Dawn of War 2 Retribution Walkthrough and Beginner's Tutorial

Updated on October 22, 2011

Overview of Walkthrough

The walkthrough was written while playing on the hard setting.

The campaign can be played with all six factions, with the storyline being different for each one. The difference of hero types and their various abilities gives this game great replayability!

The bonus missions are not counted in the numbering system.

The first bonus mission is available after completing Mission 3. This is also when the Squad Selection Screen is first made available. More on this in its own section!

Differences between Dawn of War and Dawn of War Retribution

The same familiar gameplay is available in the Retribution Campaign, but there are a few changes that shake things up a bit.

* There are only three categories to choose upgrades from, Stamina, Offense and Will. There is no separate Strength and Ranged categories.

* The characters have a different method of leveling up. By default, a Level 2 character will have X amount of health, X amount of will, etc. This does not happen by choosing an upgrade in a certain category.

For example, leveling up one ability in Stamina will not increase your health or health regeneration, etc. BUT simply reaching Level 2, etc. WILL raise your health, health regeneration, etc.!!

* Instead of choosing between squad leaders, you choose between squad leaders or Honor Guard. See the section below on Honor Guard.

* The Honor Guard

* Global Abilities - please check out the section for more info.

* Choice of rewards at the end of missions - versus fixed reward.

* Available forces screen.

Squad Selection Screen and the Honor Guard

Starting with Mission 4, you are given the use of the Squad Selection Screen. Instead of choosing between different heroes or squad leaders, you choose between squad leaders and an alternate Honor Guard.

My first thought is, I hate losing the opportunity to level up my characters. True, but it does give the game a bit of variety. Up to you!

By default, choosing an Honor Guard versus a Hero will raise your population cap by 10. Each squad utilizes about eight units, so do the math.

So I don't use up any REQUISITION points when recruiting Honor Guard?

No. Recruiting Honor Guard is "free." Even though there are green dots next to the Honor Guard selection icon, these do not indicate you are using up any limited resource. Go figure!

I am starting Mission 4 and I was told I can resurrect this Honor Guard for free, but I don't see that ability available. What's the scoop?

Errr, you need to capture a Web Portal, Stronghold, etc. first. From here you can revive your Honor Guard member and recruit other squads.

Also, you are not shown the icon to revive this Honor Guard until after that squad is knocked out of commission.

Hey, I am getting ripped off. I can resurrect some of my Honor Guard, but my giant Wraithlord Champion is no longer available. What's the deal?

It is necessary to capture the giant Webway Assembly (a larger structure) or its equivalent with other races, before certain Honor Guard can be revived. Now they tell us!!!

I thought I would never see my giant Champion Wraithlord again. But here he is, revived from the recently captured Webway Assembly!

NOTE: Your Honor Guard cannot revive your squad leaders!!

NOTE: Although Honor Guard cannot revive Heroes (squad leaders), you can pay Requisition points to revive your Hero while your Honor Guard are still alive!

Mission 1 - Ladon Swamplands

Planet: Typhon Primaris

Terrain: Jungle.

Mission Objectives:

1. Slay nearby Imperial Guardsmen/Orks/Tyranids.

2. Revive the fallen hero.

3. Purchase upgrade for the hero.

4. Advance to the fortified area.

5. Recruit a unit from a captured base.

6. Defend from counterattack at the fortified area.

7. Eliminate the enemy leader.

Secondary Objective:

Investigate Ork crash site.

Key Intel and Strategy:

This is an introductory type mission on the jungle planet of Typhon Primaris. It is a good chance to be introduced to the concept of recruiting units from strongholds/shrines and utilizing them effectively.

Each squad will have about eight units. Check your population cap, which can grow with captured supply nodes, and consider recruiting multiple squads to aid your heroes.

The path is defined, meandering through the green foliage, with a single detour to investigate the Ork crash site. It is noted in the storyline that it may be possible to retrieve things of value from the site. Sure enough, you will find an accessory you will be able to equip on your next mission after destroying the turret.

Gear is much more scarce in Dawn of War Retribution, so don't miss an opportunity to add to your collection!

Defend against four attacks at the fortified area.

You will also be introduced to the new concept of being able to pay to revive your heroes with Requisition points. The hero will then be transported to the nearest stronghold/shrine with partial health.

Move due west after the fortified area is defended and set up a defense around the bunker, placing your recruited squads inside this structure.

Capture the last shrine/stronghold before facing "the boss," which will be a variety of interesting characters, depending on the faction you are playing. Davian Thule is one of the possible bosses.

After the mission, you will be granted one set reward, then a choice of a secondary reward. One of the rewards is usually gear, with the others being unlocking new squads and their upgrades.

Mission 2 - Ladon Temple Ruins

Mission Objectives:

1. Secure the Teleportarium.

2. Use enemy turrets to destroy the Baneblade.

Secondary Objective:

Destroy the Targeting Cogitators to override turrets.

