went so cheap to use X-Clamps rather then nuts to keep the heatsinks on. It cost me about $10 to fix my 360.

    • william 7 years ago

      iv been wondering what differences are there between the arcade and other 360's besides the missing hard drive and color is there anything? because my old regular 360 crashed on me so i bought an arcade and just used the old hard drive from that i just want to know if im missing anything now i have an arcade.

    • MLG TreefortNinja 7 years ago

      Hey everyone,

      Just wanted to let everyone know that if you have a 120gb HD or 60 gb, or perhaps even a 20 gb HD, feel free to buy the arcade version of the Xbox 360.

      They are technically exactly the same system, not a single difference. You can change hard drives all you want and it will still be the exact same system, with the exact same games and the exact same capabilities.

      If you bought a 360 other than the Arcade version, it red lighted and died, just keep your hard drive and buy the Arcade.

      I know for a fact that Microsoft only replaces one console that died from 3 red lights, after that the refurb comes out of your own is not cheap. I am going onto my fourth Xbox tomorrow, and still have my 120gb hard drive from my second.

      Saying that the Arcade version is inferior is quite silly, and everyone on this hub should get atleast one other opinion.

      Without my hard drive I can not store DLC. However, I can download patches freely - meaning I can STILL PLAY ON XBOX LIVE!!! I have tried and tested the above statement true several times for several different games. I enter money tournaments on 360 and so am forced to play on several different consoles...and when participating in a sponsored tourny, every system is just a basic Arcade system that you log online, download your Gamertag and then any updates needed...and away we go.

      Just wanted to stick up for the Arcade system.

    • rick 7 years ago

      I don't know what to buy!!!! I for sure am not going to buy the elite for 399$.I am deciding on the xbox 360 or, xbox 360 premium.Give me some ideas.Let me know.

    • eaasi3574 7 years ago

      thanx a lot for the useful info

      keep hubbing :)

    • Miguel Z. 7 years ago

      Hi my name is miguel and i jus got an xbox arcade from my girlfriend, my question si, If i buy an external hdd my xbox will be basically the same as a standard? or do i still gonna be missing stuff? thanks befohand and i apologize for my bad english

    • Jon N 7 years ago

      My mom and I are looking for a really good Xbox and were confused about wich to buy the cheaper red ring one or the higher priced nonred ring one please help

    • Sid 7 years ago

      I had the premium console which had the 3 red lights, unfortunately out of warranty as i took it abroad with me for a few years. I now want to buy another but wondering if the arcade will do, since i have the HD from my previous one?

    • Adrian 7 years ago

      I had kind of had the same problem with Miguel and Sid. I had the premium console and got the red rings. Stupid me thought it would be easier to trade in the console and keep the hard drive thing that came with the premium console. Then i bought an arcade and used my old hard drive. So i want to know if its basically the same as the premium console and if not what are the differences. Thanks

    • Adrian 7 years ago

      Im sorry AS Miguel and Sid. Not with

    • z money 7 years ago

      how much more data is alowed to be saved on an xbox 360 pro than a xbox 360 arcade

    • money 7 years ago

      how much is 265MB

    • z money 7 years ago

      what are the red lights on an xbox 360 and how do you think the xbox 720 is going to turn out if you belive it is going to be made. I know i do

    • austin 7 years ago

      I had an xbox 360 pro but it got the red ring thing. i have a 120g HDD and all the cords from my old 360. im planning on buying an xbox 360 arcade. is it possible to put my 120g HDD and other HD cords into that console? if so will it affect my online play or be any different from my old PRO? in other words, would an xbox 360 arcade replaced with an HDD and HD/SD cords be the same as an XBOX 360 PRO?

    • MasterQuemado 7 years ago

      thanks dude very usefull. i heard supoused to be the same consoles but NOT. i bought this new tv and whit it i recived a free xbox arcade and decided to use it instead my old xbox premium console just because i thougt it was old. anyways when played halo 3 I noticed a small lag in the aiming making it kind dificult to play normaly like i used to be on my old console. and i thought it was my tv because of the 120hz refresh rate and all the new stuff i wasn´t used to. that is when i started to search for posts. so now i know there is a diference in the procesor the two consoles use or it must be somehting to make that lag apear. better sell the arcade and keep my old console

    • 360ADDICT 7 years ago


      This is an addiction. I am already on my 5th X360 and don't plan to feed MICROSHAFT anymore after this. So much money spent getting the crap fixed and shipped and... that's it for me. Wake up and smell the coffee!

      However, I have noticed that the new model that comes with the HDMI port has lasted me already more then 6 months... but then again, let me STFU before anything happens again! LOL!!!

      I think I will go with a PS3 if anything shall go wrong again as MICROSHAFT can suck my grapenuts!!!

    • kaivan see 7 years ago


      can the xbox360 head set allow us to chat with my friends?and what other uses does it have(if there are)?

      kaivan see

    • Greg Bacon 7 years ago

      what do i get if i don't have to much money. I download some maps. And does arcade come with cords.

      Email me back at: Thanks

    • Kyle 7 years ago


      im definitli going to buy an X Box 360, but i still got a question...

      if i want to play online, should i buy a membership card

      or is there another way to play online??

      If there is no other way wich should i buy (Gold or Silver)??


    • mikentc90 7 years ago

      You did not actually answer the question. What is the diff between the systems, not what comes with the different systems? Without the HHD, controllers and cables, what is the difference??? Strip it down to just the console and only the console, what is the difference?? Does one have better graphics, no HDMI, Wireless capable, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE??? I can buy all the other crap separately!!!!

    • Toshiro Kamine 7 years ago

      If all I want to do is play lots of games on an Xbox360, is the arcade version the best for me?

    • new xbox 360 user 7 years ago

      Ok... I am going to get a pro, but I want to know how to take care of it so that nothing bad happens, such as the ring of death, and the disk scratches.

    • Alex 7 years ago


      I have found your website very usefull, i want to buy an xbox 360, i will just play games on it and go online. Which is the best one for me?


    • Adel 7 years ago

      First of all thank you Len for your helpful hub but i still have few questions...

      -How can i get my Xbox online or connect it to the internet and how can i transfer any videos of music etc from my computer to the Xbox.

    • Adel 7 years ago

      And how can i download games straight to my Xbox and from where ?? thanks in advance Len ...

    • Brian 7 years ago

      I'm thinking of buying an xbox 360, but idk wat model to buy. i don't wana spend a TON of money, and i mostly just want to play the latest call of duty game with my cousin online. what would you recommend? i wont be downloading movies, music or any demos. would the arcade be good for me? thats the kind he has. he claimed he went on ebay and bought a 20GB hard drive for it and now its just like a regular xbox 360. im confused...

