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"League of Legends": 7 Good Jungle Champions

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7 Solid Junglers for League of Legends

A jungler on the game of League of Legends is a champion who roams through the forest killing neutral monsters, gaining experience and gold and eventually making special appearances to gank or surprise attack enemy champions.

While there are over 100 champions on League of Legends, not all of them are meant to jungle. There are a few champions that stand out from the crowd. Every day I see a different champion that someone is trying out in the jungle position.

I thought I would cover the basics and a few good champions that are commonly used as junglers. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better grasp of jungling, and the champions associated with that role.

Note: This article is current as of Season 2.



1. Warwick

  • Warwick is kind of the beginner's first jungle champion.
  • Some people chose to use Nunu first, however, he is a bit more difficult to gank with than Warwick.
  • Warwick is a great champ to use when you first start jungling because he has passive lifesteal, and his Q ability allows him to steal even more health. This allows him to brawl with neutral monsters a lot easier than someone who is squishy.
  • His W increases his attack speed which allows him to finish off neutral monsters a lot faster. Warwick also has a few extra abilities that help him out with ganking.
  • His E ability allows him to have increased movement speed when a nearby enemy champion is low on health. This helps him with chasing wounded enemies before they can get to their tower.
  • His Ult is good for starting a gank. It suppresses enemies for a few seconds while applying damage and giving WW additional lifesteal. An ally champ can also attack the enemy while this is happening. This is a great way to set up a kill.

Overall, if you are new to jungling, I would start with WW and work your way up to a harder, possibly more lethal champion.



2. Shaco

Shaco is another champion that is a very good jungler. Not so much on the destruction of neutral monsters, as Warwick is, but on the ganking portion of jungling.

  • Shaco's passive gives him additional damage if chasing an enemy.
  • Shaco's Q allows him to briefly go into stealth mode. Upon striking an enemy he automatically critically strikes.
  • His W creates a little stealthed clown that causes fear to the units around him and acts like a turret. This is good for initially killing the blue golem at the beginning of the game.
  • Shaco's E throws a dagger at an enemy and slows them, allowing Shaco to finish his enemy off.
  • His Ult duplicates himself and allows him to attack an enemy on both sides. If the clone gets destroyed, it blows up and does damage.
  • The cool part about Shaco is that he gets a lot of kills early on in the game and if you build him right, he is legendary!
  • Be careful though, if you are pretty new to League of Legends, Shaco is an extremely hard champion to control, and you can end up feeding really bad if you aren't careful.


3. Udyr

Udyr is a champion that, in my experience, is not that commonly used. However, every time I see Udyr being played, he is a jungler. The reason for this is that he is an extremely versatile champion.

  • Udyr's abilities revolve around 4 stances that all have different attributes.
  • Udyr's passive increases his attack speed by 10% for 5 seconds every time he changes into a new stance. You can stack this passive up to 3 times.
  • His Q stance increases his attack speed, as well as doing magic damage over time.
  • His W stance grants him a shield and replenishes his mana for every time he attacks.
  • Udyr's E stance increases his movement speed and stuns the first enemy he strikes.
  • His R stance turns him into a flaming phoenix, doing additional magic damage every third attack.
  • As you can see, he has a wide range of offensive, defense, status, and AoE abilities. This makes him a great jungler and a great champion late game.
  • You can lead by ganking with the E stance and stunning an opponent, then switching to the Q stance to do a lot of damage and then possibly the W stance when taking in a lot of damage.
  • Udyr is a pretty beginner to intermediate jungler, and I recommend him to someone who has mastered Warwick and Nunu.


4. Nautilus

Nautilus? This is a champion that I like to use as my jungler from time to time. From my experience, you never really see him as a jungler, but more as a tank.

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  • The reason why I like him as a jungler is that he has a shield that does damage to all enemies around him, which can be useful when jungling.
  • His Ult is a great way to set up a gank, and his Q helps finish the job.
  • Nautilus' passive adds additional physical damage and a stun on his basic attacks. However, the stun can only occur every few seconds.
  • Nautilus' Q is an anchor that he launches at an enemy. If it comes in contact with an enemy, it will pull Nautilus and the enemy to each other, meeting in the middle.
  • His W is a shield that, as I described before, does damage to enemies around him.
  • His E slams the ground, causing the earth to explode in three waves around him, slowing the enemy.
  • Finally, his Ult also slams the ground, follows an enemy, and pops them up in the air and any enemy champ in between Nautilus and the targeted enemy. So if you break it down, he has a shield, a slow, a pull and a pop-up ability. That just screams jungler/ganker. Use your Ult, pull them back, slow them and finish the job!


