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"Mortal Kombat" (2011) Story Mode Fight List: Opponents and Chapters


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Mortal Kombat 2011

Mortal Kombat 2011

The story mode in Mortal Kombat (2011) has raised the bar for presentation and storytelling in fighting games. When you select this mode, you will relive the events from the first three Mortal Kombat games, with a few differences. Raiden, the protector of Earthrealm and the Thunder God, attempts to alter events to prevent Shao Kahn from killing everyone, including himself. Some events cannot be altered and others have unforeseen consequences.


The story mode has 16 chapters. Each chapter will have you controlling a different fighter as you progress through the story. You cannot select a different fighter for each fight. You must also win each fight in order to progress. If you lose, you are given the option of retrying the fight or quitting back to the main menu. You are not given the option to perform fatalities in this mode, since killing characters would interfere with the storyline. Tag matches take place in the form of handicap matches. Your opponent will have a partner and can tag him in and out, but you will never be able to tag in another fighter while in story mode. There are also two gauntlet matches near the end of the game. In these, you will fight three opponents in a row using only one life bar. In the gauntlet, your opponent will not tag in other fighters, they will appear only when their partner is defeated.

Chapter 1 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Reptile: Courtyard Night
  2. Baraka: Courtyard Night
  3. Sonya Blade: The Pit
  4. Kano: The Pit

Chapter 1: Johnny Cage

Chapter 1 begins during the opening fights for the first Mortal Kombat tournament. For the first fight, Johnny Cage is ordered to face Reptile by Shang Tsung. After winning this fight, Cage gets cocky and starts to trash-talk the other fighters lined up in front of him. Shang Tsung orders his second fight, and now Johnny Cage must face Baraka. Baraka is defeated, and Shang Tsung tells Cage to finish him. Cage is confused, not knowing what he has gotten himself into, and refuses to kill Baraka. Shang Tsung is visibly annoyed and announces the tournament will resume the next day.

Cage follows Sonya to the pit, trying to flirt with her. Sonya is trying to radio in backup and is annoyed by Cage's advances. The two fight briefly, and Cage bests Sonya. Kano watches the sparring match, then makes a move by throwing Cage over the edge of the pit. Cage hangs on, pulling himself up after being horrified by the view below. Cage confronts Kano to get his attention off Sonya, and beats him in a fight. Kano retreats, and Sonya thanks Cage for his help.

Chapter 2 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Sub-Zero: Dungeon
  2. Raiden: Dungeon
  3. Jade and Kitana: Handicap Match - The Garden
  4. Kano: The Garden

Chapter 2: Sonya Blade

Chapter 2 begins where Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade part ways. Sonya is looking for her commanding officer, Jackson Briggs, also known as Jax. Sonya heads to the dungeons and finds him locked in a cell. Shang Tsung confronts her and tells her she will face Sub-Zero for trying to free Jax. Sonya defeats Sub-Zero, and Raiden appears. Sonya gets in a match with Raiden as he tries to stop her from killing Shang Tsung. After Sonya beats Raiden (or Raiden lets her win?) she escapes with Jax.

Jax and Sonya radio for an extraction, but are confronted by Jade and Kitana. The Outworld warriors are defeated, but Kano sees a chance to attack Sonya once again. He is defeated and runs away.

The extraction helicopter arrives, but is blown apart by a fireball from Shang Tsung. Jax and Sonya are not allowed to leave the island.

Chapter 3 Opponent and Arena List

Kung Lao: Courtyard Day

Nightwolf: Courtyard Day

Sektor and Cyrax: Handicap Match - Shang Tsung's Throne Room

Sub-Zero: Hell

Chapter 3: Scorpion

Scorpion is introduced as the tournament resumes. Shang Tsung introduces him. Shang Tsung challenges any warrior to face Scorpion, but Scorpion demands to face Sub-Zero. Raiden has a vision and confronts Kung Lao, who is dressed as a guard. Kung Lao wishes to be seen as Liu Kang's equal, and steps forward to face Scorpion. Scorpion defeats Kung Lao and Raiden chastises him.

