"Ultra Street Fighter 4" Poison Guide

Updated on December 3, 2018

Table of contents

Section 1: Inputs and Terminology

Section 2: Normal moves

Section 3: Specials and ultras

Section 4: Poisonous combos

Section 5: Poison's tricks of the trade

Inputs and button terminology

To clarify, I'll be using the following terms to go over the keys and inputs used for attacks.

F= Forward





QCF= Quarter-circle forward

QCB=Quarter circle back

F,D,DF=Forward, Down, Down Forward(to perform Shoryuken motions)

Mp+Mk=Focus Attack

lp= Light punch

mp= medium punch

hp= heavy punch

lk= light kick

mk= medium kick

hk= heavy kick

FADC= Focus Attack Dash Cancel(Any special move or normal+mk+mp then forward or back to follow up or cancel an attack)

Red Focus attack= Holding down mp+mk+lk. Can absorb multiple moves and does twice as much damage as regular focus.

lp+lk= Throw

lp+lk+b= Back Throw

Poison looking mighty as ever


Section 2: Poison's normal moves

Poison is a newcomer to the series Street Fighter 4. Unlike how she played in Street Fighter X Tekken, Poison has become a vast improvement upon herself. Think of her as the female Ryu, in terms of how easily she plays and how much potential she has. Poison has a bevy of tricks up her sleeve, and she can cause stun pretty quickly thanks to her short but damaging combos. For now we will start off with her normal moves.

Back flip-KKK(All 3 kick buttons). Poison will do a back flip that goes a short distance. Depending on how well you time this, she can actually back flip through projectiles. You can use this to your advantage if you want to play keep away with your opponent to keep them at bay. By doing so you can set up a good stream of fireball attacks, and try to trip them up. Her back flip will also go through some attacks where she is invulnerable, but not all of them. Use this move at your own risk.

Elbow drop(F+mp)Poison does an overhead elbow drop on the opponent. This has to be blocked low in order to dodge it. Her Elbow drop is safe on block, but still use at your own risk.

Forward throw:(lp+lk): Poison grabs her opponent and slaps them multiple times and gives them a final slap, making them twirl and fall to the ground. It does more damage than you think a throw would, and it sets them up for an hp Aeolus Edge, then cr.mk since they will have to block one or the other. Throw in a Love me Tender right after the throw to confuse them even more, or do an elbow drop while they are getting back up.

Back throw(b+lp+lk): Poison will jump up on her opponent's shoulders and throw them behind her. You can use a Love Me Tender attack to cause them to trip up and then do cr.lp, Whip of Love. Toss out Aeolus Edge after this throw before they get up to add on additional pressure.

Standing low punch(lp)- She smacks the opponent sideways with her whip if you are standing far away. It doesn't have the best of range, but you can follow it up with most other attacks. If you are up close, she simply slaps the opponent with her hand. You can use this mainly as a combo starter into Whip of Love or Aeolus Edge.

Standing low kick(lk)- Poison stomps on the opponent's leg. There's not a lot of range for this move, but you can use this to add on pressure to your opponent. She can also chain this move into standing medium kick. If she's up close then she'll simply kick them in the leg. Again, not too damaging but can be used for a combo starter.

Standing medium kick(mk)- Poison kicks at her opponent with her leg stretched. This move has a pretty decent amount of range to it. You can use this move in a lot of her combos to chain into her special moves. If she's up close to them she will knee them in the face, and you can follow this move up with several other attacks, such as Whip of Love. Make this move a part of your strategy for sure.

Standing medium punch(mp)- There are two versions to this attack. If you are standing up close, she slaps the opponent twice with a double slap. This is a good combo starter for her since she can follow this up with Kissed By a Goddess or Whip of Love. If you're standing far away she strikes upward with her whip. You can use this as an anti air attack,depending on the distance.

Standing Heavy Punch(hp)-Poison extends her whip out and hits the opponent sideways. The good news is that the range this attack covers is pretty good, as it goes half screen. The bad news is the start-up for this move is very slow. Expect to get punished if you start this move and end up missing. Only use this move sparingly if you're for sure it will hit, or if you want to keep the opponent at bay. If you're standing up close, Poison slaps the opponents with an upward swing. It can catch opponent out of the air, and you can also combo into this with EX Love Me Tender.

