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A Girl's Gaming Review: "Far Cry 5"

Amber is an avid girl gamer, PC enthusiast, and animal lover. When she's not covered in cats and watching anime, she's kicking @$$ in SC2.

Title image for Far Cry 5

Title image for Far Cry 5

Right to the Action

It's been years since my last post, and those years have been quite stressful. Luckily, I had some amazing games to play to help me through. One of those is Far Cry 5. If you're ever in a pissy mood and want to blow some crazy people up, this is a wonderful game to do so. Armed with everything imaginable, throwing knives, RPG's, Grenade Launchers, and even a Shovel Launcher, this game gives you the freedom to drive around and kill pretty much anything and everything you want.

Want to add on a bit of fun? Get a friend to join you for a co-op game, and see how long you can pass a grenade back and forth before it blows up. It's amazing how much stress this game can relieve, especially because your main objective is to take out the religious fanatics that have taken control of the community of Hope County, Montana. Nothing better than taking out a bit of the stupidity of the fictional world! Available on all major gaming systems, though I chose to play it on PC through Steam.

About the Game

The game starts you off as a rookie Marshall tasked to question and arrest "The Father," Joseph Seed. The local Sheriff, Earl Whitehorse, warns you about the dangers in the camp, as well as to be on your best behavior. Unfortunately, your partner, Marshall Burke, didn't take it seriously, and the whole thing goes south.

Major things happen, which I won't mention too much so as not to give away spoilers, but you are newly tasked with rescuing as many people as you can from the key figures you fight, as well as taking out "The Four Horsemen," whose main goal of the whole game is to create a new Eden, a paradise fit for their followers, through any means necessary.

Each of the Seed family is in charge of a different area of Hope County, and you have to get through the three brothers and sisters in order to face the Father, Joseph Seed. Each family member has a different style of followers, as well as ways they control them, and you. Throughout your gameplay, you'll run across random cut scenes and notifications from the leader of the area you're in, which will alert you to your progress towards facing them. You will also pick up side missions from random bystanders or people you save, most of which lead to prepper stashes, which have guns, ammo, money, and perk points that you can use to upgrade abilities.

Some missions will also open up new vehicles, guns, or even team-ups, which help you drastically in your gameplay. Each team up specializes in a certain aspect of gameplay, such as Hurk Jr, who is all about explosions and shock-and-awe, Nick Rye, who flies from above to attack, and Jess Black, who is a stealth killer with a bow. You also get the chance to open up three animal companions, one in each area.

I usually prefer the pets, because they don't talk back and they usually cause the best reactions when you send them into a camp to distract and kill, but I'm also an animal lover, so I lean towards them anyway. When playing alone, you can open up two slots for companions, or if you're playing online with a friend through the story, you can have one. (Go Peaches FTW!!!)

Companion Selection Screen: A quick view of the Companion, or Specialist, Selections.

Companion Selection Screen: A quick view of the Companion, or Specialist, Selections.

Companions Unlock Guide

General Gameplay

This game is great because of the multiple styles of gameplay you can choose from. If you're like me, you can go stealth, and kill people with silenced sniper rifles from so far away; they won't even know where it's coming from. But you can also kick some major butt in hand-to-hand combat, or even close quarter, with some awesome shotguns or revolvers. It may take a bit to get the money to buy all of these weapons, as well as the upgrades for them, but once you start finding prepper stashes and finishing some main quests, the money will come in easy enough.

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You can also hunt and skin wildlife, and their skins can help get money quickly too, and when you free any outposts, you get paid for that as well. The quieter you free the outposts, the more money you get. My recommendation: Skip the weak "affordable" weapons, and save your money for the top of the line ones. The quality, mixed with the special upgrades you can buy, like a better scope, larger magazine, or other additions, makes them way superior to the lesser. Plus you can loot the cheap guns off the Peggie's you kill, so no point.

Perk Points

In Far Cry 5, you don't get experience points throughout the game. Instead, you get Perk Points, which you can spend to open up abilities, increase inventory storage, shorten wait times for specialists, and more. To get Perk Points, you can complete missions, find Prepper Stashes, playing the Arcade Mode, or just completing Challenges. Prepper Stashes and Challenges seem to be the best way to get them, in my opinion, and they're fairly easy too.

Perk Points are essential in making gameplay a bit more bearable, as well as opening up areas that aren't accessible to a baseline player. You can choose how to spend your points, and which perks you'd like to open up first, but I recommend Grapple, Additional Holster, and Leadership as quickly as you can. They're well worth it! For later on, Blackmarket, Auto Repair, and Locksmith will definitely be beneficial, depending on your play style. It's not guaranteed to have all perks opened by the end of the game, so make sure you choose the perks that will help you most through your first playthrough of the game.


When you first start out in the game, all you're going to have is a pistol, which won't help you much with any challenges, and tends to get you killed quicker due to its limited range versus the enemies and their larger and more powerful guns. Luckily, when you kill a cultist, free an outpost, raid a prepper stash, or even stop one of the supply trucks, you open up a bunch of weapons, and most are free!

Also, once you open up a weapon, it's yours forever. So if you decide to drop a weapon to pick up another, and you want the original weapon back, later on, just go to a shop or a trader, and it'll be available for free. Win-win! There are numerous types of weapons available to find or buy, so there's guaranteed to be one that suits your needs. SMG's, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Flamethrowers, you name it.

Plus you can customize almost all of them in some way, and make it even better. I highly recommend making sure you have the Black Market perk, that way you can also open up the different types of ammo available for each weapon, like armor-piercing or incendiary. Makes shooting trucks with loudspeakers that much easier.


Hope County is pretty large and is difficult to get too far on foot. But luckily, there's a wide assortment of vehicles for you to buy, steal, or destroy. Some storylines even open up special vehicles, like Death Wish, a jeep with a turret, or The Widowmaker, a semi-truck that is well armored and also has guns for you to use while driving. To start off with, any old passing car will do. Just stop the driver and take the car, if you need to. If you don't feel like being a thief, there are dozens of different types of vehicles parked randomly throughout the entire map, just ripe for the taking. 4-wheelers here, Peggie trucks there, or even boats, plains, or helicopters.

Unfortunately, just because you sit in a vehicle, it doesn't make it yours. If you go to a garage to spawn one, you'll still have to pay for it. But, if it's a special vehicle that you've opened up through a mission or a vehicle you've already bought, you won't have to pay for it. Just select it, and any options it may offer, and it'll drop in right next to you. Depending on the mission or task you're working on, make sure you select an appropriate vehicle. (Can't do the "destroy planes" missions very well in a boat.)

The Endgame

The game has amazing replay value, with the DLC, the Outpost Master, and the New Game+ mode, that allows you to start the game completely over, but keep everything you've already bought and unlocked through your previous playthrough. How sweet is it to start with the best guns already in your pocket, as well as already have money to spend and perk points already opened? Plus, you can then see both endings that the game offers (plus the secret ending that you can access at the beginning if you listen closely enough.)

The only thing I will say about this game, and here is your *Spoiler Alert,* the ending makes no sense, and kinda even sucks a bit. It's not a complete letdown, but it's one of those endings that makes you think all of the work you did throughout the game lead to nothing. So enjoy the journey, not the destination. And get ready for the next Far Cry game!

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