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700 Best Team Names for "PUBG"

PUBG is fun on consoles, desktops, and mobile devices.

PUBG is fun on consoles, desktops, and mobile devices.

What Is PUBG?

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground) is an online multiplayer battle royale game that has taken the world by storm. This player versus player shooter game can be played in team, solo, or duo matches. Players can engage in battles and emerge victorious as the last man standing.

Since its inception, the game has become enormously popular with the global gaming community. Aside from being a best-selling game, PUBG is also one of the most played video games of all time on consoles, computers, and smartphones. PUBG tournaments have also become very popular.

100 Best Team Names for a PUBG Squad

Bot Barbarians

Wreck Slash

Radical Death

Spree Enigma


Alpha Death

Invisible Kill

Smash Toons

Apex Brawl

Primal Massacre

Death Outcasts

Storm Flesh

Evo Dynasty

Freak Oracle

Combat Carnivore

Vengeance Cell

Bash Whisper

Crush Masterdoom

Evil Astro

Bloodpoint Chaos

Hellust Poltergeists

Alter Drones

Chroma Blast

Endroid Deception

Blade Burial

Demon Deadscape

Vampire Warmania

Fuserain Aftermath

Bloodlust Assault

Shadow Killers

Madcore Blade

Warsite Skeletons

Epoch Conquest

Defcore Skeletons

Farbot Deadhunt

Alphasiege Age

Cluster Shot

Bionic Craze

Acid Battlerain

Evil Alphacell

Tenacious Terrorscape

Demonback Death

Blackfire Beasts

Arc Splinter

Black Blood Titans

Farblast Virus

Cynic Saints

Splinter Bullets

Proto Infect

Anticry Immunity

Blocknite Parasites

Dreamstorm Doom


Code Trickery

Warcry Zombies

Exborne Twilight

Infect Warriors

Antishot Dimension

Deadlife Demons

Lifeless Space

Biowork Terror

Solar Barrage

Death Blast

Geodust Ravage

Cyberdroid Flashback

Split Bullets

Deadheart Mystery

Brutal Core

Airdoom Armada

Fusespace Apocalypse

Dread Frontier

Ultrablade Evolution

Astrorush Hunt

Delta Beasts

Grim Execution

Dragoncore Almighty

Castle Burn

Death Duplicity

Revolt Spirits

Blackheart Legends

Spell Vampires

Crush Predators


Crossblast Genocide

Firedoom Warriors

Space Anarchy

Infected Fury

Bluescape Bounty

Warrush Rubble

Blockcry Crushers

Altergene Bombard

Datablaze Hellion

Ora Chaos

Crush Agony

Immortal Thunder

Bloodcore Spirits

Deadwatch Conflict

Madback Frenzy

Panic Siege

Dreamcell Abyss

Points to Consider for a PUBG Name

  • A name should convey an ideology through what it represents.
  • For tournaments or competitions, pick a name that has character and identity.
  • Clever words add sting to a name.
  • Avoid using complex names.
  • Give serious thought to the type of name you pick.