Key Intel and Strategy:

NOTE: Pathways are narrow on this mission and may result in glitchy movement by your squads. Pay attention squad members don't go the "long way around" and run into trouble.

This mission starts by exploring the southern region, where you will encounter the Traitor Guardsmen (Imperial Guardsmen) and their heavy-duty tank. This initial encounter will make sure you practice your fallback (X) command.

Our friends at Warhammer HQ want to make sure we know how to use the "strategic retreat" command. It's a good thing.

One of your squads will be knocked unconscious while falling back. This cannot be prevented. You will then be introduced to the ability to pay requisition points to revive your squads. The squad leader will automatically be revived at the nearest stronghold or captured structure. That's how he is able to "jump over" the abyss!

You will then head north to destroy the first cogitator, which controls the turrets in this area. Once the cogitator is destroyed, it will target the Traitor Guardsmen, and you can sit back and watch or join in the fun. The turrets will no longer target your units!

Turrets turn on enemy troops. Yeah! Take that, Imperial Guard scum!

A bit further on, the same monster tank -- which cannot be destroyed at this time -- starts to give you major issues. Just run past it as fast as you can. Unfortunately, you will encounter it a number of times as it continues to break through barriers and follow you to the north.

Caution: There are two ways to climb the stairs once encountering the tank for the second time, as you cross the map from west to east. Stay to the right as much as possible so you can destroy another cogitator, which will then allow the turrets in the area to attack the enemy! There will be a number of Sentinels in this area that will slow things down a bit.

If you don't take out the second cogitator mentioned in the secondary objective, you will be facing this Sentinel and turret at the same time. Very deadly!

Caution: Because of the narrow pathways, it is easy for your squads to get "tied up," and two tank blasts can knock out all of your squads!! This can happen as the tank can block your path. Your squads will get confused and stay in blast range. No good!

This is the fourth and final time you will zigzag past the Baneblade's path on your way north.

When entering the area at the top northwest part of the map, the Baneblade cut scene will play.

Don't run directly in the Baneblade's path. That would not be wise! Take the lower stairs and head straight to the bottom-left western corner by the captured heavy turret. From here you can run due north to the final cogitator.

It's quite easy to run straight up from the captured turret to the south to the final cogitator up the final set of stairs.

There will be a few enemies at the top of the stairs, but nothing that can't be handled. From here the cogitator can be captured, and the final turrets will turn on the Baneblade.

Personal Deaths: Two.

1. Failing to destroy a cogitator and attacking both a Sentinel and turret at the same time.

2. Running all units forward past the tank, then falling in retreat when hitting heavy resistance. All four squad members were knocked out.

The ice planet Aurelia is landed upon for the first time in the Retribution campaign. The Dark Portal must be reached.

Planet: Aurelia

Terrain Type: Icy Cityscape.

Mission Objectives:

1. Secure the Webway Port.

2. Destroy the Chaos Portal.

3. Return to the Webway Port.

Bonus Objective:

1. Destroy the Bloodletter Summoning Shrines.

Key Intel and Strategy:

A beeline cannot be made to your objectives. You will notice that Chaos Energy Barriers will block your progress to certain areas of the map.

These Chaos Barriers cannot be destroyed, but the one blocking your path will disappear once the Webway Portal is approached.

Once you approach the Webway Portal, you will be informed that this area cannot be breached, since it sits within a Chaos Energy Barrier. Wouldn't you know it! But there is still hope! Destroy the Chaos Portal and the Webway Port can then be approached!

This is a rather large map and you must make your way over to the Chaos Portal. There is a circuitous route that can be taken to destroy more enemy troops and to gain more experience on the way there.

The pathway to the Chaos Portal is now open. Once it is attacked, Bloodletters (a/k/a Demons) will appear and you are at risk of being overrun. Be careful here or you will be starting the mission from scratch!

Expect quite a battle at the Chaos Portal. Even after the initial enemies are defeated, more will appear to distract your efforts!

It is to your benefit to fulfill the Bonus Objective of destroying the Bloodletter Summoning Shrines at this point, as they are constantly summoning demons to harass your troops. There are plenty of them, so have at it!

NOTE: Don't forget to capture the huge Webway Assembly (or its equivalent) in front of the Chaos Portal! From here, a larger selection of Honor Guard can be summoned.

Mission 5 - Capitol Gardens

Planet: Meridian.


Storm the Barricades - The Imperial Guard are experts in static defense.

Armored Fist - The Imperial Guard make heavy use of armored vehicles.

Mission Objectives:

1. Break through the blockade.

2. Destroy the Imperial Stronghold.

Storm the Imperial Guard Stronghold and intercept the transmission.

Bonus Objective:

1. Destroy gate to open bridge.

2. Destroy the Air Command Bunker.

Key Intel and Strategy:

There will be plenty of tanks encountered in this mission. Be sure to focus on your anti-vehicle resources.