    • kdawd 7 years ago

      what you should do is buy a xbox 360 arcade for cheap. Maybe Ebay? then while your buying that try to find a cheap hard drive over 20 gigs you can probably find all of that for under 300 which is the cost of the pro model and you would get everything a pro has

    • Brian 7 years ago

      sweet, thanks. i've been seein some really good deals on ebay. one was a 360 pro with everything (basically new in the box) for $189 and it came with Call Of Duty: world at war. plus a 20gb hd

    • billy manderson 7 years ago

      you eat shorts

    • Val 7 years ago

      am looking to purchase an xbox 360 - but couldn't decide on which to go with. you made my life so much easier! thanks!

    • Catt 7 years ago

      Can xbox360 pro also use xbox live?

    • Hassan 7 years ago

      Hi thanks for your interesting article

      I live in we haven't high speed Internet and can't download demos or others things easily.moreover a xbox 360 arcade is about 300$ in iran and haven't any warranty because we are Boycotted by security concil (buy we are buying games very cheap for example RE5 is only 2 $ here)

      I want know have X360 Arcade any difference except It hard drive? for example other versions can run some new games which arcade can't.and other issue the main cause I want buy X360 is for playing Resident evil 5.can I play it on regular TV?

    • giovanni 7 years ago

      i want to know cus im buying the elite and i don't no which one to get which one is better???

    • sid 7 years ago

      How much will xbox 360 elite cost now after price with all features in India?

    • irvin 7 years ago

      if i update my xbox 360 arcade to a 60gb would it be like a pro

    • credit repair magic 7 years ago

      great article, i was going to buy one for my son and think i will skip the arcade model now. I never was aware of the differences.

    • mrwafflez 7 years ago

      i just bought halo 3 odst and wrecked it without even having it for 24 hours... ya... bottom line don't ever move your xbox console while the game is spinning.. just throwing that out there if you don't own a 360 yet

    • cluelessxbox 7 years ago

      Hi Len,

      Very helpful info here. Couple of qustions. We are trying to decide which XBox to buy my 15 yr old brother. Its either between the xbox 360 with 60GB or the Elite. He wants to be able to play with other friends online.

      1. Does the xbox premium (60gb) have online capabilities? Would we have to buy extra components to connect to internet?

      2. Can you be online (live) with either console playing a game and a computer in the house use online at the same time?

      3. Do both consoles have wireless internet built in? If not what do I have to buy to do so? Or can I just connect it to the modem we have no?

      4. What are the yearly cost for the silver and gold membership?

      Thanks very much appreciated!

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      All Xboxes have online capabilties provided you have an ethernet connection and pay for Xbox Live. The Arcade, due to its lack of a hard drive, will be severely limited online. Silver memberships are free. Gold is on a sliding scale depending on how long you sign up with Microsoft, but on average it is about $15 per month

    • GHsmaster 7 years ago

      for people who play xbox live a lot would you recommend the intercooler?

    • David 7 years ago

      in all seriousness, this is one of the most useful articles i have come across! i had no idea what all the differences were and it almost put me off buyin an xbox at all, so thanks for taking the time to explain, keep it up!

    • mike 7 years ago

      can you play cod 5 for xbox 360 premimumm onlne or will there be not enough room on the consal

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      you're fine playing any game online with the premium.

    • lindsay 7 years ago

      so i've read all the negative about the 360 arcade but the only reason i want the xbox is to play the scene it game. i don't want it to do anything else but play that game cause it's i safe purchasing the 360 arcade for that purpose only? or does that game need uploads or something?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I'm not really familiar with the Scene It games, so I looked it up. As far as I can tell they don't have any downloadable content but that might change in the future. If that's all you want to play with though, you're probably safe with an arcade.

    • c man 7 years ago

      aik what to buy an arcade or pro. i like most popular games cod, rock band and most popular games. when i get an xbox im defitely getting live for all these games. willl a 20gb be enough? i need help

      Thanks, connor

    • Ashley Carew 7 years ago

      thanks man, good info!

    • LadyMulti / SB 7 years ago

      I own a Xbox360 Elite; don't play it much...and never used the online part (yet).

      I'm wary of using mine in fear of the infamous "RED RING OF DEATH" ...that can occur in every xbox360 system (ripoffs)... I wish they'd fix that problem instead of releasing "special editions" of it. Silly Microsoft. :P, I'll still buy my multi-plat games for the PS3 instead of xbox360; they're so much more...shineh, imo. :)

    • Tony 7 years ago

      i am planning to buy a game console for the first time, i would like to know

    • erick montes  7 years ago

      if i have an arcade and i buy the 120 GB will it be the same as the elite

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      erick: close enough, it really depends on the model. Elite comes with a few different peripherals but all of the basics are in order.

    • tom 7 years ago

      what is the difference in the xbox 360 modern warfare 2 limited edition console and the elite

    • jill 7 years ago

      THANK YOU!! You just saved me from ordering the Arcade model...

    • Ross 7 years ago

      What's the difference between xbox 360 elite and xbox 360 arcade

      thanks ross

    • Lose Belly Fat Fast 7 years ago

      I love my Elite! It's so cheap now that you've got no excuse not to go "elite"!

    • Jonno 7 years ago

      The MW 2 console Has black finish complete with Modern Warfare 2 branding and three powerful core processors a 250 gig hard drive and 2 controllers

    • P-Monster :) 7 years ago

      Can Xbox 360 arcade play normal gamess like call of duty 6 and stuff??

    • GP 7 years ago

      Hi Len,

      Great article, I learned a ton. I will be buying my first x box within a month and have a question on which console I should purchase. I will be playing the new modern warfare online mostly. I will not be downloading music or movies. I may download a few free games if available. Do I need to get the version that is higher than the arcade?

    • Luke 7 years ago

      I want an xbox that can use Xbox Live and has the memory to play lots of games, Witch one should I get?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      GP: If you're downloading demos, anything other than an Arcade is fine. The arcade comes with some free games, but if you want new stuff it's not the choice.

    • Chelsea 7 years ago

      I've been looking at buying an XBox 360 but still don't know which I should buy I'm thinking about the elite but I don't play Xbox live but my brother could when he comes over. Also I don't play that many games mostly Madden so which would you recommend? Also, it's probably dumb to ask but Xbox Live is free to use right?

    • YOUR MUM 7 years ago

      hi my friend has a ps3 and it broke down after 3 years, this has happened to plenty of people i know, they say it has some setting that automatically causes it to self destruct. do you know if anything similar happens to an xbox?

    • Chelsea 7 years ago

      Does that really happen to PS3's? cause I don't want that to happen to mine. I don't play it much but still

    • Mark 7 years ago

      idk why you need this much help deciding on what to buy? they are only like $250 dollars??

    • your mum 7 years ago

      yeah, it happens coz i know a gaming electronics guy hes my dads friends son..=p, and he said theres something called a mother chip in it? but i guess like the article said you can just get another one free from microsoft.

      p.s. mark if you think about it $250 is quite a lot.

    • Chelsea 7 years ago

      I'm just going to go with the best one the elite xbox 360 might as well i already got the PS3 for $400

    • Daf 7 years ago

      Hi Len,

      Nice hub it's got loads of information so thanks for that.

      I'm planning to get an Xbox 360 Elite for Christmas this year, but I'm still worried about the RROD.