Scorpion demands Sub-Zero a second time, but Shang Tsung has him face Nightwolf instead. Nightwolf tells Scorpion his aggression is misplaced, and Scorpion tells him he is a disgrace for not wanting vengeance for his people. Scorpion defeats Nightwolf, and tells Shang Tsung he is wasting his time. Quan Chi tells Scorpion to restrain himself. Raiden speaks with Scorpion and offers to request the resurrection of Scorpion's clan if Scorpion will spare Sub-Zero's life. Scorpion accepts.

In Shang Tsung's throne room, Sektor and Cyrax are discussing the cyber initiative within the Lin Kuei. They see Scorpion and start with the trash talk. Scorpion tells them his clan will walk the Earth once more soon enough. Shang Tsung announces the confrontation as a challenge, and Scorpion defeats them both.

Sub-Zero steps forward, and Scorpion transports them both to hell to fight. Scorpion defeats Sub-Zero and does not move to kill him. Quan-Chi shows up and shows Scorpion the slaughter of his clan. He also shows Scorpion that a warrior dressed as Sub-Zero killed his wife, and Scorpion forgets his agreement with Raiden. Sub-Zero says that the warrior was not him, but is silenced. Scorpion teleports back to the throne room with Sub-Zero's skull and spine in hand.

Chapter 4 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Sheeva: The Pit
  2. Baraka: The Pit
  3. Johnny Cage: Courtyard Day
  4. Sektor: The Garden

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Chapter 4: Cyrax

Cyrax and Raiden discuss the death of Sub-Zero and the cyber initiative. Raiden suggests that the Lin Kuei will be killed if Shang Tsung wins the tournament. Baraka witnesses the exchange, and Cyrax is confronted by both him and Sheeva in the pit. Sheeva tells him Shang Tsung is terminating his employment . . . and also him. Cyrax defeats Sheeva, then faces Baraka. He tells Baraka that he couldn't even beat the actor, then defeats him too.

Cyrax heads to the courtyard and tells Sektor that Shang Tsung tried to have him killed. Sektor vouches for Sektor, but Shang Tsung is not convinced. Cyrax was hired to kill Johnny Cage, and Tsung orders the fight to take place. Cyrax defeats Cage, but does not kill him. Raiden approves. Sektor accuses Cyrax of breaking his oath to the Lin Kuei in the gardens. Cyrax tells Sektor he will not surrender to the cyber initiative and then defeats him. He announces to Sektor that he is leaving the Lin Kuei.

Chapter 5 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Ermac: Shang Tsung's Throne Room
  2. Kitana: The Garden
  3. Scorpion and Quan-Chi: Handicap Match - Courtyard Night
  4. Goro: Goro's Lair
  5. Shang Tsung: Shang Tsung's Throne Room

Chapter 5: Liu Kang

Liu Kang's chapter begins with Shao Khan introducing Ermac, the souls of many warriors fused into one. Liu Kang defeats Ermac. Kitana assures Shang Tsung that Liu Kang will not reach the final challenge, and attempts to assassinate him. She finds Lui Kang in the garden discussing Raiden's visions. Lui Kang defeats her, then hints toward his affection for her. Kitana asks him to kill her, but he refuses.

Later, in the courtyard, Shang Tsung announces Liu is the last Earthrealm warrior in the tournament. He then orders a match with Scorpion and Quan-Chi. Liu defeats them, then Raiden tells him the tournament is not over. Shang Tsung teleports Kang to the lair to face the current champion, Goro. Kang returns victorious, then faces Shang Tsung. Tsung concedes to him during their battle, and Kang is now the new Mortal Kombat champion. The Outworld warriors leave the realm as the Earthrealm warriors congratulate Lui Kang.

