Top 10 Characters in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

Updated on August 28, 2018
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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 wallpaperMarvel vs. Capcom 3's roster
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 wallpaper
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 wallpaper
Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster
Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster
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What Is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

Comic and movie buffs alike are familiar with Marvel, the infamous superhero franchise behind Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Avengers, but only video game fans likely know about Capcom, the creators of popular franchises like Mega Man and Resident Evil. Over the years, Marvel and Capcom have joined forced to provide some of the best fighting video games of all time: the expansive Marvel vs. Capcom series.

Compared to Marvel vs. Capcom 2's amazing roster of 56, Ultimate's list of 50 (which includes the two DLC options) is a bit lower, but the fighters are better-balanced and more individual this time around, making each a worthy and unique addition. That said, some still dominate the battlegrounds more than others; to discover which occupy the top-tier lists, here are the ten best UMVC3 characters as ranked by an official fan poll!

Two C. Viper players
Two C. Viper players

10. C. Viper

Franchise: Capcom
Series: Street Fighter

Short for Crimson Viper, this Street Fighter agent heavily draws her fighting style from past character Captain Commando. Viper plays a rushdown game, meaning you'll want to get in close as quickly as possible to negate her limited ranged options. Luckily, a healthy variety of mixups, feints, and baiting tactics keep your opponent guessing.

Viper's the only character in the game to wield EX moves that cost just one bar, making filling your special meter particularly useful, and her eight-direction angled air dash lends mobility in aerial combat. Ryu and Akuma may be the Street Fighter stars, but looks like the gals won this bout, boys.

Nova in UMvC3
Nova in UMvC3

9. Nova

Franchise: Marvel
Series: Guardians of the Galaxy

Wise-cracking Nova joins the fray with his cosmic powers, and he's a pretty straightforward character. Like Viper, he's best at rushing and maintaining the offensive before your opponent can recover, so get in quick as soon as possible.

Nova's a good choice for beginners thanks to his fairly easy control scheme, but that doesn't mean he's not deadly in the hands of an expert. After all, he wields the unique ability of sacrificing health to increase power, and he bears the fastest air dash in the game.

Dante in UMvC3
Dante in UMvC3 | Source

8. Dante

Franchise: Capcom
Series: Devil May Cry

The popular red-clad half-demon from the DMC action games makes his fighting debut in UMvC3. As of this writing, Dante possesses the most moves of any character in the entire franchise, giving him loads of options to attack. While his sword strikes and Devil Arm blows offer plenty of melee options, he's also packing several pistol ranged attacks, letting Dante excel at any distance.

Not only that, Dante has good range with his melee, and any nerfs he suffered in Ultimate's balancing were counteracted with buffs in other areas, so he plays well in both the original and the update. Dante's few weaknesses include lower damage and precise input requirements, but if you're willing to practice, the son of Sparda will reward you with versatile and lengthy combos.

Spencer in UMvC3
Spencer in UMvC3

7. Spencer

Franchise: Capcom
Series: Bionic Commando

Wielding his trademark bionic arm, Spencer enters the fray as a slower character, but fortunately not as sluggish as bruisers like Hulk. Spencer offers above average maximum health, damaging attacks, and the ability to drag opponents towards him using a wire grapple. This is key to playing him efficiently, as doing so can extend many of your combos.

Spencer's assist moves are noticeably poor, but that's a minor trade-off for a versatile and sturdy fighter, especially since his stats were boosted in Ultimate.

Wolverine in UMvC3
Wolverine in UMvC3

6. Wolverine

Franchise: Marvel
Series: X-Men

A series staple, Logan returned to MvC3 with great prowess, ripping foes to shreds with his quick and powerful offensive. With good "poking" attacks, lengthy combos, decent health, and his infamous Berserker Slash, Wolverine remains one of the deadliest melee forces available and far outranks his semi-clone X-23. Lacking ranged abilities, you'll want to get in close, but Wolverine will soon close the gap thanks to his fast movement speed.

