Starcraft 2: The Five Hardest Missions in the Campaign

Updated on January 29, 2013


I bid you welcome to my newest Starcraft 2 related hub! The last one touched on the top 5 campaign upgrades. To follow the trend, this hub will list the five hardest campaign missions in Starcraft 2. These missions made me want to pull my hair out, and perhaps you feel the same as well!

Note: I have been playing the campaign at Brutal, so my opinions will be tempered because of this. Keep it in mind when you're wondering why I find certain missions so difficult.

All In (Char)

You probably expected me to start here. :P

All In is the last mission of the Wings of Liberty campaign and also the hardest. Your micro and macro skills will be pushed to their limits as the Zerg assault your base (nearly) endlessly from 5 different angles. The previous mission gives you a choice to prevent the Zerg from using a type of unit on you, but that won't help...much. You see, if you play Shatter the Sky, the Zerg have no air units (except for Overlords/Overseers but those don't attack) but they get Nydus Worms, which spawn reinforcements at a sickening rate until you destroy them. If you complete Belly of the Beast, the Nydus Worms are gone, but they get Mutalisks and Brood Lords (to be fair, the Hive Mind Emulator breaks this mission easily if they send air; I pity you if you got Psi Disrupters instead.)

Part of this other hub I wrote should help you if you're unsure what to do.

Welcome to the Jungle (Bel'Shir)

This is part of the Covert storyline, which will net you Spectres or Ghosts (depending on which branching mission you play at the end of the storyline). It's also the hardest one of that line. It's ridiculous.

Basically, you have a base near the lower right corner of the map, and have to collect seven canisters of terrazine gas (it's similar to Vespene Gas, but it's used to create Spectres specifically). Now, this would be easy if the Taldarim Protoss in the area would leave you alone. As you can expect, fat chance of that happening. Essentially, you need to defend your base, harvest terrazine and micromanage your units as they protect the SCV, all at the same time. Oh, did I mention you'll probably have to expand to get more resources? And that the attack groups will start attacking your expansion once you try to set it up? You're going to need a healthy mix of troops just to not get wiped out, and expect to see such beauties such as Colossi (Hard or higher) and High Templars (Brutal only) in the attack groups as well. Oh joy!

Oh, did I mention there's only 13 altars? And that they seal them? Quickly, in Brutal, mind you. Be prepared to hear the message: "Warning, the Taldarim are sealing a terrazine altar!" a lot!

It's beatable by the time you reach it via my recommended path in this other hub I wrote. Still a pain though.

Engine of Destruction (Valhalla)

From the Covert storyline, we go to the Rebellion storyline for a mission that's hard not because of the layout, but because of your mission objectives. You have to protect an overeager (extremely so on Brutal) Tychus Findlay as he commandeers the Odin (a super-sized and overpowered Thor if you've been playing custom/online games instead of doing the campaign first).

Once you know what you're doing, you can actually trivialize the mission (if you have Tech Reactors by now, the mission becomes several magnitudes easier), but in the meantime you'll probably rip your hair out, again, and again, and again. You see, after the Odin destroys a base (you're supposed to help him by using cloaked Wraiths to destroy Siege Tanks, Battlecruisers and Diamondbacks), Tychus takes a break. On Brutal the break is about 3 minutes, at which time your base will get attacked by Dominion forces (so you're under pressure to do something ALL game.). So, if you somehow still have a base after you get brutalized, Tychus then charges into the next base, where you have to lead with the Wraiths to destroy the units that could give him a problem. It's an even more frantic pace than what it seems by how I write it.

In Utter Darkness (Unknown Location)

This mission, perhaps the hardest mission of the game unless you find All In to be harder, is actually the last mission of the Zeratul storyline. On Brutal, it's almost as if you have a sign on top of your base saying: "Come destroy me now, for the main campaign is Terran, I have nearly nil experience with Protoss and I have to hold off 2500 of your troops". Then it gets worse.

See, you can get attacked from 3 angles (2 if you retreat to the high ground) and don't get to use Sentries in this mini-campaign at all (which means no Force Field cheese to hold off/trap mobs of opposing units). So, your ability to play Protoss will be severely tested as you have to determine what's the best unit composition against the Zerg waves, which hit you relentlessly, and who will have more and more Hybrids in their ranks as the mission timer ticks on. Once you determine what works, you'll have to keep reloading as your micro slips and you lose more units to a wave than you should have. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Hey! Look at this way: Once you're done with this mission, you're done with this mini-campaign, so push on!

