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5 Things Fortnite Needs to Improve

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Haley is a professional nerd who is paid to break stuff. Her spare time is filled with video games—mostly RPG and FPS.

How can Fortnite be helped?

How can Fortnite be helped?

What Is Fortnite

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game from Epic Games and People Can Fly.

The brightly colored, over-the-top game is set in a future version of Earth. 100 players drop onto the island from a purple bus, kept in the air with balloons. After dropping, the players scrounge for weapons and material as quickly as possible and attempt to lightheartedly murder the other players while staying within an ever-shrinking circle.

Why Is Fortnite Awesome?

Fortnite receives a lot of hate from PUBG fanboys, however, Fortnite does a lot of things better than PUBG.

Fortnite has a huge personality and is a great game that new players can get into quickly. They probably won't get that first place until they master the building though. Fortnite's building system is a refreshing twist in a marketplace full of battle royale games.

1. Micro-Transactions

Micro-transactions make sense in a free-to-play game, however, while Fortnite is free to download. The majority of the challenges and loot and rewards are locked behind a paywall. A single outfit costs about $12 - $20.

Granted the things that money unlocks don't affect the gameplay. Fortnite is still not pay-to-win, but it does separate those who are willing to pay to unlock basic gameplay every season.

2. Gimme a Vehicle

Yes, the map is smaller, but come on. There are matches that I end up in the top 10, not because I fight my way there, but because I spend the entire time sprinting to get inside of the new circle.

A few well-placed scooters, drivable RVs or motorized skateboards could make the game significantly more interesting.

Also. Rocket launcher + car with fuel = Amazing.

3. Two Main Landing Areas

Tilted Towers and Retail Row attract so much attention that it makes other areas of the map less interesting due to lack of players. It seems like the majority of players drop in these two areas, leaving the other areas with very few players. This leads to a lot of hope that you manage to grab a gun before you die in the first thirty seconds or a lot of useless pickaxe fights.

One of the big perks of Fortnite compared to other games like PUBG is how the matches are quicker with faster-paced gameplay. However, when I jump out of that bus and my two options are to either land at one of the two crowded areas or run the risk of not seeing another player for ten minutes.

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One of Fortnite's magnificent skins includes a unicorn pickaxe.

One of Fortnite's magnificent skins includes a unicorn pickaxe.

4. Guns

Guns in Fortnite are a big problem, which is weird for a game that is built around weapons (and building).

Weapons are either overpowered or highly underpowered. The color coding system is important, it quickly allows a player to see if one shotgun is of a higher quality than another. Quality differences between guns, makes sense, however, headshots at point blank range shouldn't do minimal damage even if a weapon is of the lowest quality.

The same mechanics that make the game easier for a new player to pick up, can become a problem as well. The aiming and shooting mechanics of Fortnite are loose. The mechanics do not give the player the ability to control shots, such as shooting mechanics in other shooters do.

5. Guns Part 2: Death by Shotgun

Another issue that Fortnite has with weapons is how overpowered shotguns are, and they continue to add more shotguns with the updates, instead of more unique weapons.

While specific weapons will be better suited for specific environments or types of contact, Fortnite really has two options: a shotgun or a sniper rifle.

Assault rifles, pistols, handguns, crossbows, etc. are only useful if you've run out of ammo for your other weapons.


Haley (author) from Baltimore, MD on June 03, 2018:

@Jeremy Carefoot, the statements "not meant to be offensive" and "money-grubbing attempts to write a HubPages article about the current trend which you know nothing about." are slightly at odds.

This season I'm level 25, so I'm not an avid player, but I do play the game. However, due to the aiming mechanics and general weapon mechanics, I prefer Rainbow Six, and mostly keep to Fortnite for playing socially with friends.

I stand by the point that shotguns are overpowered. Outside of a sniper rifle, if you're looking for damage against a player and not a building, shotguns are the best option. Yes, there are inconsistency bugs, but there are plenty of bugs with other weapons as well.

John Hughes from Canada on June 02, 2018:

This comment is not meant to be offensive, but as an avid Fortnite player I can clarify lots in this list is not correct. Again, not offend you, but have you even played the game? Shotguns are definitely not overpowered, as there is even a bug in the game currently where pump shotgun headshots sometimes only do under 10 damage. Though there are some weapons that are underpowered, the statement "Weapons are either overpowered or highly underpowered" is completely false. Also, the microtransactions in this game are well priced in my opinion. If they were too cheap, it would remove the pride from owning one. Of course, they might clearly be too expensive for you in your money-grubbing attempts to write a HubPages article about the current trend which you know nothing about.

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