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10 Reasons to Use Princess Peach in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

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Princess Peach is one of the best all-around characters in SSBU's roster.

Princess Peach is one of the best all-around characters in SSBU's roster.

Another console has brought us another fantastic new generation of the much-loved fighting game series, Smash Bros., where our favorite characters from various Nintendo games come together to fight for glory.

We have been introduced to some new characters in the Nintendo Switch installment of this exciting franchise, such as Ken from Street Fighter, King K. Rool from Donkey Kong, Incineroar from Pokémon, and Inkling from Splatoon, among others. In addition, our old favorites are back, including those from the original Nintendo 64 game, like Mario from Super Mario, Link from The Legend of Zelda, and Kirby from the Kirby games.

With over 76 characters to choose from, how do we know which one is the best? Though serious players may get online to check who is officially a top-tier character, others might just play as who they find easiest or most fun.

Princess Peach is an awesome character to play and very familiar to fans of the Super Mario games whether you've been playing for years or you're brand new to games! Here are 10 reasons to play as Princess Peach in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Beautiful and Daring Princess Peach

The Beautiful and Daring Princess Peach

1. She Has a Decent Jump

Everyone knows that in Smash Bros., jumping is essential. Not only will it allow you to leap back to safety after taking a powerful hit, but it is also an important tool in combat.

Some characters have pretty pitiful jumps, leaving inexperienced players floating helplessly off the edge and losing a life, but Peach is up there with a decent double jump as well as her up-and-B move involving her parasol, which also deals decent damage.

2. Her Aerial Side Attack Is Strong

Princess Peach's aerial side-B attack is awesome and can deal significant damage. It is especially useful for slapping opponents into the sky after they're already near the edge of the stage.

Peach's counter involved using Toad to respond to attacks.

Peach's counter involved using Toad to respond to attacks.

3. She Can Counter

Counter—the ability to reflect opponents' attacks back to them—is a useful feature that many characters, such as Marth, Zelda, and Fox all share. Although Peach's counter doesn't reflect projectiles back to other players, it does involve pulling out Toad and dealing deadly, close-range damage in response to both projectiles and melee attacks.

Imagine smacking Peach with a devastating sword move only to have Toad's puke exploding at you from the stage! Peach's B attack can be a lifesaver.

4. Her Gloaty Pose Is Adorable

If you're the type who just loves to pose and show off your victories, Peach is perfect! Press left or right on the control pad for our favorite princess to dance and gloat.

During the victory animation, she will also sometimes say with heavy sarcasm, "Oh, did I win?" It's perfect if you're the kind of player who loves to rub it in your foes' faces.

5. She Can Float

Not only can Peach jump high, but if you keep the jump button held, she can even float! This is excellent for dodging projectiles, smash attacks, or the deadly Daybreak Gun. You can also float a few inches off the ground towards an enemy to launch the aforementioned side-and-B move.

6. She's Adorable

No one can deny that Princess Peach is one of the cutest characters around, which makes it even more satisfying when she kicks everyone's butt! Unashamedly girly and sweet, we love Peach for her extreme femininity and cuteness.

7. She's a Top-Tier Character

According to All Gamers, Princess Peach actually does count as one of the top tier characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So if being in the top tier matters to you, rest assured the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is up there alongside some of the best!

8. There's a Small Chance of Her Producing a Bomb

Peach's down-and-B move allows her to pull a (radish? Turnip?) out of the ground (as long as she is on a firm floor rather than a platform). This move is already decent, as it allows her to produce her own projectiles, but what makes it even better is the small chance of her sometimes pulling out a bomb instead of a vegetable!

If you can hit your opponent with this bomb, it deals much greater damage than a regular radish. This is especially great in battles that don't allow items, as the rule doesn't affect Peach's crop-pulling skills.

Even if it's not a bomb, Peach's vegetable-pulling can be very handy in heated battles. Check out the top ten pulls below!

9. Her Down-and-A Move Is Good

Down-and-A is important to master regardless of who you're fighting, as a regular A move can sometimes be anticipated and therefore blocked or countered. All characters have a down-and-A move, some of which are just one hit. Peach, however, can deal a decent amount of damage by spinning on the spot and hitting several times with her dress (yes, it makes perfect sense).

10. Her Smash Move Is Very Useful

Smash moves are great to have regardless of what character you're playing. Some are easier to use than others; some need your opponent to be right in front of you for them to hit.

Princess Peach's Smash move produces three health-regenerating (what else?) peaches and also makes all of your foes fall asleep for several seconds. Use your smash move when an opponent is close to the edge so you can throw them off. Even better, use it when they are floating or jumping above the edge so that by falling asleep they're unable to reach the stage and consequently lose a life.

What Do You Think?

Princess "Peach" Toadstool is one of the cutest characters as well as an excellent choice of a fighter in everyone's favorite fighting game! Crush your opponents with love hearts, peaches, and spinny dress skills, and don't forget to gloat when you win!

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