100 Best Team Names for a PUBG Clan

Scatter Escapists

Knuckle Bone Pirates

Spinal Logic

Thrill Mafia

Mind Trip Mirage

Alien Squirrel Bite

The Smash Egos

Humble Bad Samaritans

The Viral Legends

Sanity Twist

Pyros Morose

Savage Molecule

Tenacious Tranquil

Ping Cyclops

The Fabulous Swag

Rational Wolfpack

Hairy Tribe

Jigsaw Poltergeists

Spider Bombers

Ancient Cardinal Chaos

Scum Thrill Demons

Maroon Fire Madness

Skill Crystal Infliction

Maquina Mercenaries

Tidal Transformers

Nightmare Ninjas

Viking Eruption

Monster Cosmos

Celestial Tangerine

Lark Kryptonite

Soul Turtles

Pepper Locust Aliens

Flying Phantoms

Moon Shine Matadors

Wazzupp Wolverines

Leaping Whiz Magic

Dwag Digimons

Gladiator Rip

Stun Factoria

Optimistic Brain Mafia

Rattle Tribe

Preach Prophets

Hitmen Holocaust

Junk Karma Mindhack

Mind Worm Logic

Big Matchstick Proportions

Razzle Monkey Mafia

Screaming Sin Sabotage

Leprechaun Invasion

Inner Nitro Thing

Trojan Tornado

Purple Viper Vultures

Splinter Flash

Trigger Happy Gremlins

Hyper Hornets

Pizzazz Pirates

Maul Warriors

Chromatic Chameleons

Melow Viper Attack

Astral Funk Gators

Mind Goblins

Black Magnetic Thunder

Sonic Alien Sharks

Ash Kick Domain

Mighty Tsunami Wizards

Hammerhead Heatwave

Atomic Anacondas

Sonic Bone Blast

Aztec Avengers

Blitz Barracudas

Peppermint Phantoms

Grass Root Connection

Tazmaniac Speed Kill

Ice Iguanas

Blizzard Hell Bombs

Deep Impact Demons

Blue Hawk Impact

Dwang Dynamite

Kill Centric Icemen

Shockwave Serpents

Black Dragon Thunder

Green Rattle Raptors

Sublime Stingrays

Goal Bust Mayhem

Dark Headrush

Green Alien Machine

Savage Smurfs

The Panic Beat

Atlas Avengers

Mash Bombs

Badditude Bandits

Swarm Knights

Alien Wasp Sting

Inner Lava Ooze

Drizzle Kill

Mustang Mohawks

Lime Twist Rascals

Killwolf Domain

Bloodlight Stallions

Death Boomerang

PUBG on a mobile device.

PUBG on a mobile device.

How to Come Up With Team Names for PUBG

Team games are exceedingly popular in PUBG. Fine-tuning your gaming skills in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has its benefits. While it’s easy for gaming enthusiasts to form teams, the difficulty lies in coming up with an appropriate name for squads and clans. You don’t need to implement a gaming frame of mind to come up with a good name. Instead, think out of the box to come up with team names that are relevant and creative. With a unique PUBG name comes powerful identity. Be it a console, computer, laptop, or PUBG mobile, your group should pick a strong name that distinguishes you from others in this stellar battle royale game.