You will start by heading west toward your recruiting headquarters. Don't be in a hurry to capture the structure until the area is totally secure, or revived troops will be in danger of being overrun.

Near your headquarters, a "blockade" of troops will slow your progress. Clear the area, and more troops will run up the stairs to take their place. Eventually, the troops stop coming.

Fight your way toward the stairs so that you can head back east again. At this time, Valkyrie strikes will be called in. Very disruptive, but not a deal breaker. These airstrikes will harass your heroes throughout the rest of the mission.

Mission 6 - Typhon Arena


Be versatile - This may be an ambush or a trap. Be ready to face infantry, garrisons and vehicles.

Mission Objectives:

1. Find and kill Kyras.

2. Investigate the Eldar presence.

3. Destroy the Seer Council.

Bonus Objectives:

Find and destroy the hidden Webway Gate.

Key Intel and Strategy:

Global Abilities

Starting with Mission 4, each race will have its own individual "Global Ability."

Don't freak out if you don't see this when first starting DOW Retribution. It doesn't kick in until Mission 4!

Simply fighting will add up to 1,000 points to your Global Ability, which can be utilized at will. In the above pic, the bar is charged up to 810 points.


Target: Wartrukks. The primary targets are a group of Wartrukks. Be prepared to quickly take out passing vehicles.

Mission Objectives:

1. Secure the Supply Station.

2. Set up an ambush before the convoy arrives. (2:30)

3. Do not allow any Wartrukks to escape. (0/3)

4. Destroy the Ork Convoy.

Bonus Objective:

Destroy the bridges to slow the Ork advance.

Key Intel and Strategy:

Good news - You can replay this mission if you don't succeed initially.

Immediately you are given the mission objective to secure the supply station. This can only be accomplished by hiking to the far side of the map by meandering south along the winding path.

You can see the convoy in the valley below you but it is not possible to engage the convoy until you reach the Supply Station!! So take a deep breath and relax!!

BUT you will encounter other enemy along the way. Don't stress too much about hurrying and missing the convoy. You should have enough time to capture all structures and engage all enemies along the path.

Attacking these barrels will set off an avalanche and destroy all of these Orks! Arrrrrr!!

This creature smashes through a wall to engage your heroes. Be sure to run past this broken barrier to claim a supply node!!

Right before you reach the Supply Station, a cut scene will occur which shows you the two bridges to destroy to slow down the convoy.

It is best to destroy the first bridge encountered from a distance or your hero may get knocked out!

With all of the supply points captured along the way, you can have a population cap of 100 or higher, depending, even without choosing Honor Guard to boost this number.

It is not necessary to capture any structures in this area to secure the Supply Station, but to eliminate all enemy troops. Leave these last few Orks in the structure until you have recovered all of the crates containing requisition points. This will give you more time to get situated.

It may be best to take out this last turret before the convoy arrives.

Try not to use any requisition points on the path to the Supply Station. You will need them for a large, massive army to stop the convoy assault. You can have around 1,750 requisition points by the time you secure the Supply Station and will receive more as the battle begins.

Try to set up turrets behind your main line of defense so they won't take the brunt of the damage.

Be sure to have a max army waiting for the convoy, with plenty of turrets set up from your Global Ability points. Continue to set up more turrets as you engage the convoy.

Use cover effectively. It makes a big difference! Don't worry about any points further west on this map if you have destroyed the bridges.

The convoy will mainly approach from the mid to eastern part of the map. The convoy will be slow enough that you should be able to group your squads in mass attacks, moving back and forth as necessary. Utilize cover when possible. Keep replacing any lost recruited squads to keep a maximum population cap.

Although the mission objective is to destroy all trucks, it appears that you can allow one or two to breach your defenses and still win the mission.

Will you have the same amount of time to prepare an ambush if you are a bit slower?

It kind of appears that way. Once you eliminate all Orks in the area, you will have exactly 2 minutes and 30 seconds to prepare for the convoy.

If you are too slow, will the convoy reach the final destination before you do?

You will have to be mighty slow. I never encountered that situation and I was slow as molassas.

NOTE: Having been overrun on a number of these missions in Dawn of War II, I played this mission after playing Mission 4, having Level 4 and 5 ranked squad leaders.

NOTE: Playing the mission with only Level 4 and 3 Heroes, (no Honor Guard) it is still winnable, but I lost the first time along the learning curve. The second time, I reserved more requisition points for the battle, used cover more efficiently, and utilized my requisitioned troops in a more effective manner.

This is a great mission to get familiar with some of the upgrades and abilities of your summoned troops. Using them effectively makes a big difference!

Optional Mission 2 - Chapter Keep Selenon

Available after Mission 4 - Minos Iceworks

Not played yet.

Optional Mission 3 - Spire Golgotha

Available after Mission 5 - Capitol Gardens

Available after Mission 5.

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