Idle Heroes Guide: How to Build Your Team

Updated on January 8, 2018
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This Idle Heroes guide breaks down a few key ideas that you must consider when building your team of Idle Heroes.

There are many aspects to consider that may not be obvious or commonly known, so review each of the points below to make sure that your team is the best it can be.

This Idle Heroes guide covers heroes selection, team composition building, class and faction considerations and more!


Not All Heroes Are Created Equal

The first point that this Idle Heroes guide considers is how to compare heroes against each other. Of course when you are building the best team you will want the best heroes in the game.

Star Rating

The most obvious way of doing this is to consider the star rating, but this only gets us so far. Beyond this there is a definite difference between the same star ratings.

For example, there are many 5-star assassin heroes in the game. Not all of them are equal and some have unique powers that are more useful than others.

In-Game Research

You can research this yourself pretty easily in the heroes summary. Identify their maximum possible stats and their unique powers that are unlocked.The stats (HP, armour, speed etc) are very important, so this is an easy way to compare two heroes.

Special Abilities

A great example of the special abilities is Faceless. She is an assassin hero that targets the lowest health enemy with her normal attacks. This is great for getting rid of the back line enemy heroes that are throwing loads of damage at you.

This is great if you have many other heroes targeting the back line but not so good if most of your team is attacking the front line. Therefore you have to consider whether this ability is right for you.

Tier Lists

If you are new to the game or simply don't want to research it yourself in game; a quick check is to look at published tier lists online. A simple Google of "Idle Heroes Tier List" will show many results and opinions from their authors on the relative strength of a hero. There are many tier lists to help you decide which heroes you should be putting your time into, so don't take the word of the first list you read.

PvP or PvE

You should also consider whether you want you team to be good at PvP (player versus player) or PvE (player vs environment). If you want to focus on playing against other players there are heroes that are proficient at this, whilst others are better at beating AI teams on the campaign.

For further information on how to progress through the campaign and build your PvE team, please see the link below:

Diversify Your Classes

The second consideration of this Idle Heroes Guide is your team composition, in terms of classes (warrior, priest etc). It is advisable to have at least one warrior to tank most of the damage. Aside from this there really aren't any rules that you need to stick to.

A good rule of thumb is that you want to diversify as much as possible and introduce all of the classes into your team. This ensures that you have a good mix of damage options (single target, AOE, backline etc) and are not going to suffer too much weakness from lack of variety.

If you are feeling adventurous, play around with different mixes and see what works for you.


Consider where you are placing your Idle Heroes. A solid warrior is a must as a tank in the first position. The rest take damage in order that you pick them, so if you have a high HP and high armour character place them first and then list them in order of tankiness.

The reason being is that the enemy team AI will focus their normal attacks onto your heroes in order, so even placing higher HP heroes earlier will have a large impact on your ability to survive by pushing the damage onto heroes that can take it.

You may also want to consider the team you are facing. If you tank hero is weak to the other teams factions, considering moving them away from the front line.

One Tank Is Usually Enough

This leads nicely onto the next point; one tank is usually enough.

At least one tank is almost mandatory as you will need a hero to soak up as much of the damage as possible. The game typically advises you to put tankier heroes in the front line (I'm considering the 2nd spot here) but there is nothing to say that it needs to be a tank.

Characters that are damage dealers, but have some tankier aspects to them, for example Fat Mu, could be great options to include in the second spot.

The gives you more damage and can be the difference between success and failure.


Item Allocation

Consider item allocation onto your heroes. It is pretty standard to put your high HP items onto you tank or onto your key characters (for example your high level mage which does most of your damage).

Aside from this also consider the item sets. Having multiple items from an item set can grant additional bonuses. It is worth taking the time to ensure that your items are allocated efficiently onto your heroes and that you have item sets on your key heroes where possible.

If you are stuck on a campaign level or floor on the tower of oblivion, consider which of your heroes have been allocated items. Some items, in particular the artefacts, offer some % bonuses against certain classes, not to mention that bonus damage from faction vs faction.

Always Use the Highest Star Heroes

The next step of this Idle Heroes guide is to consider your star ratings. Of course consider the level and items, but you should aim to always use your highest starred heroes.

Having a 4 star hero and a 5 star hero both at level 60 gives two very different results. The 5 star hero will generally be stronger in terms of stats (HP, speed etc).

On top of this your higher starred Idle Heroes will have a higher level cap, meaning that when you do eventually reach the hard level cap it will be higher.

In order to unlock the highest star heroes you will need to be constantly farming the game and making the most of your time, whilst playing and whilst not playing.