      I've heard of the new Jasper chipset, which is supposedly quieter and safer so there's less chance of getting RROD. I don't understand fully what the differences are with this new chipset, so could you clear that up for me please? And if I buy an Xbox Elite, say from game, then what's the chances of it being a Jasper?

      The main game I want to get for it is Modern Warfare 2 (obviously), and I've seen that there is a "Super Elite" Modern Warfare 2 limited edition. I understand that it has a 250 gb hard drive, and that special finish to it. But that’s about it, is it really worth paying £250 (which would nearly be the same as buying a normal elite, then buying Modern Warfare 2 separate). Is the mother board/fans/chipset or anything inside different, or just a bigger hard drive?


      Hope to hear from you soon!


    • Daf 7 years ago

      Hi again,

      Sorry but I forgot to ask one thing.

      Does the Super Elite special come with all the accessories the normal one comes with, such as the wireless controller, the headset, the HDMi cable and whatever else it’s supposed to come with? I have a Hd computer screen in my room (my PC is my current gaming platform), so what do I need to do to get the best graphics possible out of the 360, and how does it compare with the best graphics possible out of the PS3?

      Thanks again,


    • New to 360 7 years ago

      I am planning on buying a 360 in the near future and I am almost sure you have answered this question somewere up above but i am limited on time... but would it be better for me to buy 360 Pro over the Arcade model?.. I'm basically going to use it for playing and some downloads... Or should I just get the Arcade model and buy a Hard Drive?

    • Shotta 7 years ago

      Can u play online on the arcade if u buy a 120gb hard drive

    • Darren 7 years ago

      i wanna buy a xbox elite...idk if i should i want one thought but would it be a waste of money?

    • ben Koops 7 years ago

      Hi, i bought an xbox elite a while back and it just got the red ring of death. it is out of its warranty and would cost £60 to repair. I am considering buying a new arcade and just using the arcade in place of my old console and plugging in my hard-drive and everything. Would that work???


    • coolan 7 years ago

      hi i was thinking of getting the pro or the elite but im still not sure. is there any chance of a new one coming out any time soon? your article was great help too. oh and is xbox live free?

    • SmashBro 7 years ago

      So basically I'm seeing the only difference being the size of memory, and maybe some online limitations on the arcade?

      Also, the Arcades they're selling nowadays do not have hard drives at all, just a few megs of internal memory, which is bad if anyone wants to play original xbox games on them, because you need a hard drive to play original xbox titles on your 360.


      No, Xbox Live costs based on subscription fees, and requires that you use an ethernet cable. If you want to play wireless, you'll also nees a special wireless plug-in that runs at like 80-100 bucks last time I checked.

      To use Xbox live, you need to buy cards at your local wal-mart, gamestop, etc... prices go like this:

      $7.99 for one month

      $19.99 for three months

      $49.99 for a year

      Note: this is for the gold package. Just connecting your Xbox to the internet gives you basic availability, which means no online playing with others, but it does include things like downloads. (Downloads that cost gamerpoints...which cost money by getting cards at a store. These cards are different than gold subscription cards, so to buy downloadable games like the awesome castle crashers and play halo with strangers on the internet, you need to buy both types of cards. It's very draining, isn't it?)

    • Matt 7 years ago

      Hi, I've Had My Xbox 360 For 3 Years Now And Has Been Repaired Twice, And Has Now Broke Again Due To "Red Rings" As It Is Already 3 Years Old I Am Not Gonna Bother Trying To Get It Repaired Again And Just Buy A Brand New One, I Was Thinking Of Getting The Elite But I Don't Know If Its Worth The Extra Money As I Already Have A 120GB Hard Drive, So Hard Drive Space Is Not An Issue, So I Don't Know Whether To Just Get An Arcade 360 And Use My 120GB Hard Drive, Or Get The Elite And Maybe Sell The Hard Drive I Have Now. Other Than The Memory Is There Really Any Differences Between The Models? I Thought The Elite Had A Better Motherboard And Chip But Apparently The Newer Arcade And Pro Models Have The New Improved Chips Aswel, So If I Already Have A 120GB Hard Drive What Model Would Be Best For Me To Buy?? Any Help Would Be Great, Thanks

    • Obiwan456 7 years ago

      I am planning on buying an elite pretty soon, but I have one major question before I take the dive. Is it true that you can connect to the internet with an ethnet cable, and that it comes with the cable, and that the cable plugs into the back of the modem? I don't have wi-fi or anything so if I can't get it like this I'm better off getting an arcade.

      Any answer would be most appreciated,


    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      The 360 100% has ethernet cable support. I'm fairly certain it comes packaged with a small ethernet cable (it has been sometime since I bought a new 360, obviously), but if you need a longer one they run 11 dollars max for 30 feet.

    • marcos 7 years ago

      Hi i'm thinking of buying a xbox 360, but i don't know which i should buy, i'm not big on downloading demos and movies and stuff but i am a game freak i'd probably buy a lot of games, will 20gb hold enough?.. but my main question is i don't know if i should get 20gb refurbished or 60gb... is 20gb more likely to get problems?.. or would i be better off with a 60gb.

      thx for your time

    • marcos 7 years ago

      and also another question... is refurbished worth buying?

    • Watson 7 years ago

      do they still make the Xbox Pro/ Xbox Premiums? Or are they only making the arcade and the elite.


    • jack shon 7 years ago

      i bought modern warfare 2 for arcde will it work?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Marcos: A refurbished is usually fine. Some people feel more comfortable with a new, or at the very least, untouched used 360, but from my experience they have been fine.

      Jack: MW2 will run on the Arcade but it will be unable to use any future DLC for the game without a hard drive.

    • coy 7 years ago

      Actually if your xbox has been made in late 2009 the processor and fan have been updated and have a less than 5% failure rate and the elite arcade and pro are all the same except what you get in the box but you can buy all the accessories to make it what you want that and maybe the color

    • Gata 7 years ago

      Hello Len,

      I was wondering if you can help me out on what xbox is better to buy? I know nothing about the xbox -_-

      The thing is that i have a cousin with an xbox and i played the game he has called left 4 dead and i really loved it! :P

      I want to buy my own xbox and the game too of course, but what xbox should i buy? plz help :(

    • 7 years ago

      LEN I'm considering the xbox 360 arcade bcos of its price

      All I'm looking to play is fifa 10 tekken 6 an gt4... Not relly looking2 go

      Online wat would u recommend and this red ring thing does it only

      Occur wen playing online or at any circumstance thanks looking 4ward2ur response!!!

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Josh -

      If you know for a fact you never plan to go online or buy DLC or downloadable games, you will probably be okay with an Arcade. I would honestly still not recommend it but if you know what you need, so be it.

      RE: Red Rings

      If you buy a new 360 off the shelf, there should be very few red ring problems as the most recent hardware has greatly eliminated the problems that caused it. Check out Amazon or Best Buy.

    • Daf 7 years ago

      Hey Len,

      I'm just reminding you of the post I posted 2 weeks ago that you didn't answer, if you don't know the answer then just say, but can you answer it please.

