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Updated on September 5, 2016

Overwatch Characters


An Overview of Overwatch

For anyone who is encountering this article either you have an interest in FPS's (First Person Shooters) or happen to be a devoted fan of the gaming genre. Shooting types of games have been popular as long as racing, and action type of games. However, with this particular game generated by Blizzard, it brings a completely new aspect of gameplay that the majority of people haven't experienced. It is because of this Overwatch has been born and adored and captivated by gamers throughout the world, both new and old.

Overwatch is definitely the first of its kind, for the one particular addition of providing it with a MOBA twist to the game. Generally in most FPS games, you will find the usual radar, grenades, mines, etc., however, with Overwatch the heroes are given abilities which make them different in their own special way so having the capacity to party with 5 other friends for 6v6 team fight results in interesting matches. The maps are all different and you will find 4 unique variations of gameplay currently available. Even with the newly added map Eichenwalde, you simply won't be stuck playing a different map concentrating on the same objective. This is where the gameplay gets to be more strategic slightly more than skill based. Don't get me wrong, these heroes differ in difficulty and no hero is alike so it will be all about finding which heroes compliment your play style and incorporating it in your matches.

Overwatch also possesses an extensive storyline that intertwines many of the heroes in a roundabout way. So not only are you playing an FPS but you're also learning how these characters met, the way that they interacted during the past in addition to how their futures wound up the way that they did. The essential story of Overwatch was when there was an immense war in which, Jack Morrison, later to be Soldier: 76 began to gather this group of individuals to protect the innocent from the war. Going everywhere around the world in various locations where the war was waging on. Long story short, there seemed to be a falling out between Jack and his close friend Gabriel Reyes, later to be Reaper. The controversy is that Overwatch was stripped away from the inside out and that Jack was the cause of it all. He his now in this endless battle to clear his name and discover just who decided to ruin Overwatch.

The storyline and lore of each and every hero is fascinating and you will probably never lose interest with all the current content that Blizzard produces for the masses. If you prefer an FPS that will require skill, has special abilities which will make each player differentiate in playstyle, and unique maps and objectives then Overwatch is the game to help make that happen. Yes, the game does require that you pay and yes, at first I too was hesitant to spend $40 on the first FPS that Blizzard has produced, but after testing the open beta and reading the story behind the game, I immediately fell in love with the distinctiveness of the game itself. Granted this game isn't for everybody so I'm not aiming to convince you to buy it because "IT'S THE MOST AWESOME FPS IN THE WORLD!" but because this is simply not like every FPS out right this moment. Many people have stated that this is merely some fancy version of TF2, but as a person that as played it, Overwatch definitely has the competitive edge over it in all components of the gameplay.

Heroes of Overwatch

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D. Va
Soldier 76
In Overwatch there are multiple types of heroes to choose from that help benefit the situation that's presented to you.

"Justice Rains From Above"



These are generally your primary damage dealers, they also have a certain amount of mobility that enables them to hit the enemy backline without having to break a sweat. Given that they possess some added mobility many of these offensive heroes can supply some form of vision that other roles cannot. This role can also pick out high priority targets to help make objectives quicker to capture.

"Build 'em up, break 'em down"



Defensive roles include the heroes that are able to hold a line of defense, while their offensive teammates put down the heavy fire. Within the game, there are numerous choke points on the map that these particular heroes are able to use to their advantage to prevent the opposing team from making a push. A number of these heroes can burst through a shield, pick off stray opponents, in addition to guarding specific heroes or points that may be easily exploited.

"I Am Your Shield"



Given that the name describes the role, these represent the heroes which have a superior survivability rating. They possess the highest health points and are generally the front lines which will make the push forward or prevent a push from occurring. This role has the benefit of providing protection for the more "squishy" heroes which may have a higher priority target on their back. Considering they are so bulky, they can take in a lot of damage as well as dealing a reasonable amount of damage themselves.

"Heroes Never Die"



Out of the 4 roles the support role as the main responsibility of keeping the team alive or increasing another heroes abilities to do maximum damage. They don't really have a lot of health points but they can heal or buff allies to ensure they are more viable in their roles. They don't necessarily deal a huge amount of damage but tend to help finish of low health enemies in team fights. These heroes can either heal, provide a buff for allies, as well as bring allies back from the brink of death.

Give the game a shot from your friend before purchasing the game. You will never know whether or not this will be a game you are going to love or game that merely isn't your cup of tea. In either case there is absolutely no harm in testing out something totally new. This online game continues to be successful within just being officially released for approximately 3 months now. Billions of player worldwide are playing the phenomenon of Overwatch and you don't want to lose out on just what it can offer to you personally as a gamer. Blizzard continues to be producing successful games over the years and Overwatch is no exception. They've really taken the time and effort in making this game enjoyable for both the casual gamer together with the competitive, high ranking pros. What's also nice, is that Blizzard listens to each and every one of their players whether casual or pro and making certain that even you can actually climb the ranks to becoming an elite. Every patch they release helps make the game better and better so go and try it and leave a comment about what you think they could do in order to strengthen the game all the more. I am looking forward to talking with all of you.

Best Beginner Hero

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      • Boombaztic profile image

        Boombaztic 16 months ago from Russia

        Nice article and informative for Beginners.

        Depending on the roles I think for beginners the best picks are:

        DPS: Soldier

        Tank: Reinhardt

        Support: Lucio and Mercy