In Outworld, Shao Kahn scolds Shang Tsung for losing the tournament and orders him killed. Shang Tsung saves his life by proposing a new plan to the emperor. At the Shao Lin monastery, Liu Kang is honored.

Chapter 6 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Baraka: Shao Kahn's Throne Room
  2. Johnny Cage: The Armory
  3. Jade: The Armory
  4. Sheeva: The Deadpool

Chapter 6: Jax

At the Shao Lin monastery, Raiden talks with Jax. Shang Tsung appears, revitalized and younger then he was before. He tells Raiden that Shao Kahn will hold a Mortal Kombat tournament where the winner takes all. Shang Tsung starts an invasion. Jax is knocked out by a Tatarkan warrior. When he comes to, he learns Sonya has been kidnapped and taken to Outworld. Raiden agrees to the tournament in order to stop the invasion.

Jax and the Earthrealm warriors travel to Outworld. Jax is angry about Sonya's kidnapping and steps forward. Shang Tsung announces there is a volunteer for first combat and orders him to face Baraka. Jax defeats him, and Shang Tsung is pulled away by Reptile for a "pressing matter" before he can give Jax a second opponent to face.

Raiden has a vision of Sonya's execution, and teleports the warriors to help her. Unfortunately, his powers are compromised and the warriors end up in the armory. Johnny Cage starts mouthing off about how attractive Sonya is, which leads to a fight with Jax. After Jax defeats him, Raiden prevents the fight from escalating further.

Jade approaches the group and demands they leave the armory. Jax defeats her. After the fight, Jax apologizes to Cage. The group then moves to rescue Sonya, who is guarded by Sheeva. Jax defeats her in the deadpool. Sonya shows the group two tracking signals for heavy technology. The group splits up, each heading for one of the signals.

Chapter 7 Opponent and Arena List

Kitana: Outworld Beach

Kano: Dead Forest

Sub-Zero and Reptile: Handicap Match - Dead Forest

Sektor: Dead Forest

Chapter 7: Smoke

Chapter 7 opens with a discussion between Smoke and Tundra. Tundra is Sub-Zero's younger brother and has assumed his identity. Both are on a mission to find Shan Tsung and find out what happened in the first tournament. Kitana approaches and fights Smoke, seeing him as an intruder. Smoke defeats her and continues his search.

Smoke finds Shang Tsung with Kano in the forest. Kano and the Black Dragons have supplied the Outworld army with weapons from the black market. Kano fights smoke for Shang Tsung, telling Tsung this one is no charge. Smoke defeats Kano and confronts Shang Tsung about Sub-Zero's death. Shang Tsung transforms into Sub-Zero (and keeps this form for the entire fight), and challenges Smoke with Reptile assisting him. Smoke beats both fighters.

While questioning Shang Tsung, who has assumed his own form again, Smoke is attacked by an invisible opponent, allowing Shang Tsung to escape. Sektor reveals himself in his cybernetic form. He tells Smoke that he must return with him to be transformed himself. Smoke beats Sektor in combat, but is soon incapacitated by a group of cybernetic Lin Kuei ninjas. Raiden and Johnny Cage arrive, and Raiden stops the Lin Kuei from taking Smoke. Smoke joins with Johnny Cage and Raiden, and the three head for the tournament to protect Sub-Zero from Sektor.

Chapter 8 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Cyrax: The Soul Chamber
  2. Ermac: The Soul Chamber
  3. Reptile: The Coliseum
  4. Scorpion: The Coliseum

Chapter 8: Sub-Zero

Chapter 8 opens with Sub-Zero freezing an unfortunate victim. It's a pity he was not more cooperative. Cyrax enters the Soul Chamber and orders Sub-Zero to return to the Lin Kuei for cybernetic assimilation. Sub-Zero refuses and defeats him.