      Thanks again,


    • Dan the Man Can Rhyme 7 years ago

      I'm planning to get a 360 with MW2, L4D2 and another game (not decided yet), but I'm wondering which 360 I should get. Any suggestions?

    • Alex 7 years ago

      I got a question.. if you know anything about cooling systems... can you tell me are they worth buying? or what is your opinion please tell me if you know the answer :)

    • durandal 7 years ago

      definitely a good what's what for the xbox community. I myself got an arcade for christmas last year got a 60 gig hd filled it up, and just now upgraded to the elite. I wanted to stay away from the elites when they first came out because of the red ring of death issues addressed in your article, but having read about the hardware improvements convinced me. (the modern warfare II system while having the bigger hard drive is still a little spendy for my taste) but I did hear when I bought the elite that its actually better for the machine to lay horizontaly instead of vertical. I was told the reason for this was because of the stuff they use on the heat sync is the same as they use on pcs and if you put it vertically it can run into sensitive electronics that its not supposed to run into thus causing rrod. know anything about that??

    • HFgamer539 7 years ago

      Is the xbox 360 premium backwards friendly? As in can i play original xbox games on it?

    • RepairRedRing 7 years ago

      hi sorry im new to the hubpages but how do i make a link in my text module of my hubpage? i tried putting this Repair Red Ring of Death in and it wont show as a URL you can click on

    • clueless 7 years ago

      My question is very low tech.

      I have seen the laser and guns for the xbox. We have an xbox 360 and I want to know if these will work fine on the new system?

      I realize that they only go along with certain games. But they might be fun for giggles on Christmas.


    • iwanna fuck NINA MERCEDEZ 7 years ago

      I want one so buy me one i have the real scoop over the xbox decision so just go to the url !!!!!!!

    • crystahymas 7 years ago

      Hi i have a yr old boy who wants an xbox but i cant afford to spend that much....would i be ok to get him the arcade onee??

    • LaxBalls 7 years ago

      Hey, if I buy the arcade and have a 120GB hdd will it be the exact same as any other Xbox Console, such as, online, downloadable content, etc?

    • robert 7 years ago

      how much is the xbox 360 pro refurbished?

    • Adam 7 years ago

      Hi there I have the xbox 360 elite I really love it if anyone is tossing up between ps3 and xbox 360 I would rate my ps3 7/10 and xbox 9/10 I do have both and I'm not some fanboy so you should defanately buy the 360 as it's cheaper and overall better for gaming and online play

    • jack 7 years ago

      i have an elite i got it 2 days ago as my arcade broke i don't really see the difference in anything besides the hardrive, what is the difference?

    • the_bad_boy 7 years ago

      i think that the xbox360 elite is the best for you if you want to fill your xbox360 with all kinds of things. and i think that if you choose between all xbox360 i would choose the xbox360 elite. but if is ps3 an xbox360.i think that the xbo360 is much more beter.

    • Jack 7 years ago

      yeah i wanted to know, i got the elite, is it best to lay it horazontally or vertically?

    • Brent 7 years ago

      The comparison for a PS3 to xbox is obsurd. Xbox cannot compete. Nit only do you have to buy the system but to play wirelessly online you gave to buy another $100 adapter PLUS xbox live. Can't play BluRay either. HAVE to buy Microsoft's external hard drive, PS3 can hook up ANY external hardrive( saves A lot of $, got a 500GB HD for $100 instead of $150 for 120 GB with Xbox. you can also surf the web on PS3 and stream netflix without hving to purchase xbox live gold. No brainer.

    • Vagelis Greece 7 years ago

      Hello. Xbox 360 is a very good console with HD graphics. It is definetely the best option for an advanced gamer. The only problem is 3 RINGS OF DEATH. I have a Premium console with HDMI with Falcon chipset. After 2 years I have 3 RROD (red rings of death). Of course I have installed ixtreme firmware to play BACKUP games (backup of my originals) and unfortunately one week before 3 rrod appear, I was banned from XBOX live! It was unfair because I didn't play any pirated game. Now I cannot do anything about my dead console. Maybe I should try the X-clamp fix for the 3 RROD but it will cost my 50 Euros. I consider buying an Arcade console, but I am afraid it will end-up like my current console with the 3 RROD!

    • Andrew 7 years ago

      Stop! Don't buy a Xbox 360. I have an elite and an 120gb PS3 slim and the Ps3 is so much better. Better graphics and free online. The 360 cost money to go onlne and vs people. The PS3 and Wii have free online and the games are way better on the PS3. Uncharted 2 and Metal gear solid 4 are PS3 only and are in the top 5 games of all time on Game rankings. There is no 360 games in the top 10.

      Then you might say 360 got Halo and Gears of war well the Ps3 has got Killzone 2, Risistance 2, Risistance fall of man, Uncharted 2, Metal Gear solid 4 and soon God of War 3. The last 3 being some of the greatest games ever created. Did i mention the PS3 has Blue ray too.

    • Erwin 7 years ago

      My Xbox 360 just went FUBAR (RRoD). I have all the accessories necessary (harddisk, vga cable etc). Can I then buy the Arcade as a replacement and then use all accesoiries I already own on this device?

    • dylan 7 years ago

      isn't the elite the only one that is backwards compatible and you did not specify which ones have HDMI and which ones don't

    • maury 7 years ago

      so is the arcade xbox good to use or what


    • nettech profile image

      nettech 7 years ago from London (UK)


      Thanks for an incredible hub, its nice to see someone who really knows what he's talking about. SO other than Xbox, do you have any other consoles? Do you engage in any online gameplaying? lol



    • alex 7 years ago

      dyou need the wireless adapter to connect to the internet

      i have an arcade

    • GaZaR 6 years ago

      I had a xbox pro that developed the RROD and was out of warrantry (baught June 2007).

      So I had a HD & all accessories sat doing nothing. So I got myself an ARCADE and just connected my old HD etc to it. IT IS NO DIFFERENT TO ANY OTHER XBOX 360. The only limitation with the ARCADE is not having a HD to store things to. Apart from that is is identical to the other 360's. (apart from no chrome CD drive front).

      If you already have xbox Hard drive etc then go get an Arcade & save your self some money.

    • xiagon 6 years ago

      so ur saying that an arcade is the exact same as an elite without any of the extra stuff like the hard drive?

      cuz i am planning on buying an xbox but don't know which model to choose. i am mostly gonna play store bought games, and play online, i don't care about the movies and stuff. so would an arcade fit my needs if i bought a hard drive for it? or would it be better to just go with the pro?

    • Free Xbox Live Codes 6 years ago

      Thanks for writing this article, my girlfriend wanted a xbox 360, this helped me choose one for her. :)

    • Spartacus 6 years ago

      Andrew....if you were truly an elite gamer you wouldn't have preference over consoles only which games are do know that xbox is cheaper n has a better GPU so what you saying about the graphics is just ur opinion....developers even said they cannot yet use the full potential of ps3's cell. . .I'm telling you this coz i wanted a ps3 but got me an elite has lost most of their exclusives you know. tekken final fantasy and now metal gear solid all making an appearance on xbox....ps3 is lagging behind in terms of sales coz its nt affordable...yes it has what? i'm sure xboxs next console will have it....

