10 Tips to Help You Get out of LOL Bronze Tier

Updated on June 9, 2018

League of Legends Rank Distribution (2013)

As of this very moment, just over 30% of North American League of Legends players are ranked in Bronze. This figure goes up to somewhere between 60% and 70% when accounting for all the inactive players out there. These stats vary a bit, but the basic picture is the same: the Bronze community is huge!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a “magic solution” to getting out of Bronze. Because Bronze is the lowest tier, there will inevitably be great discrepancies between the skill levels of Bronze players. At this level of play, communication and teamwork skills are usually…lacking…at best.

Thankfully, there are a number of simple things you can do to drastically increase your odds of winning.

1. Don't Make Excuses

Personal adaptation of meme
Personal adaptation of meme

People will screw up. They just will. But we’re no exception to this rule. Instead of blaming our deaths, losing lane, lost minion farm, and every other bad thing on “noob teammates," take some ownership and focus on what you could be doing better. Don't harass teammates because of their mistakes...or yours.

If you screw up, own it. Blaming others won’t help them or you. We’re all bound to mess something up at some point or another. But if you’re not learning from your mistakes, you’re doing something seriously wrong.

Do you know how I learned to anticipate enemy ganks? Or know when my team was being baited? I got ganked and I got baited. Instead of blaming the enemy team or my team, I owned up to the fact that I was the one who foolishly walked into the bush where four of them were waiting to kill me.

It may hurt your pride, but this is one of the best ways to improve. If you want to get better at this game, ego is a no-go.

2. Don’t Pick Fights With Your Teammates

This is just common sense. If you expect your team to have your back, don’t be a jerk! I can’t tell you how many games I’ve seen disintegrate because a team was more interested in fighting itself than the enemies.

If one of your teammates makes a mistake, don’t be rude. Be supportive. Instead of tearing him down, try to build him up with constructive criticism and encouragement. You won’t believe the comebacks that friendly words can cause.

For example, I once played a game as Kayle in mid-lane. After about 20 minutes, we were behind. I was 0/2/0 and only had a mediocre farm to show for my time. My team wasn’t exactly pleased, but one teammate was very encouraging. And you know what? I didn’t get a bunch of kills, but I was able to get lots of assists and help my team make a comeback. I finished the game 0/2/11, having given several kills to our ADC and top lane.

Keep your raging under control. And by that, I mean "Don't rage". Period.

Pick your words carefully. If you can’t be helpful, give a compliment or two, say something encouraging, or offer kind criticism, then stay the heck off the in-game chat. Now, sometimes a fight will break out and you can’t control it. In that case, mute quarrelsome teammates. Don’t even listen to their bickering; it’s not worth you losing your focus.

Being friendly and respectful...
Helps your teammates relax
Helps everyone to play better
Makes YOU relax
Increases your team's chances of victory

3. Don’t Try to Be Pro

One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of Bronze players make is trying to imitate professional players' builds, play-styles, and team comps in the mistaken belief that doing so will bring them success.

Lots of these quirky pro-builds and such only seem so amazing because they’re being played by professionals. Keep in mind that many of these people are paid to play this game and know each of their champions inside and out. Because a pro appears to be wildly successful with some wonky new build or team comp does not mean that it is “OP”, meta-friendly, or even viable.

Ranked games are not the place to be trying out these weird new builds just because you heard somewhere that they’re OP. It’s also not the place to be playing unfamiliar champions just because someone online says they’re a hard counter to whomever your lane opponent is playing.

Play people you’re familiar with; play with builds you’re familiar with. Do what you can to play to your strengths.

4. Ward. Always Ward.

Sometimes, the only reason an enemy gank or team fight is successful is because you didn’t see it coming. A lot of players neglect to ward or to ward effectively. Prioritize your areas of vulnerability. Passthejelly wrote an exellent guide on warding that I'd recommend reading.

Don’t go chasing into a river blind or try to take an objective when the entire enemy team’s missing. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how good your enemy is; if you are the one charging in blind, you are the one at a disadvantage. Don’t give your opponents an edge over you by something as silly as not setting up wards.