Cyrax teleports away, and Sonya Blade and Jax enter the chamber. They were following Cyrax's technology signature. Sonya tells Sub-Zero to head to the coliseum to find Shang Tsung and Scorpion. Ermac awakens from within the Soul Chamber. He defeats Jax by ripping off his arms using his telekinesis. Ermac tells Sub-Zero he will break him, and Sub-Zero responds, "Not if I break you first." Sub-Zero tells Sonya to take Jax to a nearby portal to get him medical help. He then heads to the coliseum.

Kitana faces a monk in the tournament, hoping for death, but ends up defeating him. When she will not kill the monk, Shao Kahn finishes him. Sub-Zero demands Shao Kahn to give him Scorpion, but Shang Tsung orders him to face Reptile instead.

After defeating Reptile, Sub-Zero demands Scorpion again. Shao Kahn concedes, and Quan-Chi summons him. Sub-Zero defeats him, but is trapped by a group of Lin Kuei cyborgs before he can kill him. Shao Kahn gives Sub-Zero to Cyrax and Sektor in exchange for the Lin Kuei's loyalty. Shao Kahn then scolds Kitana for not stopping the Lin Kuei from invading Outworld.

Raiden and the Earthrealm warriors decide to follow Kitana to see if she can be turned.

Chapter 9 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Smoke and Johnny Cage: Handicap Match - Outworld Beach
  2. Jade: Dead Forest
  3. Mileena: The Flesh Pits
  4. Shang Tsung: The Flesh Pits

Chapter 9: Kitana

Jade talks to Kitana about being careful not to anger Shao Kahn any further. Jade leaves when Kitana will not listen. Raiden, Johnny Cage, and Smoke approach her, but Kitana attacks them. She beats Smoke and Johnny Cage, but Raiden stops her from killing Cage. He tells her to investigate the Flesh Pits for answers on why she feels different from Shao Kahn.

On her way to the Flesh Pits, Jade confronts Kitana. She has orders to keep Kitana out of the Flesh Pits. Kitana fights and defeats her, but spares her life.

In the Flesh Pits, Kitana is shocked to find several clones of herself. The clones are crossed with Takartan blood, giving them a disfigured appearance. Mileena awakes and confronts Kitana, hoping to kill her. Kitana defeats her, and Shang Tsung appears. Kitana vows to drag him before Shao Kahn for the clones he has created. She defeats him, and brings him before her father.

In the throne room, Kitana learns that Shao Kahn approves of the creation of Mileena. He then tells her the truth of her past and how he killed her father and took her mother, Sindel, as his wife. Shao Kahn has Kitana imprisoned. He will make an example of her. Jade witnesses the guards leading Kitana away and vows to make amends for failing to keep her from the truth.

Chapter 10 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Baraka: The Armory
  2. Sheeva: The Tower
  3. Mileena: Outworld Beach
  4. Smoke: Outworld Beach

Chapter 10: Jade

Jade beings her quest to save Kitana in the armory. There, Baraka and another Takartan are unloading shotguns, courtesy of the Black Dragons. Jade defeats Baraka and tells him the futility of blind loyalty.

Jade makes her way to the tower to find Kitana guarded by Sheeva. Sheeva quickly guesses Jade's intentions and they fight. Jade defeats Sheeva, but cannot free Kitana from her bonds. Kitana asks Jade to find Raiden for help.

Jade tries to outrun any pursuers from the Tower, but is found by Mileena on the beach. Jade prefers to fight rather than return as a prisoner.

After Mileena is defeated, Raiden and the other Earthrealm warriors arrive. Smoke mistakes Mileena for Kitana, and attacks Jade for vengeance. Raiden tries to stop him to no avail. Once Smoke is defeated, Jade fills in the group on the whereabouts of Kitana. Kung Lao and Liu Kang decide to head to the tower to free her while the rest of the group heads to the coliseum to finish the tournament.

