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Mastering the Gods of Smite: A Basic Guide to Isis

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Isis, bastion of the people and queen of magic, joins Ra as the second mage in the Egyptian pantheon. Though not often a first pick, Isis is popular for her high damage and excellent crowd control. Although her kit can be difficult to master, she's a rewarding goddess to learn.


As the granddaughter of the sun god Ra, Isis was a powerful goddess. Isis is famous for being the patron of the people, the embodiment of motherly love and magical might. She is primarily known for her relationship to her husband, Osiris, the ruler of Egypt and defender of justice, who was famously slain by his jealous brother, Set. Isis was responsible for finding the pieces of his body and reassembling him, thus creating the lord of the underworld in his current form. She was considered the mother of all pharaohs by the ancient Egyptians.


Isis' passive, Funeral Rites, is a stacking ability that gains power each time she witnesses a player death. This buff gives HP5 and MP5 to nearby allies at a rate of 2 per stack.

Her primary lane clear is Wing Gust. Isis flaps her wings and shoots four powerful gusts in front of her. While this ability is being cast, she is immune to root and knockback effects and gains movement speed with no backpedal penalty.

Spirit Ball is Isis' second ability and most powerful damaging power. This is a large ball of light that travels slowly and gains power as its distance increases. It can, however, be triggered early and with careful aim be used to stun enemy gods. By using this aggressively in the early laning phases, Isis can force back the opposing player and gain dominance in her lane.

Isis' three is Dispel Magic, a circle that slows, silences, and shreds protections of enemy gods. This can be difficult to aim, but by landing this on a target before slamming them with a Spirit Ball, Isis can dominate a fight.

In keeping with the spirit of her protective tendencies, Isis' ultimate is Circle of Protection, a large circle that protects allies from damage and heals upon detonation. This can be used defensively to protect allies in a team fight or offensively to deal heavy damage to an enemy when Isis is cornered.

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Build Guide

Isis benefits greatly from a start featuring Soul Stone. The magical power boost this item grants is an excellent way to bolster her already strong early game damage and further her ability to bully in lane. An alternative to this is rushing Book of Thoth to start gaining stacks as quickly as possible. Warlock's Sash is a suitable alternative if survivability is a concern. Her boots should be the Shoes of the Magi and will likely follow her first stack item. In keeping with standard mage builds, Obsidian Shard and Rod of Tahuti need to be included somewhere in the build, preferably no later than the third and fourth slots. After this, any items that provide heavy amounts of magical power are to be prioritized, especially those with additionally utility such as Chrono's Pendant and Bancroft's Talon.

In-depth build guides and additional information can be found at the community sites SmiteFire, SmiteGuru, and Tiermonster.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Isis features some of the best crowd control and utility of any mage. Between her stuns, slows, knockbacks, and silences, her ability to control a fight is superb. As long as early game is played well and she does not fall behind, Isis will continue to be a powerful force in lane and a key player in team fights.

Isis' greatest struggle is her lack of an escape ability. Although the movement speed boost from Wing Gust is usually enough to distance her from opponents, it cannot provide an easy out when cornered. Players should be aware of their positioning in relation to enemy players and ward carefully to avoid being ganked.

Role in Conquest

Usually, like most mages, Isis is played in the middle lane. Rarely, she is played in solo, and she is arguably a possible jungle pick (though one for fun, not success). Wing Gust gives her a strong clear and decent poke damage and Spirit Ball gives her the ability to bully the other player with heavy damage early on. Because her end-game damage output is unfortunately lackluster, early game dominance is essential to success with this goddess.


Now that you've got the basics down, you're ready to go crush mid lane with Isis! If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, pressing anxieties, etc, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

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