Another great warding guide:

This video was made in League Season 3. when many players made warding out to be "the support's job." Keep in mind that in Season 4, everyone should be warding--not just supports. Because warding trinkets is free, nobody has an excuse not to do so!

5. Farm, Farm, and Farm.

Even more important than getting in good trades with your opponent is farming. If you let your enemy get way ahead of you in farms, it won’t matter if you get a couple of extra hits in. He’ll just go back to base, cash in all the dough he’s rolling in, and return better built than you are.

Remember, killing 10-15 minions (depending on the type) is the gold equivalent of getting a kill. Risking it all to kill an enemy isn’t worth it if it means that he gets ahead of you by 20 minions. Make sure that harassing the enemy never stops you from farming. Ever.

Even when team fights start breaking out, and everyone is roaming. Don’t stop farming when there are nearby minions. Why pass up free gold?

6. Use Proper Lane Positioning

Unless you’re going to dive your lane opponent or make a rush on their tower, you should never be pushing the minions further than the midway point between the two teams’ outermost turrets. If you push the lane too hard, you’re just setting yourself up to be ganked by the enemy jungler.

It’s also much harder to farm when the lane is pushed toward the enemy side. Getting closer to farm means risking enemy harassment and turret agro. If anything, let your enemy do the pushing while you focus on last-hitting. Then he’ll be at a disadvantage while you’ll be comfortably farming just ahead of your turret.

Also, be aware of where you’re standing in relation to your minions. If the enemy has ranged attacks that can’t penetrate minion lines (Nidalee’s spears, Blitzcrank’s grab, etc.) then make sure you always have minions cover. Don’t stand in places that make you vulnerable. If you think an enemy is in a bush or planning to land an attack, avoid it.

7. Don't Take "Free" Damage

Personal adaptation of meme
Personal adaptation of meme

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you were walking your dog one day and some stranger came up and started punching you in the face, would you just sit there and take it? Heck, no! It’s the same sort of thing in lane. If the enemy is poking you, trying to zone you, or punishing you for farming, are you going to just stand there?

Either stay a safe distance away or try to make a favorable trade. Don’t just let enemies get free hits on you. If you let your enemy harass you without consequence, it’ll be that much easier for him to get you out of lane and get ahead of you in farm.

At the same time, don't let enemy harassment stop you from farming. Instead, try to punish the enemy when he moves in to kill a minion. Do what you can to deny him. This will make him more reluctant to just waltz up and take a farm. He’ll also think twice about trying to make a trade.

8. Pick Your Battles

Don’t engage in fights you know you can’t win; it’ll just get you killed and put your teammates at risk. Engage wisely in evenly-matched fights.

Pay attention during team fights. If you notice that your team is losing, back out. Don’t stick around to save what can’t be saved. It’s better to let two of you teammates die if it means that the other three of you get away. Don’t risk your own life trying to save people who got caught out or are going to die anyway. Odds are you’ll just give the enemy team an extra kill.

Especially late in the game, your team can’t afford to get caught in losing fights. One botched team fight can turn the tables and lose you the game.

9. Seize Opportunity When It Knocks

Okay, this sounds a bit silly, but it’s totally true. If you just wrecked the enemy team in the last team fight, do something useful with your lead. Push over a tower, go for an inhibitor, or push out the lanes.

Too often a team will gain a huge advantage and then totally squander it. Don’t use precious time like this to go roam the jungle or farm somewhere off by yourself. Stalling just gives the enemy team another chance to stage a comeback. When you have the opportunity, go for the win.

10. Baron Nashor Is Not a Cure-All

Baron Nashor screenshot, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.
Baron Nashor screenshot, League of Legends, copyright Riot Games, Inc.

The buff that Baron Nashor can give a team is amazing, but it’s hardly worth throwing the entire game for. If you get your butts thumped by the enemy team, don’t risk getting thumped further just to keep them from Baron. Your odds are so much better if you just play defensively, guard your base, and wait out the buff.

