What Is the Difference Between Xbox 360 Models?

Updated on April 13, 2016

So, you've decided to buy an Xbox 360. Good for you. There are some great games on there: Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, Bioshock, Madden, and the list goes on. What you might not know is that there's more than one version of the same console and some of them have some very significant differences. Hopefully, this article will set things straight and help you avoid making what might be an expensive mistake.

What Every Xbox Can Do

The first thing to know is what any of the 360 consoles can do regardless of its SKU.

  • All 360s can play Xbox 360 games. This is true even of Xbox One. When it was first released in 2013, Xbox One could not play games designed for 360. In 2015 Microsoft announced that it had modified Xbox One to be compatible with older Xbox games.
  • Every single one of them can play DVDs and CDs as well.
  • If you have it hooked up to your network, you can include your 360 in your Microsoft Windows network, allowing you to share media between your PC and the 360.

Types of Xbox 360

• Pro or Premium

• Elite

• Slim

• Arcade

Xbox 360 Premium or Pro

  • The original 360 model, this console includes a 20 or 60 GB hard drive which allows you to download games, movies, music, demos, and downloadable content for titles like Rock Band.
  • Current Pro/Premium models for sale new are usually refurbished. These are old (read: used) Premium models that have had their innards replaced with less failure-prone hardware. This is a good compromise if you want to pay Xbox Arcade prices for Elite performances.
  • The 20 GB hard drive is relatively small, but for most purposes it is adequate. However it is possible that the smaller drive will delete some demos or titles you've already purchased. Don't worry, though. If you've paid for a game, you can re-download it at no cost.
  • In my experience, 60 GB of space is enough for all but the most prolific packrat. However, if you're like me and can't stop buying new songs for Rock Band and hate to delete even the worst demo, you might still be filling that up as well.

Note: Even among original Pro or Premium systems, there are divisions. The 360 Pro edition is split between three different hardware models. Know what you are buying to avoid machines with faulty motherboards.

Hardware Models: Avoiding the "Red Ring of Death"

  • Original 30 Pros: These models include all of the original Xbox 360 hardware, which should make you wary. Why? Four words: Red Ring of Death. For those not in the know, this is an error caused by a number of internal problems, including overheating. 360 owners using the old hardware will suffer a failure rate of close to 50% while using these older models. Microsoft is well aware of the problem and will replace a failed Xbox 360 free of charge, but you will be without a game console for a few weeks.
  • 20 GB Hard Drive: 360 models built after 2007 contain the Falcon motherboard and chipset, a significant improvement over the more failure-prone machines. If you buy used from Ebay or a retail outlet, be careful of the older models. It is difficult to tell when they were made, but there are a few tricks you can use. The first is to open up your Xbox and take a look, but that's a whole article in itself. The second is to look at the original box. Find the SKU info under all of the product descriptions. If you have a 360 that came from lot 0734 or higher, you're in the clear. If it is lower, then you have the older, less reliable, motherboard.
  • 60 GB Hard Drive: Other than more space, there are no significant differences between recent 20 GB and 60 GB models.

Elite and Slim

The Xbox 360 Elite (Slim)
The Xbox 360 Elite (Slim) | Source

The Xbox 360 Elite comes packed with a 120 GB hard drive. Your 360 can fill up fast, and with this roomy bad boy, you'll never have to delete anything ever again. At $299 dollars, it is the most pricey of the available models, but still a great value. Costing only one hundred dollars more than little brother Premium, the Elite comes with a $150 hard drive, making this a $50 savings.

New Slim Xbox 360 (AKA: The 250GB elite)

Slim Xbox 360 replaced the Elite line. Here are the differences between the two:

  • The Slim 360 features built-in WiFi (no cables for using the Internet!) while the Elite and the Arcade have no WiFi.
  • The Slim Xbox 360 features a 250 Gig hard drive. The Elite generally has a 120 Gig while the Arcade has no hard drive.
  • The Xbox 360 Slim is several inches smaller and thinner than either the Elite 360 or the Arcade.
  • 360 Slim features larger venting areas along the sides. This is to prevent the infamous overheating/Red Ring of Death problems.
  • The 360 Slim has one large fan instead of two small ones. This makes it more quiet than the loud Elite and Arcade models.