    • Grant 6 years ago

      i have a wii a wii but i am not satisfied with it. Should i get a 360.

      i feel like the elite is my best option. im low on money and am looking for a good price on a 120GB. have any suggestions where to look

    • Craig 6 years ago

      I have a xbox 360 with 20gb hard drive. I have had the RROD and got it fixed and now have the E73 error. Thinking its time to get a new one. If i buy the basic arcade xbox is there still the slot to fit the 20gb from my old xbox rather than buying a more expensive system??

    • Joey 6 years ago

      Hi...I just purchased the 360 pro "refurbished" the refurbished ones still have the dreaded "red ring" problem?

    • Andrew 6 years ago

      ive had 2 xboxes,

      ive had the red ring of death on the same console twice in 3 years, costing me £90 a time to repair, not acceptable in my opinion. My original console was a premium, 20gb.

      I now have an elite console ( bought for £130) from ebay. Its one of the new chipsets, its called a jasper, this model is supposed to be red ring of death free due to a different motherboard and soldering. (touchwood) i have had no problems to date, im just gutted i have spent so much money buying consoles microshaft obviously know there are problems with,

      look out for jaspers, for a piece of mind.

    • jimmy 6 years ago

      ok im sure you answered this before but, i want to buy the 360. what is the difference between the elite and the arcade? the hard drive? is there a difference between the processors or the video card?

    • madeline Oscar profile image

      madeline Oscar 6 years ago

      This hub is very useful for me as I planned to get one Console.

    • Brian 6 years ago

      if you have the original xbox360 with no hard drive can you put an elite 120gig hard drive in it and get the full benefits of the newer system or is it more to it than that? please advise

    • calipton 6 years ago

      yes , because the original xbox 360 have slot for hard drive , other thing is only Ethernet cable and headset ( elite bundle)

    • calipton 6 years ago

      I almost forgot that the elite have backward capability that arcade don't have

    • Free Live Codes 6 years ago

      Good article, I might pick up a 360 soon.

    • JayyLikesKetchupp 6 years ago


      im thinking about getting a apremium or an elite which one?

      i was thinking of getting some movies, mostly on live with friends and getting games like halo 3, left 4 dead, and call of duty and online on games like that

      Which one do you suggest?

    • Yo Dog 6 years ago

      I am thinking of getting an xbox 360 elite. Is it worth the money?

    • rhoy 6 years ago

      sir good day ahead of you, i just want to know what is the difference between xbox 360 elite & xbox arcade? which is better of the two?

    • Nadine 6 years ago

      Let me know what you think of thiss....too good to be true?

    • Tack 670 6 years ago

      my 360 premium just broke down and i am outside my warranty period so xbox will not replace it, another victim of the 1 red ring. I was just wondering since i have a 20 Gb hard drive and an hd cable already do you think its better to buy an arcade and just simply add on all of the features i already own. Let me know looking to buy soon.


    • mw2 owner 6 years ago

      Hi len I loved it i was wondering where i could get and xbox 360 cheap for my bday and i will not be playing xbox live. I am probably only going to play mw2 which console should i get?

    • janecidro profile image

      janecidro 6 years ago from Liberty, MO

      Hi Len,

      Wow! What a well writen article! We have an eBay affiate website that offers new and used Xbox's for sale as well as tips and tricks. We would be very happy to provide you a free link on our site. It's very rare that you find informative information like yours. You can write for our site anytime!

    • Matt 6 years ago

      I would like to know is there any difference in the consoles besides the memory. Because I have an external memory off an Premium console. And was just wondering if there is any difference besides memory of an arcade and a premium console. And would the memory off the premium work on the arcade.

    • Ryan 6 years ago

      You guys know he probs wont respond anymore he hasn't commented for 4 months

    • Dude 6 years ago

      I don't know what 2 get.Elite,or Arcade.Im leaning on Elite now though.Thanx a lot,man!!!!!!!!!!

    • U don't need 2 know 6 years ago

      should i get a pro,or an elite?i mean,what is the difference other than color and hard drive space?

    • y do ya care? 6 years ago

      yea, thats just the differences "u don't need 2 know" d:

    • Zane 6 years ago

      hey Len Cannon, so are you saying that the elite is basically a premium with a bigger hard drive??

    • StormAngel 6 years ago

      hey Len I am Pro At games and have been playing all games since realase of n64 i had a Pro Concsole and traded in i was wondering should i get another pro console or get a Red Ring less Elite with the Falcon drives i been hereing about

    • snoop dogg 6 years ago

      im looking at getting a low priced 360 to mainly play halo 3 online and not download really anything. would a 20 gig be sufficient for that?

    • jess 6 years ago

      the 360 has a good online setup, mainly because more people play it. though some people claim the ps3 is so expensive the 360 is just as pricey. if one wanted to play online, they would be looking at (just to match a ps3) a wireless adapter (99.99), a hard drive (20gb - 250 gb to match ps3s we'll say the 120 gb for 99.99) then the actual console for (199.99). your looking at 100 more dollars than the ps3 and your not getting a blue ray player. (and paying monthly for live). the ps3 is a better system. with the blue ray, making dvd picture quality better, only yellow lighting if not properly taken care of, and oh, not scratching disks because the system is bumped. anyone who claims the ps3 is not as good as the xb360 is either too broke for the ps3 or has never been privileged to play one.

    • snoop dogg  6 years ago

      again, i want a 360 to play online games such as halo 3 and modern warfare 3. i don't care about blue ray and dvd picture quality, i just want a 360. i don't see a difference in a difference in the 20 and 60 gb besides space obviously if i wont download anything or use up much space at all. is a 20 gb good enough for what im doing?

    • Arthur 6 years ago

      Very informative hub Len, thanks for this!

      I am looking to buy an Xbox 360 Arcade, due to the fact that my old 20GG Premium suffered from an E73 code Error. I thought it might be a good idea because it's cheap and I have already got a hard drive for the console. But what I'm worried about is that will the Arcade version be able to download the DLC's for games? And will it be any less durible than a Premium?

      Thanks :)

    • Sushi 6 years ago

      That was really helpful Leb. Thanks a lot!

      I've a small problem - i I have a PAL samsung series 4 lcd which has hdmi and i'm planning on buying a NTSC xbox 360 elite from US. Will I have any problems and how can I fix them?

      Thanks a lot!

    • soumailaadamou profile image

      soumailaadamou 6 years ago from new york city

      thank you for this article you should visit my page I think we have many things in common

    • Einar Andre 6 years ago

      I bought the xbox 360 arcade model, and I would not say that it is crap. Some weeks later I bought the 60 gb hard drive, a headset, hdmi cable, a new controller and 3 months xbox live. And i also got gta iv with the xbox. I bought these parts from other countries in europe ( live in norway ) and it was still cheaper than buying the other models. So a little search on the internett can save you a lot of money. great article!! :)

    • Jarrod 6 years ago

      can you go on youtubewith an xbox 360 elite

    • Turtle 6 years ago

      Does currently Xbox360 Arcade, Pro does have HDMI output.?

