"King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Online" Tips and Strategy Guide

Updated on June 4, 2019
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KOF '98 UM OL Guide
KOF '98 UM OL Guide

"King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Online" Tips for Free Players

This KOF '98 Ultimate Match Online (KOF '98 UM OL) beginner's guide aims to help new free players (players who are not willing to spend real money on the game to progress) to maximize their in-game currency benefits to unlock more fighters faster and assemble your desired team.

Even though this guide was made thinking on free players, I am sure every new player will benefit from the tips below.

1. Get Your Free Diamonds Every Day

As a "free to play" player, KOF '98 Ultimate Match Online offers you several sources to get diamonds for free, diamonds are the most valuable currency in the game, which you can buy with real money. These are the daily activities you must complete to get as many diamonds as possible in the game.

  • "Check-in" and "total check-in pack" rewards both include diamonds, so make sure to log in every day to get a nice amount of diamonds per month.
  • The arena will reward you with diamonds every day according to your rank, the better the rank, the better the rewards, this means you will need to assemble a decent team fast, to get those daily diamonds sooner. Below I will recommend you some of the best fighters for beginners and the easiest to unlock. (you can claim the diamonds in your email)
  • The daily combo reward is 50 diamonds, you will have to execute a specific combo to earn this reward, ask for it to the leader of your club or you can also ask in the world chat window, people are always willing to tell (you can claim the reward in your email).
  • Join the club battle every day, no matter if your team doesn't perform very well, you still receive 20 diamonds as a reward (check your Email to claim).
  • Join the clone battle every day and complete the three stages for the chance to get up to 30 diamonds.
  • Billy stick (club feature) is a mini-game that will grant you some diamonds according to your performance, at the beginning you most likely won't get too many, but once you reach level 62 you will unlock the "skip to stage 20" feature making so much easier to reach the max amount of diamonds you can get per day in this mini-game which is 60.
  • Keep tracking the official calendar events, since some of them give away diamonds and there are other important promotions you should consider

2. Do Not Spend Any Diamonds

Kof 98 um ol Save your diamonds!
Kof 98 um ol Save your diamonds!

Diamonds are probably the most important currency in KOF98 UM Online, they can be purchased with real money, and they can also be acquired by free players through the game without spending a cent but you will have to be more patient and careful with your diamond management as the game will tempt you to spend them many times through the day.

There are obviously, some exceptions to this rule, such as limited events or sales where spending diamonds is really worth it. I will name them in the tips below.

So, where to spend diamonds?

This is really a subjective topic, besides the first x10 draw to get a 4-star fighter, which is a recommended invest, it really depends on your play style, some people may be looking for specific fighters since they are their favorite characters from the King of Fighters universe, some others won't care about that at all and they just want to get the strongest fighters to be super competitive, both are valid reasons to play.

So let's say you are one of the first group and there's a sale where you can buy your favorite fighter for a set amount of diamonds, then go for it!. The lucky draw event is too risky in my opinion since you can spend literally thousands of diamonds and that does not guarantee you get the desired fighter, I rather invest in a safe bet. If you want to try your luck in this event, I suggest you have at least 18000 diamonds to invest in.

If you are one of the second group, save a lot of diamonds so you can get your first Aptitude 14 fighter as soon as possible from the "time-limited draw chest, "I will explain this event below.

3. Time-limited draw event

King of Fighters 98 UM Online Tips and Strategy Guide
King of Fighters 98 UM Online Tips and Strategy Guide

This is probably the most anticipated event in the game, and for a very good reason, as I mentioned before, in this event you can get an attitude 14 or 15 fighter, commonly known as "bosses."

This is pretty much an auction, where the first 30 people who invest the most diamonds buying chests during the event will get the fighter, you can either buy one chest for 80 diamonds (not recommended at all) or 10 for 680 (use this option), it is also worth to mention that with every chest you open there is a small chance to obtain said fighter (3 or 4 stars), and for every set amount of diamonds you spent you will get a free chest that contains fragments for the featured fighter and a lot of other nice rewards like tomes and badges.

Of course, winning is not going to be easy, and if you are interested in participating in this event you need to save tons of diamonds, it is impossible to predict the exact amount of diamonds that will guarantee you the fighter, but after a lot of time playing this game, I am pretty sure that the best way to get a boss fighter, particularly for free-to-play players, is to invest diamonds only to reach 3500 points in the auction, since this way you will unlock all the chest that contain fragments from the fighter in auction and you most likely will get the fighter in the process ( a 3* version or 4 if you got lucky), If you don't have the fighter at this point, it is worth it to invest a bit more diamonds until you get it, and immediately stop after that. Do not worry about beign in the top 30, thats usually for "whales", depending on the fighter and the server, use your best judgment here, if your server is cheap or the fighter is not popular, you might secure a place in the top 30.

After the first auction, repeat the proccess in the second auction for the same fighter, so you can get enough fragments to either increase stars or unlock elements, the second auction usually comes 2 months after the first.

