Top 10 Most Expensive Nintendo Amiibos

Updated on June 10, 2020
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What are Nintendo Amiibos?

A blend of toy and software, Amiibos are figurines that unlock various rewards when connected to corresponding games. What systems do Amiibos work for? The Wii U gamepad can automatically register one's presence, but for the 3DS and Switch, you'll need an NFC (near field communication) adapter.

Amiibos offer cool bonuses and collectible figurines to those who want them, but since they're not necessary, penny-pinchers can skip over them. That said, many skyrocket in value as time passes—which are most expensive? These are the ten rarest Nintendo Amiibo figurines!

Mii 3 Pack Amiibo
Mii 3 Pack Amiibo

10. Mii 3 Pack

Approximate Value: $83

This bundle offers three Amiibos in one: the Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner. This is definitely the best way to get Mii Brawler, as he's barely cheaper by himself (sitting at about $80), so you might as well score his counterparts while you're at it.

Yarn Poochy Amiibo
Yarn Poochy Amiibo

9. Poochy

Value: $90

Used in Yoshi's Woolly World, this Amiibo lets you summon Poochy anytime during the game, and his unique yarn texture sets him apart from other Amiibos.

Navirou Amiibo
Navirou Amiibo

8. Navirou

Value: $91

This Japanese-exclusive unlocks extra monsters and bonuses in 3DS game Monster Hunter Stories. Stories has an overseas port, but its Amiibos were only released in Japan, making them quite rare.

Splatoon 3 Pack Amiibo
Splatoon 3 Pack Amiibo

7. Splatoon 3 Pack [Alt Colors]

Value: $99

Not to be confused with the similar Splatoon Octoling 3 pack, this bundle comes with three Splatoon figures: a girl, boy, and squid inkling. While it's nice that you get three in one, you can obtain these figures individually, and as of this writing, it's cheaper to do so, as they separately add up to about $80. They also have cheaper standard-colored figurines, like the green inkling squid.

So, this could be one to skip, but collectors might still want the pack for its rarity.

Corrin - Player 2 Amiibo
Corrin - Player 2 Amiibo

6. Corrin - Player 2

Value: $100

A regular "player 1" Corrin (his male form) only costs about $35, but this rarer alternative features a female Corrin. It costs about three times as much, but hey, some girls are worth it.

Peach - No Legs Amiibo
Peach - No Legs Amiibo

5. Peach - No Legs

Value: $120

Sold at Blockbuster, these Amiibos have a big manufacturing error: Peach has no legs. Be careful not to confuse them with regular Peach Amiibos, who cost under $20, but if you ever come across a factory-sealed legless lady, scoop her up while you can.

Callie and Marie Amiibo
Callie and Marie Amiibo

4. Callie and Marie 2 Pack

Value: $128

While expensive, this deal comes with two Splatoon Amiibos. Buying them together is slightly cheaper than buying them separately (Callie costs about $59 and Marie costs $72), so if you're interested in both, go ahead and grab the 2-pack.

Yarn Yoshi - Mega Green Amiibo
Yarn Yoshi - Mega Green Amiibo

3. Yarn Yoshi - Mega, Green

Value: $140

You can find regular-size Yarn Yoshi Amiibos in various colors for around $16, but if you want the mega-sized dino, you'll have to shell out far more cash. To be fair, he's made from real yarn and the biggest Amiibo yet, over twice as tall as a normal Yarn Yoshi (make sure you don't confuse him with the standard green figure).

Originally sold at Toys 'R' Us for $40, collectors who kept theirs in mint condition made quite a profit.

Qbby Amiibo
Qbby Amiibo

2. Qbby

Value: $205

Qbby is the protagonist of the BoxBoy! video games. Despite a worldwide release, his Amiibo remains exclusive to Japan; be sure to snag one in the unlikely event you come across it overseas.

Samus Two Cannons Amiibo
Samus Two Cannons Amiibo

1. Samus - Two Cannons

Value: $500

As awesome as a dual-cannoned Samus would be, this one's another defective Amiibo distributed by Blockbuster (just like legless Peach). Sometimes errors pay off, as this Samus is worth about 25 times as much as her correct single-cannon version (which only costs $20).

Which Amiibo is your favorite?

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Nintendo Amiibo Cards

In addition to its long line of Amiibo figures, Nintendo is now experimenting with Amiibo cards, which similarly unlock extra features in corresponding games. For instance, you can encounter new villagers via the Animal Crossing - New Horizons cards, and we'll likely see more cards for future games.

Useful as both unlockable extras and investments, Amiibos tend to gain value over time, so keep your eyes peeled for bargain deals at discount stores. But for now, vote for your favorite Nintendo figurine and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

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