5. Malphite

I didn't really consider Malphite a jungler until just the other day when I saw an old friend use him as one. This struck my curiosity as I watched him play. Malphite has a wide set of abilities that allows him to succeed as a jungler, and have a great gank ability.

  • His passive grants him a shield that is 10% of his max health that replenishes over time.
  • Malphite's Q ability launches a shard of earth from the ground that when coming in contact with an enemy slows them.
  • His W ability is great for neutral monsters because it allows him to attack all enemies simultaneously.
  • Malphite's E ability slams the ground and does damage to all enemies around him and reduces their attack speed.
  • At last, his Ult launches him a pretty good distance and pops up all enemies around the impact point. Using his Ult to start a gank, and his Q to finish the job is a great way to use Malphite in the gank role.
  • His other abilities are great for the jungling role.

Don't forget that he is also a great tank and will last in late-game team fights. If used properly, he can carry the whole team!

Lee Sin

Lee Sin

6. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a pretty unpopular champion. I don't know why, but I can guess that it is because he is a very hard champion to use.

  • His abilities allow him to travel quickly, slow his enemies' movement speed and attack speed, give him additional stats and finish off his enemies. This is great for the jungling role, and as a melee character carry.
  • Lee Sin doesn't use mana but instead energy. This is good because it replenishes way faster and doesn't require mana regen stats or anything to keep full.
  • His passive returns energy every time he uses and ability while also temporarily increasing his attack speed for the next two attacks.
  • Lee Sin operates on a reflex type ability system. All of his abilities require the user to use the ability twice to get the full effect.
  • His Q launches energy at an opponent. If it comes in contact with the enemy, he can use the ability again to launch himself toward the enemy.
  • His W ability grants him a shield, if used again it gives him bonus lifesteal and spell vamp.
  • Lee Sin's E, and possibly my favorite ability of his, slams the ground and does damage all around him. If used again, it slows all enemies it came in contact with's movement and attack speed.
  • Finally, his Ult roundhouse kicks the targets and launches him in the direction that he kicked him. This does a lot of damage and can put your team in a greater position.

Overall, Lee Sin is a complicated but extremely deadly champion. You can use his Q to start a gank, his E to do a lot of damage and slow the target, and finally his ult to either finish the job, or launch him away from his tower to allow you or an ally to finish him. He is a great champion that is hard to master but very rewarding when you do.



7. Alistar

Last, but certainly not least, is Alistar. Alistar is another one of those champions that you typically wouldn't be expected to play the role of a jungler. However, he does possess great abilities that allow him to not only be a great jungle, but also a great team fighter and have a great gank ability.

  • Alistar is one of those "jungle at lvl 3" characters.
  • Alistar's passive ability is called Trample.
  • Every time Alistar uses an ability, he does damage to units around him for a small period of time.
  • His Q ability pops up all enemies around him, keep in mind his passive goes into effect at the same time.
  • His W ability heals all ally units around him.
  • His E ability head butts the target and launches them away.
  • Finally, his ult gives him a bunch of bonus stats that help out in a large team fight. Basically, you can use his pop up and head-butt to launch an enemy away from his tower. After the enemy has been slain, you can use his heal and ult to push toward the tower and destroy it.
  • He can be a great jungle/push combo if you really need it in a team.

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Samuel Franklin on September 06, 2014:

From this list Shaco or Warwick are generally my preferred options. I do enjoy doing some jungle Fiddlesticks and Amumu from time to time as well.

__________ on September 01, 2014:

Jax is a good farmer, he can gank at level 2, and can make your team much better.

Cold_stone_death on June 17, 2014:

Umm.. How is kha not on the list and what about shyvana and Vi, I main Vi when I'm not banned

macbeth on May 11, 2014:

where is evelynn?

Joel on April 21, 2014:

Karma jungle works trust me

ninjer010 on March 20, 2014:

everyone opts out mundo jungle even though his cleavers chunk a lot and hes great at taking buffs

Sarah Forester from Australia on February 05, 2014:

Shaco is great just the skill cap required to transition into mid-late game lets a lot of players down I think.

blooded evil on July 15, 2013:

I like lee sin, because, he jungle good, and gank GOOD, but he isn't tanky at beginning of the game

MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on July 01, 2013:

I agree. Kha Zix makes a great jungler as well.

thiihi on July 01, 2013:

another great jungler is xin zhao or rengar when he reaches lvl 6 (if you hate losing much health in the start then don't go rengar jungle)

Wally on June 09, 2013:

poppy is also a strong jungler

MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on May 24, 2013:

Thanks pickpointz1

pickpointz1 on May 24, 2013:

So happy to support your organization.

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