Standing Heavy Kick(hk)- Poison will kick diagonally with her heel out. The start-up for this move is a little on the slow side. You can however use this as an anti air. If you're up close she will kick her opponent upward twice with her knee and then her leg. You can follow this up with either Whip of Love or Kissed by a Goddess, as well as EX Aeolus edge.

Crouching low punch(c.lp)- Poison throws her hand out at the opponent to slap them. Since it comes out fast you can use this as a combo opener into Whip of Love. Also, it can beat out some but not all attacks, depending on the character and the attack used. There are a lot of other uses for this move as well, but more about that later in the other section.

Crouching low kick(cr.lk: Poison kicks at the opponent using her foot, like a light tap. It has somewhat good range on it, plus it will link into Kissed by a Goddess pretty easily. You can also link this attack into Whip of Love, and EX Aeolus Edge if you input it quick enough.

Couching medium kick(cr.mk): Poison sweeps her leg at the opponent. I can't explain enough how useful this move is. You can cancel this move into a number of her special moves. Not only that, but you can certainly "trap"your opponent by using a hp Aeolus Edge and her cr.mk to trick the opponent into blocking the wrong attack.

Crouching medium punch(cr.mp): Poison swings her whip over her head straightforward. It can be canceled into her Whip of Love and her Aeolus Edge, as well as Kissed by a Goddess. This attack carries pretty good range along with it, and it is possible to use as an anti air. Be wary however that you can miss your Whip of Love cancel if you're too far away from the opponent.

Crouching heavy punch(cr.hp):Poison will swing her whip up around her head in a circle. It's not too terribly fast, but the beauty of this move is that it acts as a pretty great anti air. Most of the time if you aren't hit trading, you will knock the opponent out of the air. Also, when you use this attack throw out a projectile after since you can cancel straight into Aeolus Edge.

Crouching heavy kick(cr.hk): Poison will sweep both of her legs at the opponent, tripping them. What's great about this move is you have a bit of an advantage in terms of range. .However, she has better options for most of her ranged attacks.

Jumping low punch(j+lp)-Poison slashes at the air diagonally. It's not too terribly useful and doesn't have a lot of range to it, so use this move sparingly if you'd like to.

Jumping low kick(j.lk)- Poison hops up and kicks with her right leg out. You can use this as a cross up to trick the opponent and carry it out with other attacks. It comes out pretty quick, and it can interrupt certain attacks, depending on your opponent.

Jumping medium punch(j.mp)- Poison will slash at the air horizontally. This move has more uses than one would think. For one, the range at which it hits is the tip of the whip itself, meaning that it can beat out most air attacks. It'll keep you somewhat safe, but Poison has a better arsenal of anti air moves at her disposal.

Jumping medium kick(j.mk)- Poison kicks upward in the air with her leg stretched out. It's not the best of moves, and sometimes it'll get beaten out by other attacks, but you can use this as a way to interrupt a few attacks. Still, not really her best move.

Jumping heavy punch(j.hp)- Poison slashes at the air at an angle. There's quite a few uses for this move. It can be used to keep your opponent away from you if you're in the air. You can also use this as a great jump in and follow it up with crouching low kick, then whip of love. Even using this as a neutral jump is a great idea, since it has advantage in terms of the range.

Jumping heavy kick(j.hk)-Poison will kick downward with her leg out. I find that this move will beat out some characters in the air over others. Use this as a great jump in so you can follow it up with various combos as well. For example: J.hk, cr.mk, Aeolus Edge.

Poison from Ultra Street Fighter 4


Section 3: Specials and ultras

Aeolus Edge:(QCF+P)Poison launches a pink projectile at the opponent. The lp version goes the furthest, the mp version goes a little slower, and the hp version goes the slowest, but has a wider arch. The EX version of Aeolus Edge goes faster and hits twice. Use this projectile to keep your opponent away or as a way to add pressure. The hp version can be used as an anti air to keep opponents from jumping in on you. Keep in mind that you will be vulnerable if you toss out Aeolus Edge at the wrong time. It comes out quick enough where you are able to block if you miss, but it is punishable since you have a small window of vulnerability before the fireball comes out.

Whip of Love:(QCB+P)Poison swings at the opponent with her whip. The 3rd hit of this attack will knock down the opponent. The EX version hits 4 times, ending with a launcher as Poison will kick the opponent and send them in the air. You can use this move up to 3 times in a row, but you are vulnerable if it misses during the 2nd or third hit. The first hit of Whip of Love can be focus attack dash canceled, allowing for more follow up attacks or to get you out of harm's way if you miss.

