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"League of Legends": 7 Annoying Champions

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League of Legends is a great game to play. However, there are some champions that are extremely annoying to play against. Not all champions are created equal. Some champions have an unfair advantage that makes them virtually unstoppable if they're fed early in the game. What makes an annoying champion, in my opinion, is an OP ult, a stupid passive, or a playstyle that people chose with a certain champion that makes them extremely hard to kill and makes them almost invincible. Why doesn't League nerf some of these champions to make them fair to play against? There shouldn't have to be a ban section and that ban section shouldn't be filled with the same champions every single game. On a side note, if you are playing these certain champions, you will find it absolutely hilarious to see your opponents rage about how OP you are. Let's take a look at seven champions that made my list. None of these champs are invincible, but they sure are annoying.


1. Teemo

Teemo is probably on everyone's top list. Three things make him one of the most annoying champions in the game. First, he has a ridiculously long blind that can absolutely shut down a carry and dominate top lane. You have to design your build around his blind otherwise he will destroy you in most situations. Secondly, his poison stacks and if built with a strong AP build he will tear apart your health long after he has run away into his probable trap. This can also be annoying even if Teemo is on your team.

Teemo might get one shot off on a guy while you jump in for the kill under a turret and Teemo walks away with a kill from his poison! Last of all, his invisible mushrooms. I can't even count on a thousand hands how many times I thought I had gotten away safely only to find out that I am going to die from an invisible mushroom placed in a bush on the way back to my camp. While Teemo is really annoying, he can certainly be stopped with a little tenacity and magic resistance. Let's check out who made it second on my list.


2. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank is one of those champions that everyone hates going against. He started off being a really good solo top champion but slowly got nerfed and shifted his way into an elite support role. I still think from the time of this publication that Blitzcrank is still on the top list for banned champions. Blitzcrank has one thing that makes him so annoying. That one thing is his grab. A lot of champions have similar skills, Nautilus with his anchor and Thresh with his hook, but none of them instantly pull you completely away. Nautilus pulls you halfway and himself halfway. Thresh just drags you and has the option to pull himself to you. Blitzcrank can grab people out from underneath a tower, from the jungle and into his own tower.

Along with his other abilities, you are pretty much immobilized for a good three or four seconds. Most of the time, Blitzcrank comes with a friend and they both beat up on you. Unless you are really tanky or are able to flash before Blitzcrank can ult, you are probably dead. You can easily counter Blitzcrank by picking up a Banshee's Veil though.


3. Nidalee

Nidalee is a champion that everyone loves to hate, but will always play. Overall, she isn't that bad or annoying of a champion. About 90% of her abilities are completely fair and reasonable. There is but one thing that I hate about her. Spears. I can't even count how many times Nidalee has just sat back and thrown spears from 1000 feet away and has slain champions. The whole concept that the farther she is away, the more damage she does is completely broken. Especially in maps like ARAM where it is almost impossible to miss.

I know that Nidalee is easy to counter, just pick a Banshee's veil and you are good to go, but it is still really annoying that she can spam a spear that can possibly do 1000 damage every three seconds. I definitely think League should take a look at this and either lower it to 150% or change the range of it. I love playing as Nidalee but it has gotten to the point where it isn't fun anymore. When you can finish a game of ARAM with 15 kills but have the least "damage done" on your team, I feel like that is robbing the players from the game.


4. Master Yi

Master Yi is one of those champions that is born to make pentakills. Especially AP Yi, which I am sure we all love to hate at this point. Having an ult that refreshes all of your cool downs upon a kill is absolutely ridiculous. Especially considering that his Q can potentially kill three champions at once and still collect some farm. What I find that is most annoying about Yi is the way people are using meditate these days. You can just wait for your opponent to dive your tower, pop meditate, become invincible and pickup a double or triple kill.

There shouldn't be a champion that is so unbalanced that if he gets a few kills early game that he can dominate the fields of justice. It is just annoying and makes him an extremely annoying champion as an opponent, or a really obnoxious yet beneficial ally. Overcoming Yi is pretty easy though if you dedicate a long range caster with a stun and healing reduction. All you have to do is wait for Yi to pop meditate and then stun him, canceling the ability. However, a good person playing Yi waits for all stuns to be exhausted and then goes in for the kill, or kills. AP Yi definitely made it on my top list.