Piercing the Shroud (Castanar)

My final entry in this hub goes to the campaign's secret mission. This mission is unlocked by destroying the Science Facility located in Korhal (you'll go there for Media Blitz).

Anyway, this mission is such a nightmare because it's a micro-fest. Mind you, I enjoy the challenge of having to manage a small army instead of a base and a large army. At the very least, it's a nice change in pace. However, your micro has to be spot-on if you want to clear this beast on Brutal. The second part of this mission can give you problems on Hard, which should tell you something. I'll let you play this mission for yourselves, as I consider that it's pretty fun, difficulty aside.

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Well, there you have it: The five hardest missions in the Wings of Liberty campaign. Feel free to comment on which missions you found the hardest and if you'd like to add something to what I've already said about my hardest five. As mentioned in the Introduction, it is important to keep in mind that I have played through the campaign on Brutal, and so my list is tempered by that fact. Some of these missions are substantially easier at lower difficulties.

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)



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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Winterfate, I've heard that building planetary fortreses on both sieds with 10 SCV's and lot of diamond backs works really well, so well you can kill maurauders kill teams with em. As for me I've now done all the Brutal missions now leading up to char except In Utter Darkness (2nd hardest to all in IMO).

      You no what's better than planetary fortreses? Seige tanks ...if your fortunate enough to finish The Dig mission (wich I think is very hard at first befor you have an army of seige tanks and know how to use the laser gun).

      I just massed seige tanks on both tracks, about 10 a side with mercenaries and lets just say the maurauder team got blown to smithereens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The trick on Welcome to the Jungle really is to be quick. Once the enemy gets collossi and templars, you'll be in a world of pain.

      The first wave with a templar spawns around 12:00. You can be done with the whole map in less than 8 minutes. The longer it takes you, the harder it gets.

    • Winterfate profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Perez 

      8 years ago from Puerto Rico

      @Drew: Great advice! :D

      Thanks for the comments shiang and Drew. :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I didn't really have much of a problem with the Dig on Brutal. Turtle up using bunker's or the previously mentioned Planetary Fortress combined with 7-10 Siege tanks and suppliment that with 7 or 8 missle turrets to the left and right of the laser drill to take care of the airwaves. Make sure you have at least 2 SUV's commited to each of your walls. The key to this mission is to make sure you use the laser drill to take out the enemy Immortals. Although the game puts the highest priority on the Collosi and Archon's it is the Immortals that cause the most trouble because they can quickly take down your siege tanks and soften your defense and can absorb your Siege tanks normally devasting attacks with hardened sheild and eat up damange that should be reserved for the other units. They are the priority with the laser drill as your Tanks/Bunkers/MMM's should be able to handle the archon's and collosi on there own but a single Immortal in the mix can lead to a devastated wall.

      If you are feeling risky and want to go for the artifacts, build a barracks, lift it off and use it as a spotter for the laser drill to destroy any cannons/troops gaurding them. Land the barracks and build a single marine while the drills chips away at the vaults holding the artifacts. Of course, only do this when the laser drill isn't being used to take down those nasty Immortals.

    • Winterfate profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Perez 

      8 years ago from Puerto Rico

      I beat The Great Train Robbery by massing Diamondbacks for the first few waves, and then getting Marines and Marauders to back up the Diamondbacks for the final waves. The last train (assuming you don't let any through) wave is ridiculous on Brutal though. I just distracted the enemy forces with the Marines and Marauders and took out the train with my Diamondbacks.

      As for The Dig, the map is made much easier if you have the Planetary Fortress tech from the Zerg tech tree. I put one PF on the ramp on the right side of the base and one PF at the expansion. A PF costs 550 minerals, 150 gas, but does 40 damage (with some splash to units adjacent to the target), has 1500 HP and 3 armor. And yes, many Siege Tanks. Also, Marines and Marauders will carry you throughout the WHOLE campaign, so make sure you have some extra Barracks as well. :)

      Hope this helps!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm only playing on brutal difficulty so far. I bearly scrached a win on Welcome to the jungle using a blitz tactic and taking some times multiple terazine at a time. I come out with a 5-0 lead then I defended the last two while completing the bonous mission. (in the end I had to sack my base and build a new one by the last terazine with my last group of forces.

      But now I'm stuck on train robery and having more trouble with the dig (level where you control the laser gun). They just come in endless waves and even with 10 tanks seiged and 10 or so units defending each side the endless waves of like 20 or so strong units ultimately just breaks through.


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