Xbox One: The Newest Xbox

This article focuses on the 360 consoles, so I won't be going into detail about Xbox One. That said, the newest Xbox features better graphics, faster processing, more storage, and more advanced controllers than the Xbox 360.


Microsoft Kinect is a motion sensor Xbox system that came out in November 2010.

  • I put together a more detailed article about Kinect, but a general comparison would be to say that Kinect is more of a toy than a classic gaming device. The hardcore gamer is likely to stick with the regular Xbox 360 hardware.
  • The Xbox 360 Slim has a special USB port that makes it easier to use with Kinect, although all 360 systems are able to use this device.
  • The Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle is a budget version of the 360. Like the Arcade, it is priced lower but comes included with a small hard drive. For Kinect buyers who don't already own a 360, this is one of the most popular options.


These guys might be dancing on the box, but they'll be pretty sad when they know they bought trash.
These guys might be dancing on the box, but they'll be pretty sad when they know they bought trash.

I can say one thing for the Xbox 360 Arcade: It is cheap. At $199 when it came out, it cost about the same as the famously affordable Nintendo Wii. (Now you can get it for about $40). But it comes as no surprise that you get what you pay for.

  • The package comes with a measly 256 MB hard drive, capable of holding very little data. If you own a 360 Arcade, you will not be able to download most game demos and certainly not any movies. At best, you will be able to download some of the smaller Xbox Live Arcade titles, but even some of those are coming in too big for the Arcade to handle now.
  • A truly inferior product, the Arcade lacks the mutability of 360. What makes Microsoft's product so distinct is the vast number of downloads, small independent games, wide array of demos, and other content. Losing this makes the 360 a significantly less attractive console. Even the multi-player experience will suffer.
  • While you can still play online with the Arcade, you will not be able to download any patches or new content, leaving you behind your peers. As a consolation prize, the Arcade comes with a few pack-in arcade-style games, but they're definitely not worth what you lose. Only buy the Xbox Live Arcade if you never, ever, ever, ever plan on going online with your system in all the years that you will own an Xbox.
  • Worse still, Arcade split the 360 market, making developers strip their games of features to be able to include content that people using the Arcade can still participate in. It takes an especially bad console to punish even the people who didn't buy it.

Crap, I already bought an Arcade. What should I do?

  • If you already bought an Arcade model and I just made you feel bad, I apologize. You can always trade in your Arcade and buy one of the better models. Microsoft does offer an external Xbox 360 Hard Drive if you want to bring your gaming machine into the twenty-first century. Be warned though: It is expensive. Costing a pricey $150, you get an extra 120 GB of space. It might be worth picking up if you were planning to go from the Arcade to the Elite model, but if you just want to be able to play the new Halo 3 maps, you're better off trading in for a Premium.

Other Xbox Models

There are a few other models available, although they aren't currently on the shelves or are specialty kits.

  • Xbox 360 Core: Part of the original launch, this was replaced by the Arcade. Like the Arcade, this is junk. In fact, it is even worse: It was shipped with no hard drive at all. If you're buying used, avoid it at all costs
  • Halo 3 Special Edition: No longer available, this was a special offer during the release of 2009's hit Halo 3. Coming in a distinctive green finish, this console is otherwise similar to the Premium system still on sale.
  • An Elite style system was announced in 2009 to be released with Modern Warfare 2. This was the first Xbox 360 with 250 Gigs of memory. It also comes with a wireless headset and two wireless controllers.
  • The Halo Reach bundle is the first true Xbox 360 Slim bundle available. It is also one of the hottest selling.

Do I Even Want an Xbox 360?

Well, I don't know, do you?

  • They are great systems, but they have only limited backward compatibility to original Xbox games. The PS3 has improved greatly since it was originally released and is now a solid competitor for the 360.
  • Prices have dropped, especially since the release of the Xbox One, and 360s are very affordable. If you're looking to take up an affordable gaming system with a great library of titles to enjoy, I would say make this your choice.
  • Finally, this is only a quick and dirty overview. There are some more specific differences between editions that cover very hard-core nuts and bolts aspects of the system. If you have any questions not answered, leave a comment!

