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"Battlerite": Blossom Guide

I've been playing Battlerite ever since Early Access started and I can safely say it's one of the most fun competitive online games.

Blossom is an entrant in the top-down arena brawler Battlerite. She is a nimble, mobile support champion with great healing capabilities and a spunky personality. Blossom is a faun and most of her abilities are nature-themed, but while she's inspired by Bloodline Champions' Dryad, there aren't that many similarities between their kits.

I've been playing Blossom since Season 4 and my rank is hovering around low Champion. This guide is aimed at newer players who want to learn more about playing Blossom. I'll overview her abilities and the best battlerites to pick depending on the situation.

Legendary Blossom skin with weapon.

Legendary Blossom skin with weapon.

Blossom's Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Great healing potential between M2 (Nourish) and Q (Tree of Life).
  • Decent mobility, especially if double Space battlerite is chosen.
  • Deals well with ranged attacks.
  • Struggles against melee.
  • Weak orb control.
  • Weak CC.

Blossom's Abilities

This assumes you've read the tooltips already.

  • M1 (Thwack!): The basic attack. The uncharged version is nothing spectacular, and should be spammed only when you have nothing more important to do. The charged version, however, does 20 damage (25 with battlerite) and applies a Snare, and should be used as soon as its available.
  • M2 (Nourish): The standard, three-stack heal which also has a heal-over-time component. With only 11 health healed, it's one of the weakest among support champions, but luckily Blossom has her Tree to compensate. As usual, remember to stay within range of your allies for the cooldown reduction.
  • Space (Hop): Your primary escape ability. As with all escape abilities, it should almost never used aggressively! Save it to get out of a sticky situation, such as an enemy ultimate.
  • Ex-Space (Tag): Since it puts your escape ability on cooldown and leaves you a sitting duck, the Ex-version should be used very sparingly. One potential application is kicking an enemy out of bounds during Sudden Death.
  • Q (Tree of Life): For all intents and purposes, this is similar to Pestilus' Queen, except immobile. Plant it at the spot where your allies are fighting for continuous heals. Use it as a shield against ranged attacks, especially ones that deal no damage like Iva's Taser or Jade's Disabling Shot. A good portion of your healing should come from this skill.
  • Ex-Q (Forest Sanctuary): Unlike the previous Ex-ability, you should be using this one frequently. Blossom doesn't have a shield she could grant her allies, but she does have her Ex-Q. A good use would be saving an incapacitated ally from Freya's ultimate, or planting it next to yourself if a melee is harassing you and your Hop is down.
  • E (Boom Bloom): Blossom's only basic CC. Similar to Iva's ROCKET X-67, the projectile will fly in a straight line until hitting an enemy or a wall, or reaching its maximum range, where it will apply an area effect after a slight delay. Due to its long wind-up time and a delay before the stun, catching the enemy with it might be tricky. However, it's a good tool for zoning and baiting counters, so practice cancel-casting.
  • R (Gust): Save this for reflecting enemy ultimates or hard-hitting skills like Jade's Snipe (try to use it at the very last moment to surprise the enemy). Do note that while Gust does push away nearby enemies on initial cast, it doesn't protect from melee attacks afterwards.
  • F (Dance of the Dryads): A quick three-wave ultimate which passes through all enemies in a line. Unlike Rook's similar ability, it can be both reflected and countered, so beware of that.

Blossom's Battlerites

Some of Blossom's battlerites are clear winners, but in some rounds, the best picks depend on the situation. For example, in 3s, she is often relegated to a healing role, while in 2s, she's expected to contribute significantly in damage as well. Let's dive in.


Round 1

Round 1 has well-balanced battlerites, and depending on the situation, either of the three can serve you well.

  • Hop and Skip: Lets you double-cast Hop, increasing your survivability. A safe pick, especially good in 3s.
  • Powerful Pitch: A great pick for 2s when your enemies are ranged. Not only it boosts your damage, but gives your charged weapon another debuff too.
  • Gift of Nature: It's of some use when facing a melee-heavy team (such as Sirius + Croak), but even then, Hop and Skip is almost as good.

Recommended: Hop and Skip (safe choice, good for 3s) and Powerful Pitch (against ranged teams in 2s).


Round 2

Once again, there aren't any particularly terrible battlerites in round 2, but some are better than others.

  • Nature’s Presence: Relies on you Hopping towards your teammates to buff them, which isn't always the case. Please note if you picked double Space during round 1, only the first Hop will apply the buff, so no synergy there.
  • Healthful Bark: Your tree dies very quickly otherwise, so this should be your go-to pick regardless of the situation. Good for both shielding yourself with it, and getting the most out of its heals.
  • Spring Growth: Good if you're feeling confident and picked Powerful Pitch in round 1—now you'll be able to thwack your enemies with 25 damage more often!

Recommended: Healthful Bark (safe choice, best for 3s).


Round 3

Some might disagree, but I find only one battlerite to be worth picking in round 3 for Blossom.

  • Cautious: The invisibility will go away if you use any skill, so I find this battlerite to be of limited use for a healer.
  • Refreshing Seed: Haste is one of the best buffs you can get, so it looks good on paper. The problem is, your tree will almost never survive for the full 6 seconds for you to get the buff.
  • Puff: Once your R (Gust) ends, you can recast it to launch a gust of wind which knocks you and an enemy you hit apart. Not only it helps deal with melees, you can also use it to knock yourself out of range of enemy AoEs when your space is down.

Recommended: Puff (always useful).


Round 4

Round 4 once again has more than one usable battlerite, but one clear winner.

  • Kindhearted: The extra heal helps with your weak M2, and might be viable if you're "healbotting" in 3s. Then again, if you're doing that, you might want to pick someone else instead of Blossom.
  • Bountiful Tree: An interesting choice in theory, but unfortunately limited as it's rare for every ally to be gathered within the tree's range. Might work in a coordinated pre-made team as opposed to Solo queue, but I don't have much experience in that.
  • Fluttering Grace: Move speed is always good. Butterflies last all of 6 seconds, so this is a solid choice, especially in 3s.

Recommended: Fluttering Grace (best choice for any situation).


Round 5

Round 5 battlerites have an obviously superior pick as well.

  • Healing Stream: Every wave of your ultimate heals not only allies, but also yourself for 12 health. This is really a no-brainer—even if your enemy escapes it, you can still get some use out of your ultimate by healing your allies.
  • Growing Power: Every wave of your ultimate deals a paltry extra 5 damage. Not worth it at all.

Example Build: Standard

Here's an example build I usually run in 3s and Brawl. Regardless of the situation, you can't go terribly wrong with these picks. The battlerites are, in order: double space, more health for tree, R recast, move speed, and healing ultimate.


Example Build: Aggressive

This build is really only viable in 2s, and when facing non-melee teams at that, as it sacrifices survivability for increased damage. On the bright side, those charged M1 hits can really add up.


Feel free to share your thoughts.