Chapter 11 (Part 1) Opponent and Arena List

  1. Noob Saibot: The Tower
  2. Goro: The Tower
  3. Shang Tsung and Quan Chi: Handicap Match - The Coliseum
  4. Kintaro: The Coliseum

Chapter 11 (Part 1): Kung Lao

Kung Lao and Liu Kang find themselves at the tower, but Kitana has been moved. Sheeva and Noob Saibot enter the room. Liu Kang fights Sheeve and Kung Lao takes on Noob Saibot. Kung Lao defeats him and spares his life, noting there is something familiar about him.

Liu Kang is still busy with Sheeva. Goro enters and is enraged upon seeing Liu Kang. Kung Lao tells him he's already had a match with the champion, then steps forward to fight Goro. Kung Lao beats him. The two Shao Lin interrogate Goro and learn that Kitana is at the coliseum awaiting execution.

At the coliseum, Johnny Cage is eliminated from the tournament by Ermac, but not killed. Liu Kang is annoyed that Raiden thinks he should not win the tournament, and Raiden sends Kung Lao forward as the next challenger. Shao Kahn announces the match will be Kung Lao versus Quan-Chi and Shang Tsung. Kung Lao defeats the Deadly Alliance.

Shang Tsung tells Kung Lao the tournament is not over. The crowd roars in approval as Kintaro enters the ground and vows to eat Kung Lao's heart. Kung Lao defeats Kintaro, to the crowd's disapproval. He announces that Earth Realm is free, but is quickly killed by Shao Kahn from behind.

Chapter 11 (Part 2) Opponent and Arena List

  1. Shao Kahn: The Coliseum

For tips on beating Shao Kahn, see my article, "How to Fight Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat's Story Mode."

Chapter 11 (Part 2): Liu Kang

An enraged Liu Kang attacks Shao Kahn, calling him the murderer of his friend. Kahn says Liu Kang will taste no victory, and Liu Kang responds that Shao Kahn will taste his own blood. After the fight is over, Liu Kang punches a hole in Shao Kahn for Kung Lao and Earthrealm.

Raiden's amulet continues to crack. He cannot figure out how to stop Armageddon. In Outworld, Kahn's generals are discussing who takes the throne, but Shao Kahn is not dead. He expresses his anger at Shang Tsung for losing access to Earthrealm with the high stakes of the last tournament. Quan-Chi proposes an invasion of Earthrealm. Shao Kahn cannot enter Earthrealm due to Sindel's ward. Quan-Chi plans to resurrect her, nullifying that ward. He heads to the desert with Noob Saibot and begins the spell. Sindel asks to be taken to the emperor.

Chapter 12 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Reptile: Rooftop Day
  2. Mileena: The Bridge
  3. Kintaro: The Bridge
  4. Ermac: Subway

Chapter 12: Stryker

Chapter 12 begins with Stryker and Kabal watching the invasion from a rooftop and calling in backup. Reptile climbs the side of the building. He's fired upon but not hit. Stryker defeats him in combat. Styker helps Kabal up and announces they are going to the street.

On the street, the two spy Mileena. Stryker deems she is a foe based on how little she is wearing and asks for cover. He defeats her in combat. Raiden stops her from attacking Stryker a second time. In the background, Johnny Cage fights Motaro, and Raiden flies to help him.

While they are distracted, Kintaro arrives. Kabal pulls a gun, but Kintaro breaths fire, burning him badly. Stryker decides to take him on and defeats him.

Stryker tries to help Kabal, but sees how serious his injuries are. He calls for an evac, but before he can give the coordinates, Ermac tosses him into the subway with his telekinetic powers. Stryker beats him, saving his own soul. Nightwolf appears and says he is looking for Stryker. Nightwolf recruits him as part of the Earthrealm defenders. Back on the street, Stryker discovers somebody has taken Kabal.