    • Sari Samman 6 years ago

      HI basically ive got 2 broken xbox 360...a premium and an elite both with separate technical malfunction which microsoft are refusing to fix free of charge, so i am planning on buying a new xbox 360.

      As you can see ive alreay got 2 hard drives with a total of 140 gb so memory is the least of my worries :P

      Are all xbox consoles the same? and is the only difference between them the memory? because if so i may aswell go 4 the cheap option and use my existing hard drives.

      please respond..thanks

    • kims3003 6 years ago

      very well done article with lots of useful information written in an easy to understand manner. Has a very nice writing style too.

    • HA 6 years ago

      some one tell me which one best to buy Xbox360 Live,Xbox360 premium, Xbox360 elite , Xbox360 core and Xbox360 Falcon.

    • DemonChild 6 years ago

      Can i hook my xbox 360 pro 20 GB system up to online straight from the system - through the ethernet cable - and hooked up through a modem - which goes through the computer? or do i need something else?

    • ANg 6 years ago

      thanks for everything

    • adorababy profile image

      adorababy 6 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      My brother just bought his Xbox a few days ago and I am just at awe with the design and the usability. It is certainly a far cry from the previous models.

    • amwilburn 6 years ago

      Great thread; love the self help tip about repairing it using screws. A couple of things:

      1) Ps3 fans often say you need to spend $100 on a wireless adapter. No, just use an Ethernet cable (wireless caps bandwidth anyway); I hate that my Wii forces me to use wireless because of the bandwidth cap. Plus the ps3 doesn't come with a headset; xbox360 does (except arcade)

      2) ps3 and 360 are both good systems; buy the one that has the games you want. Ps3 has free online; 360 has better online, but $5 a month to play. Both have great graphics, but ps3 has Bly ray, 360 only DVD.

      3) Speaking of bly ray: my friends ps3 blu ray motor died (apprently from watching too many movies; constant disc spinning killed it). Cost $230 to repair; it's actually cheaper for a 360 owner to buy an arcade and plug in their old hard drive should their system fail.

      4) all 360's are backwards compatible, but not all games have b/c patch. 1st yr ps3's had full b/c; but new ones have it removed

      5) some newer 360's no longer have hdmi port ... Read the box!

      6) never buy a used 360 from someone you don't know: micrsoft bans cheaters and pirates, so if you buy a banned 360 it can't go online, get dlc, or system updates. If you weren't planning to go online at all, then go ahead (but refurb xbox's will break again...)

      Speaking of which: if your system breaks under warranty, they'll send you a different refurb unit, not your own. This applies to Sony and Ms.

      Can't wait to see this thread explode with the release of the new 360 slim (built in wifi, but still has Ethernet port); plus it runs cooler, has built in 250gb HD.

      oh, and since April you can format up to 16 gb on a usb for use with current 360's. Bigger hard

      drive is more convenient but costly; if you have an old iPod kicking around you can triple the storage space of your old 20gb hd.

    • Chaotic Feel 6 years ago

      HI, I have a Xbox 360 Arcade, and we bought the 60G HD for it, and i runs perfectly fine, You can still download things off the XBLM just like all the other 360s, as Long as You have a Hard drive. We are trading in our Arcade, though for this new slim version, mainly because it is wireless, and is quieter...

    • dude 6 years ago

      dude that answered every one of my questions and more!!!!!

    • thompson 6 years ago

      hey i just was trying to look up the different kinds of xbox's, and came across this page. it helped a lot to know the pro's and con's of the different systems. but im wondering should i get a 20gb xbox 360 pro - refurbished for 169.99? it comes with 2 wireless controllers and some cables from thx

    • Ben 6 years ago

      Hey im new to this whole gaming thing and don't really have a clue what you were talking about. The game I would mostly play would be CODMW2, I would play online most of the time because my friends play online too. I wont be downloading any movies or music. I don't want anything too expensive either because im not exactly rich. Your opinion on which model I should buy would be much appreciated, thanks.

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 6 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Sorry I am bad about answering individual questions these days, I'm very busy. I'll try and be more helpful in the future.

      Thompson: Buying a refurbish is usually a safe idea, but be careful. In a lot of ways it is like buying a used car with a lot of replacement parts - it might be well constructed but for all you know the new parts are just as bad as the ones that were taken out.

      Ben - Check out the Modern Warfare 2 special edition XBox, it might be a good value for you. They upgraded it within maybe the last 3 days to include the 250 GB 360. If you really want something cheaper, try buying one of the holiday bundles from ebay listed up above. Be sure to pick up MW2 while you're at it, it should total out to a pretty reasonable number.

      Of course, like all things ebay, caveat emptor

    • thompson 6 years ago

      thx you are the best! this helped me a whole lot =)

    • bbd  6 years ago

      ok so i bought and xbox 360 are year or so ago, and it rrod, then the try stopped working, so we retired it, but it came with a 60 GB so i didn't lose any data. now we're looking to buy a new xbox 360 but was thinking of just getting the xbox 360 arcade. from what i can find the only real difference is the hard drive size with isn't a problem for me. is there anything else different about it or is that it?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 6 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      The latest Xbox has better hardware and cooling. In addition, it has wireless internet built in. You can find a link to the amazon page up top.

      Also, it isn't just a difference in hard drive size: it was whether or not included any hard drive worth having at all.

    • Beau Albright 6 years ago

      I bought an arcade; however, I also have a 60GB hard drive. Should my arcade be up to par then?

    • bbd 6 years ago

      i'm not going to buy the newest model for at lest a year and we spent a lot of money on the lest one. so we want basically just to replace the xbox not the hard drive

    • Yehaww 6 years ago

      Hello, looking to buy an xbox soon, just wondering Len, if the arcade is ok for me. See, i just want to play the games, not go on xbox live and not download movies, but if i were to go on xbox live in the future, would the arcade be suitable?

      Also, are there newly made Arcades? Like, do the older ones break? And is there a way to distinguish between newer and older models of the Arcade? Also wondering, is the Arcade more prone to breakdown than the others?

      Sorry for the seriously long comment :)


    • Yehaww 6 years ago

      Just want to add one more thing to my last comment. Would it be ok to buy a new Xbox 360 Arcade off Amazon?

    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 6 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Yehaww (you're lucky you caught me when I was right at my e-mail!) the Arcade should be fine if you never, ever want to go online for downloads. If you don't have a hard drive, though, you won't be able to download many updates for games. Be aware that many games require updates for online play, however.

      Previously, the Arcade wasn't any more stable than any other 360 system, but the latest tech upgrades on the 250 Gig 360 Slim make that one the best choice for long term use.

      You'd have to use the same method described above for the pro/premium brand to see when your Arcade is made. However, a good way to ensure they're new is to buy "seasonal bundles." That means that if you buy the most recent spring or winter or whatever bundles you'll have a good estimate of when they were produced.

