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"Fortnite" Strategy and Tips for Beginner/Intermediate Players

John has been writing video game strategy guides for seven years in addition to publishing gaming videos on YouTube.


In this guide, I will teach you strategies and tips to follow at an introductory level to help you succeed when playing Fornite Battle Royale.


Where to Land

One of the difficult things for new players to figure out is where to land after jumping out of the bus. Choosing the wrong location can quickly cause you trouble as you may land with other experienced players who beat you to a weapon and end up putting you down/killing you. When you are in the pre-game lobby you should already start getting an idea of where you want to land. In the picture above I have included a potential trajectory as well as different color arrows that I will explain below.

RED: The red arrows will represent high populated areas based on the trajectory of the bus in the picture above. If you are just starting out, or are inexperienced, it may be beneficial to stay away from these areas of the map that will be highly populated. Experienced players know exactly where loot will be, and how to take out players quickly that are scrambling for loot. A key example of this would be Tilted Towers, there is always a large group of people landing at this location, and can be very troubling for new or inexperienced players who are looking for weapons and resources.

GREEN: Green arrows will represent areas that will not be highly populated, but you should be prepared to have other people landing at this location with you. These areas of the map tend to be a "grab a weapon" type of spot meaning that when you land you should try to get the first weapon you see before fully looting as you may need to engage another player at these locations.

YELLOW: The yellow arrows represent safer areas based on the trajectory of the bus that will allow you to loot weapons/health, and will allow you to gather resources to be prepared for a fight. With that being said, there may still be people going to the yellow arrows based on challenges for that week, and for other beginner players that are looking for a less populated area of the map to go to.

When jumping out of the bus try to position yourself in a position that will give you the shortest distance to the location that you are going to. For instance based on the picture above, if you are choosing to go to Snobby Shores, you may want to jump out of the bus somewhere over Loot Lake which will allow you the shortest distance, but also place you between the 2 mountains to allow you to get the closest to the ground before pulling your parachute.

Also keep in mind that the locations that have red arrows tend to have more chests/loot, but also have the risk of encountering many more people who are chasing loot. All of the towns in Fortnite will have chests, so if you are new it may be safest for you to go to a less populated area while you learn the building techniques, gather resources, and build your inventory.

Builder Pro

If you play on a console, I highly suggest turning on builder pro from the beginning. Getting used to this early on will help you succeed later on in the game once you learn the tricks different players use to get an advantage over you from above. Being able to build quickly is crucial to the end game if you are going to have a chance of winning the game. With the addition of builder pro a few seasons back this gives those playing on the console an advantage that previously was only seen for those playing on the PC.

Choosing Your Loadout

One of the biggest mistakes newer players make is choosing a loadout that consists of all weapons. This can ruin your chances later in the game especially after complete your first victory over an opponent. If you have all weapons and no health, but take damage on your first fight, you will be at a disadvantage on your next battle. Not to mention I have never played a game where I will utilize five different weapons. Ideally, you should have a long-range weapon, a medium-range, and a short-range weapon, but I will talk more in-depth about that below.

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Typically on my average game assuming I am playing a solo game, I will typically try to take at least 1 med pack/chug jug, and some sort of shield health (mini/medium potion/slurp). This allows me 3 slots left for weapons.

When choosing your weapons you should first know what strengths are and how and which weapons will meet your needs. You should also diversify your class of weapons, for instance 3 shotguns in your inventory is only going to cause issues later on. I personally suggest a long-range weapon if possible (sniper). At minimum, you should have a rifle of some sort that will allow a medium to long-range advantage. You should also have a close-range weapon (shotgun/submachine gun). When you are new, starting with a tactical shotgun that is semi-automatic may improve your chances as even experienced players occasionally have trouble with pump shotguns. Although if you find that you are accurate with a pump shotgun, this can be a great advantage due to the increased damage per hit at close range.

Grenades can also be beneficial although I personally would not swap out medical supplies or a decent weapon for grenades, but if you are lacking on weapons, or find a situation of a lot of building grenades can be useful as well as other explosives.

Grenade Launchers and Rocket Launchers can be extremely beneficial, but are difficult to come by. This is arguably the only weapon that I would consider dropping one of my health spots in order to pick up a 4th weapon, but that is also depending on what my first 3 weapons were.

My ideal loadout would include a bolt/semi sniper, assault rifle, shotgun, med pack, and a slurp juice. Although it is heavily dependent on what you get dropped for you out of crates and what you find in houses.


Resources are a must in Fortnite. You will not win a game if you don't know how to build unless you get extremely lucky while hiding. Building is one of the most important things to learn when you are playing therefore resources play a huge key factor.

I have gone into build battles against other players and have used 300–400 resources while doing a battle. With that being said, it is important that when you are starting out a game you should focus on gathering as many resources as possible. If you have under 500 total resources you should continue gathering.

Be careful of trees. Trees is arguably one of the easiest ways to gather materials, although be careful of the bigger trees. A dead give away of a player's location is when they completely knock down a tree. Leaving 50 health on a tree can be extremely beneficial as you will gather the most amount of materials possible while note exposing your exact location to any nearby players.


The last thing to worry about is the circle. While I don't necessarily agree with rushing directly to the circle each time the storm reveals its next move location, you do not want to get stuck in the storm. So always be wary of which direction you will need to move, and give yourself enough time to get there.

Overall Fortnite has exploded in popularity, and will continue to grow. If you are new to the game, just remember that even the best of players started out learning the basics, and that over time you will learn new tricks that will help you improve your skill and achieve more wins.

© 2018 John Reid-Roberts


Chad W. on October 09, 2018:

Easily the most effective guide to Fortnite I’ve ever read. Now, if only I can improve using this knowledge.

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