Baron can be just as deadly to the team in the lead. Many teams go for Baron when they should be rushing the enemy Nexus and winning the game. Instead of going for the nearly guaranteed win, they stall and risk the enemy team respawning, making a comeback, or pushing their turrets.

If your whole team is going for Baron, wait until at least two of their team members are dead. It would be really hard for them to keep you off Baron in a 3-vs-5 fight. But personally, I would also make sure the enemy has an inhibitor down before taking Baron. This will force the enemy team to be on the defensive should they all spawn in before you kill Baron.

At any rate, the Baron isn’t necessary to win the game. If you can win without it, win without it.

Perseverance pays off!

After a whole summer without League, I decayed pretty far into Bronze. I struggled for a while, but when I started applying these strategies, I shot up through two divisions and jumped right up to my placements into Silver.

But remember, these strategies aren’t magic; they won’t guarantee a win. But, if you apply them consistently and play smart, you will advance.

Do you have an escape-from-Bronze success story? Feel free to share—I’d love to hear!

Best of luck on the Fields of Justice!


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      • profile image

        HappyTheKing 4 months ago

        Wow! I was in bronze but now im in silver 5. Better than bronze 3. Thanks, it is very helpful. Like never blame others, don't go in while its 5v1, put wards and just farm without taking damage. Wow this help me alot thxs!

      • profile image

        Narugar 7 months ago

        Im platinum 4 .. im boosting my friend id in bronze .. but i need some help about how do i handle kid/feeder in my team? even i talk nicely to them, they ignored me and keep feeding and keep blaming each other. How do i resolve this problem :/

      • profile image

        Werew0lf 9 months ago

        I recently played where I was blitz, and I was playing with an Eve and I was landing hook after hook, separating and pulling we were easily winning fights and pushing she was upset I didnt dive in and tank, as she had done feeding some. I was trying to explain to play her role, she can pick off stragglers and what not. She said I should play my role, a tank...I thought iw as the most absurd thing Id ever heart. Blitz may be tank/support but or bruiser? but hes a utility king. I was amazed someone would rather we dive mindlessly than play smart. A little of her wanting to be MVP and a lot of attitude. I also always argue if you can push OR dragon.baron. do the push they are foced to defend, you know where they are. Dragon/Baron on the way back or after killing 2. I hate the squandered team kill aces and so on.

      • profile image

        kendall willis 11 months ago

        Im low platinum now but when i first started i was in bronze 5 (playing ranked soon as i hit lv 30). i just never played rank probable 1 or twice a week and a 30 norms had a low win rate in ranked and a high one in norms so i decided to start focusing on ranked and got to silver in 2 weeks. and shot up from there.

      • profile image

        Simon 16 months ago

        Wait turn perseverence off but, but im a garen main :)

      • profile image

        Jacob 21 months ago

        I was playing with my friends in 3 man. We went on a 11 win streak. Today they are not here and since I'm soloq i have lost 6 out of my last 8 games and got demoted to b4 after getting from b5 to b3 in 2 days. This is frustrating with the teams you get -_-

      • profile image

        George 22 months ago

        This tips won't help you getting out of bronze.You won't get out of bronze unless u play in 4\5 man premade.My last 10 games in bronze look like this

        -Afk Remake

        -Afk we can't remake we lose the game

        -Jungle forgets smite,support forgets masteries and runes.We can still win but all they do is flaming.

        -1 h of carry as support trundle,the enemy team has 1 nexus tower up but we lost cuz they don't group and at the and our talon decides to look and pray the enemy to finish the game.


        When i started to play ranked i knew nothing about it and my games were horrible cuz i was affraid of ranked,i didn't wanter to ruin other players's elo and i got placed in b1 the i start learning but was already too late couse i was already demoted so hard and the skill level didn't seamed to matter anymore cuz even if u do fine in your lane unless you'r 10-0-0 in min 10 and you go and finish the game fast your team8 will find a way to lose the game.

