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10 Planetside 2 Advanced Strategy Tips for Newbies/Squads

Christopher is a gamer with a fierce passion for, well, gaming! He is currently in the DeVry Video Game Design and Simulation Program.

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So you’ve finally gotten the hang of the game, conquered a few bases and resource plants, made some friends, and maybe even used some of those resources yourself to create MAXs, vehicles, and other fun toys. Here are some more common sense but advanced tips that will help you move on up through the ranks.

1. Bullets Know No Friend or Foe

Gone are the days of simply turning the corner and blindly bursting in with hopes of bringing down some unlucky enemy. (Also gone are most “Rambo” moments when you jump in front of your teammates to provide more gung-ho firepower.)

Friendly fire is indeed very present in this game. Not only is it a little jarring if you have played other common FPS games, but it is also both welcome and annoying. Kind of like an In-law that cooks your favorite food to your specifications but has a habit of annoying you the entire time you eat it. Friendly fire brings about a level of strategy in positioning/defending/attacking/whatever since you can’t just turn corners with your guns on full auto or spray around your allies trying to get that guy behind them. It just sucks when you clear a room full of guards and then you get killed by a grenade from your allies. Or successfully sabotage a generator and one of your trigger-finger allies shoots you resulting in your death… Lots of fun. On that note of friendly fire…

2. Stop Running Me Over, I’m Trying to Help You!

Hey, you. Tank! I know you are big, beefy, important and all… But PLEASE STOP RUNNING ME OVER WHEN IM HEALING YOU! There is nothing more frustrating than being behind/shielded by a tank while you are constantly healing it… Especially if it is just after the force fields have gone down and the army is about to start marching in. The tank moves forward a bit, stops, and goes in reverse while rotating your direction aaaaaaaand splat. We lost one Engineer. This is generally more prominent with strafing tanks and fast tanks like the lightning or ones with upgraded speed.

If you are damaged and need to retreat from battle, but see your health still rising… Please take note that someone is already risking his digital life to keep you alive. Don’t make him regret that decision.

3. Back to the Basics: Classes.

Let's go a little more in-depth here.

  • Light Assault: You have a jetpack, use it! I like this class because it is the most free-form of all of the other classes. Get on top of buildings, into niches, set up ambushes. Try to do everything you can from attacking anything head on. And most importantly, it almost falls onto your shoulders to seek out and bring down unguarded generators.
  • Heavy Assault: Fairly standard, common, and straightforward offensive class. This class has a great set of primary weapons unlockable through certifications for all sorts of engagements. He is also the only class to have a standard Anti-Vehicle weapon. You have a temporary “Super Shield” that negates a good bit of damage, but the bright shine/glow you gain during that buff is the equivalent of holding up a gigantic “I’M HERE! SHOOT ME!” sign.
  • Medic: Weak-ish weapons but your “laser-healing-gun-thing” will probably be the only thing you will be holding at all times. You can also revive your allies; there are certifications that improve all aspects of your healing.
  • Engineer: Same as the Medic, however, you are a godsend to vehicles and MAXs and are one of the few/only ways they can recover. Although you are unable to revive, you are the unit’s re-supplier by being able to drop ammo boxes.
  • Infiltrator: You have a sniper rifle, cloaking field, and sonar bullets. Sniping in this game feels very good, so don’t be shy about it. The unlockable primary weapons are pretty interesting. You CANNOT take any offensive actions while invisible; you must de-cloak before you can attack; this is a common mistake among newbie infiltrators or those new to the class. In a nutshell: pick em off from afar, if they get close, go invisible and knife em till they drop!
  • MAX: You are a walking tank in human form. There are different load-outs, but the most common (from what I’ve seen) is one arm for anti-personnel and the other for anti-vehicle. Note, you are not god, nor are you invincible. In fact, just being in a MAX makes you a prime target. If you can, please try to find yourself an Engineer buddy to heal you because your class has no shields.

4. Picking the Right Class for the Job

What I like most about this game is that if you are the wrong class for the job, you will find yourself woefully ill-equipped and ineffective in achieving your goal. If you have a group of soldiers an incredible distance away, using anything other than a sniper rifle is a waste of time. If you are going to be fighting units in short-range close quarters, then an infiltrator is a terrible choice. If there is an enemy Sunderer parked up next to your base and a stream of enemies are coming out of it, turn into a Heavy Assault and rocket that Sunderer to heck and back or become a MAX and mow them down/cull their numbers so your other classes can have some breathing room.

Bottom Line: No matter the situation, there is a class for it. Change to it and adjust so you can provide the advantage.

5. Check Your Chat and Watch the Map!

It might not seem quite as obvious at first if you aren’t used to teamwork-styled first person shooter games, but communicate, communicate, communicate! Occasionally you will see some playful banter between factions, but you will be on the lookout for orders from your teammates on when and where to strike. Although this is rare. Most of the combat I’ve come-across is silent beyond Squads/Kits communicating with one another. This is where “Map Awareness” comes in. When you first deploy, look to where all of your units are and where they are attacking/defending. Also, note possible “Areas of Opportunity.” I mean things like exposed generators, overambitious Sunderer, a group of vehicles from your team, etc. Usually, after a base/resource point is conquered, the squad as a whole usually convoys to the next location. Hop into a Sunderer or tank and hitch a ride to the next location.

