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History & Analysis of Lucia Morgan From "Final Fight 3"

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Lucia Morgan is a compelling character who has appeared in two major fighting games from Capcom.

Lucia Morgan is a compelling character who has appeared in two major fighting games from Capcom.

Who Is Lucia Morgan From Final Fight 3?

In the world of Capcom, especially in the many fighting game titles, Lucia Morgan seems to be an old or unfamiliar name. Lucia existed in a time in which the culture of video games would be one decade away before being a crucial part of modern-day mainstream culture. She first came into the world of Capcom with Final Fight 3 which came out in 1995 exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Like Final Fight 2, Final Fight 3 was never released to the arcade.

So far, she is the original user of Tae Kwon Do in the whole entire Capcom universe. Unless you have played Final Fight 3 on the SNES or an emulator, you probably will not know who Lucia is in the first place. Her debut and seemingly only appearance so far has been in Final Fight 3; since then, she hasn't made any serious appearances. It's unknown if or when Lucia will make any future game appearances.

When Final Fight 3 came out, Mike Haggar (the mayor Metro City) and Guy were the only original characters returning. It marked the introduction of both Lucia Morgan and Dean (whose backstory proved to be a driving force of the game). With the Mad Gear Gang (main antagonists for previous Final Fight titles) being dismantled, a new gang called the Skull Cross gang stepped in after winning a gang war that erupted.

As the active mayor, Haggar takes the law into his own hands. Joining him are Dean and Lucia. Lucia, being the second police officer and first playable police officer, serves as a member of the Metro City PD as part of the Special Crimes Unit (SCU).

Owing Haggar, who helped clear her of corruption charges, Lucia agrees to help him deal with the Skull Cross Gang.

In terms of combat, Lucia brings something original to the table. Her fighting style is somewhat similar to Chun-Li of the Street Fighter series. Due to her kicking prowess, it is believed that Lucia may have had Tae Kwon Do training. The Capcom Wiki entry on Final Fight 3 suggests that Lucia might have been a student of Chun-Li due to the former having a special move similar to the latter's Hyakuretsu Kyaku.

However, there's no evidence to suggest that Chun-Li ever visited Metro City. This is because the Final Fight series takes place at the same time as the Street Fighter series. Those that follow Street Fighter very well understand Chun-Li's back story, such as joining Interpol to hunt down Shadaloo's leader M. Bison who is responsible for the murder of her father. It seemed less likely that Chun-Li ever took students, let alone Lucia Morgan.

So far, Lucia doesn't have much of a history. Since Final Fight 3, Lucia seemingly faded into obscurity.


Lucia has been rescued from video game obscurity as Capcom has surprised many by including her as one of the confirmed DLC characters for Street Fighter V's season pass.

She made her official debut in the Street Fighter series while E. Honda and Poison Kiss have made their comeback as well.

This is the first time since Final Fight 3 that Lucia has been a playable character.


When playing as Lucia, it's best to play hit and evade. You use your speed to quickly hit your enemies while chaining into combos. On the same note, you evade when the on-screen enemies are about to strike you or gang up on you. This is because Lucia is the fast character out of all the four playable characters, but she is physically the weakest. Thus, if you're not careful, you will be taking a lot of damage.

Playing as Lucia, you can see she utilizes mostly kicking attacks. For that reason, it's widely believed that Lucia specializes in Tae Kwon Do or Tang Soo Do. One could say that Lucia could possibly be using Savate, but the kicking combinations employed by Lucia feel a lot like TKD.

If you are the type of person that likes to constantly move around while barraging your enemies repeatedly, then Lucia is the character you want to choose. When playing Lucia, I felt that she was more effective bare-handed than wielding a weapon. Speed is the ultimate key to effectively playing Lucia. Due to her storyline and fighting style in Final Fight 3, I felt that she did have the potential to cross over into the Street Fighter games.

However, it hasn't been the case up until this point.


