How League of Legends Could Ruin Your Day

Updated on March 13, 2017
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I'm an 18 year-old undergraduate Psychology student from Greece, with a passion for movies, TV shows, music and people(sometimes).

A Little Bit About League Of Legends

League Of Legends, or LoL for short, is a battle-arena multiplayer online MOBA game created by "Riot Games". The aim of the game is to work as a five-member team (or three in one mode), in order to destroy the enemy "Nexus", the core building of the opposite team. During this attempt, you gather gold by killing enemy minions and champions and tearing down their "turrets". The players are called "summoners", as each member of both teams controls, "summons" a specific character called a "champion". Some champions use magic, others have a bow and arrow, and others utilize a sword. A game lasts about 20 to 60 minutes each. As your game skills progress through time, so does your "league". Leagues vary in ascending order from bronze, to silver, to platinum, to diamond, to masters and challenger.

The Problem

Now, don't get me wrong, I honestly love and enjoy playing League of Legends. The thing I'm not particularly excited about is the people playing it, in other words, the "community". If you don't have a bunch of friends to play the game with, it's inevitable that you have to communicate and cooperate with people you don't know, so as to win. The main tool avaliable for that cause is the "chat", a specific segment of the screen where each player can type pretty much anything they want. It does make sense. But, the problem is that the main use of this segment is not communicating and coordinating with your team, as it should be, but, unfortunately, insulting each other, or "flaming" as it's called.


It is obvious that everyone wants to win. But it's also obvious that it's irrational to have the expectation of not losing a single game. As often as not, though, it's beyond your power to define wether you're going to win or lose, simply because you are part of a team with four other members that have equal influence to the outcome of the game. So, when you are doing a fine job and another player is not, you start to get frustrated, you get "tilted". So, the most sensible thing to do in this situation is to explain to your teammate what they are doing wrong. What really happens the majority of the times is far from that, as you can see in the included pictures. But even if you actually try to be nice and just pinpoint the thing that is wrong, people will, at all times, get offended.

I'm certainly not claiming never to have been tilted or offended someone in-game. But I do try to adress the problem first and to bear in mind that I might actually be the one who's at fault. But, still, everyone feels superior to the other, even if, most of the time, loss is a result of every member of the team doing something wrong, at one point or another. There's also another thing that contributes to that "rivalrly" between players; It's the fact that the match-making system, quite frequently, mixes up two or three adjacent leagues, which is something that leads to some people justifiably believing that they are more skilled than others.


Naturally, while your goal was to spend an hour of playing a fun game, you end up losing, along with being aggravated, annoyed and, sometimes, sad. A few hours later and, there you are, back again in the "summoner's rift", because, yeah, it is quite enjoyable most of the time!

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