4. Save Diamonds for the Slot Machine Event (One Arm Bandit)

Saving diamonds for the "One Arm Bandit" event is always a good idea to multiply your diamonds, this is definitely the best event for free and VIP players, It happens once a month, free players get five pulls and VIP 5 or more get up to 3 more pulls, but every pull cost a set amount of diamonds, and you will get a random amount higher than the cost of the pull within a set limit, the cost each consecutive pull is more expensive but the reward is greater, below you can see the cost of each pull and the limit of the reward;

First Pull

Most available: 177

Cost: 77

Second Pull

Most available: 577

Cost: 277

Third Pull

Most available: 1677

Cost: 777

Fourth Pull

Most available: 4377

Cost: 2077

Fifth Pull

Most available: 7777

Cost: 5077

Sixth Pull (you need to be VIP 5 to continue here)

Most available: 17777

Cost: 10777

Seventh Pull
Most available: 37777
Cost: 23777

Eight Pull

Most available: 67777

Cost: 55777

Remember to keep tracking the events in the official Kof '98 page to know when the slot machine event comes.

Kof 98 um ol Guide: Save Diamonds for the Slot Machine Event
Kof 98 um ol Guide: Save Diamonds for the Slot Machine Event

5. Join an Active Club

Joining a club will unlock the club store and more features that will grant you club coins and free diamonds every day and the possibility to buy fighter fragments.

The better the club you join is ranked, the higher the rewards you gain, so make sure you join an active club and also be active yourself by completing the daily club activities, like the club battle, the daily gold donation and the club challenge among others. The faster you join a good club, the sooner you will start to stack the club currency.

6. Recommended Fighters for Beginners

Ko98 UM OL Guide; Recomended Fighters for beginners  (Ftp)
Ko98 UM OL Guide; Recomended Fighters for beginners (Ftp)

In order to progress through the main and elite campaign you need to assemble a decent team early on, this will also help to position yourself in a better rank in the Arena which will grant you more Diamonds per day.

The next fighters are easy to obtain and are probably the best low-rank fighters:

  • Kyo: (DPS) You will get him for free at the start of the game along with other fighters, but Kyo Kusanagi is a strong aptitude 13 damage fighter that is worth to keep on your team. You will also receive Athena, a healer fighter that will help you a lot in the beginning of the game, keep her until you get Kensou to replace her. She can be used as a decent frontline.
  • Kensou: (Gank) There is no doubt he is the best aptitude 12, half tank and half healer, he belongs to the frontline. How to Unlock: You can buy his fragments from the trial store (5 frags x 900 trial coins), two nodes in the elite campaign; Chapter 4-2 and Chapter 10-2.
  • Vice: Damage dealer and buff for your DPS fighters, her ultimate ability aims to the lower health of your enemy, very useful in many situations. How to Unlock: You can buy her fragments from the honor store (5 frags x 900 honor coins), one node in the elite campaign; Chapter 6-2.
  • Mature: (DPS) Damage dealer and buff for you rear line, her ultimate skill aims to the higher health enemy and deals extra damage to enemies with 50% hp plus, great to get rid of enemy tanks. How to Unlock: You can buy her fragments from the honor store (5 frags x 900 honor coins), one node in the elite campaign; Chapter 7-2.
  • Ryo: The easiest tank to improve and also a good one, strongly recommended having at least one tank in your team. How to Unlock: You can buy his fragments from the honor store (5 frags x 900 honor coins), two nodes in the eElite campaign; Chapter 4-4 and Chapter 9-5.
  • King: Damage dealer who can silence enemies with her ultimate and basic skill, deals extra damage to gank fighters. How to Unlock: You can buy her Fragments from the club store (5 frags x 900 club coins), two nodes in the elite campaign; Chapter 3-3 and Chapter 13-4.


Fragments of Orochi Shermie are also available to buy from the club store (5 frags for 1500 club coins), if you are patient enough and willing to wait a few months in order to get her, then you can skip King and go for Shermie, since she is one of the strongest fighters you can acquire as a free to play (aptitude 13).

Take into account I am not suggesting you must assemble this exact team in order to progress into the game. You can create your own initial team and success either way but consider to get at some of the fighters I recommend, and you will succeed faster.

7. Be Patient and Enjoy the Game

Following the simple tips of this KOF '98 UM OL guide guarantees faster progress in the game, but let's be honest, even so, you will have to be very patient, this kind of mobile games are designed to take some time to progress, unless you decide to pay a good amount of money, if you are not willing to invest, keep this in mind and better enjoy the game.

I hope this guide is useful for you and feel free to ask me anything about the game in the comment section below.

© 2018 Alberto Zumaya


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    • betozg lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Alberto Zumaya 

      8 months ago

      Sorry, I dont but feel free to ask me anything here

    • profile image


      9 months ago

      Hi there! Do you have a YT channel?

    • betozg lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Alberto Zumaya 

      13 months ago

      I updated the guide May 29 - 2019

    • betozg lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Alberto Zumaya 

      14 months ago

      @Rainhart, Sorry I didn't understand your question

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      @Rainhart its true

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      It say in lucky event, u need lv 5 vip or 300k power, no mater how many i spend my name will be not in ranking? Is it true?

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      What should i choose o.shermie *5 to *6 or open element and smax?

    • betozg lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Alberto Zumaya 

      18 months ago

      Yeah, definitely, King is the first fighter to replace in your current formation, just keep in mind that Mai and O shermie will share the same passive if you are planning on opening her gates, and they won't stack (Shermie's passive is better)

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      My team billy*4, kyo*4, kensou*6, leona*3, mai*4, king*4 and have o.shermie 96 fragment, so i change king to o.shermie? Or anything else?

    • betozg lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Alberto Zumaya 

      20 months ago

      The S max? you need to unlock the 6th element gate (Water)

    • profile image


      20 months ago

      How to have 2nd ult move?


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