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Ultimate List of the Best Horror Games on PC

Are you looking for the best horror games on PC? You've come to the right place.


Best Prebuilt Gaming PCs Under $1,000

This article will share the best gaming PCs that you can get even if you are on a budget. All of the PCs in this article are amazing and get you great performance for their price.


Should You Buy or Build a Gaming PC?

Learn the pros and cons of building or buying a gaming PC.


Best Value Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards in 2021

Read on for the best RTX Graphics Cards in 2021. Get a decent Ray Tracing capable graphics card and get more FPS at a reasonable price.


A Guide to Understanding Cloud Game Streaming Vs. Native Gaming

Herein lie a few reasons to invest in cloud gaming over native gaming.


The Top 5 Space Sims for PC

Looking to find a game where you fly a ship in space? If so, then this article covers the top 5 space games for the PC, some of which may surprise you.


7 Sites Like Humble Bundle: Buy Games for Cheap

Can't get enough of game bundles? These sites like Humble Bundle could be your next go-to platform for buying games online.


"Aether" Game Review

"Aether" is a beautiful browser game with an imaginative story. The game is free to play, and it has stood the test of time.


Best Graphics Card for 1080p Gaming in "Black Desert Online Remastered"

Check out the best 1080p gaming graphics card for "Black Desert Online Remastered." Choose the best video card capable of running the highest graphics settings of the "Black Desert Online Remastered" version in 1080p resolution.


Building an Intel Core i3-9100F Gaming-Worthy Budget Gaming PC

This Intel Core i3-9100F Cheap Gaming PC Build allows you to get a decent gaming PC with an affordable price. This is definitely a worthy build.


"Temtem" Beginner's Guide

A Beginner's Guide to "Temtem," the new "Pokémon"-like MMO.


Best Cheap Gaming PC Build Under $300: With Ryzen 3 2200G

If you're planning to play PC games with a very tight belt, then check out this $300 cheap gaming PC build based on Ryzen 3 2200G.


The $150 Athlon 200GE Budget Gaming PC Build: Review and Benchmark

If you're planning to buy a decent gaming PC on a very tight budget, then try out building this very cheap Athlon 200GE build. The core parts list on this build guide only costs up to $150. You definitely won't spend lots of money in this budget gaming PC build.


Tips for Getting Into PC Gaming

Read on for tips on getting into PC gaming—as well as the pros and cons of buying a new pre-built PC, buying a refurbished one as I did, or building your own. If you're building your own custom PC, there are plenty of videos and written tutorials to help you. It may be daunting, but you can do it!


Logitech F310 Gamepad Review

Learn about the Logitech F310 gamepad, a controller you can use to play games on computers. In this review I explain why I like this controller.


Top 4 Online PC Games That May Last for 50 Years

Here is the list of online PC games that, due to their strong multiplayer components, may never die for another 50 years.


Intel Core i9-9900K 9th Gen Processor: Best Intel CPU for Gaming in 2019

The best gaming CPU of 2019 is already out, and it is a beast with 16M cache and up to 5.00 GHz. Here is what you should know about the Intel Core i9-9900K processor, including specs, price and technologies.


Repurposed Crytocurrency Mining Rig for Fortnite Gaming

In this article, I am "renovating" an old cryptocurrency mining rig and turning it into a system I hope is capable of playing the hottest game on the market right now in Fortnite. Will it play? Let's find out!


Alternative PC Game Stores to Steam

Steam is popular, but there are many alternatives to the game store. Learn about game stores that sell games without needing a Steam CD key.


12 of the Best PC Games Ever Made

Let's take a look at 12 of the all time best PC games ever released.


Video Capture Hardware Review: Elgato Game Capture HD

My review of the video capture device the Elgato Game Capture HD and how it works and if it's good quality. Is it worth your time and money to buy this capture card and use it? Let's find out!


October 2018 Gaming PC Build of the Month

In this article, I give a gaming PC build guide for October 2018 complete with all components and reasons for choosing them.


How to Build a Good Mid-Range Gaming PC (2018)

Looking for a good $700 to $800 AMD Ryzen or Intel i5 Coffee Lake gaming PC build? Here are both options along with the parts that give you the most value.


10 Cable Management Tips for Your Gaming or Editing PC

Messy cables? Here are some tips to keep all the cables and wires in order.


Build a Fortnite Gaming PC on a $300 to $400 Budget 2021

The PC is the best place to play Fortnite and Valorant, but building a gaming PC can be expensive. Here's a budget option.


Linux OS PC Gaming Guide and Tips for Optimization

Want to play all of your favorite games through a free OS? Linux provides the perfect open source platform for doing so. Here's a guide to getting started.