5. Darius

Darius is one of those champions that you hate to see on your opponent's team. While he is really easy to shut down early game, if built properly he can be a late-game menace. What makes him so annoying? He cuts people in half. A lot. His ult having a cool down reset upon a kill makes him a huge threat. If Darius survives a team fight toward the end, he can easily grab a pentakill. His ult is not the only thing that makes him so annoying.

Darius can also grab an entire team and throw them off balance in one swift move. After that, he can instantly damage their whole team. This makes him great on initiation and as a finisher. How annoying can one champion get? Let's mention his passive. Every time he hits an enemy with a basic attack or ability, he causes them to bleed out. This can be annoying on both the opposing team and on your team. You can think that you got away and die light years away from the fight because you bled out. You can also get a hard-earned kill stolen from you because Darius hit them a few times and got a kill from them bleeding out. His ult also scales based on how much they are bleeding. This guy is set up to be a killing machine!


6. Katarina

Katarina is an AP champion that in my opinion is still OP. For two reasons. The cooldown on her ult and the lack of mana. She can easily kill an entire team separately by herself. For this main reason, she annoys the crap out of me. How do I know that League of Legends loves the fact that she is OP? Because every chance they get they make a new skin for her. They keep her OP for the fact that she sells. That I find is also very annoying.

The fact that her ult can kill three champions and that it has ~25-second cooldown if she does is ridiculous. That's like giving Morgana a cooldown refresh if she kills a champion. I just feel that if you gave Katarina mana and got rid of her cooldown refresh then she would be very balanced and still a tough champion to play against. As of right now, she is even annoying to be on the same team with. Your whole team will go in and fight the good fight, then Katarina will walk in get a quadrakill because she just ulted and ran away. I know it is good to feed the carry, but most of those players talk about how "noob" their teams are if they lose. I find this hilarious.


7. Fiddlesticks

Last but not least, let's talk about Fiddlesticks. First of all, I will lead by saying that Fiddle has the most terrifying ult in the game. When everyone sees this, they automatically run regardless of the situation. Is this OP? Maybe. I mean doing 500 magic damage per second is kind of messed up, but a nice stun can stop Fiddle in his tracks. The thing that makes Fiddlesticks so annoying in my book is his fear ability. That thing feel like it lasts 10 seconds! He can easily shut down your carry in a team fight just by using one of his main abilities. While we are on this topic, it doesn't hurt to add that he has a silence that bounces off people.

So he can fear your carry and silence the rest of the gang in a second if he wanted too. To top it all off Fiddlesticks has a drain spell that not only does a ton of damage, but is like Yi's meditate that can kill you! Put it all together and you have an extremely annoying, but squishy champion to fight against. Any questions?

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Xd on June 10, 2015:

Karthus is very anoyying also fiddlesticks and both of them are easy to kill

pingas on March 01, 2015:


DarkaiXeno on September 17, 2014:

SimilarSam, I don't know who you are, but if you keep playing teemo, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Samuel Franklin on September 13, 2014:

Teemo is notoriously annoying and I can't stop playing him!

Heimer on November 09, 2013:

You should've added Heimerdinger.....I didn't think he was annoying until I versed a noob mid lane with him running heal and clarity....The kid literally sat in lane surrounded by turrets doing NOTHING. His turrets got him cs, and whenever I tried diving, he bursted me with all his abilities. Didn't get 1 kill in the laning faze... he ended up going 0-0-15 with around 175 cs. Lol

UnsungRhapsody from Houston, TX on September 04, 2013:

Heh, interesting hub. And I agree for the most part, except that I haven't had to face Darius or Katarina yet.

Question though: could I write a hub on how to enjoy the game even though I just started recently (lvl 15), or should I play my way up to lvl 30 and experience more of the community before attempting it?

MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on July 06, 2013:

All of those champions are hard to kill but not annoying. Karthus is annoying only because of his ult, but you can just use barrier or something. As song as you don't chase Singed you're good. A good stun will stop all of those champions.

thegecko on July 05, 2013:

Hmmm... what about...