Twisted Metal: Game Review

Updated on March 22, 2017
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Sage loves racing games and learning about cars. She also tends to love older games.

The Story

Twisted Metal has been around for quite a while, but this specific version was released in 2012 and is considered to be the reboot of the franchise. Like all of the previous games, it mainly focuses on vehicle combat, but this time there are three storylines to play though. Each storyline revolves around a specific character and their mission to have a wish granted.

Twisted Metal also has a wide variety of vehicles to choose from now, ranging from small sports cars, to 18 wheeler trucks and even a helicopter. Each playable character has their own specific vehicle.

Storylines and Characters

So, let's talk more about these characters. Each character is also a leader of a specific gang.

Sweet Tooth: Might as well be known as the face for Twisted Metal. He's been around since the series began, his appearance is that of a large man with a flaming clown mask. His vehicle is a violent looking ice cream truck with a flaming clown head on top of it. The first story arc you play is his. He is the "Leader of the Clowns."

Mr.Grimm: The son of a stunt man, Mr. Grimm is the second storyline you play. His main vehicle is a motorcycle called "Reaper." He wears a black trench coat, has dreadlocks, and has his face painted like a skull. He is the "Leader of the Skulls"

Dollface: An obsessive, narcissistic, violent model. She will do anything to be famous, including killing her competition. As her name hints at, she wears a mask that looks like a baby doll face, as well as a pink bodysuit. Her storyline is the final one you play through. Her vehicle is an 18 wheeler truck with a trailer called "Juggernaut." She's also seen driving a truck called "Darkside." She is the "leader of the Dolls."

The Preacher: He does not have a playable storyline, but you do see him during several cut scenes. You first hear him on a radio talk show, insisting that Calypso is a powerful demonic entity. He seeks to defeat Calypso and at one point is seen outside Calypso Industries, saying he knows who Calypso really is. He is the leader of "The Holy Men."

Calypso: He's the main bad guy of the game. He claims he can grant the wishes of the playable characters. All they have to do is survive through the Twisted Metal events that he has come up with. But, if you aren't specific with your wish, Calypso will mess you up badly.


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The Vehicles and Events

There are a wide range of vehicles to choose from and each one has its own special ability. Every vehicle can collect the basic weapons, including machine guns and rockets, but a special ability becomes available after it automatically regenerates. There is also an alternate special. Every vehicle, except for one, has the special and alternate special. Some of the specials include a flamethrower, firing an explosive gurney or coffin, dropping bombs or mines, ramming full speed into opponents, and even transforming into a mech.

The events found in Twisted Metal include regular races and death matches. No matter what event you are in, warfare always happens. Multiple weapons can be found around each track, just drive through the icon to collect the weapon. You only have a set number of ammo though so use it wisely. You must finish in first place to complete the event and move on to the next event.

Final Thoughts

Considering the racing, constant battles, and a great story: Twisted Metal is a game that can really get your blood pumping. It's not exactly a graphic game, though it can get pretty intense in the cut scenes. Twisted Metal can act as a stress release as well. Have a bad day? Wish you could beat up people? That's illegal, so turn on this game and release your anger there.

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