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      • profile image

        tony 4 months ago

        idk i have 360 elite slim works great

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        Sana 4 months ago

        Which xbox360 is the best regardless of price

      • profile image

        Chris 7 months ago

        I am looking for a 360 and Kinect to play NBA Baller Beats and thats it. What system wouldy you recommend?

      • profile image

        Heather 8 months ago

        Thanks - as a newbie looking to purchase it for the first time (my 8 yr old is dying for one) - this was incredibly helpful!

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        Very useful mate 10 months ago

        Very nicely articulated...

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        Sam Fratantion 10 months ago

        I have a halo 3 special edition xbox 360 console. A friend wants to buy it because i just dont use it anymore. He is asking me all these questions i dont know so i looked into it online. Now I noticed theres 3 different number codes it could be but i cant tell which one it could be. Nor can I online. What is the difference and how do i tell if my console is a 52T-00013, 52T-00022, or a B4J-00169? Thanks in advance

      • profile image

        Eli 11 months ago

        Anyone know which model is backwards compatible?

      • profile image

        Husnain 11 months ago

        What is xbox 360jasper should i buy that? is the interface of jasper is different from simple xbox 360? whts the difference?

      • profile image

        JakupT 14 months ago

        I have a 360 pro console and am currently trying to fine power cords for it and I know that the arcade power cords will not fit on the pro so I was wonder what model power cord do I need?

      • profile image

        Vicktoria 14 months ago

        Hello, so I love your info / feedback.. But I'm looking to buy a used Xbox again I look at article didn't know much about them, but I'm looking to go with a more newer version . . anyways I found two different people with two different Xboxes one is the Xbox 360 n ita white, with a controller, n a game and the other is a Xbox Kinect Slim with a couple of games and they said an extra $30 for a hard drive if they just bought for over $100, but for the game and for the games they want $190. . . am I being jipped out of my money? Would it just be best for me just to go buy one new?

      • profile image

        If Cree 16 months ago

        You have no idea what your talking bout my arcade still works I have seen every elite get red rings had slim barely reads disk and once you do all those said downloads get super slow can't knock a classic prob ably outlast my Xbox 1

      • profile image

        Hjm 17 months ago

        Thanks alot

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        Andrew 18 months ago

        Is a xbox360 e better then xbox360 slim

      • profile image

        Kevin 20 months ago

        what is the download speed of the various models? The DL speed on my network maxes out at around 55mbps but my xbox 360 S (model 1439) tests at around 8mbps.

      • profile image

        Anas Zahid 22 months ago

        I am thinking about buying XBox360 nowadays can you guide me I am confused between S and E?

      • profile image

        Chris 2 years ago

        Hi len. I have bought my self xbox 360 elite 120gb. Im back into gaming since i had the play station two. I bought my elite second hand 80€. You mentioned in your artical red ring of death and if i undersood modles from 2007 and after have different motherboards and are less likely to b afected. The only defect at the mo is i have to always keep a disc in the console otherwise it wont open. If you could give me some tips on how to keep my console going 4 a long time i would apreciate it.

      • Castaway Wawa profile image

        james jakey 3 years ago from New York, New York

      • profile image

        Jawad 3 years ago

        please tell me the current latest model of xbox 360,There is Elite,GoPro,GoPro2,Arcade and Slim and god knows how much there are in market anyway i want a latest and reliable model that can prevent the ROD as much as possible..

      • londonaccountants profile image

        Goringe Accountants 3 years ago from London, UK

        Brilliant analysis, and very well put together. Thanks!

      • SimilarSam profile image

        Sam 3 years ago from Australia

        Thanks for the run down, it's always confused me!

      • profile image

        Nana K 3 years ago

        Want to know how to compy files movies and music on my xbox 360 kinect

      • profile image

        Dud 4 years ago

        How can u tell which 360 u have? Is there a way to tell on ur console?

      • profile image

        Callum 4 years ago

        I have an Xbox 360 arcade with a 60Gb hard drive. I was wondering if I purchased a 250Gb hard drive could I then transfer all of what's on my 60Gb onto the 250Gb or would I just have to get a bigger console?


