Top 10 Games Like "Overwatch"

Updated on June 20, 2020
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Rahul is a video game addict who can't get enough of stealth games like "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" and "MGS 5."

Read on to find out what games can compete with the international sensation that is "Overwatch."
Read on to find out what games can compete with the international sensation that is "Overwatch."

What Games Are Similar to Overwatch?

Every game aiming for a spotlight in the competitive scene has its life cycle set in stone—to get developed, picked up by casuals hungry for competition, and then rise to prominence. Overwatch, a game no stranger to the life cycle of competitive games, is one of the most loved in the MOBA genre.

It sets itself apart from other eSports games by being accessible to an audience of all ages. It can be just the right game for you, at least for a while.

If Overwatch doesn’t float your boat anymore, or if you just need a new obsession, fret not. Here a few games similar to Overwatch that will offer the level of engagement and gameplay elements that you know and love.

11 Games Like Overwatch

  1. Paladins
  2. Team Fortress 2
  3. Battletorn
  4. WarFrame
  5. Blacklight: Retribution
  6. Dirty Bomb
  7. Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
  8. PlanetSide 2
  9. Block N Load
  10. Rainbow Six: Siege
  11. Gigantic

1. Paladins

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Cost: FREE

Paladins, a game created by the makers of the infamous battle royale, Realm Royale, is a personal favorite of many due to its approach to combat. Both Overwatch and Paladins are cut from the same cloth and offer a first-person shooter experience mixed with MOBA features.

The game features a customization system for each character using a “card” feature. It can be challenging to grasp at first, but with time, you’ll wrap your head around it. Home to vast maps, the game promotes careful strategizing rather than running and gunning. This also leads to a setting that revolves around relatively slow pacing and more articulate engagements. If you want to have a stab at this game, I suggest you set aside some of your time.

2. Team Fortress 2

Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Cost: FREE

Team Fortress 2, the successor to the critically acclaimed predecessor, Team Fortress, laid the foundation for Overwatch. Activision-Blizzard, when developing Overwatch, aimed to fill in the gap of the age-old breed of class-based competitive shooters created by Team Fortress.

Both games feature characters and gameplay mechanics that have become a staple for the genre. A sniper from TF2 is similar to Hanzo from OW, while Scout from TF2 is almost a spitting image of Tracer from OW. Team Fortress 2 has a dedicated player base and one of the best communities any multiplayer game has ever established.

The game depends on team play and communication in real-time to dominate the enemy team from all sides. Similar to Overwatch, each character and class in Team Fortress 2 has a different playstyle, so you can make a decision based on your personal taste.

If you're looking for a game like Overwatch to have some fun and spend casual hours coordinating and honing your team play skills, TF2 is the go-to game for you.

3. Battleborn

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Cost: $8

Battleborn is yet another FPS that looks and sounds eerily similar to Overwatch on the surface, in a good way. Battleborn lets players choose their own characters from a roster of rich and highly customizable offerings. One can spend countless hours leveling up and mastering their playstyle and not feel burnt out.

And guess what? You can play the same game in offline mode, too! While Overwatch is a bit too MOBA-heavy, Battleborn takes every aspect in its stride and adds layers of gameplay value.

If you don’t mind the grind and would love to sink your teeth into this game, you will love what Battleborn brings to the table.

4. WarFrame

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Cost: FREE

WarFrame is one of those games that offers so much, it deserves an entire piece for itself! While Overwatch and Warframe are very similar in genre, they cater to a very different audience when it comes to gameplay. The peppy and bright color palette of Overwatch is non-existent here. The sound design and ambiance of WarFrame plunge you into darkness and ruin, and it does so with panache.

However, one will find themselves in a familiar position in terms of gameplay, particularly because of a tight-knit communication and team play skills. Coordinating with others makes this FPS twice as enjoyable and gripping.

5. Blacklight: Retribution

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Cost: FREE

Blacklight: Retribution is set in a cyberpunk, futuristic world that offers you a plethora of customization and loadout options. Your loadout will have an impact on the gameplay, so take some time with it before you jump into the game.

Only you get to choose which side of the fence you stand on. Even though switching sides is fairly simple and easy, the disadvantages are enormous. Blacklight: Retribution compels you to acquaint yourself with the game’s weapon mechanics before you switch your playstyles. If you're not patient, be ready for a good whooping.

6. Dirty Bomb

Platform: PC

Cost: FREE

Dirty Bomb focuses on completing multiplayer objectives, and to do so, one must be well-coordinated as a team. Attempting to solo it out might backfire and end up plunging you back into the lobby.

Each "Merc" class in the game is tailor-fit to a certain gameplay pacing. Choosing them wisely can alter the experience of the game. The key difference between Dirty Bomb and Overwatch is the fact that the former has a more mature theme.

If you have what it takes to save London and have a blast (+1 for the pun, maybe?), why not get down and dirty with it?

7. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Cost: $30

If you have fallen in love with Overwatch’s cartoony theme paired with combat that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 should be right up your alley.

The game offers everything one could ask for from an arena shooter and is a ton of fun overall. At this point, you really gotta ask yourself, how much more corny can a game get when you shoot literal corn bullets at your enemy?

In PvZ: Garden Warfare 2, you get to choose the side you want to join—brains or grains. Each force comes with its unique soldiers and each soldier possesses a special ability that will help you during harvest. If you love over-the-top action coupled with some light-hearted shooting, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 should be your cup of tea.

8. PlanetSide 2

Platform: PC, PS4

Cost: FREE

PlanetSide 2 features all-out wars that have been spread out on some of the most massive PvP maps you’ll ever encounter in the genre. You get to drive tanks, aircraft, and ground transport vehicles in order to help your forces.

There are three different armies fighting for control over the battlefield and you will always find yourself painted as a target. The player base for each match is almost always close to 50, as each army tries to conquer all sites.

It's not very similar to Overwatch in gameplay mechanics, but the choice of vehicular combat where you get to pick and choose your playing field is no doubt, awesome!

9. Block N Load

Platform: PC

Cost: FREE

This game is like Fortnite—TDM edition. This game is perfect for casual players with excellent map design and some much-needed slapstick humor.

Block N Load is well-balanced in all the aspects—something a lot of shooters find difficult to achieve. The classes and characters all have strengths and weaknesses that can be used for or against them.

Offense or defense, whatever you choose, you will always have ways to counter the other. Each character also gets a special ability that comes in really handy during team fights and gives off that Overwatch vibe at times. Block n' load up!

10. Rainbow Six: Siege

Platform: PC, PC, PS4, Xbox One

Cost: $14.99

Rainbow Six franchise was single-player oriented not too long ago. Ubisoft, however, pulled a fast one on the newest installment of R6 with a completely different approach, and the game was all the better for it.

R6 is a 5v5 TDM style game with classes and characters for each end of the spectrum. The game revolves around environmental destruction, which forces open new angles and keeps each map fresh. Every character has a specific weapon and a deployable gadget (such as an LMG turret or a shield etc.)

Teamplay and cooperation are an absolute necessity. Players will find themselves having to constantly work with each other and assist the team to victory, just like in Overwatch. Casual players need at least some form of assistance to learn the maps and the characters completely, as it is an incredibly steep learning curve for beginners who have no clue about the game.

If you pick the game up, be sure to watch someone play the game for a little while before you jump into a match. After all, you’re here to have fun and not quit it on day one!

What Do You Think?

Did I miss out on some games like Overwatch? What do you think of my selection? Let me know in the comments section.

© 2019 Rahul Parashar


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