Chapter 13 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Kano: Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits
  2. Mileena and Noob Saibot: Handicap Match -Shao Kahn's Throne Room
  3. Cyber Sub-Zero: The Bridge
  4. Sheeva: The Bridge

Chapter 13: Kabal

Chapter 13 opens in Shang Tsung's flesh pits. Kano is operating on Kabal, installing his mask and breathing apparatus. He tells Kabal it is permanent, then suggests he rejoin the Black Dragons. Kabal refuses, then fights Kano with his old weaponry. He defeats Kano, and then interrogates him. Kano fills him in on Outworld and Shao Kahn. Kabal decides to use Kano to get close to Shao Kahn.

In Shao Kahn's throne room, the Outworld warriors bring back Motaro's body to the emperor. Shao Kahn sends Sindel to finish what Motaro started. He gives her Shang Tsung's soul to aid her. Kabal knocks Kano out and steps forward. He defeats Noob Saibot and Mileena. After the fight, he finds himself surrounded by Lin Kuei. Shao Kahn orders Quan-Chi to seal the portal to Earthrealm, but Kabal dives through it just in time.

On the other side of the portal, Kabal finds Cyber Sub-Zero is guarding it. Since Kabal is not authorized to use the portals, Sub-Zero attacks. Kabal defeats him.

Sheeva approaches behind the fallen Sub-Zero and asks Kabal why he turns against his brethren. Kabal replies that Sub-Zero is a machine and that he is still human. Kabal defeats her in combat. Raiden and Smoke arrive after the fight. Smoke attends to Sub-Zero, and Raiden tells Kabal that Stryker has joined their fight. Raiden recruits Kabal, and the group takes Sub-Zero with them to try to help him.

Chapter 14 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Sektor: Subway
  2. Kintaro and Goro: Handicap Match - Bell Tower
  3. Ermac: Bell Tower
  4. Noob Saibot: The Graveyard

Chapter 14: Cyber Sub-Zero

When Chapter 14 begins, Cyber Sub-Zero is awakening. His systems try to boot, but the Earthrealm defenders have reprogrammed him to give him back his free will. Raiden is hesitant to have Cyber Sub-Zero fight, but Stryker proposes to send him back to Outworld as a double-agent. Cyber Sub-Zero reports to Outworld and meets with Sektor. He claims to have killed Kabal to keep up his cover. Sektor tells him they have a mission, and both leave through a portal. When they arrive in the subway, Sektor attempts to reprogram Sub-Zero again. He refuses, blowing his cover, and fights Sektor. Once defeated, Sub-Zero downloads Sektor's mission.

Sub-Zero arrives at the belltower to find Kano, Goro, and Kintaro guarding a unit of soldiers captured during the invasion. Sub-Zero decides to help them. He freezes all three guards and then breaks the chains on the guards. He tells them to run and then faces Goro and Kintaro as they break free of the ice.

After the fight, all the soldiers are launched back into the tower by Ermac. Sub-Zero puts them behind him and resumes his feud with Ermac. The soldiers congratulate Sub-Zero on his victory, then return to their unit.

Sub-Zero travels to the graveyard to see why Quan-Chi wanted the soldiers. There, Quan-Chi is in the middle of a spell. Nightwolf tells him they will be there shortly, and Sub-Zero confronts Noob Saibot to delay the spell. Noob Saibot reveals that he is the original Sub-Zero, resurrected by Quan-Chi, and that he no longer calls this Sub-Zero his brother. Sub-Zero defeats Noob Saibot. Quan-Chi appears to finish his spell, and the captured soldiers here lose their souls.

Chapter 15 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Quan-Chi: Graveyard
  2. Cyrax: The Citadel
  3. Sektor: The Citadel
  4. Sindel: The Citadel

Chapter 15: Nightwolf

Nightwolf arrives at the graveyard and tells Sub-Zero his soul is not safe. Nightwolf will take it from here. Nightwolf takes on Quan-Chi, telling him the Earthrealm defenders will fight until the end. He defeats Quan-Chi. Nightwolf then fights Noob Saibot (in a cutscene only) and launches him into the soul tornado, supposedly killing him. Nightwolf puts up his shield as the tornado collapses. The explosion destroys most of the graveyard.