6. Spend Your Resources Wisely

To be completely honest, I’ve never had a problem with not having enough resources (I take good care of my tanks…Yes I do!), but remember that every point of resource you use is a point of resource spent. You aren’t getting it back, and it must be regenerated slowly. On top of that, you have a cooldown timer before you can summon up your next item of that type (except grenades). If you take your time and be wise with your expenditure, the cooldowns will simply be a minor inconvenience if you happen to hit a tree (seriously) or something in the bad luck category. (TANK AMBUSH!)

7. Get Certified In Something Other Than Basket Weaving!

Like resources, certifications should also be spent wisely. The main goal is to spend certification points in the aspect of the character that you use the most. As an example, not all Infiltrators use the Sonic Bullet/Tracer thing. Others abuse the crud out of it. If you love using it, then it may be in your best interests to spend certifications into it. If you don’t, spend it elsewhere, like on sniping or cloaking regen. There are some pretty decent certifications like the ones that improve a useful aspect (Speed of Healing/Repair/SpecialRegen), and then there are some that are almost not even worth the cost of the certifications (At the time of posting, there is a +30 Max Ammo for 100 certification tokens).

As a side-note, there are some pretty decent certifications costing a very cheap 1 – 10 certification tokens; I would invest my first tokens in them unless I had my heart already set on something.

8. Dr. Accuracy and How I Learned to Stop Full-Autoing and Love the Burst

One word: Recoil. Two words: Nothing hits. Three words: Out of bullets.

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In all seriousness, the recoil in this game leaves much to be appreciated, but I can see why it has such a heavy impact on balance. The only time you will EVER want to go full auto, is if you are either at point blank or in a tight hallway and they are bunched up. If you are in neither of these rare scenarios, stick to quick bursting. Health/hit points are generally low enough that four to six bullets are enough to bring down anything less than a Heavy Assault and the firing rates for most guns is high enough that a quick burst or two is guaranteed to take an opponent down (unless they are Heavy Assault or MAX).

9. Strategy Shmatergy

So the enemy is marching up to your resource plant/you are about to go marching onto their heavily guarded resource plant. What do you do? Well, first thing’s first, run in there and get as far as you can until you die. During this run, keep your eyes open and take note of what kinds of forces are there and how far your army has pierced their defenses. (Creating a tank is relatively useless if your army is already INSIDE their base). When you die, you can start part two of this. Check the map on the menu and analyze it and compare with what you saw. Outnumbered in tanks? Warp back and get a tank OR become a Heavy Assault and try to get an “Anti-Tank” squad together to rocket those vehicles to dust. Are they picking your troops off with sniper rifles? Get a vehicle or an aircraft and fly in there! Are they rocketing your vehicles to dust? Become an Infiltrator and snipe em down, or become an engineer and be a hero! One person can generally make all the difference in some takeovers/defensives. (There have been occasions where I take out the lone Generator at the back while the squad focuses the front.)

This counter-strategy works extremely well if you have a Kit/Group/Squad that works in tandem. This is especially lethal if you are going “Anti-Vehicle” Squad (A group of 4-5 working together can OH-KO almost all moving vehicles short of extra armored tanks).

10. Don’t Be Afraid… Period

One of the major things I see in Planetside 2 is people standing back, sitting, waiting, and being a load on their team. I’m not talking about AFKers and people like that who sit in spawn rooms until the server kicks them out. I’m talking about engineers that stand around while not healing the tanks or MAXs standing around them, Light Assaults that are sitting at the front gates, and other similar scenarios. (Especially those that sit in the base shooting from behind the force-fields when the generators are falling.) Get out there and make a difference, it doesn’t matter if you die, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The second word here is to not be afraid to spend resources. Yes, they are limited, but they do come back relatively quickly. If you see your army woefully underpowered compared to the attacking/defending army, go out and get a tank or an appropriate airship and fight! If they have already broken into the fortress, then go for the MAX suit. Remember to spend your resources wisely, but simply not using them will really cramp your potential.

Protip: If you ever find a moment of empty time or see an opportunity, practice your vehicle skills. FPS skills are generally common; move, jump, point, click, and spraying confetti in all directions. But vehicle skills are usually totally different than the general FPS skill. For example, dog fighting skills have close to no correlation to FPS skills other than being able to lead a target and maybe some advanced forethoughts. They are completely different beasts in terms of maneuvering, tactics, power, thought, and skill dependency.

This ends our series of newbie guide tips to help you get started in Planetside 2. To be honest, the best way to learn is to go out, play, and get killed millions of times. Remember tip #10, don’t be afraid. You won’t ever completely run out of any supply/resources/lives/certifications/whatever. Get out there and have fun!

If you have any other opinions or tips, please comment below.

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Fennrr on May 16, 2017:

I disagree on the part that states Infil is a poor choice for close quarters. Point 1: Using the Tomoe or the other battle rifle which name escapes me allows for full Auto and I personally have used this in different load out slots. VERY EFFECTIVE GETTING IN CLOSE☺ granted you will have to unlock those weapons. The last point I have: Is using the said rifles above you can be very effective I'm close quarters to also help your squad out by using the cloaking abilities to "soften" the next battle point turning terminals scouting and eliminating turrets mines etc. This is definitely not a newb tactic but could jump start new players coming in on Advanced tactics not isolated to the current situation they may be in. Thinking in this manner allows a preemptive Frame of thought and play style that can turn the tides of current continental situations.

Eric Mikols on May 06, 2014:

Thanks a lot. Will be using the help to fix my play style. Just what I was looking for, too.

GamerAinion (author) from Miami, FL on December 30, 2012:

I hope they do you well!

articlesbyalex on December 30, 2012:

Awesome Hub, been looking for noob tips for a while for this game that are easy to understand :) great read!

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