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The Aether Explained: "Call of Duty" Nazi Zombie Story

Read on to learn all about Aether in the "Call of Duty" Nazi Zombie Story.

Read on to learn all about Aether in the "Call of Duty" Nazi Zombie Story.

What Is the Aether in the COD Nazi Zombie Story?

Aether is a large part of the Nazi Zombie Story and is key to understanding the story. First, we must remember that Aether is not a word that was manufactured for this game. The concept of Aether dates back to medieval times and was one of the five elements used by the alchemists.

What's Covered in This Article

  • A description of Aether
  • The Nazi connection to the Aether
  • Aether's role in the Nazi Zombie Story

Ancient Times

Aether was a large part of physics since ancient times. They considered Aether to be everything that existed outside of the earth. They also believed that gods or spirits breathed Aether in the same way that we breathe air.

Medieval Times

Medieval alchemy included Aether as the fifth element. They believed aether was contained in all living things because Aether was the life force of the universe.

The 19th Century

In the 19th century, the thoughts on Aether changed slightly. They believed it was what occupied the space between objects and the medium for the propagation of light.

Modern Physics

Aether has been replaced in modern physics by the theory of relativity and quantum theory. However, in modern science, the concept is sometimes pondered in order to explain issues with the current physical model. Dark energy can be one example of the concept of Aether working its way into modern physics.

Those that still follow Vrilology believe that it is the secret to zero energy and is being kept from us by those that want to control the world through energy. The Illuminati is often credited with being the group that has kept this technology from us.

In modern physics, the claims of the theory of relativity make it physically impossible to create zero energy or change space and time.


Vril is considered to be the life force that fills the universe. When thinking of Aether in this manner, Aether would be what contained the Vril, so the Aether would contain the life force of the universe.

The M.P.D. on Moon.

The M.P.D. on Moon.

The Nazi Connection to the Aether

The Nazis banned their scientists from following the "Jewish physics," which meant not giving any credit to relativity. This would leave quantum mechanics, which would be heavily pursued by the Nazi scientists.

Because they were ignoring relativity, the idea of an Aether gained momentum with their scientists in regards to the quantum mechanics version of zero-point energy, or "Quantum Aether." Because the rest of the world was practicing relativity, the Nazi scientists would be the only ones testing the ancient theory of Aether with modern techniques.

There is evidence the Nazis were involved in various occult doctrines, including the notion of "Vril" energy.

The Staff is the key to the M.P.D.

The Staff is the key to the M.P.D.

Aether in the Nazi Zombie Story

In the Nazi Zombie Story, the M.P.D. is a Vril machine. When the Vril Generator is applied it grants the power to control the Aether's energy. The use of the word Vril in this machine shows that Call of Duty meant for the Aether to be associated with the belief that it holds the energy of the universe.

In the Zombie Story, the M.P.D. opens a direct portal to the Aether when powered by souls. This was discovered by accident when a rat was killed next to the device. Samantha was later suspended by the M.P.D. by mistake and used it to send the zombies after Group 935.

Richthofen wanted to control the zombies, so during "Richtofen's Grand Scheme," he switched bodies with Samantha. He continues to control the zombies in Black Ops 2 and tries to stop Maxis from taking the control away from him.

The Illuminati Connection

The Zombie Story is following the belief that the Vril and Aether exist and were known by several governments. It is then logical to assume that some group is holding this technology from the rest of the world. This makes Richtofen's ties to the Illuminati very interesting.

Richtofen mentions the Illuminati several times, and there are Illuminati symbols hidden on some of the maps. The Illuminati connection could play a larger part later in the story.