Back in the citadel, the Earthrealm defenders discuss Raiden's actions and if they were right or not. Raiden is distracted and does not answer Kitana's question about what should happen next. Nightwolf returns, announcing Earthrealm has won, but Raiden's amulet continues to crack. Raiden decides to leave the warriors to speak to the elder gods, annoying Liu Kang. Raiden puts Nightwolf in charge.

The warriors are attacked by the Lin Kuei. Nightwolf takes on Cyrax, and then Sektor. Each fight is separate and does not force Nightwolf to use the same life bar. He defeats both of them, and sees the other warriors have defeated the rest of the cyborgs.

Kitana looks troubled, and Sindel enters. The warriors try to fight her off, but she either kills or seriously injures each one in turn. Sindel then takes Kitana's soul. Nightwolf confronts her and barely defeats her. He summons his spirit energy to hold her off.

Meanwhile, Raiden and Lui Kang are speaking with the elder gods. They declare that Shao Kahn has not broken their rules with his invasion. Only a merger will break the rules. The elder gods deny assistance to Raiden and Liu Kang.

Back in the citadel, the fight between Sindel and Nightwolf still rages. Raiden and Liu Kang teleport in to witness Nightwolf commit suicide by blowing himself up, killing Sindel in the process. Liu Kang grieves over Kitana, then decides to help the wounded. The amulet continues to crack. Raiden announces he will go to the Netherrealm and seek an alliance with Quan-Chi to fight off Shao Kahn. Liu Kang refuses to join him and accuses him of losing his sanity.

Chapter 16 Opponent and Arena List

  1. Scorpion: Hell
  2. Jax, Stryker, and Kabal (Undead Versions): Gauntlet Match - Hell
  3. Kitana, Nightwolf, and Kung Lao (Undead Versions): Gauntlet Match - Hell
  4. Liu Kang: Rooftop
  5. Shao Kahn: Rooftop

Chapter 16: Raiden

Raiden travels to the Netherrealm to seek an audience with Quan-Chi. He is stopped by Scorpion, who refuses to let Raiden see his master. Raiden goads him into a fight by mentioning his failure to save his clan. Raiden defeats him in combat.

Quan-Chi then appears. Raiden tries to secure the alliance by offering the souls of all Earthrealm warriors who die in combat, including his own. Quan-Chi laughs, and then reveals that Shao Kahn has already given him the souls of the fallen warriors. Quan-Chi watches the fight as Raiden faces the gauntlet. The first gauntlet is the trio of Jax, Stryker, and Kabal. The second is Kitana, Nightwolf, and Kung Lao. Raiden survives the gauntlet.

Quan-Chi then discusses the situation with Raiden, who finally realizes that he must let Shao Kahn merge the realms. Only then will he face the judgement of the elder gods. Raiden leaves the realm, and tells Liu Kang his new plan. Liu Kang refuses to go along with the new plan. Shao Kahn appears and tries to enter through a portal. Lui Kang moves to fight him again, but Raiden refuses to let him. Raiden fights Liu Kang and defeats him. Liu Kang still wishes to fight Shao Kahn, but Raiden will not let him. Liu Kang says he will kill Raiden, and goes for his fatality. Raiden is forced to electrocute him to stop him, accidentally killing him.

Shao Kahn enters the realm and beats Raiden down. Flashbacks are shown to the original Armageddon outcome where Raiden is killed by Shao Kahn. The elder gods finally intervene, giving their power to Raiden. Raiden faces Shao Kahn in the final fight. After the fight, Raiden says they must bury their dead, and teleports himself, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, and Liu Kang's body to a safe place.

Afterward, Quan-Chi is shown talking to Shinnock about an invasion of Earthrealm, setting up a cliffhanger for the next game.

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