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A Large Scale Single-Player FPS: "Ravenfield" Review

My review of "Ravenfield," a large scale sandbox FPS that replicates the best parts of the "Battlefield" games.


13 Immersive Games Like "Battlefield" You Should Play

Are you looking for some games like the "Battlefield" series? If so, you've come to the right place.


Era of Light: "Destiny's" First Six Years and What's to Come

With Bungie's latest livestream noting that come September, we'll be entering an "Era of Darkness" (with Darkness Subclasses and Pyrmaids), it got me thinking of the last six years and speculate as to how the first era has played out. What does it mean for us Guardians to "make our own fates?"


Escape From Tarkov: 5 Incredible Keys for Reserve

With 29 keys to choose from on Escape From Tarkov's Reserve, which are the best ones. Here's my top 5.


Why 2K's Revolutionary Game Failed Miserably

When 2K released one of their most innovative games, "Evolve," it was immediately dubbed as being fun, exciting, and—most importantly—unique. Being the first "big" game to introduce asymmetrical multiplayer, everyone thought it was going to be a hit. What went wrong?


What Is the Best Free Battle Royal Game?

The fast-growing popularity of the "battle royal" video game genre has prompted the creation of a variety of different titles, each unique and easily accessible. The question is, what one is worth your time in 2020?


How to Level up Fast in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare"

Want to know the best ways to level up faster in "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?" The ranking system is a bit different in the new game compared to previous titles. Experience points can be obtained through many methods and game modes.


How to Play as Jäger in "Rainbow Six Siege"

This article describes the role of Jäger, a high-powered defending operator in "Rainbow Six Siege," who is crucial to a good defense.


How to Play as Thermite in "Rainbow Six Siege"

This article breaks down “Rainbow Six Siege” operator “Thermite”. It will identify the basics of how to play him in coordination with your team.


"Black Ops 4 Zombies: Tag Der Toten": How to Get the Wunderwaffe and Tundragun (for Free)

There are three wonder weapons on the Tag Der Toten map for "Black Ops 4 Zombies." Find out how to get a free Wunderwaffe and Tundragun! They are unique weapons that are more powerful than the conventional weapons that are obtained from the mystery box or walls.


"Black Ops 4 Zombies: Tag Der Toten" High Round Training Strategy

Want to reach a higher round in the "Black Ops 4 Zombie: Tag Der Toten" map? There is an excellent training spot that increases your odds of survival against the hordes of the undead. Making use of the right perks, equipment, and weapons is vital for this strategy to work optimally.


An Overview of "Rainbow Six Siege"

This article gives insight on "Rainbow Six Siege," a popular first-person shooter video game that has grown massively since its release. This article will break down some of the basics for new players or those who are looking to buy the game and join the highly competitive "R6" gaming community.


"Warframe" Review

I’ve been playing "Warframe" for four years, first on PC and then on Xbox. While it is not as popular as a "Call of Duty" game, "Mario Kart," or any other big-name games, it is one of, if not the best, games I have ever played.


5 Things I Love About "Overwatch"

When "Overwatch" turned three, I decided to take a look at some of my favorite things about this franchise. Here are my top 5!


Top 11 Enthralling Games Like "Call of Duty"

Are you looking for games like "Call of Duty"? If so, you've come to the right place.


"Apex Legends" Ping Guide

Pings allow for an advanced level of communication that is otherwise not possible. Using them properly can help secure a cohesive team strategy and dramatically improve your ability to move efficiently and fight effectively.


Games Like "Apex Legends"

Are you looking for games like "Apex Legends"? If so, then you've come to the right place.


"Apex Legends" Character Ranking

Find out what the best characters and their strengths are in Apex Legends! This list is a personal opinion and definitely not fact! Let me know in the comments what you think!


"Apex Legends" Battle Pass Guide

"Apex Legends" Season 1 came with a new Battle Pass packed with over 100 rewards. This guide covers how the battle pass works, what the rewards are, and how to level up.


"Bioshock" and the Dangers of Centrism

Read on to find out more about the philosophical implications in the "Bioshock" series.


"Apex Legends" Lifeline Ability & Strategy Guide

A medic that can call a drop of rare items to your team, Lifeline is a powerful addition to a squad in Apex Legends. This guide covers what she does, how she works, and how to play her most effectively.


Retrospective Review: 'Halo Reach' in 2019 - The End of an Era

A review, to the best of my ability, discussing the campaign of "Halo Reach" (2010), Bungie's epic prequel to their sci-fi, first person shooter series. In addition, I address the elements that contribute to the series conclusion (under Bungie) and why it is relevant today.


"Apex Legends" Legend Tokens & Character Unlock Guide

Legend Tokens are required to unlock new characters in Apex Legends. This guide covers what they are, how they work, how to get them, and what else you can do with them besides unlocking characters.


Top 11 Immersive Games Like "Hitman"

Are you looking for games like "Hitman"? If so, you've come to the right place.


"Apex Legends" Drop Guide

How you drop in Apex Legends determines the pace and style of your game. This guide covers what you need to know about dropping including wave dropping, loot quality, dynamic map elements, and more.


"Apex Legends" Stat Trackers Guide

Stat tracking in "Apex Legends" is a type of cosmetic reward. This guide covers how they work and how to get them.


"Apex Legends" Apex Packs & Heirlooms Guide

This guide breaks down Apex Packs' item rarities, drop rates, item type distribution, and the hidden Heirloom tier.


