Smite: Top 5 Most Annoying Gods to Fight Against (9/8/13)

Updated on January 24, 2014

What qualifies as "annoying"?

Just to make it clear, there are a few factors to this list to make gods qualify as annoying. Some of the reasoning could simply be that they are a particularly strong god and are therefore a pain to fight against. But I also take sound effects and mechanics into consideration.

The gods on the list are also not necessarily that hard to beat either, they are just simply annoying. So onto the list!

#5 He Bo

He Bo is one of those gods that I always sigh at when I see I'm going up against him for one simple reason, he is powerful. Although he is squishy, He Bo packs quite the punch, and in even moderately capable hands, he can control the battlefield. Sure you can luck out and get a particularly bad player, in which case he becomes a free kill, but if you face anyone with a good amount of experience with him, he can be a nightmare.

This all comes from his low cool downs and his extremely high damage. Once he is fed, do not be surprised if he 2-shots you. What's more is that unlike many other mages who can run into trouble against AD carries who get really close to them, He Bo usually has no trouble dispatching them.

His ultimate is also great damage and a good way to escape in tough situations, making him a tough kill. Not to mention he also has his movement impairing river ability, giving him an all-around good tool kit.

Truly He Bo is a force to be reckon with and is therefore very annoying to fight because of it.

Gold He bo
Gold He bo

#4 Vulcan

Now to do a 180 from He Bo, Vulcan comes in at #4. Vulcan isn't annoying because he is strong, far from it. No his real annoyance lies in his turrets. In game modes like Assault especially, a Vulcan can just give you a headache with constant turret harassment.

Really, Vulcan is entirely built around simply annoying the enemy team. When you play him, you don't feel particularly strong, but when you fight Vulcan, you can really get fed up with him. You always have to watch your step to avoid his turrets and his slowing turret thrown into the middle of a battlefield can be quite the hindrance.

Gold Vulcan
Gold Vulcan

#3 Loki

Oh Loki. He is a god no one likes to see on the enemy team. The stealthy assassin which can completely destroy your mages before they even get a chance to react. A good Loki forces you to play in an entirely different way and you have to be extra cautious and always be wary to his location. If you stop paying attention, Loki will be right behind you.

But lets not forget the other annoying factor about Loki, his sound effects. For a guy all about subtlety, he sure makes a lot of noise. When activating his 3rd ability, it makes a very loud "shing" which other players can hear from really far away, practically across an entire lane. When you hear that sound, you start to run. What is worse is when both sides have a Loki and you aren't quite sure if the sound you heard was your Loki or theirs.

Gold Loki
Gold Loki

#2 Xbalanque

Although Xbalanque is pretty strong, that isn't why he is annoying. Sure he can decimate you but he'll hurt your ears before he does it. For starters his charge is really strong (and even gives CC immunity now) but it makes a heck of a racket. Whenever I personally hear that sound, it bugs me greatly and a swift death is often not far behind it.

His ultimate is also another major annoyance. Not only is it world-wide, it makes an obnoxious countdown noise and blinds you to the rest of the world. The stun is easy enough to avoid, but it still essentially takes you out of the fight for a few seconds regardless.

These 2 factors combined easily make Xbalanque one of the most annoying gods to deal with.

Fun Fact: If you spam toggle Xbalanque's #1 ability, you kind of sound like an airplane.

#1 Bacchus

Sigh Bacchus....

I hate fighting this god. He is the most annoying god in the entire game. Everything about him is annoying. Heck, even when you play as him, his drunk meter is an annoying mechanic. His abilities are rage inducing and his sound effects are arguably worse.

So let us start at his leap. First off, when you hear the sound queue of the "boing" you know you are about to be tossed into the air. That sound alone will bug you but once you're in the air you just feel helpless for a moment, and you can really be taken advantage of. Additionally, certain gods like Arachne have it even worse against this ability, as it can be used to knock her out of Drain Life.

Then there is his belch. The ability itself isn't that bad, just a short stun but the sound effect, shiver. Just a long winded burp that is so annoying that you wish you were Apollo to interrupt it with a song.

Finally, his ultimate. By far, the most aggravating ultimate in the game. It is a fairly decent damage, area of effect, drunk inducing bomb which leaves you wandering around unable to run straight. Losing proper control of your character is annoying enough but this debuff lasts an incredibly long time. Even if you win the team fight, you can't simply hit B to return as your character will still probably be running around for a couple more seconds.

Truly Bacchus is the most annoying god to fight in the game. Which is actually fitting considering that he is the god of wine and just general debauchery.

Golden Bacchus
Golden Bacchus

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few other gods which I find to be annoying but not quite as much as the above 5.

Poseidon - Back when they introduced cripple, Poseidon became a real terror for charge/leap reliant gods. His whirlpool can really just ruin your day when used in conjunction with other gods. Combine that with Gem of Isolation and you're in for a bad time.

Freya - She is annoying for 3 reasons. #1 She hits like a truck. #2 Ultimate Sniping (Although since the range was nerfed, not nearly as bad) #3 "Charge Blade! Hiyaa! Hiyaa! Hiyaa! Hiyaa! Hiyaa! Hiyaa!"

Chronos - Chronos is one of those gods that feels OP when I play him and when I fight him. Truly his mobility his insane and the damage he can deal adds up really fast. For an AD carry, a Chronos with Fatalis is near impossible to hit while his Accelerate Time is active. Also his ultimate to escape death gets old when your up against him.

And there we have it. If you have your own gods you think should be on the list, or perhaps to rearrange the order of my own, leave a comment below. I'm always interested in seeing the opinions of others when it comes to lists such as these.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Vulcan is totally a viable god, despite what most say, the issue with most players build him based on how they build other tanks and mages. wich is good except they choose the wrong items

      im currently a Legendary vulcan with 1850 worshipers. i build him so much differently then any other vulcan user that its amazing to me. then it anoys me when people complain i don't know what im doing they way i build him although in the rank 10 legendary vulc getting the most kills and almost 0 deaths every match -_-


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