GTX 1080 TI Vs. GTX 1080 Ultrawide Gaming Benchmark Testing

Want to play in UltraWide? Here's a comparison of the GTX 1080 Ti and the GTX 1080 monitors with benchmarks to show the differences in performance.


Monitor Response Time Vs. Input Lag Vs. Refresh Rate

Buying the right monitor for your twitch-sensitive game can be confusing. So, here's a quick look at the differences between response time, input lag, and refresh rate.


Building a $800 Gaming PC for Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2018)

Looking for a good SWBF2 build on the cheap? Here are the parts I would recommend for a $700 to $800 custom computer.


A Comparison of Destiny and Destiny 2 PC Beta

A comparison of Destiny and Destiny 2 PC Beta. I’ll discuss my first impressions of Destiny before addressing my thoughts on Destiny 2.


The 11 Most Underrated PC Games of All Time

What are some of the most underrated PC games of all time? Here, I discuss 11 games I think aren't given as much love as they deserve.


"Dramatical Murder:" Game Review

This is a visual novel that follows the main character Aoba and takes place in the near future on the fictional island of Midorjima. It is a novel that is not for children. There are pictures that are sexual in nature, even though certain parts are censored.


The 4 Best Free Online Gaming Sites

There are plenty of places online to play games, but what are the best free online game sites? Here is a short list of some wonderful, high-quality free gaming for you.


Slime Rancher Review

This indie game is just one of those that is extremely addictive to play for no real reason. Gameplay is minimal, yet it keeps you entertained for hours.


PC Game Review: "Kingdom Wars 2: Battles"

If you were to look for an alternative to "Total War: War Hammer" but do not meet the system requirements, then "Kingdom Wars 2" might be for you.


Kittens Game Walkthrough: Tips and Tricks

Having trouble navigating the complexities of Kittens Game? This mighty walkthrough will help you turn your tiny village into a massive, text-based empire.

Jurassic Park Builder Guide: How to Earn Money Quickly and Easily

Learn how to earn money in Jurassic Park Builder using this fast and easy method.


Top 14 Best Places Online to Buy DRM-Free PC Games

If you're looking for a way to play games DRM-free, then you've come to the right place. Here are the top 14 DRM-free sanctuaries to aid you in your quest.


17 Ways to Get Steam Games for Free

Broke but looking for your next gaming fix anyway? You can get quite a lot of free games on Steam if you know where to look—and if you're quick enough, it turns out.


12 Ways to Work for PC Games Instead of Buying Them

Completely skint and yet you would rather sell your house than give up your gaming obsession? Here's how to afford games on a very tight (maybe even non-existent) budget.


12 Reasons Why Is Better Than Steam and Friends

How can you not love Steam? Look, I like Steam, but I'm just not that into it. Now GOG, on the other hand—it may not be perfect, but it's the one for me. I'll tell you why.


14 Best Wireless Gaming Routers for Heavy Duty Gamers

This list compares 14 of the best wireless gaming routers for gamers!


10 Ways to Find Out if a PC Game Uses DRM

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, isn't universally liked or accepted by many gamers. Here's how to go about finding which DRM a game uses before buying and finding out later!


8 Good Budget PC Gaming Mice for 2020

Gaming on a budget? Don't let that affect your accuracy. Here are 8 of the best budget gaming mice for accuracy and comfort in 2019.


Best Space Games for PC

Great games that let you explore, fight, and trade in outer space. Space games can be beautiful, immersive and fun.


Best FPS PC Gaming Headset/Headphone 2018

A look at the best FPS PC gaming headsets for your money in 2018. Know what you should look for in a headset and what the best value is for in the under $300, $200, $150, $100, and $50 categories.


How to Create a Skin in Minecraft

Are you tired of the default Minecraft skin? Do you want to customize your own skin? Learn the best websites to find Minecraft skins and how to create and upload your own!


A Good Under $750 i5 vs Ryzen 5 Gaming Computer Build 2019

Building your own $750 gaming PC can allow you to play all of today's latest games in Ultra settings on 1080p. Here are the parts we'd recommend for an Intel i5 and Ryzen 5 gaming computer in 2019.


Best FPS and RTS Gaming Mouse of 2020

Want the perfect gaming mouse for your favorite FPS or RTS game? Here's a look at six of the most accurate and affordable options from 2020.


5 PC Games Like "The Last of Us"

If you think TLOU is the only decent post-apocalyptic game, you are wrong. There are some brilliant games similar to "The Last of Us," and all of them are available for PC. These survival horror titles have a good story, excellent gameplay and some memorable characters.