"Metroid Prime" Game Review

In 2002, seemingly a lifetime ago, Nintendo released one of their landmark titles on the now-cherished Nintendo Gamecube and that title is "Metroid Prime." In this review, I take a look at Samus's first leap into the 3D bounty hunting experience of "Metroid Prime."


"Apex Legends" Crafting Guide

The crafting system in Apex Legends lets you bypass the loot boxes and get exactly the cosmetic rewards you want. This guide covers what you can craft, how it works, how to get crafting metals, and what it costs.


"Apex Legends" Leveling Guide

Leveling up in Apex Legends is the only way to earn Apex Packs for free. This guide covers how leveling works, how to level the fastest, and what you can get from it.


"Halo 3" Retrospective Review: Withstanding the Test of Time

This article includes a review discussing the campaign of "Halo 3" (2007), Bungie's epic conclusion to the Sci-Fi, first-person shooter trilogy. In addition I address the elements that contribute to the series highpoint and why it is relevant today.


How to Get the Good Ending in "Metro: Last Light"

This article serves as a guide to get the best ending in "Metro: Last Light." This ending is canon to "Metro Exodus," and the novel, "Metro 2035."


"Apex Legends" Character Guide for Newbies (Second Four Starting Legends)

This Apex Legends Character Newbie Guide is filled with tips and tricks to help you understand the second four characters/heroes/legends and how their skills affect their gameplay and playstyle. This guide gives a brief overview of each Apex Legend Character's skills and gameplay for beginners.


"Apex Legends" Newbie Guide (More Tips and Tricks to Get Your First Victory)

An Apex Legends Newbie Guide filled with more tips and tricks for beginners to help you get your first victory. This guide also contains general battle royale information and tricks and tips for newbies playing games other than Apex Legends like Fortnite or Player Unknown Battlegrounds.


"Apex Legends" Character Guide for Newbies (First Four Starting Legends)

This "Apex Legends" Character Newbie Guide is filled with tips and tricks to help you understand the first four Characters/Heros/Legends and how their Skills affect their gameplay and playstyle. This guide gives a brief overview of each Apex Legend Character's skills and gameplay for beginners.


"Apex Legends" Newbie Guide: Tips and Tricks to Getting Your First Victory

An Apex Legends guide for newbies that is filled with tips and tricks for beginners to help you get your first victory. This guide also contains general battle royale information and tips for newcomers playing games other than Apex Legends (e.g. Fortnite or Player Unknown Battlegrounds).


Top 12 Battle Royale Games Like "PUBG"

Are you looking for games like "PUBG"? If so, you've come to the right place.


"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" Canted Sight Guide

The Canted Sight can be added to a secondary scope slot in many PUBG weapons. This guide covers how it works, which weapons it works on, and what you can do with it.


"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" Airdrop Guide

The best gear in PUBG can be found in heavily contested Airdrops. This guide covers what they are, how they work, what inside of them, and how to fight for one.


A Girl's Gaming Review: "Far Cry 5"

It's been a while, but I figured it was time for a reappearance, and to review a game that had me hooked for months on end. "Far Cry 5" is full of action, humor, and a pet bear named Cheeseburger! A great place to stretch your FPS legs while still being able to relax when needed.


"PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" Vikendi Survivor Pass Guide

This PUBG update brings a new snow map and a ton of new missions featuring all sorts of new rewards including special event skins.


Deathtraps in "Blacklight: Retribution"

There are many ways to improve on your ability to score hits and kills in Blacklight: Retribution. In this guide I will tell you about creating deathtraps which will allow you to lure in unsuspecting players to their doom.


How to Level up Very Fast on "Black Ops 4" Zombies: Best Strategy Ever

Do you want to level up extremely fast on "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" zombies mode? Use this strategy on the "Blood of the Dead" level to rank up in no time!


Remembering "Black Ops 2"

"Black Ops 4" is out and as we play it, we must remember the series origins —now is as good a time as any to acknowledge the faults so we can relay them back to the developers if they occur again.


How to Unlock Week 1 Characters on "Black Ops 4" Blackout Mode

Confused about how to unlock characters on "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" Blackout mode? While you won't be able to unlock all the characters yet, a few are available by completing little missions


Best Upgraded Pack-a-Punched Weapons on "Black Ops 4" Zombies

Using the best upgraded weapons on "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" Zombies is key to survival. Each level has the Pack-a-Punch machine that makes your weapon more powerful. Use these weapons to annihilate the zombies!


Great High Round Training Spot Strategy on "Black Ops 4" Blood of the Dead Zombies

Do you want to reach a higher round on the Blood of the Dead map for "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" Zombies? With the right weapons and perks, you can get to round 50 or higher by going to a great training spot on the level.


How to Get the Death of Orion Wonder Weapon on "Black Ops 4" IX Zombies

The Death of Orion is a special and unique weapon on "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" IX Zombies. Many steps must be completed before you can obtain it from the mystery box. The weapon has a scorpion appearance that can paralyze zombies when fired. Follow this guide to unlock the Wonder Weapon.


How to Obtain the Hell's Retriever Tomahawk on "Black Ops 4" Blood of the Dead Zombies

The Hell's Retriever is a powerful tomahawk weapon that can be unlocked on "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" Blood of the Dead Zombies. The tomahawk can be upgraded into a more powerful version by finding dog symbols on the level.