      • Free Gamers profile image

        Free Gamers 4 years ago

        I've got a white 60G console. It's enough for my needs. It did start failing about 6 month ago. However, I found out that when they're being made, the manufacturer set the laser strength differently on each unit (or so I've been told).

        Some consoles last for years while others stop working after a few months because the laser strength is too weak. I found out how to turn up the laser strength on mine by adjusting a small metal round adjuster (sorry I don't know the name of it) on the back of the unit inside the console.

        I only moved it a few millimeters in an anti clockwise direction. It hasn't failed since and loads even the most badly scratched games.

      • profile image

        Michael 5 years ago

        I found a xbox 360 on ebay and it says in the description:

        "Xclamps have been replaced to prevent RROD"

        what is that ^ and will it actually prevent Red Ring of Death, because this console was released 2005!

      • profile image

        Undead Mozie 5 years ago

        What's better, the Elite, or the Slim? Under the Elite's description, it says "it's the very best." But the Slim has twice as much hard drive space. :3

      • Andrea Champagne profile image

        Andrea Champagne 5 years ago

        i bought xbox 360 250gb slim i think i was pissed cuz it don't play the old xbox games like the other models do what's a good model to get with a good hard drive that will play the old xbox games

      • profile image

        Xbox Expert 5 years ago

        We plan on releasing the Xbox 720 in 2012-2013. It will be able to run most 720 games in 3D with a super sleek design similar to the 360 s model . The 720s graphics are will knock Sony out of the competition . Hope you like the system !

      • profile image

        Cookie 6 years ago

        Ahmad- i would honestly go with the 250 gb slim. They've lowered the price a lot so its more affordable. It also preforms the best in my opinion.

      • profile image

        Darshit 6 years ago

        Does Arcade Can play all the current games i don't really open this site this is first time so you just reply me on darshit4612@hotmail.com thank you any one who give the answer. Games Like Gta4 Halo3,Gear Of War 3

      • profile image

        zipguy 6 years ago

        hey len been thinking to buy an xbox for a while but if you get the hard drive(extra memory thing i guess)does the poor memory issue for the arcade models go away?please answer

        great post

      • profile image

        vic victor 6 years ago

        if the slim has a 250gb hard drive why is the elite at the same cost but has 120gb hard drive?

      • profile image

        anas 6 years ago

        u don't need an hd tv

      • profile image

        DigitalEagle 6 years ago

        white Xbox old, Black xbox new :)

      • profile image

        xbox 360 6 years ago

        Xbox 360 is pretty cheap now if you look around for it on Amazon. You can buy games very cheap on Xbox 360 now. PS3 is more expensive, but the games are as good on the Xbox 360 for a cheaper price.

      • profile image

        brushybill1 6 years ago

        guys i can afford any xbox 360 as long as it donst get RROD.

        how much time would ya all prefer for playing it everyday?

        and btw if it gets RROD (depending on ring no.) where would i go for its replacement?

      • profile image

        nick 6 years ago

        Love the Xbox 360 don't really matter to me the type of model it is.

      • profile image

        fguitar666 6 years ago

        If you want to know more about Xbox 360 gaming consoles you can get to this site and you will find every info on every type of xbox console..

        like xbox kinect, Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Limited Edition 320gb , etc...

        Check out this awesome website that is raising up everyday with ton of info!

        and also you get the BEST amazon prices there.


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        victor753 6 years ago

        um hi again is the price the same in canada? bye thx

      • profile image

        victor 6 years ago

        um hi i realy want to get the 360 but i don't know what to get the arcade or the premuim there both good but i want to play games like cod and halo can u tell me what i should get?

      • profile image

        Jonathan 6 years ago

        Ok. I am 12 and i want a very specific xbox. i want to be able to play online without an ethernet cable with xbox live gold, i want to play big name games like cod/halo/battlefield and get all the dlc i can afford on the cheapest 360 possible. please help.

      • RetroBrothers profile image

        Martin Allan 7 years ago from Sunny Scotland

        Nice hub - packed full of info.