      • profile image

        TheVainGamer 2 years ago

        Thanks for the tips man. i'm still not even ranked and I've been getting consecutive loses and this tips just boost my confidence up. i use kindred,Draven and jinx and whenever i play i always happen to have a team mate that always pick fights and blame us. I'm really curious on how you handle them? because if you say something like "stop being a jerk" they just become much more mean to you and sometimes it just forces me to leave the game

      • profile image

        Jared 2 years ago

        I just got to Silver today. I started playing Taric before the rework thinking that heals and wards win the game. Nope. ADC wins the game. I just used Ashe with all attack speed runes and rushed to a muramana to maintain pressure with enless volley of arrows. Next was attack speed boots then a blood thirster followed by a hurricane then a phantom dancer then an infinity edge lastly I would replace the boots with the +75 attack damage and 15% life steal. I also used Shaco as a secondary jungle position to counter their jungler or get early ganks.

      • profile image

        Negasuki 2 years ago

        I try to explain these things to people ALL the time. Literally this exact same list. "Dont' chase, push minions and towers. Don't recall -push- we just aced them. Don't go 1 v 5 feed them by trying to dive their entire team at dragon AFTER they've gotten it. Don't Baron.. we have NO IDEA where they are."

      • Blavion Wolfane profile image

        Dylan Parado 2 years ago from Manila, Philippines

        still a level 18 player....i crei!

      • profile image

        rector 2 years ago

        hey guys rector here,

        if you scroll up a bit, you can see i was in bronze 5 and 6 weeks ago, i posted that i was in bronze 2. Guess what? I MADE IT TO THAT SILVER BLING!

        Elo hell does not exist. Trust me, ive played over 300 games to get to silver from bronze 5. If I can do it, anyone can :)

        Good luck on the rift bros.

      • profile image

        rector 2 years ago

        Ive climbed from bronze 5 to bronze 2 so far using your tip:D silver here I come

      • profile image

        DRAVEN 2 years ago

        Thanks for ur advices man i really enjoy reading this keep ur advices on man ;)

      • profile image

        rector 3 years ago

        oh and btw, I would love a duo partner ign: Rectorgaming

      • profile image

        Alvin 3 years ago

        I'm a bronze 2 and I've employed a lot of these tips. I main ADC and if i have the extra gold, I even get a sightstone. People say wtf at first but then all of them want to add me after the game when we win and we have map vision control.

      • profile image

        rector 3 years ago

        im in bronze 5 and i aint giving up until s6 comes along

      • profile image

        Flawlessoverlord 3 years ago

        You know, I duo q'd with a friend and won all 5 in a row, I was bronze 5 80 lp. I solo q'd and lost 5 more, and every game I played now and then I have , toxic players, the classic,"adc or feed", players, players that just don't listen. But I learned to control them, I would call Mia for other lanes when they didn't, I would ward for the other lanes if they didn't, I would gank their lane and back off so they could get a kill. Most of all, when they started raging I would call them down. I also tell them not to fight over all chat, makes you stressed and angry when people are cussing you out, btw the mute button is there for a reason ;)

      • profile image

        Zed 3 years ago

        Lol i got silver 2 last season from my promos and i just started playing the game 4 months ago and this season i got bronze 3 i had 96 lp and then it dropped to zero now bot lane on my team always loses i carry mid and early game pretty well but then late game they just get to tanky and strong i can't carry alone since i use zed its like impossible to escape bronze no matter how you look at it.

      • TwerkZerker profile image

        TwerkZerker 3 years ago

        Attaboy, Kially!

      • profile image

        KIALLY 3 years ago

        hmm,this is all so sad but trolls and AFKers are something we can't avoid and we never know who they are until we reach in game :( im Bronze IV I got demoted cause of trolls but im not giving up BELIEVE IT

      • profile image

        Octavian 3 years ago

        The one thing i hated when i started ranked was when one of my teammates would just give enemy laner a few kill, which is not crazy or whatever, but then they would just give up if the enemy was simply 2/0/0. They would stop farming and start complaining, im not saying i never did this, about how the jungler never ganked or never warded or even never pinged. So in the end i would just say that the only way to win is to get a good team that cooperates, i got teams like this a couple times and BOOM we won the game, also when you start the game if you jungle please tell your teammates what your going to do (jungle path/gank path) and ALWAYS ping when you gank don't go in like a retard (happens WAY too often.