100 Best PUBG Team Names for Girls

Ladybug Panache

Sparkle Idol Divas

Wild Daisy Avalanche

Boot Idols

Groove Spirit Girls

We Don’t Gossip

Lil’ Massive Cuties

Boys Over Lunch

Twirl Twist Divas

The Flame Rubies

Short Dress Section

The Heel Awakening

Mavens of Makeup

Pink Muffins

Trippy Hippie Chicks

Fly High Girls

Cat Log Girls

Flower Twirl

Dream Divas

Purple Silk Kittens

Oomph Is Us

Purple Fluff Flame

Sting Blaze Powerpuffs

Passion Power Pussycats

Wise Diva Rush

Pink Venom Express

Men Over Dinner

Aztec Sensuality

Sonic Boom Dolphins

Dark Matter Gals

Blonde Power Gazelles

Pink Fever Unicorns

Red Galaxy Girls

The Pink Fluff

Bling Gossip

Organized Diva Kill

Celestial Butterflies

Doomsday Babe Rush

Blitz Glory Dragonflies

Viper Violets

Blonde Puff Princesses

Taste Bud Gals

Sweaty Amazonian Boom

Ice Breaker Divas

Chicks With Pics

Pink Pegasus

Purple Haze Chicks

Cold Bold Divas

Text Rant Divas

Purplicious Flame Kill

Glitter Diva Rampage

The Jumping Jills

Wild Purple Bubbles

Sting Happy Ladybugs

Pink Station Angels

Bunny Sting Fury

Screaming Nightmare Divas

The Pic Divas

The Rack Stopover

Flaunt Express

Pixie Firebirds

Honey Bee Starlight

Flash Magic Angels

Sunshine Princesses

Tender Surrender Gals

Footloose Slammer Chicks

Pink Tickle

Pepper Brown Ambush

After Math Chicks

Upper Shockers

Eye Candy Hurricane

Mirror Divas

Fire Fury Ladies

Sonic Shade Chicks

Buckle Bunny Syndrome

Stormy Rainbow

Headstrong Girl Galaxy

Backswing Gals

Firefly Morphins

The Dazzle Town

Wild Chic Station

Belly Dance Station

Bunny Rush

The Micro Divas

The Wild Pink

Sassy Kitten Clan

Tidal Wave Sweethearts

Starlight Pixies

The Rush Hurricane

Chat Lounge Chicks

Rainbow Cuties

Stop Shop Chicks

Hula’s The Thing

Midnight Party Hoppers

Breakaway Wild Rush

Pixie Dreams

Misty Cuties

White Ice Storm

Honey Star Galaxy

Trivia Gal Kingdom

Brainstorm Clan Ideas and Squad Ideas With Friends

A surefire way to come up with innovative PUBG names is during a brainstorming session with friends. Gaming enthusiasts are full of weird ideas. Your clan and squad ideas will take shape creatively when you are clear about what you want to convey with a name. Bringing a sense of weirdness in a team name is actually a good thing. Think mixed genres when you pick words and expand on concepts. Rearranging words with a scrabble mindset will help you in coming up with cool names for your PUBG squad. You could even use those names for other battle royale games.

100 Best Funny Team Names for PUBG

Eureka! We Broke Up

Tickled N’ Pickled

Check In To Checkout

After Ten Sob

We Fry Heads

Curves End Here

Bards of Play

The Pill Chapters

Devils Gone Good

Silence is Olden

Tales About Him

Not Just Another Fling

Good Deed Pirates

After 10 Ranters

Ex Boyfriend Parables

Done With Sober

By The Lake Angels

What’s In the Handbag?

Smile Detectives

Preach Papa Patriots

Kitchen Mafia

The Back Bench Clan

Done With Sympathy

Ex Girlfriend Parables

Nutty Peeps

Small Screen Zombies

Just Getting Started

Cluster of Cool

At Your Own Frisk

Engineers on a Rampage

Where’s The Bargain

Pizza Encounters of the First Kind

There She Goes… Again

The Mug Up

Finally Found

School Drool Messiahs

Cupcake Fever

Timekeepers of Time

Dude Got Her

How Not To Be Broke

Brothers With Alms

Poetic Idiots

Change of Fart

Go! Get Shopping

Stink Bomb Kingdom

The Next Door Chatter

Finding Free Meals

Sparkle Noodle Firecrackers

The Smart Broke

Chant for Freedom

Itsy Bitsy Hots

Finally Through

Giggle Things

Hangover Talkers

Phew! We Missed Her

Three Timing Guide

Splatter on a Platter

Preacher Teachers

Late Night Stumblers

The Fabulous Ends

Sis I Miss

The Art of Job-hopping

Spam Ninjas

Halter Ego

The …k Stops here

Done With Hangovers

Get Me To Logout

The Best Excuses

Math Our Way

Burning Calories Shopping

The New Mad

Definitely Mind

Invisibly Speaking Truth

Easy By Night

Mama Mia! Check Them

Destiny Lies Here

Login Addicts

The Borrowers Club

Fresh After Breakup

Business in Bed

Take My Side

Early Morning Loudmouths

Hi! I’m Single

The Nerd Providers

Shiny Bald Heads

Her Dad’s Big and Strong

Bum Chum Battalion

Coffee Kills Aliens

The Public Spat

I’ve Got A Doll

Beyond The Lies

Text Book Clan

Please Say I’m Done

The Back Ends

Last Minute Scumbags

Geometric Thoughts

Ball Dance Duds

Zombie Thing

No! Mother Tutored Daughter

Damn! She Doesn’t Lie

Pick a Name That Suits Your PUBG Identity

There are different types of names you can pick in accordance with your PUBG identity. Depending on what you want to convey, pick a name that represents your team, clan, or squad appropriately. While being catchy, a name should also be representative of your group’s ideals. A powerful name always has a vision and mission that clearly stands out in a crowd. Pick names that suit your role best as a team in different aspects of PUBG. Just make sure you have the skills to back up your name.