      • profile image

        Leo 7 years ago

        Im thinking of buyin a preowned xbox as i don't want an expensive one because i have a ps3 but i looked at arcade but after readin this, ive changed my mind. ithink the premuim is best price wised but what do you think?

      • profile image

        Vish 7 years ago

        Hi, I'm not a console gamer but i'm planning on buying an xbox to play red dead redemption which has not released for PC yet, so i wanna know if i can get away with buying a Xbox 360 arcade, or will i need to go for costlier consoles like the pro or elite to play that specific game. I don't plan on downloading movies, or game demos... Thank you.

      • manthy profile image

        Mark 7 years ago from Alabama,USA

        Awesome hub - I gave you a link from a popular hub of mine.


        Under Xbox 360 - I would appreciate it if you could give me a link back sometime, I will continue to keep linking to your hubs if you will return the favor.

        Keep up the good work

      • profile image

        Ron 7 years ago

        can a microsoft xbox 360 game be played for xbox 360 slim?? what's the difference of the two?

      • profile image

        kasmi 7 years ago

        I just wanna ask..since I'm getting a PRO which has dec 2007 as manufacturing date..will I be able to play the latest games? marvel vs capcom 3 for example..or I need to update the console?

      • profile image

        dean aka (dth72) hawden.smith.2838@googlemail.com 7 years ago

        I just like to ask I have just bought a second hand 360 pro 60gb in fantastic condition on the box 2008 as a date of manufacture, I just wondered if you knew of many people that have encounted the red LED on this model I wouldn't ask as I would like to thank you for the article it was very informative but only really mentioned that the pro model had been sidelined for the elite, I'm planning on keeping my eye on the time my system is powered up and powering down often to keep operating temp as low as poss, would you please let me know wgat u think about the pro version(2008) thanx

      • profile image

        sam 7 years ago

        hi i just want to ask does xbox 360 arcade has a problem of heating up aka red ring of death after some time?

      • profile image

        Microsoft Redeem Codes 7 years ago

        Thanks for the help, I'm looking at getting the new xbox version now.

      • profile image

        Roza 7 years ago

        Thnx so much very useful...

        I will now probably getting a elite 4gb thnx

      • profile image

        sush 7 years ago

        dude can i just use any external hard drive in my xbox arcade or must i use only the drives being sold for it?i need to know please email to sushrutpalepu96@gmail.com ill really appreciate it .

      • profile image

        Johnk 7 years ago

        I have had the premium 60g xbox for 2years now and never failed me yet, Only the dam noise it makes witch drives my wife mad when she's trying to sleep, So Now the new model is out I was thinking if I could trade it in for money off the new 360 with the 250 g hard drive as its ment to be a lot less noisy.? Can this be done. I live in the UK


      • profile image

        Xbox elite premiun repair Tips 7 years ago

        Do I even want an Xbox 360? Heck Yeah! :) great articles I really enjoy reading your hubs ;)

      • profile image

        uzair king 7 years ago

        today which is the best option to buy???

        i have about 20000 balance

      • profile image

        im a  7 years ago


      • profile image

        Cameron 7 years ago

        xbox slim for the win! :)

      • profile image

        Doctor Duel Shock 7 years ago

        So let me get this strait, the arcade is exactly the same as the elite but with a tiny hard drive and it's white, not black? If that is the case then i think i'll get the arcade and just buy a 120GB hard drive for it.. or a 250GB, wtvr. Do you think this is a good idea Len?

      • profile image

        JediN1nja 7 years ago

        I'm a PC gamer and since i don't know very much about the Xbox's incredibly confusing amount of different versions this article was a real help! thank you very much! :)

      • Tortugaa profile image

        Tortugaa 7 years ago

        Very nice article. I would advise anyone pondering the 4gig to do a little soul searching first. I have had issues in some multiplayer games. Some games can't "sense" the harddrive.

      • profile image

        Kathy 7 years ago

        I am looking to buy an xbox 360 ? for my daughter for christmas. I am totally confused. We only have dialup internet so wireless won't be available. The games she wants are Fable II, Elder Scroll IV, Red Dead Redemption, Breath of Fire II. There are so many types of xboxes. What would you suggest that I purchase for her?