      If you're really feelin' the Arcade, you can find some decent deals on bundles through (up to 50 bucks off that I've seen.) Check out my links up top and see.

    • Yehaww 6 years ago

      Have another question, I got the arcade by the way. I have a conservatory (sunroom) and it gets very hot in there when its sunny outside, would it be bad to have my Xbox in there? Like, would it make it overheat more?

      Thanks (:

    • haaaaw 6 years ago

      hi our xbox 360 just rrod and im lookin at this deal at for 180$ tht comes with the xbox 360 pro and 2 wireless controllers and a hard drive .. i kno its a good deal but does it have a chance of rrod again?

    • Mike 1982 6 years ago

      I just want to know ''does xbox 360 arcade accept 20gb hard drive'' and ''is there any difference regarding picture quality between xbox 360 arcade version and elite version''

    • will 99 6 years ago

      i don't have xbox but i want to buy one, iam think in the

      xbox 360 arcade so what do you think?

    • Jack 6 years ago

      I currently have a Falcon XB360 (65nm CPU/90nm GPU/ 175 watts max) and I'm thinking about buying a new one (250GB) for myself, and giving my younger brother the current one. I've noticed a lot less loading in 360 games after I installed all of mine to my 120GB HDD, I was wondering whether the new XB360 is even faster in that regard. The old 360 drives are 5400rpm, right? I've done laptop HDD upgrades before and I know how much faster a 7200rpm drive can make a system, I was wondering if the new model's HDD are 7200rpm or if there's just the same crap in a different plastic shell.

    • emo 6 years ago

      I bought an arcade; however, I also have a 60GB hard drive. Should my arcade be up to par then?..

    • penguinboy 6 years ago

      do you think i should get a xbox 360 when i have got a ps3 ps2 wii HD 40inch tv and a serround sound sistom?

      please help

    • Khizee 6 years ago

      I m curious and want to ask that what is the difference between an xbox360 arcade and xbox 360 jasper pls reply as i want to know which model is not prone to the red ring of death because i am worried of getting my money wasted.

    • duck 6 years ago

      i m thinkin of buyin the elite version because in my country the slim version wont be in the shops for atleast 6 months and i hav heard that the only difference between slim and elite is that slim has built in wifi it is quieter and less chance of overheating/250 gb i m only worried about the overheating thing and i just want to know that i should wait or not

    • Essa778tuck 6 years ago

      which xbox to buy money is aint a big deal but it makes a lot of confusion and which 1 on's Copies

    • killian mackay 6 years ago

      I have an arcade and have had no problems downloading extra content or with online play, with an ample 20gb hard drive and using a LAN rather than WLAN connection (which is faster) the only difference I noticed to an elite, which I have used, is the colour (not important) the drive size (changeable) and the fact there isn't an HDMI slot (which doesn't bother me as I don't have a HD tv, and I hear the jasper version of the arcade does have one) So I don't think it's that bad at all. Also, to avoid RRoD I just use a $10 notebook cooling stand. Works a treat and looks good. That's all I have to say... lol

    • Kodi 6 years ago

      Right after they released the Slim 250g they released the Slim 4gb that doesn't have a hard drive thats $200 I think? And from what I have read its the EXACT same thing as the 250 just its matte/not shiny [Which I really like] and lower gb?? If it is the exact same then I could save $50 because people are selling 250gb hard drives for around $50 there just not like Microsoft licensed AND I could get the style I like more!

      IS THIS TRUE??

    • Jason 6 years ago

      Where is X-box pro??

    • rishabh 6 years ago

      can u tell me jason is xbox 360 pro has stopped coming in the markets shops

    • Nikita  6 years ago

      i dunno which console 2 buy, i wanted the new one but am not willing 2 pay £200, as i am a girl would not not use it enough. would the 120gb be better? or should a get the new 250gb? Please help?

    • Jessica 6 years ago


      i found a deal with an xbox360 elite however it says the xbox comes with a 250gb hardrive. its definitely not the slim so i don't understand what is going on?

      does this impact on gameplay? or does this make it just as good as the slim?

      also does an xbox have to be under warranty for microsoft to replace a console after it "red ring"s

      and is the xbox elite extremely loud to run??

      please help

    • Kathy 6 years ago

      I am looking to buy an xbox 360 ? for my daughter for christmas. I am totally confused. We only have dialup internet so wireless won't be available. The games she wants are Fable II, Elder Scroll IV, Red Dead Redemption, Breath of Fire II. There are so many types of xboxes. What would you suggest that I purchase for her?

    • Tortugaa profile image

      Tortugaa 6 years ago

      Very nice article. I would advise anyone pondering the 4gig to do a little soul searching first. I have had issues in some multiplayer games. Some games can't "sense" the harddrive.

    • JediN1nja 6 years ago

      I'm a PC gamer and since i don't know very much about the Xbox's incredibly confusing amount of different versions this article was a real help! thank you very much! :)

    • Doctor Duel Shock 6 years ago

      So let me get this strait, the arcade is exactly the same as the elite but with a tiny hard drive and it's white, not black? If that is the case then i think i'll get the arcade and just buy a 120GB hard drive for it.. or a 250GB, wtvr. Do you think this is a good idea Len?

    • Cameron 6 years ago

      xbox slim for the win! :)

    • im a  6 years ago


    • uzair king 6 years ago

      today which is the best option to buy???

      i have about 20000 balance

    • Xbox elite premiun repair Tips 6 years ago

      Do I even want an Xbox 360? Heck Yeah! :) great articles I really enjoy reading your hubs ;)

    • Johnk 6 years ago

      I have had the premium 60g xbox for 2years now and never failed me yet, Only the dam noise it makes witch drives my wife mad when she's trying to sleep, So Now the new model is out I was thinking if I could trade it in for money off the new 360 with the 250 g hard drive as its ment to be a lot less noisy.? Can this be done. I live in the UK


    • sush 6 years ago

      dude can i just use any external hard drive in my xbox arcade or must i use only the drives being sold for it?i need to know please email to ill really appreciate it .

    • Roza 6 years ago

      Thnx so much very useful...

      I will now probably getting a elite 4gb thnx

    • Microsoft Redeem Codes 6 years ago

      Thanks for the help, I'm looking at getting the new xbox version now.

    • sam 6 years ago

      hi i just want to ask does xbox 360 arcade has a problem of heating up aka red ring of death after some time?

    • dean aka (dth72) 5 years ago

      I just like to ask I have just bought a second hand 360 pro 60gb in fantastic condition on the box 2008 as a date of manufacture, I just wondered if you knew of many people that have encounted the red LED on this model I wouldn't ask as I would like to thank you for the article it was very informative but only really mentioned that the pro model had been sidelined for the elite, I'm planning on keeping my eye on the time my system is powered up and powering down often to keep operating temp as low as poss, would you please let me know wgat u think about the pro version(2008) thanx

    • kasmi 5 years ago

      I just wanna ask..since I'm getting a PRO which has dec 2007 as manufacturing date..will I be able to play the latest games? marvel vs capcom 3 for example..or I need to update the console?