      • profile image

        wot_enzo 3 years ago

        I am currently in bronze 1 and have been to a ton of series for silver 5, but just too unfortunate with teammates. I ussually lose sthe series because my teammates are not serious about the game, then right after i lose the series, i win games and go back into another series. It is just a sad cycle. I think that getting out of bronze, if you are actually better than bronze, is completely luck with teammates. This is because players in bronze have varying skills. The AFKers, trollers, plain ol noobs, and people who are relatively good at the game and plays seriously. With this, winning a game depends on what types of players you have and what the enemies have.

      • TwerkZerker profile image

        TwerkZerker 3 years ago

        Very good advice, Blake! Thanks for sharing!

      • profile image

        Blake 3 years ago

        Hi there! I enjoyed this read. I am currently in Silver 2, and was simply looking up strategies for coming back from behind. I'm pretty confident when in the lead.

        Here are a few things I'd like to suggest to players. (I'm no pro, just trying to help where I can.)

        As a jungle main, I will say this... Jungle with someone with early influence. Some champions who are great are Lee Sin, Elise, Eve, and Pantheon. I'm sure there are others, but those are my favorite ones to use. I prefer to start red buff, and then gank mid lane at level 2. Their mid laner NEVER expects it. Make sure to communicate with your mid laner that you are doing so, that way they know to NOT use their flash unless they can, 100%, get the kill. Red buff slows them, and damages them over time. This means that a kill OR flash is almost guaranteed.

        It's also suggested to duo with someone who you can rely on. You want someone who is actually good. Someone you mesh well with. Assuming you and your partner is as good as you believe you are (OMG I shud be Challengerz), then you have a ~38% chance of getting that "troll" or "I dc'd!" player onto your team. Their team has a ~62% chance of getting that one player. Think about it. Your team has 3 random players out of 8 random players (remember, you and your partner are 2). Their team has 5 out of 8 chances to get that one player. Long story short, statistically speaking, if you really are as good as you think you are, you should be able to get good leads, if not the win, in a majority of your games.

        There are other things but maybe this helps some people. :)

        Oh, and another thing -- I'm unsure where the quote came from, but I also believe it.

        "Play to improve, don't play to win." This simply means to improve your play. Don't create a mindset in which you MUST win.... If you do, you will surely fail. No-one can win them all. No-one. Just find your faults and fix them. :)

      • profile image

        shane 3 years ago

        this is all true cept one thing, bronze is full of feeders and trolls that's the truth, so many games i could have perfect farm at least even score but can't carry cuz every lane plays so dumb other team is miles ahead. you say don't blame team but when u do all u can, and u lose cuz evey lanes 10+ kills 15 mins in all day what else is there, u can't blame yourself for not being good enough to 5v1 all game. i don't blame team always just when its clearly their fault i try to help they get mad, or don't listen and repeat same mistakes over and over.

        the # problem with bronze is 90% the players lack normal experience and therefore knowledge of the game, they play champs/roles they don't know. they lack even back csing skills and passive play. i say it all the time to teams pls practice before u play ranked.

        go to lolking and see teams 90% the time its like 1-200 normal games max and like 200 odd ranked usually more ranked than norm.

        saw i team the other day 1 guy had 1200 normal games other duo partner had over 1k ranked, and they where good and coordinated well why because they had exp that no one else seems to

        srry had to rant cuz im tired of losing game after game with a decent score but rest team is like 0-10 2-10 shit like that

        the hard fact is u can only do so much alone it's a team game and if team isn't up to par u lose

      • profile image

        Ludvig 3 years ago

        Thank you for writing down these advise.