The guide below sheds some light on the best way to farm resources to unlock the better heroes later on in the game.


Team Composition Bonuses

It is desirable to utilise the composition bonuses (all from one factions, or all from different factions) but using stronger heroes is better.

The percentage bonus from having a team composition bonus is certainly helpful, but it should not be achieved at the expense of your team composition or using lesser heroes.

It is better to stick with your basic team and level them through, than to concede to a hero that doesn't quite fit the aim of your team or is weaker just to get the bonus.

Odds are you will unlock a better hero soon and ruin the team composition bonus anyway!

Closing Note

To summarise this Idle Heroes guide, there is no right way to play the game and not necessarily a formula to the strongest team. It is advisable that you try a few different heroes out whilst you are levelling to get an idea of what play style suits you best. There are many interactions that many players won't even know about yet, so don't discount any ideas because you haven't read about them.

I personally prefer to have some healing in my team composition to back up my tank. I also like Faceless as hero due to the fact that they target the lowest health enemy, making it easy to take out those powerful back-line damage dealers.

Leave a comment below and let me know how you are getting on.

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    • profile image

      5 weeks ago

      Guild tech should not be used until you have the heroes needed from shop. They are more expensive than tech. Trust me get your ormus an queen ect... first

    • profile image

      One weirdo 6 months ago

      Utzaair Khan if you dont start you guild tech early, you will get far behind in later stage off the game, i would never use guild coins on something else then guild tech before you done it. You wont get super much guild coins on later stages either, so starting early is the key to success

    • profile image

      Utzaair Khan 7 months ago

      Not really agree with you, Goji. Especially on Guild Tech. I don't know how high it can be, with only 1400 Guild coins I currently have, but I bet it won't matter much. My strongest tank has but 18k Health, 90 point per 0.5%. Strongest Assassin has barely 3k attack, assuming I give him my best equipment, which I don't. That's 15 per 0.5%. But the biggest issue is having 5 strong unit of the same type. I probably have 5 Assassins with 4* now, but a few days ago, I definitely don't.

      Then I have anti Assassins artifact now, so I guess others like me may have one too. And what if I met Heroes with natural skills that counter specific classes? The way I see it, Guild Tech is pretty useless, at least early on.

    • KristianHowe profile image

      Kristian Howe 7 months ago from UK

      Hi Ogui,

      You can upgrade heroes from 5 star to 6 star at the creation circle.

      Gusta is a 5 star warrior hero from the red faction (looks like a molten rock).

    • profile image

      Ogui 7 months ago

      I didnt understand about upgrading s heroe from 5* to 6*, is that possible?

      Didnt get "gusta" either

    • profile image

      Martin 7 months ago

      Very useful comment Goji

    • profile image

      Goji 7 months ago

      Not really agree with your everything you are saying.

      Fist of all, there is no "tier list" for new players. There is no bad hero early on, and what is usually considered powerful by tier lists isn't necessarily powerful later on. One good example is Groo. He's considered as being one of the strongest tanks in the game. But at 5*, he's a mediocre tank. Upon upgrading him to 6*, you also get %damage reduction, and that's what's making him so powerful. When you start out, any 6* will be better than a 5*. There's no point to wait for that second Queen to drop if you can 6* Gusta right away. That Gusta will carry you and it's easier to build.

      Having a diverse team in terms of classes it's not advantageous. Due to Guild Tech, you will want a one-type class team early on. You will want a warrior and 5 assassins or mages if you can get. People often ignore Guild Tech but it's very powerful, as it's a permanent buff that you are gaining for that specific class.

      Positioning... You will mostly have a tank, that's true. But what goes afterward differs. The second slot it's actually the slot that takes the least damage in most cases, so putting your squishy mage there it's a good idea most of the times. On the other hand, you will encounter fights when most damage is dealt on front line, so going with two tanks will be better. It depends on the fight. You will usually move your heroes around.

      Then, there are two parts of the game. PvP and PvE, both being pretty different. Dodge mechanic does not work in PvE, so champions like Mikki do not excel, even if they are very powerful for PvE.

      As a general rule of thumb, 4-5* everything goes. You should get a full 5* team as fast as you can and you shouldn't worry about what heroes are good or not. Once 6* heroes start appearing, things get more interesting.

      Idle Heroes is a game where you are rewarded by being patient and planning ahead. You don't want to rush things, you will want to take part in events, to gather resources for that before, plan your 6* fuses beforehand, keeping the necessary heroes, using your prophet orbs on right factions, using your rerolls smartly. There are many interesting aspects of the game.

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