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How to Take Screenshots on a PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 offers a number of ways to share your gaming moments. How's it done? This guide will take you through the process of taking screenshots on your PlayStation 5, as well as what you can do with them.


9 Best PS4 Games Under $20

It is hard to pick a PS4 game under $20 because there are so many options, but my experiences as a PS4 owner can help you make the right choices.


The Wytch Reviews: Wytch Snippets – PlayStation VR Review 2020 Edition

In this edition of The Wytch Reviews, we will be taking a look at PlayStation VR and reviewing the hardware itself and some of the games. This is the start of a new style of review we are trying, these are going to be called The Wytch Reviews: Wytch Snippets


Top 6 Best PS4 Games Under $10

As a PS4 owner, I can help you find the best games for your budget. I have included six games, all of which can be purchased for $10 or less, from a variety of genres, so hopefully there is something for everyone.


5 Underappreciated PlayStation 4 Games

These five games flew under the radar, one way or another.


Top 6 Essential Money-Saving Tips for PlayStation 4 Owners

This article counts down several ways to save money while shopping for video games!


How to Stream Yourself Playing a Game From Your PlayStation 4 to YouTube

A quick guide on live streaming your gameplay from your PlayStation 4 to YouTube, Dailymotion, or Twitch.


8 Old Video Games That Need an HD Remake

Eight old video games we would love to see remastered on PC, PlayStation 4, or XBOX One.


5 PlayStation 4 Games That Will Instantly Bring You to Japan

With its cutting-edge technology, Sony’s PS4 can instantly transport you to Japan. Here are 5 PlayStation 4 games for gamers seeking an immersive Japanese experience.


8 Best PS4 Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are perfect time-wasters, and PS4 has some delightful mind-benders that will keep you busy for hours. Here’s a rundown of some of top brain twisters available on Sony’s popular gaming console.


10 Best PS4 Games for Kids

While most games released for PlayStation 4 are aimed at adults and older teens, there are quite a few child-friendly games. Check out the best games released for Sony’s fourth-generation gaming console.


Best PlayStation 3 Games to Play With Your Girlfriend

This list includes four great PlayStation 3 games that I have played with my girlfriend. All of these titles are quite versatile and can be played as a couple or with your friends.


PS3 YLOD Permanent Fix

Is your Playstation 3 staring at you with its yellow light of death (YLOD)? Is the red light blinking? Did the game just crash? Learn how to troubleshoot and fix these common problems.


The Best PS3 Move Games

This list includes an overview of some of the best PS3 Move games—so you can get playing and moving.


The Best PlayStation Move Shooting Games

This article includes a comprehensive list of the best PS Move shooting games.