Kissed by a Goddess:(F,D,DF+K) Poison will do a spinning rising flip attack with both her legs as she rises up into the air. The lk version goes the fastest and gets less air, the mk version goes a little slower but goes higher, and the hk version goes the slowest and leaves you the most vulnerable. Only use this attack if you're for sure it will hit, or if you use it to end your combos with. The ex version goes really fast and it will beat out most cross up and jump in attacks, but not all of them.

Love me Tender:(QCB+K) Poison does a front flip kick on the opponent. If you hit forward and any of the kick buttons, she'll grab them with her legs and do a reverse throw to toss them on the ground. Keep in mind that she is vulnerable during the start up of the move and if she misses too. However, you can use this move to add on pressure to the opponent, since if the move hits and you don't do the throw it can be followed up with other combos. I'll cover those at a later section of the guide.

Super Move: Thunder Whip(QCFX2+P) Poison does Two spinning uppercuts with her whip extended. The recovery from this move is pretty slow, so you'll want to toss it out mostly as a combo ender or use it as an anti air move. Since Poison ducks under during the start-up animation for the move, it is possible to duck under certain projectiles while the move is executed.

Ultra 1: Love Storm(QCFX2+PPP)Poison starts out by winding up her whip and launching a large, pink projectile at her opponent. She does a front flip kick on her opponent's head and stomps on their head heel first. She'll take her whip and spank them multiple times in the rear and finish with a rising whip punch in the face. There are multiple uses and properties to her Ultra. For one, it can catch opponents out of the air when they jump in on you. It can also be launched right after you catch an opponent with a regular projectile in the air. I will discuss more about Love Storm in the later section.

Ultra 2: Poison Kiss(HCBX2+PPP) Her second Ultra is a command grab. She'll blow a kiss at the opponent, and if it connects she'll slap them in the face twice, then wind up her leg and kick them in the nether region. This ultra does a lot of really good damage. However, the range of her command grab is really small, so you'll have to read your opponent carefully if you want this move to work.

Section 4: Poisonous combos

Now we can get to the fun part, doing combos with Poison. As far as characters go, Poison has a strong slew of combos that do great damage and can cause stun pretty fast. A lot of them can certain around her cr.mk, mp, and Whip of Love. Not only do they cause knock down, but they allow you to set up your opponent for mix ups and add pressure. These are a few combos of mine that I love using when I'm in the heat of battle. Most of them chain together pretty well and don't take a lot of meter to use. I will post just a couple so as not to overwhelm the post with a wall of text.

Combo 1: J.hk, cr.mk, mp Aeolus Edge

Combo 2: J.hk, cr.mk, mk Kissed by a Goddess

Combo 3: (Close)Mp, lp Whip of Love X3

Combo 4: cr.mk, lp Whip of Love

Combo 5: cr.lp, cr.lp, lp Whip of Love

Combo 6: (Close)Hp, EX Love Me Tender

Combo 7:Cr.mk, EX Whip of Love X3, Love Storm

Combo 8: (Close)Mp, EX Whip of Love X3, Love Storm

Combo 9: J.hk, cr.mk, EX Kissed By A Goddess, FADC, Love Storm

Combo 10: J.hk, cr.hp, lp Whip Of Love X3

Combo 11: Hp Aeolus Edge, cr.mk, Whip of Love X3

Combo 12: (Close)s.hk, Whip of Love X3

Combo 13: J.hk,(close)hk, Ex Whip of Love X3, Love Storm

Combo 14: Cr.mp, Whip of Love

Combo 15: (Close)S.mp, EX Aeolus Edge

Combo 16: J.hk, cr.mk, EX Aeolus Edge

Combo 17: (Corner only)J.hk, cr.mk, EX Whip of Love X3, EX Aeolus Edge, Love Storm

Combo 18: Cr.mk, EX Kissed By A Goddess, FADC, S.hp

Combo 19: (Close)mp, Whip of Love, Thunder Whip

Combo 20: cr.mk, Kissed By a Goddess, st.hk

Combo 21: j.hk, cr.mk, lp Whip of Love, Red Focus attack, Poison Kiss

Poison in Ultra Street Fighter 4

Section 5: Poison's tricks of the trade

Lastly, we'll get to the final part of the section: Using Poison's attacks to her advantage. Poison is a really fun character to play, and in the right hands she is downright deadly. Getting your opponent into a loop they can't get out of is one of her key strengths. In this section I'll go over properties that I didn't cover earlier in other sections due to the detailing behind them.

