3 Most Powerful Champions To Carry Low Elo [2018 Updated]

Updated on October 10, 2018
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Drei Law is a gamer who loves to play and write about anything related to gaming. He especially adores playing "League of Legends."

Who Am I?

Hello Summoner, here are the three most powerful Champions to carry low elo!

Not only will getting out of Low Elo be easier, but faster and basically effortless.

These Champions will all be easy to play and have a ridiculous amount of strength to ensure your win.

Moving along, the username I prefer to be remembered as is Fl1pz. I am currently sitting in the division Platinum 3 and I am still climbing higher.

You might be thinking, "Why should I follow what this noob Platinum player says?"

Surprisingly, according to reliable sources, only 8% of the whole League Of Legends community is currently in Platinum.

That is actually pretty mind boggling don't you think?

Putting that aside, I have been playing League Of Legends since Season 4 up to now, Season 8.

Although I have had many tough experiences playing League Of Legends, I also have very happy ones too.

Besides playing League Of Legends, I adore writing and reading. I honestly have no idea why writing and reading interests me, but it just does.

Now that you know some interesting facts about me, let us now start with my top three Champions to carry Low Elo!

If you have more time, check out my "How To Carry Low Elo" guide; and for more invaluable guides, visit the website LawzConnected.

Do you like Annie?

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I actually have a pretty long history with Annie.

Annie is also mostly the reason how I even got from Gold to Platinum very quickly.

Even with my previous League Of Legends accounts I have been playing Annie many times and I still enjoy playing her.

Annie is basically a really simple, easy, yet very surprisingly strong Champion.

Annie has a massive potential to easily carry games if she is of course, played correctly.

All of her abilities are point and click, and none of them require much effort to use effectively.

She has two incredibly strong AOE abilities and an ability similar to Thornmail. Besides Annie's abilities, she has a very strong passive which grants any ability of Annie a stun for every four abilities used. This means if you choose to use one of the AOE abilities when your stun passive is active, not only will you be dealing massive amounts of damage. But you will also be stunning the opponents without them having the chance to counter play.

Furthermore, Annie has amazing laning sustain because of her Disintegrate's (Q) ability which refunds mana if the target is killed. This means, unlike most mages that have to sacrifice their mana every time they use an ability to farm. You on the other hand can constantly keep using Disintegrate (Q) to farm without losing any mana at all. Unless you do not kill the minion, there will always be mana in your bar.

Overall because Annie is very simple, has great sustain, deals massive amounts of damage to enemies & targets and is easy to play. I highly recommend you to play this little girl!

Do you like Akali?

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Akali is a part of the energy type of Champions that do not need to use mana to activate their abilities, but instead use something called energy. In my opinion I think energy is way better than mana because many mage Champions need a mana utility item to help them sustain in the game.

Therefor wasting the more damage type items they cannot get right away in the game. Whereas energy type Champions are able to get the more damage type items straight away because like I said before, they do not need mana. This gives these types of Champions a bit of an advantage in the laning phase also because energy restores itself than mana does.

Not only is Akali an energy mana type Champion, but she has incredible mobility because of her kit. Her Shadow Dance (Ultimate) gives Akali the ability to very quickly transport herself to a target, which is a great ability for escaping and engaging. Additionally, Akali has her Twilight Shroud (W) ability where she throws down a cover of smoke. While she is in the smoke, she gains invisibility and more movement speed. Not to mention enemies inside Akali's Twilight Shroud gets their movement speed reduced. This is Akali's greatest escape ability and the only counter to it would be a pink ward. No offense, since anyone in the low elo rarely buys pink wards, you have an even higher chance of survival.

Akali not only has great mobility though, but also deals a ridiculous amount of damage if her combinations are done correctly. Do not worry, all of Akali's main combinations are as easy as pie. You can search for her combinations online, they are everywhere.

Do you like Pantheon?

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Here is a top lane for those top lane mains! Try out Pantheon. Even though Pantheon may not be able to deal as much damage as Annie and Akali can, he can still produce an efficient amount to carry the team. Although Pantheon may not be the strongest in the team during the late game, he is for sure the strongest in the early to mid stages of the game.

The reason is because of his really great poking kit during laning phase. His Spear Shot (Q), which is his main damage ability does not cost that much mana, therefor enabling Pantheon to constantly poke his enemy out of lane. His Spear Shot (Q) ability is basically Pantheon just throwing a spear at the enemy target.

Not only is his Spear Shot (Q) not a skill shot, but all of his abilities are not skill shots. This makes Pantheon very player friendly and makes it very easy to learn him. Additionally, he has a point and click stun that you can always hit 100% of the time, unless for some miraculous reason you accidentally click on a minion or something. So unless your mouse has really weird issues, you should be able to land those Spear Shots (Q) and Aegis Of Zeonias (W).

Furthermore, Pantheon is a great Champion for roaming and ganking enemy laners because of his Grand Skyfall (Ultimate). His Grand Skyfall (Ultimate) basically gives Pantheon the ability to leap far distances and dealing damage upon landing. With this ability, you can easily get from one end to another to help your teammates. Overall because of these reasons I can say that Pantheon is an amazing Champion to play in Low Elo!

Have Fun Using These Champions To Carry Low Elo!

Welcome to the end of the page! You have just finished my top three Champions to carry Low Elo!

Of course you do not have to agree with my list at all and you do not have to follow what I say. Everything on here is just my own opinion and everyone is allowed have opinions, right?

I would like to thank you so much for giving me and this Hub on the best three champions to carry low elo a chance. I hope you give my other amazing Hubs a chance too because I have no doubt that my other Hubs will be of great help to you.

Not only will you gain more knowledge about League Of Legends, but you will become an even greater League Of Legends player as a whole. You can check out some of my Hubs below and maybe if you really enjoy reading my Hubs, you can give me a follow? I would like to thank you once again and I hope you have an amazing day!

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Questions & Answers

  • I can't find a main in League Of Legends. Do you have any tips?

    My advice is to test out the feel of every Champion through the weekly Free Champion Rotation.

  • In League of Legends, is Katarina a good champion to get out of Gold to Platinum?

    Katarina is heavily mechanically based.

    She's kind of like Zed in that way.

    If you're good at her, then you'd be scary in-game as most players in gold wouldn't know how to stop her.

    The drawback is that Katarina is pretty difficult to use properly without a lot of practice.

    But I mean, if you enjoy playing her, have fun.

    However, there are better options.

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