7 Reasons to Main Kirby in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

Updated on April 29, 2019
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Millions of players across the world are enjoying the fast-paced fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for Nintendo Switch. Players can battle locally or online, fighting for a higher Global Smash Power and the chance to be good enough for Elite Smash.

With over seventy characters to choose from, selecting a "main," or a character you generally use as your best, isn't easy. New characters are constantly added, and with a range of speeds, power levels, and moves, choosing your main has never been tougher.

Kirby has been a fighter in the Smash games since the Nintendo 64, and of course, is in Ultimate, too. Here are reasons to use Kirby as your main.


1. His Speed

A fast character is the preference of many players because of the simple fact it's easier to dodge and outmaneuver oncoming attacks. A quick character can also deal damage a lot faster.

Kirby has decent speed, making it easier for him to dodge smash attacks and rain damage on his enemy.

2. His Copy Abilities

A unique feature that Kirby has had since the first game is the famous Copy Abilities; press B to inhale a character and steal his B move when you spit him out!

As well as stealing some moves, ranging from Fox's gun to Peach's counter to Link's bow and arrows, Kirby has some hilarious and adorable outfits he gets from his much-loved B move.

There are few things more satisfying in Smash than to destroy an enemy with his own attack, especially if it's a particularly powerful move like Ganondorf's B punch.

3. His Down-B Move

Kirby's down-B move is powerful and while he's transformed, most attacks are useless on him (however, he can be grabbed). If your foe throws you up in the air, you can smash right through his coming move by crushing him (and dealing around 22 damage in the process) with down and B. It's a great finisher.

Another excellent feature of this move is that you can cancel it at any time, meaning if you use it when you're away from the edge, you can easily transform back into Kirby and jump to safety.


4. His Short Stature Makes Him Easy to Miss

Kirby is one of the shortest characters in the game, which is excellent for being able to naturally dodge some projectile attacks. For example, Fox's B-move gun attack won't hit Kirby if he's standing normally. This can save some handicap throughout the battle and give you the edge with little effort on your part.

5. He Has a Good Mix of Quick and Strong Attacks

Kirby is a quick character, and you can build up your enemies' handicaps with short, sharp attacks. Some characters in Ultimate rely on their quick moves to win and others have mostly just strong attacks.

Kirby, however, has a healthy mixture of both, allowing you to punch and kick until your foe is vulnerable, then finish them off with a heavy move.

What's Your Favorite Skin for Kirby?

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6. His Jump

Some characters, such as Ganondorf, Chrom, and Little Mac, have hopelessly bad recoveries. Potential battles can be lost by not being able to jump back onto the stage floor. However, Kirby has one of the best jumps in the game, being able to jump several times (and thus avoiding some deadly edge guard attacks from enemies). It's one of his best features and can be the difference between a loss and a win.

7. He's Cute!

Fighting with badass-looking characters is cool, but there's something satisfying about winning with someone who looks harmless and cute as well. Kirby, with his podgy look and high-pitched voice, doesn't look like he could dominate the battlefield and destroy his enemies, making victory even sweeter.


Kirby continues to be a favorite among Smash players. If you've never tried playing as him, there's no better time to start and discover this awesome character.

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