      • profile image

        Jessica 7 years ago


        i found a deal with an xbox360 elite however it says the xbox comes with a 250gb hardrive. its definitely not the slim so i don't understand what is going on?

        does this impact on gameplay? or does this make it just as good as the slim?

        also does an xbox have to be under warranty for microsoft to replace a console after it "red ring"s

        and is the xbox elite extremely loud to run??

        please help

      • profile image

        Nikita  7 years ago

        i dunno which console 2 buy, i wanted the new one but am not willing 2 pay £200, as i am a girl would not not use it enough. would the 120gb be better? or should a get the new 250gb? Please help?

      • profile image

        rishabh 7 years ago

        can u tell me jason is xbox 360 pro has stopped coming in the markets shops

      • profile image

        Jason 7 years ago

        Where is X-box pro??

      • profile image

        Kodi 7 years ago

        Right after they released the Slim 250g they released the Slim 4gb that doesn't have a hard drive thats $200 I think? And from what I have read its the EXACT same thing as the 250 just its matte/not shiny [Which I really like] and lower gb?? If it is the exact same then I could save $50 because people are selling 250gb hard drives for around $50 there just not like Microsoft licensed AND I could get the style I like more!

        IS THIS TRUE??

      • profile image

        killian mackay 7 years ago

        I have an arcade and have had no problems downloading extra content or with online play, with an ample 20gb hard drive and using a LAN rather than WLAN connection (which is faster) the only difference I noticed to an elite, which I have used, is the colour (not important) the drive size (changeable) and the fact there isn't an HDMI slot (which doesn't bother me as I don't have a HD tv, and I hear the jasper version of the arcade does have one) So I don't think it's that bad at all. Also, to avoid RRoD I just use a $10 notebook cooling stand. Works a treat and looks good. That's all I have to say... lol

      • profile image

        Essa778tuck 7 years ago

        which xbox to buy money is aint a big deal but it makes a lot of confusion and which 1 on's Copies

      • profile image

        duck 7 years ago

        i m thinkin of buyin the elite version because in my country the slim version wont be in the shops for atleast 6 months and i hav heard that the only difference between slim and elite is that slim has built in wifi it is quieter and less chance of overheating/250 gb i m only worried about the overheating thing and i just want to know that i should wait or not

      • profile image

        Khizee 7 years ago

        I m curious and want to ask that what is the difference between an xbox360 arcade and xbox 360 jasper pls reply as i want to know which model is not prone to the red ring of death because i am worried of getting my money wasted.

      • profile image

        penguinboy 7 years ago

        do you think i should get a xbox 360 when i have got a ps3 ps2 wii HD 40inch tv and a serround sound sistom?

        please help

      • profile image

        emo 7 years ago

        I bought an arcade; however, I also have a 60GB hard drive. Should my arcade be up to par then?..

      • profile image

        Jack 7 years ago

        I currently have a Falcon XB360 (65nm CPU/90nm GPU/ 175 watts max) and I'm thinking about buying a new one (250GB) for myself, and giving my younger brother the current one. I've noticed a lot less loading in 360 games after I installed all of mine to my 120GB HDD, I was wondering whether the new XB360 is even faster in that regard. The old 360 drives are 5400rpm, right? I've done laptop HDD upgrades before and I know how much faster a 7200rpm drive can make a system, I was wondering if the new model's HDD are 7200rpm or if there's just the same crap in a different plastic shell.

      • profile image

        will 99 7 years ago

        i don't have xbox but i want to buy one, iam think in the

        xbox 360 arcade so what do you think?

      • profile image

        Mike 1982 7 years ago

        I just want to know ''does xbox 360 arcade accept 20gb hard drive'' and ''is there any difference regarding picture quality between xbox 360 arcade version and elite version''

      • profile image

        haaaaw 7 years ago

        hi our xbox 360 just rrod and im lookin at this deal at gamestop.com for 180$ tht comes with the xbox 360 pro and 2 wireless controllers and a hard drive .. i kno its a good deal but does it have a chance of rrod again?

