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"Dota 2" Item and Build Guide: Drow Ranger (Traxex)

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"The mist that chills you keeps me warm."

"The mist that chills you keeps me warm."

Traxex, the Drow Ranger

"Drow Ranger's given name is Traxex—a name well suited to the short, trollish, rather repulsive Drow people. But Traxex herself is not a Drow. Her parents ..."

  • Role: Carry
  • Farm priority: 1 or 2

Drow Ranger is a ranged agility hero who can keep a truckload of damage through her passive abilities. Traxex is a typical carry that can become extremely powerful at every point in the game, with great early game presence. Despite her lack of escape spells, Drow Ranger can keep herself relatively safe from enemy spellcasters and melee heroes using her Silence and her Frost Arrows.


Really great slow


High DPS in early game

Item dependent for escape mechanism

Damage scales into late game

Not a very good team fighter

Easy to last hit with

Needs farm to be effective

6s silence




[Q] Frost arrow[W] Gust[E] Precision aura[R] Marksmanship

Really good slow

Works well with Marksmanship

Increases damage by a lot with ultimate

Increases damage and attack speed

Great for chasing and kiting

Prevents people from stunning and slowing you

Scales well into the game

Works well with the aura

Can get early kills





Frost Arrows

  • The slow will not be increased by successive casts, only refreshed.
  • The slow is a unique attack modifier and conflicts with lifesteal, both when used automatically and when used manually.


  • Doesn't stop the usage of items.
  • Knockback distance is inversely proportional to travel range, 350 at closest, 0 at 900.
  • Doesn't interrupt channeling of items.
  • As with all silence, it will NOT stop Skeleton King's Reincarnation.
  • Disables Permanent Invisibility.

Precision Aura

  • Only has an effect on ranged units.


  • Effectively gives Drow Ranger 40/60/80 attack speed, 40/60/80 attack damage, and 5.6/8.4/11.2 armor, as well as an additional 10.4/15.6/20.8 damage from level 4 Precision Aura.
  • There is a visual particle effect that indicates when this ability is active—it looks similar to dry ice emitting from her body. If the visual effect is no longer visible, you are in the ineffective range of this skill, and therefore the bonus is not granted.

Skill Build



























































































Skill Build Explanation

Frost Arrows (Q) is maxed first for the increase in movement slow (11% to 60% slow is massive). Gust (W) is maxed second for the increase in duration and Marksmanship (R) at all necessary levels.

Why is Precision aura maxed last?

  • Drow Ranger has low natural agility growth (1.9 per level), and the damage from Precision Aura is drawn from this, getting one level gives so little damage that it isn't noticeable (4.7 with first level aura at level 5, before Marksmanship (R)).
  • This combined with the fact that Aura scales slowly, only increasing by 4% for each level after first, meaning that maxing Precision Aura pre level 11 is pretty much worthless.


  • Power treads: Increases DPS and damage.
  • Shadow blade/Blink Dagger: Good for escaping and initiating and more DPS, but only good in lower level skill brackets.
  • Helm of the Denominator: Life steal good for jungling, works well with your high damage, doesn't work with frost arrows together. If ganking, use frost arrows, if farming, use life steal. Can also be used to stack Ancients.
  • Yasha/Manta style: More DPS and move speed, creates illusions—good for escaping and confusing enemies.
  • Crystalys/Daedalus: More damage and crit.
  • Butterfly: More DPS and the agility goes with all the aura.

Phases of the Game

Early Game

  • Get as many last hits and denies as possible.
  • Know when to be aggressive and when to be defensive. If you can out harass your enemy while at a safe distance, then you can probably score a kill if you be more aggressive. If however, the enemy has killed/almost killed you multiple times, be more defensive.
  • Don't forget to use your Silence (W) if enemies are coming to gank you.
  • Your first priority is to farm, second priority is to kill enemies.
  • Harass enemy hero's frequently to lower their farm.
  • Target using Frost arrows (Q) and use them sparingly, do not auto-cast (unless ganking or fleeing a gank).

Mid Game

  • Continue farming, but leave the lane to help your team in fights, ganks, or push towers.
  • Use the jungle to gain life instead of buying pots or going back to base.
  • Always have a Town Portal Scroll.
  • Don't initiate team fights, let the disablers do that and you follow up with a Silence (W).
  • Choose a method of escape: Shadow blade or Manta style.
  • (Situational/optional) Dominate an alpha wolf with your Helm of the Dominator, then solo Roshan.

Late Game

  • Stay with your team, you are far too squishy to be caught alone.
  • Push towers and racks with your team.
  • If you are losing health turn off the auto cast Frost arrows (Q). As a result, life steal will be active by default because of Helm of the Dominator.
  • Always have a town portal scroll to defend your own towers and to TP back to base.

Helpful Tips

  • Manually casting Frost Arrows (Q) (known as "orbwalking") will prevent you from drawing creep/tower aggro. This is also needed to kite and escape opponents in a bad situation.
  • An early level of Silence (W) is crucial to defend against spellcasters, although it will still be maxed last.
  • With the new Marksmanship (R), maintaining a distance is important for Traxex now. Make sure you are more than 375 units away from your enemy and kite them to keep your distance so you will enjoy the full bonus effect of Marksmanship.
  • If during a team fight the enemy heroes get close to each other, using Silence (W) in many or even all of them can simply turn the battle aside, making Drow Ranger, not just a great carry, but also a powerful disablers/initiators too, if given the chance.

DotaCinema's Guide to Drow Ranger

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