  • Poison's projectiles can be used as great anti air attacks. If someone jumps in on you, use either hp or mp Aeolus Edge, and it can be followed up by either st.hk, st.hp, Love Me Tender and various other attacks. The main draw to this is using Love Storm right after the projectile hits. Use Aeolus Edge and EX Aeolus Edge to add pressure and throw them as they are blocking. You can also do cr.mk after firing off Aeolus Edge since it causes block stun and it'll make your opponent nervous. EX Aeolus Edge comes out quick enough where you beat out other attacks. This can work well against opponents that rely heavily on being up close to fight. Love Me Tender has a lot of good properties to it. Certainly you can use it after a st.hp. Mostly, with Love Me Tender it causes enough stun on hit where you can do Love Me Tender, cr.lp, Whip Of Love X3. It's also possible to do EX Kissed by A Goddess after doing Love Me Tender, but the timing for the attack is strict. EX Love Me Tender automatically goes into the reverse throw, which can be good to add on extra damage.
  • Cr.Hp makes for a great anti air attack. Sometimes you will tend to hit trade against someone, but mostly you will get them right out of the air. St.hk can be a great anti air too but it goes at an angle and can miss. St.mp is great, but the opponent has to be really close to you while they're in the air where you can make it work. Kissed By A Goddess is a great go-to anti air, depending on the version used. EX will almost hit guaranteed, but the normal version can sometimes be hit out of it.
  • EX Whip of Love is able to jump cancel. Meaning, after the 4th hit that launches them in the air, you can jump up and follow up the combo with another attack. If you prefer you can use another EX Aeolus Edge or go right into Love Storm after the launcher. If you're having trouble with getting full damage from Whip of Love, sometimes rolling the d-pad on the controller or rotating the joy stick on either a controller or arcade stick can help. Whip of Love can be done twice if you do Whip of Love, cr.lp, then EX Whip of Love X3, but the timing is crucial to execute properly.
  • Poison has multiple ways to be played effectively. You can fight defensively by mostly tossing out Aeolus Edge and relying on her range of whip attacks to keep her opponent at bay. Using either mk or crouching mk can keep your opponent away and mostly combo into Whip of Love X3. You can also go all out and play her offensively, by peppering your opponent with cr.lp, overhead elbow drops, throws, j.hk into Kissed By A Goddess and other attacks.
  • Poison benefits well from having both of her Ultras ready. She can either combo EX Aeolus Edge, FADC into Love Storm, Kissed By A Goddess FADC into Love Storm, and my favorite, cr.mk, EX Whip of Love X3 into Love Storm. Her 2nd Ultra, Poison Kiss can combo as well after using a focus attack or even cr.mk, Whip of Love, Red Focus cancel. It does enough damage where it'll drain your opponent's health, and it'll also keep on the pressure if they're trapped in the corner.
  • Characters like Rufus, Yun, Yang and Makoto are characters that tend to rely on their dive kicks as a way to get in on the opponent. Poison can hit most of them out of their dive kicks just using her cr.hp. Seth can be an exception since his dive kick has a small hit box, meaning he'll usually be the one to hit first. Juri can also kick through Poison's cr.hp, but even her dive kick can be beat out by either a mp or hp Aeolus Edge.
  • When it comes to characters like Rose, be wary about tossing out Aeolus Edge on her. She'll be able to reflect them or absorb them easily, but hp Aeolus Edge can't be absorbed, so use it as sort of a shield or aggressive attack to keep a Rose player from getting in too close.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Is this a joke? calling light punches and kicks low is not only wrong, but very misleading, as lows are attacks that need to be blocked crouching, even worst is saying that her overhead needs to be blocked low?

      if this is a joke its pretty mean cause people who dont know better might be mislead by it, and if its serious, damn, either learn the game better before making a guide or at least learn to proofread cause thats bad

    • MetroidFan89 profile imageAUTHOR

      D. Shaw 

      5 years ago from Austin, Texas

      No no, i think you're right. I'm going to go fix it.

    • profile image

      Auto correct 

      5 years ago

      Forgive me if I am wrong..

    • profile image

      Auto corrected 

      5 years ago

      Her 2nd ultra Poison kiss is half circle back x2 all punches!! This thread cost me some games


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