100 Best Cool Team Names for PUBG

Magnitude Calm

Peace Rainbows

All In The Mind

The Married Rant

Freedom Diaries

Hard Work Crisis

Radioactive Radical Chicks

Legal Hunger Maniacs

Magenta Monarchs

Stumble and Rise

Heart Dark Matter

All Single Mingles

Planet Geek

Laidback Motivators

How To… Genies

The Doubt Club

Phony Pals

Thrill Called Money

Purple Wrecking Crew

Buster Monkeys

All Things Bride

The Inner Chambers

Bronto Burrito Blast

The Roooftop Thinkers

Hungry for Gossip

Ramrod Roadies

Mind Junk Escapism

Recycle Goons

The Brew Crew

Bling Cherry Bombs

Alien Annihilators

High Voltage Heartbreakers

Tip Samaritans

Cereal Herd

The Mind Grind

Pink Crush Dragons

The Married Rant

Under Earth Demons

Finger Puppet Assassins

Daffodil Kill

Ancient Alien Ambush

Tales about Her

Food Ninjas

Till Money Do Us Apart

Orange Blossom Nightmare

Cougar Crossfire

Mighty Midnight Angels

Burgundy Breath

Go Betters

Secret Chambers

Calm Buddies

The Private Spat

Beer Over Chicks

Mind Giants

Sun Kissed Wisemen

Busy Bee Buddies

The Slim Chance Singles

Riptide Headrush

Spicy Spitfire Splash

Blue Fire Geckos

Panda Predators

Dissected Thoughts

Green Laser Exterminators

Damn We’re Related

Quick Fix Makeup

Mighty Midnight Rage

Hopscotch Bravehearts

Tolerant Wise Geeks

Duct Tape Dragons

Slimy Smash Mouths

Doom Disco Duckies

Barbie Baddies

That Manly Thing

Lethal Liberty

Frantic Stardust

The Glitter Station

Gossip Goblins

Freefall Density

Chicks for Pics

Up By 5

Sale Tale Divas

Emerald Eclipse Explosion

Untold Secrets

Brain Drain

Mutiny Butterflies

Sympathy Divas

The Extra Bit

Pirate Piranha Attack

The Spa Women

Finally Engineers

Star Gaze Ideas

Mad Tolerance

Home Remedy Mermaids

Undercover Readers

Mind Scribes

Crusty Copper Chameleons

Miracle Turks

Flying Acid Porcupine

Theories to Questions

Hollow Dwell Goons

The lists below offer a creative and unique collection of PUBG names you can use for competitions and tournaments. You can also refer to these lists to shape your own catalog of names.

