Top 5 (Pre-DLC) Characters in Super Smash Brothers 4

Updated on July 17, 2018
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Super Smash Brothers for Wii U
Super Smash Brothers for Wii U

Smash Brothers Basics

The Smash series takes many characters, mostly from Nintendo games, and has them duke it out in chaotic battles. By landing blows, you raise your foe's damage meter, making them easier to knock off the stage and propelling you towards victory. Each character controls differently; some are strong and slow, others are fast and light.

Also, the battlers have different ground, air, and special attacks. Some characters wield projectiles, giving them ranged options. Finally, every fighter can grab and throw an opponent in any direction, but some are far better at this than others. Today, we'll decide upon the five overall best non-DLC warriors!

Dark Pit
Dark Pit

5. Dark Pit

Speed: Average
Jump: Good
Power: Good

Dark Pit plays similarly to normal Pit; both originate from the Kid Icarus games. Comparatively, Dark Pit is a bit stronger, and a little slower. However, he's fast enough to keep up with any opponent, and the extra boost to his attacks definitely ups his game. He's a well-rounded character who can fight at any range and excels at juggling foes.

Dark Pit brandishes an arrow to strike from distance, and can reflect projectiles with a shield. He has strong air and ground moves, and decent throws. It's hard to go wrong when picking this dark angel, as he can battle competently at any range or elevation.


4. Megaman

Speed: Average
Jump: Average
Power: Average

Looking at his stats, we see today's fourth place looks only average in terms of usage. However, his real talent lies in his diverse moveset. Megaman has the most ranged options in the game, and can easily devastate opponents at a distance. However, don't underestimate him in melee; he harnesses some surprisingly effective close range techniques. As if that weren't enough, Megaman boasts of potent throws and air moves.

Rack up some damage from afar, then deal the finishing blow up close. Megaman's biggest weakness may be characters who have a special move that reflects projectiles (Dark Pit, Fox, Zelda, etc.), nullifying his forte. But even then, Megaman can rely on his other techniques and still hold his own. Practice with him to learn the varying ranges, speed, and power of his moves, and you can become deadly with this robot.


3. Samus

Speed: Poor
Jump: Average
Power: Good

Next, the famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran. Some prefer her "Zero Suit" form, an entirely different character, which favors speed. However, her original style offers greater power to most players. Inside the armor, Samus can shoot out homing missiles, charge a powerful ranged attack, and utilize a long-range grapple.

Similarly to Megaman, Samus performs surprisingly well up close in the hands of a skill player. She favors distance, but has more than enough range, speed, and power with her ground and air moves to hold her own in close combat. Practice her downwards air attack to "dunk" opponents attempting to return to the stage. Samus is definitely a strong fighter—especially on flat stages, like Final Destination, where there's nowhere to run from her projectiles.


2. Sheik

Speed: Excellent
Jump: Good
Power: Poor

Honestly, Sheik is my preferred fighter in the game, but there's one character who works better for most gamers. Sheik's attacks are weak, but easy to hit with, quickly piling on low damage. Her moves have diminished cooldown, meaning when her strikes miss or are blocked, she can still dodge before being countered.

Sheik is superb at duking it out up close, but can competently fight from a distance with her chargeable throwing needles. To top it off, Sheik has some of the best air attacks in the game. Admittedly, you may have trouble landing the finishing blow that'll knock an opponent off the stage, as her finishing moves are harder to connect with. Still, Sheik may not be powerful, but few can withstand her agile assault.

Honorable Mentions

Captain Falcon
Powerful, Fast*
*Attacks execute quickly but have high cooldown.
Good reach with sword, many ranged attacks
Slow, poor jumping.
Power rises as he takes damage. Has a great ranged attack.
Slow, weak with low damage.
These brawlers also seem to fare well among most players.

1. Mario

Speed: Average
Jump: Average
Power: Good

Nintendo's main man can be devastating. His diverse moveset tackles any challenge thrown his way. Got an opponent trying to hit you from afar? Shoot some fireballs at them, or reflect their moves back using your cape technique. Is an adversary attempting to recover to the stage? Dunk them with a forward-air attack. Someone fighting up close? Decimate them with Mario's quick and powerful strikes.

Some of Mario's moves can form a combo, often hitting an enemy numerous times before they escape. Additionally, he wields a great backwards throw that easily tosses foes off the stage. Mario has no real weaknesses, and has low cooldown for such a powerful contestant. Give the portly plumber a try and see if his formidable powers work for you.

Your Favorite

Which fighter do you prefer?

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Future of Smash

We all have our own favorite Smash characters, but these battlers consistently pose a threat. No matter your skill level, I highly recommend the Smash Brothers games as a fun way to relax with friends. If you prefer less competitive environments, you can always team up with your buddies to battle computer-controlled characters, and you can adjust the difficulty to suit your needs.

Experiment with the fighters, hone your skills, and most of all, have fun. With a fresh surge of popularity and steady flux of DLC, the future looks bright for Super Smash Brothers, and we'll undoubtedly see more lethal fighters in the coming days.


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