      • profile image

        Yehaww 7 years ago

        Have another question, I got the arcade by the way. I have a conservatory (sunroom) and it gets very hot in there when its sunny outside, would it be bad to have my Xbox in there? Like, would it make it overheat more?

        Thanks (:

      • Len Cannon profile image

        Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

        Yehaww (you're lucky you caught me when I was right at my e-mail!) the Arcade should be fine if you never, ever want to go online for downloads. If you don't have a hard drive, though, you won't be able to download many updates for games. Be aware that many games require updates for online play, however.

        Previously, the Arcade wasn't any more stable than any other 360 system, but the latest tech upgrades on the 250 Gig 360 Slim make that one the best choice for long term use.

        You'd have to use the same method described above for the pro/premium brand to see when your Arcade is made. However, a good way to ensure they're new is to buy "seasonal bundles." That means that if you buy the most recent spring or winter or whatever bundles you'll have a good estimate of when they were produced.

        If you're really feelin' the Arcade, you can find some decent deals on bundles through Amazon.com (up to 50 bucks off that I've seen.) Check out my links up top and see.

      • profile image

        Yehaww 7 years ago

        Just want to add one more thing to my last comment. Would it be ok to buy a new Xbox 360 Arcade off Amazon?

      • profile image

        Yehaww 7 years ago

        Hello, looking to buy an xbox soon, just wondering Len, if the arcade is ok for me. See, i just want to play the games, not go on xbox live and not download movies, but if i were to go on xbox live in the future, would the arcade be suitable?

        Also, are there newly made Arcades? Like, do the older ones break? And is there a way to distinguish between newer and older models of the Arcade? Also wondering, is the Arcade more prone to breakdown than the others?

        Sorry for the seriously long comment :)


      • profile image

        bbd 7 years ago

        i'm not going to buy the newest model for at lest a year and we spent a lot of money on the lest one. so we want basically just to replace the xbox not the hard drive

      • profile image

        Beau Albright 7 years ago

        I bought an arcade; however, I also have a 60GB hard drive. Should my arcade be up to par then?

      • Len Cannon profile image

        Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

        The latest Xbox has better hardware and cooling. In addition, it has wireless internet built in. You can find a link to the amazon page up top.

        Also, it isn't just a difference in hard drive size: it was whether or not included any hard drive worth having at all.

      • profile image

        bbd  7 years ago

        ok so i bought and xbox 360 are year or so ago, and it rrod, then the try stopped working, so we retired it, but it came with a 60 GB so i didn't lose any data. now we're looking to buy a new xbox 360 but was thinking of just getting the xbox 360 arcade. from what i can find the only real difference is the hard drive size with isn't a problem for me. is there anything else different about it or is that it?

      • profile image

        thompson 7 years ago

        thx you are the best! this helped me a whole lot =)

      • Len Cannon profile image

        Len Cannon 7 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

        Sorry I am bad about answering individual questions these days, I'm very busy. I'll try and be more helpful in the future.

        Thompson: Buying a refurbish is usually a safe idea, but be careful. In a lot of ways it is like buying a used car with a lot of replacement parts - it might be well constructed but for all you know the new parts are just as bad as the ones that were taken out.

        Ben - Check out the Modern Warfare 2 special edition XBox, it might be a good value for you. They upgraded it within maybe the last 3 days to include the 250 GB 360. If you really want something cheaper, try buying one of the holiday bundles from ebay listed up above. Be sure to pick up MW2 while you're at it, it should total out to a pretty reasonable number.

        Of course, like all things ebay, caveat emptor

      • profile image

        Ben 7 years ago

        Hey im new to this whole gaming thing and don't really have a clue what you were talking about. The game I would mostly play would be CODMW2, I would play online most of the time because my friends play online too. I wont be downloading any movies or music. I don't want anything too expensive either because im not exactly rich. Your opinion on which model I should buy would be much appreciated, thanks.

      • profile image

        thompson 7 years ago

        hey i just was trying to look up the different kinds of xbox's, and came across this page. it helped a lot to know the pro's and con's of the different systems. but im wondering should i get a 20gb xbox 360 pro - refurbished for 169.99? it comes with 2 wireless controllers and some cables from walmart.com thx

      • profile image

        dude 7 years ago

        dude that answered every one of my questions and more!!!!!