Sadly, he suffered several (admittedly needed) nerfs in Ultimate, so Wolverine's not quite as fierce as before, but a new move and still-impressive powers help him remain in the top-tier list. Even without a gameplay version of his healing factor, Logan holds his own against any foe, even one he'd have a massive disadvantage against in the Marvel universe...

Magneto in UMvC3
Magneto in UMvC3

5. Magneto

Franchise: Marvel
Series: X-Men

With his mastery over metals and magnetism, Magneto assaults foes with a variety of moves from both close and long range. A surprisingly quick character, Magneto complements his distance attacks with several launches and air dashes, allowing length combos and impressive damage. He's also got some of the best hyper attacks in the game, making him a great choice for spending your hard-earned meter.

Magneto's only two real weaknesses are his comparatively low health (thankfully not to the extent of Phoenix) and his tricky inputs; mastering Magneto takes time, but he's well worth the effort.

Dr. Doom in UMvC3
Dr. Doom in UMvC3

4. Doctor Doom

Franchise: Marvel
Series: Fantastic Four

We've talked about several strong rush characters, but here's an excellent defensive unit. Doctor Doom excels at range; use a long-range beam to briefly stun an opponent, then rush in for a combo while they're vulnerable.

Thus, with his several poke attacks, Doom stays at a safe distance until he sees a chance to strike. And even if your opponent manages to get in close, Doom's impressive vitality will let you absorb some punishment before falling. As a final bonus, Doom offers some impressive assist attacks, helping claim victory from both the active fighter slot and the benches.

Morrigan in UMvC3
Morrigan in UMvC3

3. Morrigan

Franchise: Capcom
Series: Darkstalkers

Originally little more than a Ryu/Ken clone when fighting, Morrigan's style has since diversified from the street fighters. As you might expect from a succubus with wings, Morrigan has several impressive air options, and she's superbly nimble, letting her simply out-speed many opponents.

Her vitality is surprisingly strong, and Morrigan also wields her unique Dark Harmonize assist technique, blowing a kiss to a teammate and raising your hyper meter by 30% when it connects. All-in-all, Morrigan's a versatile fighter who simply isn't easy to counter thanks to her versatility and speed.

Vergil in UMvC3
Vergil in UMvC3

2. Vergil

Franchise: Capcom
Series: Devil May Cry

Many experienced Vergil players cite him as a mix of Wesker, Zero, and his own brother Dante, considering his teleportation powers, lower health, and attack range. Vergil's incredible sword strikes can land blows even at mid-range, setting up for some lengthy combos, and his teleporting makes him surprisingly mobile and hard to predict.

Many of Vergil's moves can even slash down incoming projectiles, and several attacks hit slightly behind as well as in front of him, defending against punishment even as you attack. What else can I say? Vergil's been a popular character ever since DMC3, and thankfully, his versus power matches his reputation.

Zero in UMvC3
Zero in UMvC3

1. Zero

Franchise: Capcom
Series: Mega Man X

Although the Blue Bomber himself is noticeably absent from the game's roster, Mega Man X's counterpart Zero fills in the gap. Wielding his trademark Z-Saber and Z-Buster weapons, Zero can fight from any range, but he works best up close. On their own, each attack is weak, but skilled Zero players can chain combos that steal half a health bar by their end.

Zero also enjoyed some appreciated buffs in the Ultimate balancing, now having slightly boosted (albeit still lower than average) vitality and the ability to charge his buster at the start of a round. Did Zero's popularity influence the fan vote? Possibly, but his battle abilities stand the test of time, and by general consensus, he's the best warrior in the game.

Which character do you prefer?

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The Future of Marvel Vs. Capcom

Despite an expansive roster list, many old fan-favorites like Venom and Cyclops didn't make the cut, and we're eagerly awaiting a MvC4 reawakening for these classic characters. Thankfully, games like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite feature some familiar faces and satisfy our MvC craving for now, albeit with gameplay changes that polarized fans.

Regardless, I'm confident that the inevitable fourth game will reignite our interest all over again. But for now, as we eagerly await the future of Marvel and Capcom's best fighters, vote for your favorite character and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

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