5 Realm Royale Tips for Beginners

Updated on July 2, 2018

Realm Royale Beginner's Guide

Realm Royale Begginer's Guide
Realm Royale Begginer's Guide

What Is Realm Royale?

Realm Royale is the new free to play battle royale game developed by Hi Rez Studios, the creators of the popular moba game Smite and the successful FPS/moba Paladins, in which the lore of Realm Royale is based. Initially, this game was planned to be a part of Paladins, but the developers decided to make it a full separated game at the end.

Realm Royale is of course very similar to other games from the same genre, like Fornite or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the main objective is to survive, in this case, exploring and gathering materials to craft better weapons and armor, the new feature that brings Realm Royale to this popular genre is the class system. So far, there are 5 classes to choose from: warrior, engineer, assasin, mage and hunter. Each one with specials abilities and weapons and a passive skill.

You can download and try Realm Royale for free on the steam plataform. Keep in mind that Realm Royale is currently in alpha state, so expect some minor bugs and consider that the game is not completely polished yet, despite this, the game works pretty good and it's very enjoyable.

1. Try all the Classes

Realm royale guide: classes
Realm royale guide: classes

As I mentioned before, there are five classes to choose from, each one with pros and cons, at the moment, the available classes are well (arguably) balanced but choosing one that fits your playsatyle is very important and will help you to get that win. These are the passive skills for each class and a basic description:

- Warrior´s passive skill: gain 5 health per second, have good mobility skills, better at close range.

- Engineer´s passive skill; gain 5 amor per second, versatile class, good defensive skills.

- Assassin´s passive skill; gain 10% Movement speed, have good mobility skills, better at long range.

- Mage´s passive skill; gain 30% potion effectiveness, versitile class, good damage skills.

- Hunter´s passive skill; gain 10% swap speed and reload speed, good at all ranges, great legendary weapon.

2.- Try to Land Close to a Weapon Chest

Realm Royale Chests
Realm Royale Chests

A very basic but useful tip that most of the beginners doesn´t usually follow, in order to always drop at a weapon chest, you will need to learn the map and the best locations to land, it will take some time and practice but it`s definitely worth it. For instance, you can land at jade gardens, there is a building in the middle with several chests, be aware that you wil probably have to fight very soon if you land at a hot spot.

Check the image above to identify a weapon chest.

Left: common chest (armor, abilities or weapons). Right; weapon chest (only weapons)

3.- Keep Tracking Legendary Chest Drops

Realm Royale Guide: Keep tracking Legendary Chest Drops
Realm Royale Guide: Keep tracking Legendary Chest Drops

Legendary chest are dropped to the realm randomly and contain a legendary weapon that can be used by any class. If you keep checking the map and tracking legendary chest drops, you won't only get the chance to loot a legendary weapon but also know the safest locations to be at when the fog sets in and eventually where the game will end.

Note: It seems last patch changed this, now legendary chests are drop randomly to the realm but they can land even in the fog, but still, tracking them is always a good idea since you might loot a legendary weapon, or set a trap for other survivors.

4.- You Can Jump Through Windows as a Chicken

Realm Royale Guide: chicken form
Realm Royale Guide: chicken form

In Realm Royale, when your health drops to 0, you won't instanlly die, instead you will turn into a chicken, you won´t be able to fight back and you will have to escape for 30 seconds to recover your human form.

A great tip to help you escape while in chicken form, if you are close to a building, is to jump through the windows to avoid any other player around, since as a human, you can't pass through windows, except for some class movment skills, and crouch-jumping is hard to dominate for most players, remember to always use this to your advantage if you have the chance. If you manage to stay alive as a chicken and then transform back into human when the timer gets to 0, you will do so with 50% health and you will keep all your weaponds and potions.

Note: transforming into a chicken will consume a "blue chicken", if you don't have any blue chickens left when your health drops to 0, you will instanlly die. Keep in mind that every player starts out with 3 blue chickens and there is no way to get more of these at the moment, this might change in the future.

5.- Use your Mount a Lot!

Realm Royale Tips: use your mount.
Realm Royale Tips: use your mount.

A unique feature in Realm Royale is the posibility to call a mount (horse), pressing z (default Key), this mount won't only help you to travel faster from locations and escape the fog, it is also very useful to position yourself in combat, it makes for quicker rotations, push or chase people faster or even to avoid combat when necesary. Use your horse a lot!.

I hope this guide was useful for you, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

4 Reasons to Play Realm Royale

In case you are not sure if Realm Royale worth a try, I'll give you four reasons why you should try it at least once.

1.- It's Free to Play. You don't need to invest anything aside a couple of hours and hard drive space. (Around 4gb so far)

2.- It has a large population already!. Despite the game it's in alpha state, Realm Royale is actually quite popular already, more than 50k players in peak hours and the population keeps growing. You can check the stats in Steamcharts.

3.- Class System. This new feature is probably not for everyone but it definitely brings something new to this genre, which might improve the gameplay mechanics for a lot of people.

4.- It's develped by Hi Rez Studios.This guarantees the game will always be free to play and it won't be "pay to win", as they did with Paladins and Smite, moreover, I'm sure they will keep improving the game constantly. (Paladins was "pay to win" for about two weeks but the community strongly complained about it and the developers removed all the "pay to win" elements completely from the game).

I am really having a good time in Realm Royale and I hope you do it too, and remember, don't judge a book by its cover, you might find a hidden gem.

Realm Royale - Steam Gameplay Trailer

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