Capcom's Street Fighter channel has released a tutorial video on how to use Lucia in Street Fighter V.

If you are the type of person that likes to constantly move around while barraging your enemies repeatedly, then Lucia is the character you want to choose.

If you are the type of person that likes to constantly move around while barraging your enemies repeatedly, then Lucia is the character you want to choose.

Overall Analysis

I felt Lucia was underused and underrated for the most part. When Capcom started its Street Fighter Alpha series, it was the first time it established that Street Fighter and Final Fight were taking place within the same story universe.

There was even an episode from the old Street Fighter series on the USA network to confirm that. Cody Travers was portrayed to be not as intelligent and quick to anger. That same episode had Ryu and Ken, under orders from the higher-ups and as a favor to Haggar, infiltrate the Mad Gear Gang as new recruits.

With future fighting games from Capcom, Darkstalkers and Rival Schools ended up sharing the same in-game story universe as Street Fighter and Final Fight.

Over the past several years, you could pretty much add non-fighting game titles such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to that universe as well.

With Street Fighter Alpha, you had the introduction of Guy (one of the main heroes of the Final Fight series) and Sodom from the first FF title. Then, you had the addition of Rolento to the cast of Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 featured the highly anticipated addition of Cody Travers from the game.

Haggar had yet to make a fighting game appearance, with the exception of the poorly received Final Fight Revenge.

Come Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millennium Match 2001, you had Rolento returning and the addition of Maki, who is one of the heroes from Final Fight 2. That made them the only two FF characters to be part of an actual crossover fighting game.

Guy and Haggar ended up having roles in Namco X Capcom, with the former teaming up with Sho from Captain Commando.

With Capcom Fighting Evolution, known as Capcom Fighting Jam in Japan, Guy would make his first actual crossover fighting game debut. Carlos Miyamoto, one of the new characters introduced in FF2, would have a cameo ending appearance.

When Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds came out, Haggar was made one of the playable characters marking his first serious debut.

Haggar would make another return for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

In the Playstation Vita port of Street Fighter X Tekken, Guy and Cody would be present as playable characters.

Ultimately, Lucia and Dean were pretty much left to obscurity. It seemed highly likely that Capcom didn't know what to do with those two characters.

With the various fighting games coming out, I felt that Capcom could reuse Lucia for future games as she has plenty of potential.

She's pretty much Capcom's, let alone Street Fighter's, answer to Fatal Fury's Blue Mary Ryan due to the two of them having similar backgrounds in law enforcement. Should Capcom and SNK-Playmore come up with a future crossover title, surely they could find some use for Lucia. They could probably make a story for Lucia in which she's an ally and/or rival to Blue Mary.

Will Lucia see the light of another game? Who knows? Should they bring Lucia back? The answer is: most definitely. While there are a growing number of playable female characters in the Street Fighter universe, it's still not proportionate to the number of male characters in the game.

With an evil criminal organization at the center of most of the Street Fighter games, there's always room for extra law enforcement characters. In Super Street Fighter IV, Guy talked about the weapons from S.I.N getting into Metro City on the black market, which concerned him.

Lucia could have been used as a playable character and investigated from a local law enforcement angle. Being a detective of SCU, the MCPD could have worked with Interpol and had Lucia work with Chun-Li, Cammy, and Guile. Crimson Viper (due to her being a CIA Agent and being angry with the interference from Interpol & MI-6) could have been Lucia's first mid-boss, and Juri Han could have been her second mid-boss. To make this short, there's plenty of unused potential for Lucia in terms of the character and storyline.


Since being added to the current roster of Street Fighter V, Lucia remains in Metro City and has been promoted to the grade of detective. She does favors for Mike Hagger, the former mayor of Metro City, every now and then.

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Kaji on December 17, 2013:

I agree with this. Lucia is a character that has tons of potential, she could be a rival Tae Kwan Do user for Juri -- or take her the route of a female grappler ala Blue Mary. Really hope she gets used in Ultra Street Fighter 4!