100 Best Creative Team Names for PUBG

Scissor Them Bad

Pure Black Cuts

Trigger Tech Technocrats

The Nerd Herd

Productive Escapism

Brawler Monkey Spank

The Weekend Scatter

Dino Disco Thrill

Ping Roosters

Martian Rides

Slapnut Mind Boggle

Freak Purple Aliens

Shamrock Scorchers

Free Idea Monsters

Open Book Clan

Dazzle Daisy Demons

Geek Things

Full Time Lovers

Brew Demons

Runaway Rebels

Pimp Wreck Doctors

The Chatty Ones

Armed With Odd

Thunder Duck Crackers

Eclectic Sting Thrill

The (Surname) Tribe

Answer Messiahs

Potential Whiz Gonzos

That Vroom Thing

Blossom of Awesome

The Mind Finish

Sunshine Sugar Bees

What If… Clan

Mad Thrash Wizards

The Tech Samaritans

Mind Meadows

Pixie Tornados

Flaming Aces

Talk Block Aliens

Dream Cookie Gremlins

Morphed Sledgehammer Monarchs

Full Wallet Magicians

Text Addicts

Soccer Diva Riot

Where’s The Party Sisters

Magic Pulp Pirates

Open Pore Aliens

Nifty Wayside Trample

Bambi Revolution

Red Tie Matters

Cotton Candy Kittens

Shake Makers

Life Roots

Each One Done

Geek Analysts

The Tizzy Fizz

Inner Frustration

Spew It Out

Bonded By Blood

Mind Matter Sacatter

Red Sting Lightning

Glitter Busters

Razzle Berry Razmataz

Blue Chunk Demons

Gator Galaxy

Alien Sugar Chums

Flamin’ Blue Lizards

Devil Ray Boom

White Soul Magic

Slick Silver Thrill

Purple Pulverizer Stomp

Mind for Matter

Sonic Space Monkeys

Dark Angle Encounters

Lightning Lemonheads

Soup Gremlins

Brain Hit Bandits

Sunriser Sensuality

The Intolerant Girlfriends

Groovy Rocket Girls

It’s In Our Blood

Sparkle Demons

Femme Dragonites

Worst Buddies

Out With Secrets

Aqua Avalanche

Diagram Nerds

Spitfire Chocolate Cobras

Eureka Moments

Orange Crush Bang

Acolyte Angels

Wondering Minds

Static Stealth

At The Table

Turbo Pythons

Soccer Bomb Kill

All Things Covered

Cleat Elite

Slick Hit Wonders

Ice Storm Divas

100 Best Unique Team Names for PUBG

Brew By Night

Scissor Freedom

Calm Godzillas

Soul Cluster

Gentle Panic Gremlins

Speak Up Folks

The Drift Club

Best Buddy Bandits

Ravishing Chemical Counterparts

Ozone Cluster Giants

The Cookie Conspiracy

Sinister Tickle Aliens

Had Too Much

The Other One

Nile Squad Awakening

It’s Us Again

Ask The Teachers

The Watery Path

Mind Bug Skeletons

Punchy Ties

The Bell Rings

Manic Brain Cells

Pep Talk Pessimists

The Mind Questions

Purple Champagne Gremlins

Mantis Maze

Pastel Soul Skeletons

Solve Disciples

Folk Refuge

Organized Macho Aliens

Factual Terror Tenants

Scoring Angel Attitude

Fizzy Dinosaurs

Rom Com Assassins

Mad Family

The Weird Ones

Sunkissed Stone Crush

Mystery Vision

Grenade Power Puff

Splash Lightning

The Woodie Choice

Mind Tech Crawlers

Us Fantastic

Buns n’ Bosses

Power Over You

Cuz We Said So

Hyper Lust Hurricane

Marked Important

Purple Lightning Stingrays

Weird Stumble Mind

Savage Sabres

The Family Thing

Womanly Women

Crumble Cookie Aliens

Dark Masterminds

Gang Called Family

Presidents for Pieces

The Talk Folks

Flash Image Barnacles

Moms Talking Again

We’re The Deal

Staunch Divas

Majestic Mind Pirates

Dark Side Grannies

The Hit Gonzos

Savage Garden Divas

It’s Our Blood

Astrochase Wipeout

Blackdoom Symphony

Everything About Us

Viral Scar Dust

The Silent Buzz

Those Manic Thoughts

Catfight Sisters

Endo Hazard

Slime Rage Confidants

Baddies and Buddies

Weed Brothers

Ultrakill Atonement

Baba Black Sheep

Foam Scramble Goblins

The Brat Chat


Inner Flash Syndrome

The Brood Bunch

Divine Gonzo Zone

Quarrel Anatomy

Tale Titans

Castle Chaos

Insane Velocity

Celestial Sparkle Mermaids

Tactical Bombard

Orange Stumble Soul

Lifeless Realm

Beast Hope Bandits

Mad Hatter Miserable

The Freedom Things

Bad Attitude Angels

Grimside Illusion

Shadow Brutes

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