    • Ron 5 years ago

      can a microsoft xbox 360 game be played for xbox 360 slim?? what's the difference of the two?

    • manthy profile image

      Mark 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

      Awesome hub - I gave you a link from a popular hub of mine.

      Under Xbox 360 - I would appreciate it if you could give me a link back sometime, I will continue to keep linking to your hubs if you will return the favor.

      Keep up the good work

    • Vish 5 years ago

      Hi, I'm not a console gamer but i'm planning on buying an xbox to play red dead redemption which has not released for PC yet, so i wanna know if i can get away with buying a Xbox 360 arcade, or will i need to go for costlier consoles like the pro or elite to play that specific game. I don't plan on downloading movies, or game demos... Thank you.

    • Leo 5 years ago

      Im thinking of buyin a preowned xbox as i don't want an expensive one because i have a ps3 but i looked at arcade but after readin this, ive changed my mind. ithink the premuim is best price wised but what do you think?

    • RetroBrothers profile image

      Martin Allan 5 years ago from Sunny Scotland

      Nice hub - packed full of info.

    • Jonathan 5 years ago

      Ok. I am 12 and i want a very specific xbox. i want to be able to play online without an ethernet cable with xbox live gold, i want to play big name games like cod/halo/battlefield and get all the dlc i can afford on the cheapest 360 possible. please help.

    • victor 5 years ago

      um hi i realy want to get the 360 but i don't know what to get the arcade or the premuim there both good but i want to play games like cod and halo can u tell me what i should get?

    • victor753 5 years ago

      um hi again is the price the same in canada? bye thx

    • fguitar666 5 years ago

      If you want to know more about Xbox 360 gaming consoles you can get to this site and you will find every info on every type of xbox console..

      like xbox kinect, Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Limited Edition 320gb , etc...

      Check out this awesome website that is raising up everyday with ton of info!

      and also you get the BEST amazon prices there.

    • nick 5 years ago

      Love the Xbox 360 don't really matter to me the type of model it is.

    • brushybill1 5 years ago

      guys i can afford any xbox 360 as long as it donst get RROD.

      how much time would ya all prefer for playing it everyday?

      and btw if it gets RROD (depending on ring no.) where would i go for its replacement?

    • xbox 360 5 years ago

      Xbox 360 is pretty cheap now if you look around for it on Amazon. You can buy games very cheap on Xbox 360 now. PS3 is more expensive, but the games are as good on the Xbox 360 for a cheaper price.

    • DigitalEagle 5 years ago

      white Xbox old, Black xbox new :)

    • anas 5 years ago

      u don't need an hd tv

    • vic victor 5 years ago

      if the slim has a 250gb hard drive why is the elite at the same cost but has 120gb hard drive?

    • zipguy 5 years ago

      hey len been thinking to buy an xbox for a while but if you get the hard drive(extra memory thing i guess)does the poor memory issue for the arcade models go away?please answer

      great post

    • Darshit 5 years ago

      Does Arcade Can play all the current games i don't really open this site this is first time so you just reply me on thank you any one who give the answer. Games Like Gta4 Halo3,Gear Of War 3

    • Cookie 4 years ago

      Ahmad- i would honestly go with the 250 gb slim. They've lowered the price a lot so its more affordable. It also preforms the best in my opinion.

    • Xbox Expert 4 years ago

      We plan on releasing the Xbox 720 in 2012-2013. It will be able to run most 720 games in 3D with a super sleek design similar to the 360 s model . The 720s graphics are will knock Sony out of the competition . Hope you like the system !

    • Andrea Champagne profile image

      Andrea Champagne 4 years ago

      i bought xbox 360 250gb slim i think i was pissed cuz it don't play the old xbox games like the other models do what's a good model to get with a good hard drive that will play the old xbox games

    • Undead Mozie 3 years ago

      What's better, the Elite, or the Slim? Under the Elite's description, it says "it's the very best." But the Slim has twice as much hard drive space. :3

    • Michael 3 years ago

      I found a xbox 360 on ebay and it says in the description:

      "Xclamps have been replaced to prevent RROD"

      what is that ^ and will it actually prevent Red Ring of Death, because this console was released 2005!

    • Free Gamers profile image

      Free Gamers 3 years ago

      I've got a white 60G console. It's enough for my needs. It did start failing about 6 month ago. However, I found out that when they're being made, the manufacturer set the laser strength differently on each unit (or so I've been told).

      Some consoles last for years while others stop working after a few months because the laser strength is too weak. I found out how to turn up the laser strength on mine by adjusting a small metal round adjuster (sorry I don't know the name of it) on the back of the unit inside the console.

      I only moved it a few millimeters in an anti clockwise direction. It hasn't failed since and loads even the most badly scratched games.

    • Callum 3 years ago

      I have an Xbox 360 arcade with a 60Gb hard drive. I was wondering if I purchased a 250Gb hard drive could I then transfer all of what's on my 60Gb onto the 250Gb or would I just have to get a bigger console?


    • Dud 2 years ago

      How can u tell which 360 u have? Is there a way to tell on ur console?

    • Nana K 2 years ago

      Want to know how to compy files movies and music on my xbox 360 kinect

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Sam 2 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for the run down, it's always confused me!

    • londonaccountants profile image

      Goringe Accountants 2 years ago from London, UK

      Brilliant analysis, and very well put together. Thanks!

    • Jawad 2 years ago

      please tell me the current latest model of xbox 360,There is Elite,GoPro,GoPro2,Arcade and Slim and god knows how much there are in market anyway i want a latest and reliable model that can prevent the ROD as much as possible..

    • Castaway Wawa profile image

      james jakey 2 years ago from New York, New York

    • Chris 8 months ago

      Hi len. I have bought my self xbox 360 elite 120gb. Im back into gaming since i had the play station two. I bought my elite second hand 80€. You mentioned in your artical red ring of death and if i undersood modles from 2007 and after have different motherboards and are less likely to b afected. The only defect at the mo is i have to always keep a disc in the console otherwise it wont open. If you could give me some tips on how to keep my console going 4 a long time i would apreciate it.

    • Anas Zahid 5 months ago

      I am thinking about buying XBox360 nowadays can you guide me I am confused between S and E?

    • Kevin 4 months ago

      what is the download speed of the various models? The DL speed on my network maxes out at around 55mbps but my xbox 360 S (model 1439) tests at around 8mbps.

    • Andrew 2 months ago

      Is a xbox360 e better then xbox360 slim

    • bob 8 weeks ago


      jfgbjrhgfuyehfuygrgfuyrgfeoiwreuwiyrefhuehc xbox 360

    • Hjm 3 weeks ago

      Thanks alot

    • If Cree 12 days ago

      You have no idea what your talking bout my arcade still works I have seen every elite get red rings had slim barely reads disk and once you do all those said downloads get super slow can't knock a classic prob ably outlast my Xbox 1

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