      • msdielise profile image

        msdielise 3 years ago

        Look at the bronze v population. O.m.g. Actually, the game mechanics is easy. All you need to do is to focus crushing the enemy nexus and to do that you need to farm hard, secure objectives like dragon and baron, stop roaming when it is not warded, don't backdoor (alone) when you don't have vision. Most people mistaken League as a "shoot-to-kill" game like Counter-Strike.

        So in my theory, the total population of bronze v = the total population of people who thinks it is a "shoot-to-kill" game.

      • TwerkZerker profile image

        TwerkZerker 3 years ago

        Hey Joey!

        Sorry to hear! Playing when you're short on sleep will always make it harder. I have a few friends in diamond and platinum right now and they never play in the mornings or very late at night because they know they'll be tired and crabby (and won't play well). Don't give up though!

      • profile image

        Joey 3 years ago

        went from bronze 5 -2 lp to bronze 2 50 lp, recently dropped down to b4 0 lp, i feel so worthless, i think i kno y i lost, i played 5 ranked games on 20 minutes sleep and was also toxic

      • TwerkZerker profile image

        TwerkZerker 3 years ago

        Hey Tyler!

        Yup, trolls and AFKers can make it difficult, but thankfully not impossible! Don't give up! Good luck!

      • profile image

        Tyler Vert 3 years ago

        Its so difficult with AFKers and Trolls... Went from S3 to B5 and now im basically stuck there. Not to say its not my fault too, i have grown as a player, but i do believe im better than bronze.

      • profile image

        alex 4 years ago

        Wow. I thought I was the only one stuck in bronze.

      • TwerkZerker profile image

        TwerkZerker 4 years ago

        Thanks for the read, Eric! Good luck!

      • Eric Mikols profile image

        Eric Mikols 4 years ago from New England

        These are all great tips and I'll be using them to try to get out of Bronze. Whether or not I do, these tips still seem like they would do the trick for someone with decent skill. Thanks for writing this up.

      • TwerkZerker profile image

        TwerkZerker 4 years ago

        I hear you, Hecatine.

        Solo-queuing about made me throw my laptop across the room when I first started playing ranked. It IS possible to carry a team on your own (even if the rest of your team is...well...Derp-Squad 4), but it certainly isn't easy. It took me a long while to get to the point where I can lane successfully with little to no reliance on my teammates, but that's really the key.

        If you're relying on a team that isn't with the program, none of these tips will be particularly helpful. To get out of low ELO games, you not only have to be able to do these things (and more, because these certainly aren't the only 10 things to help players improve), but you have to do them relying only on yourself--regardless of how good or bad the rest of your team is.

        I personally find it much more enjoyable to duo with a friend in the same room. But even then, it can be annoying when a game is doomed to fail because of other clueless teammates. Not every game can be won, but if you can get to the point where you're pretty much self-sufficient, you will advance (even if it happens slowly)!

        Good luck and thanks for the read!

      • profile image

        hecatine 4 years ago

        all these tips are good an all but wont work on solo que lol regardless of how good u are how well u do if you don't know how to win a game on ur own if ur team is bad ur going to loose I was stuck in silver all season 3 made it to devision 3 and then down to 5 by the end all I got were nothing but bronze in my teams I was the only silver and u can tel by the scores I would be the only one with less that 5 deaths wil the rest of my team over 10 even if I got fed and would be able to kill everyone on the enemy team couldn't do so if my team left me to get 5v1 I couldn't slplit push cuz they couldn't defend so were did that leave me ? with my hopeless team that would die as soon as I did lol so u wana get out of bronze or silver or gold only one way find urself a team and only play matches with them problem solved lol if u noticed rarely do u find a solo que player in any of the top tiers everyone in them are part of a team

      • TwerkZerker profile image

        TwerkZerker 4 years ago

        LOL, that's where I was in the beginning of season 3--stuck in Silver. And then I went all summer without playing and decayed wayyyyyyy down.

        Thanks for reading!

      • ilikegames profile image

        Sarah Forester 4 years ago from Australia

        Great tips, now I just need a guide to get out of my silver tier.


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