      • profile image

        Chaotic Feel 7 years ago

        HI, I have a Xbox 360 Arcade, and we bought the 60G HD for it, and i runs perfectly fine, You can still download things off the XBLM just like all the other 360s, as Long as You have a Hard drive. We are trading in our Arcade, though for this new slim version, mainly because it is wireless, and is quieter...

      • profile image

        amwilburn 7 years ago

        Great thread; love the self help tip about repairing it using screws. A couple of things:

        1) Ps3 fans often say you need to spend $100 on a wireless adapter. No, just use an Ethernet cable (wireless caps bandwidth anyway); I hate that my Wii forces me to use wireless because of the bandwidth cap. Plus the ps3 doesn't come with a headset; xbox360 does (except arcade)

        2) ps3 and 360 are both good systems; buy the one that has the games you want. Ps3 has free online; 360 has better online, but $5 a month to play. Both have great graphics, but ps3 has Bly ray, 360 only DVD.

        3) Speaking of bly ray: my friends ps3 blu ray motor died (apprently from watching too many movies; constant disc spinning killed it). Cost $230 to repair; it's actually cheaper for a 360 owner to buy an arcade and plug in their old hard drive should their system fail.

        4) all 360's are backwards compatible, but not all games have b/c patch. 1st yr ps3's had full b/c; but new ones have it removed

        5) some newer 360's no longer have hdmi port ... Read the box!

        6) never buy a used 360 from someone you don't know: micrsoft bans cheaters and pirates, so if you buy a banned 360 it can't go online, get dlc, or system updates. If you weren't planning to go online at all, then go ahead (but refurb xbox's will break again...)

        Speaking of which: if your system breaks under warranty, they'll send you a different refurb unit, not your own. This applies to Sony and Ms.

        Can't wait to see this thread explode with the release of the new 360 slim (built in wifi, but still has Ethernet port); plus it runs cooler, has built in 250gb HD.

        oh, and since April you can format up to 16 gb on a usb for use with current 360's. Bigger hard

        drive is more convenient but costly; if you have an old iPod kicking around you can triple the storage space of your old 20gb hd.

      • adorababy profile image

        adorababy 7 years ago from Syracuse, NY

        My brother just bought his Xbox a few days ago and I am just at awe with the design and the usability. It is certainly a far cry from the previous models.

      • profile image

        ANg 7 years ago

        thanks for everything

      • profile image

        DemonChild 7 years ago

        Can i hook my xbox 360 pro 20 GB system up to online straight from the system - through the ethernet cable - and hooked up through a modem - which goes through the computer? or do i need something else?

      • profile image

        HA 7 years ago

        some one tell me which one best to buy Xbox360 Live,Xbox360 premium, Xbox360 elite , Xbox360 core and Xbox360 Falcon.

      • profile image

        kims3003 7 years ago

        very well done article with lots of useful information written in an easy to understand manner. Has a very nice writing style too.

      • profile image

        Sari Samman 7 years ago

        HI basically ive got 2 broken xbox 360...a premium and an elite both with separate technical malfunction which microsoft are refusing to fix free of charge, so i am planning on buying a new xbox 360.

        As you can see ive alreay got 2 hard drives with a total of 140 gb so memory is the least of my worries :P

        Are all xbox consoles the same? and is the only difference between them the memory? because if so i may aswell go 4 the cheap option and use my existing hard drives.

        please respond..thanks

      • profile image

        Turtle 8 years ago

        Does currently Xbox360 Arcade, Pro does have HDMI output.?

      • profile image

        Jarrod 8 years ago

        can you go on youtubewith an xbox 360 elite

      • profile image

        Einar Andre 8 years ago

        I bought the xbox 360 arcade model, and I would not say that it is crap. Some weeks later I bought the 60 gb hard drive, a headset, hdmi cable, a new controller and 3 months xbox live. And i also got gta iv with the xbox. I bought these parts from other countries in europe ( live in norway ) and it was still cheaper than buying the other models. So a little search on the internett can save you a lot of money. great article!! :)


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